2010-04-29  Christian SchmidtRemoved collectd config.
2010-04-28  Christian SchmidtOnce again collectd config files.
2010-04-28  Christian SchmidtUpdated snort to stable
2010-04-26  Christian SchmidtFixed my syntax error.
2010-04-26  Christian SchmidtFixed needed newline at EOF for collectd.
2010-04-26  Christian SchmidtChanged size of the swapfile again.
2010-04-25  Christian SchmidtFixed Image build switch.
2010-04-25  Christian SchmidtAdded the new config files, we may drop some more but...
2010-04-25  Christian SchmidtDone a whole rework on the collectd config. Added chang...
2010-04-24  Arne FitzenreiterFix ipp2p missing symbol (error_exit).
2010-04-23  Michael Tremermisc-progs: Cleanup chain creation of wirelessctrl.
2010-04-23  Christian SchmidtFixed cosemtic naming of firewall groups for webinterface.
2010-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated kvm-kmod (
2010-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterChange ipsecctrl Tunnel up and down.
2010-04-22  Arne FitzenreiterAdd Vodafone K3765 and K4505 usbids to option driver.
2010-04-22  Christian SchmidtAdded e2fsck.conf, this should fix manual superblock...
2010-04-21  Christian SchmidtSome little bugfixes to current codebase
2010-04-19  Arne FitzenreiterUpdate kvm-kmod (2.6.33).
2010-04-19  Arne FitzenreiterUpdate core38 filelist.
2010-04-19  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile update: configroot.
2010-04-19  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile update: nut.
2010-04-19  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile update: linux, linux-xen.
2010-04-19  Arne FitzenreiterFix kernel xen config.
2010-04-18  Jan Paul TueckingMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-04-18  Jan Paul TueckingFixed bug 617 - added links for services on services...
2010-04-18  Michael TremerModify modules initscript to softly fail module loads.
2010-04-18  Michael TremerAdd new led triggers: netdev.
2010-04-16  Jan Paul TueckingFixed bug 490
2010-04-16  Dirk WagnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-16  Dirk WagnerUpdate to latest stable 2.4.3
2010-04-16  Christian SchmidtDid some final steps for the outgoing fw, this should...
2010-04-14  Arne FitzenreiterExternal build of kvm modules.
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtEnabled force setting system time on boot.
2010-04-11  Dirk WagnerRemoved braindead /var/run/pound creation
2010-04-11  Dirk WagnerRevert "added /var/run/pound creation"
2010-04-11  Dirk Wagneradded /var/run/pound creation
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtUpdated the two qemu packages to the latest stable...
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtUpdated squidClamav to the latest stable.
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtRevert "Updated qemu and to the latest releases."
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtUpdated qemu and to the latest releases.
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtUpdated postfix to latest 2.6 stable release.
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtUpdated fetchmail to current stable.
2010-04-11  Arne FitzenreiterAdd squid and squidguard to core38 updater.
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtFixed url filter repository for local redirects.
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtUpdated samba to current stable.
2010-04-11  Christian SchmidtUpdated squid to current stable.
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterReadd mISDN hfcusb patches.
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterRemove blob at IPSec local- and remote-id.
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterChange IPSec local and remoteid description.
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile update: pound, initskripts.
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated Kernel (
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterAdd pound to
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterAdd missing pcre libs (iso and core38).
2010-04-10  Arne FitzenreiterRevert "Added missing lib"
2010-04-09  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'core37'
2010-04-09  Arne FitzenreiterFix rootfiles with /etc/init.d symlink problem.
2010-04-07  Dirk WagnerAdded missing lib
2010-04-06  Dirk Wagnerremoved ~ file
2010-04-06  Dirk WagnerFirst version of pound addon
2010-04-06  Arne FitzenreiterFix netfilter download.
2010-04-05  Arne FitzenreiterBuild PC-Speaker as modul to be able to blacklist.
2010-04-05  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated reiserfsprogs (3.6.21).
2010-04-05  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated reiser4progs (1.0.6).
2010-04-05  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated e2fsprogs (1.41.11).
2010-04-05  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated dosfstools (3.0.9).
2010-04-04  Arne FitzenreiterInstaller: skip empty blockdevices.
2010-04-04  Arne FitzenreiterStarted core38 updater.
2010-04-04  Arne FitzenreiterDisabled paralel build of cyrus-imapd.
2010-04-02  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next'
2010-04-02  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated ipfireseeder for core37.
2010-04-01  Arne FitzenreiterDisable qos marking for IPSec marked traffic.
2010-03-31  Arne FitzenreiterClose core37.
2010-03-31  Arne FitzenreiterAdd David Woodhouse's firmware package.
2010-03-30  Arne FitzenreiterRootfile update: bzip2 and uClibc
2010-03-30  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated Kernel (
2010-03-30  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated openssl cryptodev patch.
2010-03-30  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated openssl (0.9.8n).
2010-03-30  Arne FitzenreiterFix permission change of existing directories at core...
2010-03-30  Jan Paul TueckingAdded new qos sentences.
2010-03-30  Jan Paul TueckingRemoved all german sentences.
2010-03-30  Jan Paul TueckingChange permission of wlanap.cgi.
2010-03-30  Jan Paul TueckingCorrected SSID Broadcast description.
2010-03-29  Arne FitzenreiterReadd old qemu version with kqemu support.
2010-03-29  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated openssl (0.9.8n).
2010-03-28  Arne FitzenreiterAdd qos changes to core37.
2010-03-28  Arne FitzenreiterFix update booster permissions.
2010-03-28  Arne FitzenreiterFix permission change of existing directories at core...
2010-03-27  Arne FitzenreiterFix connection.cgi display for strongswan.
2010-03-27  Arne FitzenreiterSome changes for strongswan.
2010-03-22  Arne FitzenreiterUpdated ccache (3.0pre0)
2010-03-21  Jan Paul TueckingAdded new qos sentences.
2010-03-21  Jan Paul TueckingRemoved all german sentences.
2010-03-21  Jan Paul TueckingChange permission of wlanap.cgi.
2010-03-20  Arne FitzenreiterAdd strongswan (4.3.6) for testing.
2010-03-18  Arne FitzenreiterFix build of syslogdctrl.
2010-03-16  Christian SchmidtFixed the log settings and added translation.
2010-03-16  Christian SchmidtChanged installer. We now support ext2 installation...