2015-08-11  Michael TremerShow help for zone creation
2015-05-02  Michael Tremerradvd: Always advertise all prefixes
2015-05-02  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-05-02  Michael TremerDHCP: Implement prefix delegation for the DHCP server
2015-05-02  Michael Tremerdhclient: Properly handle IPv6
2015-05-02  Michael Tremerrouting: Remove deprecated functions
2015-05-02  Michael Tremerdhclient: Fix overwriting
2015-05-02  Michael TremerReplace routing_db_* by db_*
2015-05-02  Michael TremerRemove the function keyword which is a bashism
2015-05-02  Michael Tremerdhcp: Add support for DHCPv6 over Ethernet
2015-04-17  Michael TremerDisable async logging
2015-04-14  Michael Tremeripv6: Add auto-configuration hook for zones
2015-04-14  Michael Tremerzone: Make zone_config_{read,write} behave the same...
2015-04-14  Michael Tremeripv6: When auto-configuration is enabled, forwarding...
2015-04-12  Michael Tremerwireless-adhoc: Fix wrong function name
2015-04-12  Michael Tremerzone: Fix immediate attachment of ethernet ports to...
2015-01-31  Michael Tremerdhclient: Add support for DHCPv6 and PD
2015-01-31  Michael Tremerpppoe: Enable PD by default
2015-01-31  Michael Tremerppp: Always request DNS servers from remote
2015-01-03  Michael Tremerdhclient-script: Read global network configuration
2015-01-02  Michael Tremerzone: Allow creating configs which do not require arguments
2015-01-02  Michael Tremerdhcp: Fix option list
2015-01-02  Michael Tremerreset: Remove all ports instead of just bringing them...
2015-01-01  Michael Tremerbash-completion: Add some basic completion for DHCP...
2014-12-31  Michael TremerRemove pptp
2014-12-31  Michael TremerFix typo in function name setttings_read_array
2014-12-30  Michael Tremerbash-completion: Add route and dns-server commands
2014-12-30  Michael TremerAdd bash-completion for the network command
2014-12-28  Michael Tremernetwork device: Update man page with new commands
2014-12-28  Michael TremerRemove some unused functions
2014-12-28  Michael TremerAdd "network device list" command
2014-12-28  Michael TremerRemove unused port_show() function
2014-12-27  Michael TremerMake zone handling nicer
2014-12-27  Michael Tremerbridge-stp: Fix reading the STP configuration
2014-12-27  Michael Tremerzone_destroy_now: Call proper functions to shut down...
2014-12-27  Michael Tremerpppoe: Allow hotplugging the port and better handle...
2014-12-27  Michael Tremeripv4: Fix infinite loop when searching for a net address
2014-12-27  Michael TremerAdd missing zone hook command "port_create"
2014-12-27  Michael TremerFix hook settings writing and checking
2014-12-25  Michael TremerChange two forgotten calls of zone_has_remove_tag
2014-12-25  Michael TremerImprove the check for valid hook commands
2014-12-25  Michael Tremerzone_port_settings_write: Allow writing an empty settin...
2014-12-25  Michael TremerAlign zone create/remove actions to ports (new/destroy)
2014-12-23  Michael TremerRemove remains of the "real" device type
2014-12-23  Michael TremerBetter handling for dummy interfaces
2014-12-23  Michael Tremerbonding: Allow adding all compatible devices as slaves
2014-12-23  Michael TremerShow if the device is able to transport Ethernet frames
2014-12-23  Michael TremerSpeed-up finding the device type if the device does...
2014-12-23  Michael TremerSplit port hooks in to (create|remove|up|down) actions
2014-12-22  Michael TremerRemove support for macvtap devices
2014-12-21  Michael TremerAdd function that returns a string about speed and...
2014-12-21  Michael TremerAdd hotplugging for zones (and ports of those)
2014-12-10  Michael TremerMajor rewrite of hotplug handling
2014-12-06  Michael TremerRemove support for ISDN
2014-12-06  Michael TremerRemove support for Teredo
2014-12-06  Michael TremerImprove parsing configuration files
2014-09-28  Michael Tremeripv4-static: Update hook
2014-09-28  Michael TremerRectify config creation
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerwireless-ap: Bring up hostapd, too when device is plugg...
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerhotplug: Must not stop after first port has been hit
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerwireless monitor: Use proper port name
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerzone: Don't handle hotplug events for zones
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerzone: Send systemd updates on hotplug events
2014-09-06  Michael Tremersystemd: Fix network initialization on boot
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Improve robustness of the code
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Rewrite the port hook and fix various errors
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerutil: Silence fwrite on error
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerdevice: Fix check for bonded devices
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerstp: Silence stp_bridge_set_forward_delay a bit
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerdevice: Rewrite device_set_address
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerservice: Don't start services if they are already running
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbridge: Simplify the hook and make it more robust again...
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Remove a now wrong assertion
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerdevice: Rewrite batman-adv-port detection
2014-09-06  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug-rename: Improve log message when renami...
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv-port: Initialize PHY variable
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Disable hotplug hook
2014-09-06  Michael TremerLet hotplug handlers return a status code
2014-09-06  Michael TremerOnly enable auto-enabled zones on hotplug events
2014-09-04  Michael TremerMakefile: Expand @helpersdir@
2014-09-04  Michael Tremeraiccu: Fix syntax error
2014-09-04  Michael Tremernetwork status: Show if zones are enabled to start...
2014-09-04  Michael TremerUpdate documentation according to config -> settings...
2014-09-04  Michael Tremerstp: Change comparison operator
2014-09-04  Michael TremerRename all "config" to "settings"
2014-08-31  Michael TremerMove config hooks into a separate directory
2014-08-31  Michael Tremerpppoe: Allow assigning ports to pppoe zones
2014-08-31  Michael Tremerbridge-stp: Fix wrong variable name
2014-08-31  Michael Tremerbridge: Apply configured cost settings for each port
2014-08-31  Michael TremerFix installation of bridge-stp helper
2014-08-31  Michael TremerRemove port hooks as subhooks for zones.
2014-08-27  Michael TremerRemove support for openvswitch (switch zone hook)
2014-08-27  Michael TremerRemove batman-adv zones
2014-08-27  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug-rename: Read network configuration...
2014-08-26  Michael TremerIntroduce "network device ap0 monitor" command
2014-08-26  Michael TremerConfigure wireless reg domain when wireless hardware...
2014-08-26  Michael TremerMake searching for the corresponding phy of a wireless...
2014-08-26  Michael TremerMake the wireless regulatory domain a global configurat...
2014-08-26  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug: Read network configuration
2014-08-26  Michael Tremerbatman-adv-port: Fix wrong function call