Introduce message parser for SSH related notifications.
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2016-02-18  Stefan SchantlIntroduce message parser for SSH related notifications.
2016-02-18  Stefan SchantlRevert "Except and log if an event could not be parsed...
2016-02-17  Stefan SchantlRename &_initFileposition() to &GetFileposition() and...
2016-02-17  Stefan SchantlExcept and log if an event could not be parsed correctly.
2016-02-04  Stefan SchantlDisplay number of elements in the ignore list.
2016-02-04  Stefan SchantlAlways whitelist localhost related addresses.
2016-02-03  Stefan SchantlAdd IPv6 support to IPtables module.
2016-02-03  Stefan SchantlAdd reload handler to Events module.
2016-02-03  Stefan SchantlOnly perform IP address related operations if an addres...
2016-02-03  Stefan SchantlAllow export of the GenerateIgnoreList() function.
2016-02-03  Stefan SchantlDrop obsolete IsValidAddressOrNetwork() function.
2016-02-03  Stefan SchantlAdd functionality for whitelisting single addresses...
2016-01-26  Stefan SchantlValidate IP addresses before passing to the firewall...
2016-01-22  Stefan SchantlRename and move InitFileposition function.
2016-01-22  Stefan SchantlAllow to configure the used parser for a monitored...
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlAllow to configure the firewall action which will be...
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlEnhance returned error messages from Event module.
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlAdjust Parser and Socket module outputs.
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlSet default FirewallEngine to "none".
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlIntroduce "IPtables" module.
2016-01-19  Stefan SchantlIntroduce "Events" module
2016-01-18  Stefan SchantlValidate configured LogLevel when reading-in the config...
2015-12-09  Stefan SchantlAdd "Daemon" module.
2015-12-09  Stefan SchantlRename "New" method to "Init" for creating or updating...
2015-12-09  Stefan SchantlRemove Update method from Logger module.
2015-12-06  Stefan SchantlRemove any whitespaces from configlines.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlAdjust error messages in case of failure.
2015-11-25  Stefan SchantlIntroduce "Base" module
2015-11-23  Stefan Add tiny subroutine to drop an existing...
2015-11-23  Stefan Fix error messages when crashing.
2015-11-23  Stefan Fix detection and deletion of an existing...
2015-11-20  Stefan SchantlAdd "Socket" module.
2015-11-20  Stefan SchantlAdd "Config" module.
2015-11-20  Stefan SchantlAdd "Logger" module.
2015-11-12  Stefan SchantlInitial checkin.