Remove remains of the "real" device type
[people/stevee/network.git] / src / network
2014-12-23  Michael TremerRemove remains of the "real" device type
2014-12-23  Michael TremerShow if the device is able to transport Ethernet frames
2014-12-23  Michael TremerSplit port hooks in to (create|remove|up|down) actions
2014-12-21  Michael TremerAdd function that returns a string about speed and...
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerzone: Send systemd updates on hotplug events
2014-09-04  Michael TremerRename all "config" to "settings"
2014-08-26  Michael TremerIntroduce "network device ap0 monitor" command
2013-09-06  Michael TremerRemove executable permissions from source files.
2013-09-06  Michael TremerUse autotools.