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2022-03-05  Peter MüllerRevert "Core Update 165: Ship update-ids-ruleset" temp-c165-development
2022-03-05  Peter MüllerCore Update 164: Ship update-ids-rulesets
2022-03-05  Stefan Schantlfirewall-lib.pl: Remove prefix when dealing with ipset...
2022-03-05  Stefan Schantlrules.pl: Autodetect ipset db file to restore.
2022-03-05  Stefan Schantlfirewall: Move dropping hostile networks to rules.pl.
2022-03-05  Stefan Schantlrules.pl: Allow dynamic destory of loaded but unused...
2022-03-05  Peter Müllerupdate ca-certificates CA bundle
2022-03-05  Peter MüllerTor: Update to
2022-03-05  Peter MüllerCore Update 165: Ship update-ids-ruleset
2022-03-05  Stefan Schantlupdate-ids-ruleset: Always drop the lock file if it...
2022-03-05  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Do not try to chown files while extra...
2022-03-04  Michael Tremerbackup: Make include/exclude files relative
2022-03-04  Michael Tremerbackup: Don't restore excluded files
2022-03-04  Michael Tremerbackup: Exclude oinkmaster.conf
2022-03-04  Michael Tremerbackup: Abort when the backup could not be extracted
2022-03-02  Michael Tremerpython3-cffi: Fix armv6l rootfile
2022-03-01  Peter Müllerpython3-cffi: Add 32 bit ARM rootfile again due to...
2022-02-28  Peter Müllerpython3-yaml: Drop unnecessary armv6l rootfile
2022-02-28  Peter MüllerMerge branch 'master' into next
2022-02-26  Arne Fitzenreitersuricata: drop unsupported JA3 rule provider
2022-02-26  Peter Müllerborgbackup: Fix rootfile on 32 bit ARM
2022-02-25  Peter MüllerPython3: Fix rootfile for 32 bit ARM again
2022-02-23  Peter MüllerCore Update 165: Ship vpnmain.cgi
2022-02-23  Michael Tremervpnmain.cgi: Select Curve 25519 as default
2022-02-23  Michael Tremeroci-python-sdk: Depend on python3-certifi
2022-02-23  Peter MüllerCore Update 165: Ship dhcpcd-related changes
2022-02-23  Michael Tremerdhcpcd: Allow freely setting MTU
2022-02-23  Michael Tremerdhcpcd: Remove old MTU setting script
2022-02-23  Michael Tremerdhcpcd: Force setting MTU through dhcpcd
2022-02-23  Peter MüllerRevert "gcc: Compile without ZSTD"
2022-02-22  Peter MüllerPython3: Attempt to fix rootfile on 32 bit ARM
2022-02-22  Peter Müllerpython3-cffi: Fix rootfile more elegant on ARM
2022-02-22  Peter MüllerRevert "python3-cffi: Fix rootfiles on ARM"
2022-02-22  Stéphane Pautrelfr: Update French translation
2022-02-22  Michael Tremercredits: Run ./make.sh update-contributors
2022-02-22  Peter Müllerpython3-cffi: Fix rootfiles on ARM
2022-02-22  Michael TremerConfig: Disable parallel builds for Cargo on riscv64
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerstrip: Do not try to strip QEMU
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerboost: Enable build on all architectures
2022-02-22  Michael Tremersuricata: Fix check for level one cache line size
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerliburcu: Update automake to build on riscv64
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerkernel: Add a basic configuration for riscv64
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerrust: Package for riscv64
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerrust: Rust's arch for riscv64 is called riscv64gc
2022-02-22  Michael Tremermake.sh: riscv64: Emulate SiFive U54 CPU
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerjq: Update autotools
2022-02-22  Michael Tremergcc: Compile without ZSTD
2022-02-22  Michael Tremerstrip: Make this work when cross-compiling
2022-02-22  Michael Tremermake.sh: Avoid calling date when determining elapsed...
2022-02-22  Michael Tremermake.sh: Follow symlinks when checking if QEMU is static
2022-02-22  Michael Tremermake.sh: Do not throw away any error messages when...
2022-02-22  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' into next
2022-02-22  Arne Fitzenreitercore164: exclude boot/uEnv.txt
2022-02-21  Peter MüllerCore Update 165: Ship oci-setup initscript
2022-02-21  Michael Tremeroci: user-data: Try to decode base64 content
2022-02-21  Peter Müllersamba: Fix rootfiles on ARM
2022-02-21  Michael Tremeroci-cli: Depend on python3-jmespath
2022-02-21  Michael Tremeroci-cli: Ship egg metadata
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-terminaltables: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-arrow: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-click: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-pytz: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-circuitbreaker: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremermake.sh: Re-order build of some Python modules
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-cryptography: Fix build against Rust
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-pycparser: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-install: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-pep517: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-build: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-flit: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-idna: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-certifi: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-requests: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-charset-normalizer: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-cryptography: New package required by oci-pytho...
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-cffi: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremermake.sh: Build python3-packaging sooner
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-semantic-version: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-typing-extensions: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerpython3-setuptools-rust: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremermake.sh: Build the rust compiler earlier
2022-02-21  Michael Tremeroci-python-sdk: New package
2022-02-21  Michael Tremeroci-cli: New package
2022-02-21  Peter Müllerhostapd: Repair LFS file after merge garbage
2022-02-21  Peter MüllerCore Update 165: Ship wirelessclient.cgi
2022-02-21  Michael Tremerwireless client: Remove option for WEP
2022-02-21  Adolf Belkaexpat: Update to version 2.4.6 - Security/CVE fixes
2022-02-19  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' into next
2022-02-19  Arne Fitzenreitercore164: add unbound initskript
2022-02-19  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound: fix dns working check
2022-02-19  Peter Müllerfirewall: Make logging of conntrack INVALIDs configureable
2022-02-19  Peter Müllerstage2: Zut alors, delete the right line in rootfile
2022-02-19  Peter Müllerstage2: Remove forgotten mv command
2022-02-19  Peter Müllerfirewall: Add proper logging prefix for conntrack INVAL...
2022-02-19  Peter MüllerFix Bugzilla URL in GCC LFS file
2022-02-19  Peter MüllerDrop ovpn-collectd-convert
2022-02-18  Peter MüllerEarly spring clean: Remove trailing whitespaces, and...
2022-02-18  Peter MüllerMerge branch 'temp-c165-development' into next
2022-02-18  Peter Müllerfirewall: Make logging of conntrack INVALIDs configureable
2022-02-18  Peter Müllerfirewall: Add proper logging prefix for conntrack INVAL...