2009-05-09  maniacikarusfixed postfix
2009-05-09  maniacikarusFixed samba website
2009-05-09  maniacikarusFixed postfix rootfile
2009-05-09  maniacikarusUpgraded postfix to latest stable
2009-05-09  maniacikarusFixed fetchmail startup problems with non root accounts
2009-05-09  Arne FitzenreiterNano rootfile update.
2009-05-08  maniacikarusMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-05-08  maniacikarusFixed perl gettext
2009-05-08  maniacikarusUpgrade and fix for samba pack
2009-05-08  Arne FitzenreiterFix streamripper depends on glib
2009-05-08  maniacikarusTried to fix updx cache permissions
2009-05-08  maniacikarusFixed perl gettext package version
2009-05-08  maniacikarusIncreased postfix packnum
2009-05-08  maniacikarusFixed postfix init script status
2009-05-08  maniacikarusFixed conn scheduler restart collectd when morning...
2009-05-07  Stefan SchantlUpdated nano to Version 2.0.9.
2009-05-05  Michael TremerRebuild of tcptrack to link it against shared libpcap.
2009-05-03  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-05-03  Arne FitzenreiterFix gnump3d: cookie exp time to 1 year
2009-05-03  maniacikarusUpdated squidclamav, needs curl from 2.5
2009-05-03  Stefan SchantlRevert "Added a Patch to fix a local privilege escalati...
2009-05-03  Stefan SchantlAdded a Patch to fix a local privilege escalation in...
2009-05-02  Arne FitzenreiterSet version to 2.5beta2 v2.5-beta2
2009-05-02  Arne FitzenreiterFix gnump3d: Random dir with opera, add gnump3d-index...
2009-05-02  Arne FitzenreiterFix gnump3d: cookie expiration, recurse links and link...
2009-05-02  Arne FitzenreiterStopp source device scan after first detection
2009-05-02  Arne FitzenreiterFix usb-fdd detection in
2009-05-01  Arne FitzenreiterFix usb-fdd source detection
2009-05-01  Stefan SchantlUpdated portmap to Version 6.0.
2009-05-01  Arne FitzenreiterCleanup: Removed unused patches
2009-04-30  Arne FitzenreiterCleanup: remove 2.1 to 2.3 updater
2009-04-30  Arne FitzenreiterCleanup: Removed unused realtek driver lfs-files
2009-04-30  Arne FitzenreiterXen rootfile updates
2009-04-29  Arne FitzenreiterFix udev netif_rename problem
2009-04-29  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated collectd to 4.5.3
2009-04-29  Arne FitzenreiterFix creation of madwifi/blacklist entries
2009-04-28  Arne FitzenreiterAdd vdsl support to red
2009-04-27  Ben Schweikertadded alsa modules to the xen kernel config file becaus...
2009-04-27  Ben Schweikertcleanup of xen and xen-tools tar.gz to safe some space
2009-04-26  Arne FitzenreiterFix ipsec module build
2009-04-25  rootAdd madwifi update to core28
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterFix kqemu and mISDN lfs v2.5-beta1
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterSet Version to 2.5beta1
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterAdded nl80211 hardware settings to default hostapd...
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterFix linux-xen log generation and update rootfile
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterRemoved hostapd stdio from tty12
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterAdd detection of madwifi or nl80211 in hostapd initskript
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterAdd NL80211 driver config to wlanap.cgi
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterAdd blacklist for ath5k to switch between madwifi and...
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterAdd Region setting to iso and core28
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterSet cfg80211 region to EU
2009-04-22  Arne Fitzenreiterx11libs rootfile update
2009-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterReenabled xen build
2009-04-21  Arne FitzenreiterLinux-xen rootfile + lfs update
2009-04-21  Arne FitzenreiterBuild external modules for XEN-Kernel
2009-04-20  Arne FitzenreiterFix mISDN build
2009-04-20  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-04-20  Arne FitzenreiterAdd compat-wireless, add support of nl80211 wlan drivers
2009-04-19  Michael TremerUpdated rootfiles.
2009-04-19  Michael TremerMerge branch 'origin/xen'
2009-04-19  Michael TremerMerge branch 'xen' of git://
2009-04-19  Michael TremerAdded missing patch.
2009-04-19  Michael TremerFixed building mISDN on machines with different kernel.
2009-04-19  Michael TremerApplied changes to
2009-04-19  Michael TremerMade a symlink lfs/linux-xen -> linux.
2009-04-19  Michael TremerMerged linux-xen into linux.
2009-04-19  Ben Schweikertchanged xen x11libs linux-xen to be packages
2009-04-19  Ben Schweikertchanged xen x11libs linux-xen to be packages
2009-04-19  Ben Schweikertchanged xen x11libs linux-xen to be packages
2009-04-18  Arne FitzenreiterUpdate madwifi to r4003 and switch hal to test-hal
2009-04-17  Stefan SchantlAdded modified ids.cgi to Core 28
2009-04-24  Stefan SchantlAdded snort 2.8.4 to Core 28
2009-04-24  Stefan SchantlRemoved http_preprocessor disable feature from ids.cgi
2009-04-24  Stefan SchantlRemoved backup of snort rootfile from last commit
2009-04-24  Stefan SchantlUpdated snort to Version 2.8.4
2009-04-16  Ben SchweikertApplied packages to
2009-04-16  Ben SchweikertAdded xen-config.
2009-04-16  Ben SchweikertAdded x11 libs (depedency to xen-tools).
2009-04-16  Ben SchweikertAdded xen tools.
2009-04-16  Ben SchweikertAdded xen-patched kernel.
2009-04-16  Ben SchweikertImported xen patches.
2009-04-16  Arne FitzenreiterFix toolchain build
2009-04-15  Arne FitzenreiterAdd toolchain version number
2009-04-15  Arne FitzenreiterFix full toolchain build
2009-04-15  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile updates (binutils,bison,glibc,initscripts...
2009-04-15  Arne FitzenreiterAdd files that present in rootfile but not build to log
2009-04-15  Arne FitzenreiterRevert handling of space in filenames.
2009-04-14  Arne FitzenreiterFix logfile generation if filenames contain + or space
2009-04-14  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile update gcc
2009-04-14  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated binutils to 2.17
2009-04-13  Stefan SchantlAdded shared libary feature to libpcap 1.0.0
2009-04-14  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated gcc to 4.0.4 (maybee this needs ccache clearing)
2009-04-10  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-04-13  Arne FitzenreiterFix lcr backupinclude
2009-04-13  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile updates. (initscripts, libtorrent, net-snmp)
2009-04-13  Arne FitzenreiterAdd scan and config parameters without function (for...
2009-04-13  Arne FitzenreiterAdd lcr default config (route over asterisk) and backup...
2009-04-13  Arne FitzenreiterFix mISDN build try to use the kerneldir from buildsystem
2009-04-13  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated mc to 4.6.2
2009-04-12  Stefan SchantlAdded libpcap 1.0.0 to core 28