Add ability to reload the ignore list.
[people/stevee/guardian.git] / modules /
2016-06-14  Stefan SchantlAdd ability to reload the ignore list.
2016-02-19  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'parser-httpd'
2016-02-18  Stefan SchantlAllow to configure the owner of the UNIX socket.
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlAdjust Parser and Socket module outputs.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlAdjust error messages in case of failure.
2015-11-23  Stefan Add tiny subroutine to drop an existing...
2015-11-23  Stefan Fix error messages when crashing.
2015-11-23  Stefan Fix detection and deletion of an existing...
2015-11-20  Stefan SchantlAdd "Socket" module.