2019-03-03  Michael Tremersuricata: Drop parsers I have never heard of
2019-03-03  Michael Tremersuricata: Configure HTTP decoder
2019-03-03  Michael TremerRevert "Suricata: detect DNS events on port 853, too"
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Use highest bit to mark packets
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Fix syntax error
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Start capture first and then load rules
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Disable decoding for Teredo
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Increase memory size for the stream engine
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Log to syslog like a normal process
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Use up to 256MB of RAM for the flow cache
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Use 64MB of RAM for defragmentation
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Use the correct path for the magic database
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Log to syslog
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: We do not use any IP reputation lists
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Allow 32MB of RAM for DNS decoding
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Drop sections that require Rust
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Drop some commented stuff from configuration
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Drop profiling section from configuration
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Set detection profile to high
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Set default packet size to 1514
2019-03-01  Michael Tremersuricata: Set max-pending-packets to 1024
2019-03-01  Peter MüllerSuricata: detect TLS traffic on port 444, too
2019-02-22  Stefan Schantlconvert-snort: Try to download ruleset if none is present.
2019-02-18  Stefan Schantlconvert-snort: Set correct ownership after modify_sids_...
2019-02-18  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Add language string for ignored hosts section.
2019-02-18  Michael Only skip lines with a # at the...
2019-02-18  Stefan Tune rules to always monitor in both...
2019-02-18  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Swith to "16" as repeat-mark and repeat-mask.
2019-02-15  Stefan SchantlSuricata: Start service on red.up event if requested
2019-02-15  Stefan Schantlcollectd: Stop collecting process details for snort
2019-02-15  Stefan Schantlservices.cgi: Show status of suricata instead of snort
2019-02-15  Stefan Schantllogrotate: Rotate suricata logs instead of snort ones
2019-02-14  Stefan Schantlconvert-snort: Always create directory and filelayout
2019-02-14  Stefan Schantlconvert-snort: Call subfunction to change ownership...
2019-02-14  Stefan Schantlids-ruleset-sources: Fix rootfile
2019-02-13  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2019-02-13  Michael Tremercore128: Ship kdig
2019-02-13  Erik Kapferknot: Reduced version of knot with kdig only
2019-02-13  Michael Tremercore128: Ship libedit
2019-02-13  Erik Kapferlibedit: A command line editor library
2019-02-13  Matthias Fischerpowertop: Update to 2.10
2019-02-13  Matthias Fischerdhcpcd: Update to 7.1.1
2019-02-13  Matthias Fischercurl: Update to 7.64.0
2019-02-08  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 4.14.98
2019-02-08  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2019-02-08  Stefan Schantllibhtp: Update to 0.5.29
2019-02-08  Stefan Schantlruleset-sources: Update sourcefire rulesets to latest...
2019-02-07  Matthias Fischerborgbackup: Fix build on i586
2019-02-07  Matthias Fischerpython3-llfuse: Fix build on i586
2019-02-07  Peter MüllerSuricata: detect DNS events on port 853, too
2019-02-07  Peter MüllerSuricata: enable full detection for missing protocols
2019-02-07  Peter MüllerSuricata: detect TLS traffic on IMAPS/POP3S/SSMTP ports...
2019-02-07  Michael Tremercore128: Ship updated firewall initscript
2019-02-07  Peter Müllerapply default firewall policy for ORANGE, too
2019-02-07  Peter MüllerTor: update to
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Format and show date of the current ruleset...
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Change name of the button to apply the ruleset...
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantllangs: Remove snort related and unused strings
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantllogs.cgi/ids.dat: Do not call the IDS snort again
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Improve showed messages while the IDS is working
2019-02-07  Stefan SchantlAdd german translation for "system is offline"
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Lock page while autoupdate script is running
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantlupdate-ids-ruleset: Lock and Unlock the IDS page during...
2019-02-07  Stefan Add code to lock/unlock ids page...
2019-02-07  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Show "Update Ruleset"-Button only if automatic...
2019-02-06  Stefan Schantlaliases.cgi: Handle suricata related actions when deali...
2019-02-06  Stefan SchantlIDS: Call helper script when red interface gets up
2019-02-06  Stefan SchantlIDS: Edit german translation for "ids oinkcode required".
2019-02-06  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Check if the selected ruleset requires an...
2019-02-06  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Only perform actions when saving ruleset setti...
2019-02-06  Stefan Do not send HEAD requests to sourcefi...
2019-02-06  Stefan SchantlRevert " Use GET method to fetch Heade...
2019-02-05  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Fix HTML formated spaces.
2019-02-05  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rework "Enable IPS" section
2019-02-05  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Do not display messages when starting up
2019-02-05  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Change lang string from "Activate IPS" to...
2019-02-05  Stefan SchantlIDS: Rename IDS strings to IPS
2019-02-05  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Stop suricata when the rulest source has been...
2019-02-05  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Fix downloading rules if source changed
2019-02-05  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Update automatic download texts
2019-02-05  Stefan Use GET method to fetch Header data...
2019-02-05  Stefan Fix show HTTP error code and message
2019-02-04  Jonatan Schlagpython3-msgpack: Fix build on i586
2019-02-04  Michael Tremerpython3-dateutil: Update rootfiles
2019-02-04  Michael Tremercore128: Ship updated dhcpcd
2019-02-04  Matthias Fischerdhcpcd: Update to 7.1.0
2019-02-04  Michael Tremercore128: Ship updated curl
2019-02-04  Matthias Fischercurl: Update to 7.63.0
2019-02-03  Erik Delete .rnd files
2019-02-03  Michael Tremercore128: Ship updated apr
2019-02-03  Wolfgang ApolinarskiUpdated apr, stabilized apache build
2019-02-03  Arne Fitzenreiterpython3-llfuse: fix rootfile for non x86_64 builds
2019-02-03  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 4.14.97
2019-02-01  Michael Tremerhaproxy: Bump version to support TLSv1.3 (and PCRE...
2019-02-01  Michael Tremercore128: Restart updated apache
2019-02-01  Matthias Fischerapache: Update to 2.4.38
2019-02-01  Michael Tremercore128: Ship AWS scripts again
2019-02-01  Jonatan SchlagAdd new package borgbackup
2019-02-01  Jonatan SchlagAdd new package python3-msgpack
2019-02-01  Jonatan SchlagAdd new package python3-llfuse