2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Get MAC address of a device without calling arp
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Don't compare action string
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Import new design
2017-09-22  Michael Tremerbootstrap: New package
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive-portal: Use template engine to render HTML...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive-portal: Move CGI files to CGI directory
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive-portal: Code cleanup
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix bug with multiple license clients
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Do not generally allow access to TCP/1013
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Only make CGI script executable in document...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Reindent apache configuration
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Log into default apache log files
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-portal: Design changes
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxBUG11141: Redesign of configuration website
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxBUG11140: Captive logo dimensions
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxBUG11137: Captive save action messes up the form
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxBUG11139: Captive voucher table too wide
2017-09-22  Michael TremerImprove the wording of the Captive Portal configuration...
2017-09-22  Michael TremerUpdate translations
2017-09-22  Michael TremerRootfile update
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: fix fontsize of generated voucher
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: Fix folder permissions
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: fix some typos and missing dir
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: Add logo upload feature
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-portal: Add directory for logo upload
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Add protection against DNS tunnels
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Skip all lines that start with #
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: fix cleanup script
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add Errormessage when wrong code is...
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: fix wrong expiretime of unused vouchers
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: fix voucher form
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add logging to syslog
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: SHow always licencebox in config
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: several design changes
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: redesign Webinterface
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: fix some rootfiles
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add backup-part
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add captive logdir to apache2 rootfile
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add files to configroot rootfile
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: Add files for webinterface tio rootfile
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add vhost config to apache2 rootfile
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: create dir for cative logfiles
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add captive dirs and files to configroot
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add captive chains to firewall initscript
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add crontab and cleanup scripts
2017-09-22  Alexander MarxCaptive-Portal: add web-part
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Move sure that the settings are always...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremerwirelessctrl: Disable MAC filter on blue if captive...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Add missing space character
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Support unlimited leases
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Allow empty IP addresses
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Change format of clients configuration
2017-09-22  Michael TremerCaptive Portal: add c-wrapper captivectrl
2017-09-04  Michael Tremercore114: Update apache configuration of all add-ons...
2017-09-04  Michael Tremercore114: Ship updated apache2
2017-09-04  Michael Tremerapache2: Download source from IPFire servers
2017-09-04  Wolfgang ApolinarskiUpdate to apache 2.4.27
2017-09-04  Wolfgang Apolinarskiapr and aprutil: Added as requirement for apache 2.4
2017-09-04  Peter Müllerfix WebUI system information leak
2017-09-04  Peter Müllerupdate german translations
2017-08-30  Arne Fitzenreiterstrongswan: rootfile update
2017-08-30  Arne Fitzenreitercore114: add unbound initskript to updater.
2017-08-30  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound: flush negative and bogus at update forwarders
2017-08-30  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound: run time fix also after update forwarder
2017-08-23  Michael Tremerstrongswan: Update to 5.6.0
2017-08-23  Michael Tremercore114: Ship updated squid
2017-08-23  Matthias Fischersquid: Update to 3.5.27
2017-08-23  Michael Tremercore114: Ship updated gnutls
2017-08-23  Matthias Fischergnutls: Update to 3.5.15
2017-08-23  Michael Tremercore114: Ship updated unbound
2017-08-23  Matthias Fischerunbound: Update to 1.6.5
2017-08-21  Michael Tremercore114: Ship updated hdparm
2017-08-21  Michael TremerStart Core Update 114
2017-08-21  Matthias Fischerhdparm: Update to 9.52
2017-08-17  Arne Fitzenreiterclose core113
2017-08-17  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of
2017-08-17  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound: update dns hints and keys
2017-08-17  Michael Tremercore113: Ship openvpn which has been missing in core112...
2017-08-17  Arne Fitzenreiterrootfile updates: nano, misc-progs
2017-08-16  Arne Fitzenreitercore113: add strongswan-padlock to updater
2017-08-16  Michael Actually build iftop
2017-08-16  Michael Tremercore113: Ship packages that have not been shipped with 112
2017-08-15  Michael Tremerlibgcrypt: Rootfile update
2017-08-15  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound/ntp: move not working DNS fallback from ntp...
2017-08-15  Arne Fitzenreiterserial-console: remove baudrate from inittab
2017-08-15  Stephan FeddersenWIO: wio.cgi edit how to get the ips for the networks
2017-08-15  Michael Tremerlogrotate: Fix source tarball checksum
2017-08-15  Michael Tremercore113: Add latest packages
2017-08-15  Erik Kapferiftop: This is an Update release to ver. 1.0pre4
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischerlogrotate: Update to 3.12.3
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischernano: Update to 2.8.6
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischerpcre: Update to 8.41
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischerbind: Update to 9.11.2
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischergnutls: Update to 3.5.14
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischerlibgcrypt: Update to 1.8.0
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischerhostapd: Update to 2.6
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischerunbound: Update to 1.6.4
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischertor: Update to
2017-08-15  Matthias Fischersquid 3.5.26: latest patches (14169-14182)
2017-08-15  Stephan FeddersenWIO: minor changes