Introduce message parser for SSH related notifications.
[people/stevee/guardian.git] / guardian
2016-02-18  Stefan SchantlRevert "Except and log if an event could not be parsed...
2016-02-17  Stefan SchantlExcept and log if an event could not be parsed correctly.
2016-02-03  Stefan SchantlUpdate ignore list on reload.
2016-01-22  Stefan SchantlAllow to configure the used parser for a monitored...
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlUse Events module to perform various actions.
2015-12-09  Stefan SchantlPrevent from running guardian twice.
2015-12-09  Stefan SchantlDrop PID file when exiting guardian.
2015-12-09  Stefan SchantlAdd support to daemonize guardian.
2015-12-09  Stefan SchantlRename "New" method to "Init" for creating or updating...
2015-12-06  Stefan SchantlPass logger object to the mainsettings hash for a usage
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlAdjust error messages in case of failure.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlRedirect the "die" messages to the logger.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlUse "Logger" module for logging purposes.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlDo not display warnings for threads anymore.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlJust send "KILL" signal to the worker threads.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlAdd support to reload the service.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlDecelerate shutdown process for one second.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlRework handling of monitored files.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlDrop function for fileposition initialization.
2015-11-24  Stefan SchantlAllow to dynamically start/stop worker threads.
2015-11-24  Stefan SchantlEnable and use the warnings core module.
2015-11-24  Stefan SchantlUse TimeHires core module for main loop interupting.
2015-11-23  Stefan SchantlCapture process signals.
2015-11-23  Stefan SchantlAdd support for command line arguments and usage of...
2015-11-20  Stefan SchantlUse socket module to provide an IPC mechanism.
2015-11-12  Stefan SchantlInitial checkin.