9 days ago  Michael Tremercore157: Fix shipping boost master
11 days ago  Michael TremerRevert "collectd: Use libstatgrab for reading disk...
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore157: Ship python3-inotify
2021-05-25  Peter MüllerIcinga: Do not ship event handlers for Nagios
2021-05-25  Peter Müllernagios-plugins: Set SUID bit for plugins which need...
2021-05-25  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Delete shared object files leftover...
2021-05-25  Peter Müllerpppd: Explicitly ship pppd shared object files
2021-05-25  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Ship backup package to apply changed...
2021-05-25  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed SSH configurations
2021-05-18  Michael TremerFix merge error in samba rootfiles
2021-05-18  Michael TremerUpdate contributors
2021-05-18  Michael TremerUpdate language errors
2021-05-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'next'
2021-05-17  Adolf Belkaelfutils: Update to 0.184
2021-05-17  Adolf Belkagdb: Update to 10.2
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /srv...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerSquid: cachemgr.cgi does not have to be owned (hence...
2021-05-17  Peter Müllernagios-plugins: Prevent Nagios plugins from being owned...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerNRPE: Prevent NRPE binary from being owned by "nobody"
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Remove executable bit less ugly
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /var...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerOpenVPN: ovpn-leases.db for sure does not have to be...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /var...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerSquid: Prevent binaries within /var/ipfire/updatexlrato...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /var...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerSquidGuard: Prevent binaries within /var/ipfire/urlfilt...
2021-05-17  Peter Müllerbackup: prevent /var/ipfire/backup/bin/ from...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Ship changed iputils due to /usr/bin...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: /var/ipfire/fwhosts/icmp-types does...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Delete orphaned DMA mail box creation...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerDMA: do not ship a binary for creating mail boxes
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Delete ssh-keysign binary
2021-05-17  Peter Müller/usr/bin/ping does not need a SUID bit if appropriate...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: remove SUID bit from /usr/bin/gpg
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerGnuPG does not need to have a SUID bit set
2021-05-17  Michael Tremerunbound-dhcp-leases-bridge: Fix exception when running...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerOpenSSH: do not ship ssh-keysign anymore
2021-05-16  Michael Tremerpython3-docutils: Bump package version
2021-05-16  Arne Fitzenreiterpython-docutils: drop python2 docutils
2021-05-16  Arne Fitzenreiterpython3-docutils: build prior python3-daemon
2021-05-16  Adolf Belkapython-distutils-extra: Removal of this python2 module
2021-05-16  Adolf Belkapython-distutils: Removal of this python2 module
2021-05-16  Adolf Belkapython-optional-src: Removal of this python2 module
2021-05-16  Adolf Removal of three python2 modules
2021-05-16  Adolf Belkanmap: Migrate to python3
2021-05-16  Peter MüllerTor: update to
2021-05-16  Michael Tremercore157: Ship sudo
2021-05-16  Adolf Belkasudo: Update to 1.9.7
2021-05-16  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 4.14.232
2021-05-14  Michael Tremercore157: Ship python3-daemon
2021-05-14  Michael Tremerunbound-dhcp-leases-bridge: Fix shebang
2021-05-14  Michael Tremerpython-daemon: Port to Python 3
2021-05-14  Michael Tremercore157: Ship unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge
2021-05-14  Michael Tremerunbound-dhcp-leases-bridge: Migrate to Python 3
2021-05-14  Adolf Belkapython-ipaddress: Remove this python2 module
2021-05-14  Adolf Belkapython3-inotify: Update to 0.2.10 and convert to python3
2021-05-14  Adolf Belkapython3-dateutil: Removal of python3-six as a dependency
2021-05-14  Adolf Belkapython-six: Removal of python2 & 3 addon versions of six
2021-05-14  Leo-Andres... getrrdimage.cgi: Allow more non-word characters in...
2021-05-14  Adolf Removal of four python2 modules
2021-05-13  Michael Tremercore157: Ship ddns
2021-05-13  Stefan Schantlddns: Add upstream patch to fix argparse list-token...
2021-05-12  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libxslt
2021-05-12  Adolf Belkalibxslt: Update to remove python2 modules and disable...
2021-05-12  Adolf Belkalibxml2: Update to disable python2 modules
2021-05-12  Michael Tremerdnsdist: Only build for x86_64
2021-05-11  Adolf Belkalibcdada: New addon - dependency for pmacct
2021-05-11  Adolf Belkapmacct: New addon
2021-05-11  Michael Tremerdnsdist: Update to 1.6.0
2021-05-11  Adolf Belkaiotop: Update to work with python3
2021-05-11  Michael Tremercore157: Ship newt
2021-05-11  Adolf Belkanewt: Update to work with python3
2021-05-11  Michael Tremerboost: Disable build on armv5tel
2021-05-11  Michael Tremermpd: Disable build on armv5tel
2021-05-10  Michael Tremercore157: Ship boost
2021-05-10  Adolf Belkaboost: Update to 1_76_0 and using python3
2021-05-10  Adolf Belkapoppler: Update to 21.05.0
2021-05-10  Adolf Belkanano: Update to 5.7
2021-05-10  Adolf Belkameson: Update to 0.58.0
2021-05-10  Adolf Belkalibxcrypt: Update to 4.4.20
2021-05-10  Michael Tremercore157: Ship squid
2021-05-10  Michael Tremersquid: Update to 4.15
2021-05-07  Adolf Belkaffmpeg: disable static libraries
2021-05-06  Adolf Belkasamba: Update to 4.14.4
2021-05-06  Adolf Belkacmake: Update to 3.20.2
2021-05-06  Adolf Belkafetchmail: Update to 6.4.19 and using python3
2021-05-06  Michael Tremerffmpeg: Honour CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
2021-05-05  Michael Tremerffmpeg: Build against libatomic on armv5tel and RISC-V
2021-05-04  Peter Müllericmp-types file does not have to be executable
2021-05-04  Michael Tremercollectd: Use libstatgrab for reading disk stats
2021-05-04  Michael Tremercore157: Ship getipstat and iptables.cgi and bump guardian
2021-05-04  Robin Roevensmisc-progs: getipstat: Refactor + extend
2021-04-30  Adolf Belkaxfsprogs: Update to 5.11.0
2021-04-30  Adolf Belkalibinih: New dependency for build of xfsprogs
2021-04-30  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libxml2
2021-04-30  Adolf Belkalibxml2: Update to 2.9.10
2021-04-30  Adolf Belkaless: Update to 581.2
2021-04-30  Michael Tremercore157: Ship iproute2
2021-04-30  Adolf Belkaiproute2: Update to 5.12.0
2021-04-30  Adolf Belkaffmpeg: Update to 4.4