2017-08-07  Michael Tremerwireless: Show signal quality in percent
2017-08-07  Michael Tremerwireless: Show channel number as well as frequency
2017-08-06  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add pool feature
2017-08-06  Michael TremerImprove loading of kernel modules
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Cleanup loading of kernel module
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Use new function to remove device
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Make sure kernel module is loaded
2017-08-06  Michael TremerUse "ip link set X master" where ever we can
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbridge: Show any errors when connecting a device to...
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Use port_restart to restart a port
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerwireless-ap: Improve command line parsing
2017-08-06  Michael TremerDHCP: Fix options parsing
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Major rewrite of the hook
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerdummy: Cleanup hook
2017-08-05  Michael Tremervlan: Create devices when they don't exist, yet
2017-08-05  Michael TremerRevert "Never overwrite PATH"
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerutil: Drop cmd_clean_environment function
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerutil: Fix cmd function and never leak anything into...
2017-08-05  Michael Tremeripsec: Save START_ACTION parameter
2017-08-05  Jonatan Schlagipsec: log a debug message when deleting a strongswan...
2017-08-05  Jonatan Schlagipsec: fix enable and disable
2017-08-05  Michael Tremeripsec: Only set traffic selector marks in VTI mode
2017-08-04  Michael TremerFix typo
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Make sure not to reload strongswan if it is...
2017-08-04  Michael Tremersettings: Use file_delete to delete a file
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Properly shut down connections when destroyed
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Make sure strongswan is started when it should be
2017-08-04  Michael Tremerreset: Destroy all user-defined security policies
2017-08-04  Michael Tremerreset: Destroy all IPsec VPN connections
2017-08-04  Michael Tremersettings: Don't log skipped configuration lines
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Add our configuration header to each configurati...
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix typo in variable check
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Enable strongswan to start at boot when needed
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Always make sure that n2n connections are unique
2017-08-04  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add status feature
2017-08-04  Jonatan Schlagipsec: reload connection when the security policy changes
2017-08-04  Jonatan Schlagipsec: reload connection when the config changes
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Set routes to peered networks
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: GRE: Use outer IP addresses for peering
2017-08-04  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Use "ip link" instead of "ip tunnel"
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Let the updown script handle all events
2017-08-04  Michael TremerRename fwrite to fappend
2017-08-04  Michael Tremersecurity-policies: Delete cached content when policy...
2017-08-04  Michael Tremersecurity-policies: Rename AH proposals to IKE proposals
2017-08-04  Michael TremerRevert "ipsec: Only allow strict use of security policies"
2017-08-04  Michael Tremersecurity-policies: Cache output of proposal generators
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Only allow strict use of security policies
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix DPD configuration
2017-08-04  Jonatan Schlagbash-autocompletion: up and down for ipsec connections
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Add prototype-level support for GRE tunnels
2017-08-04  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Add support for GRE tunnels
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix configuration variable list
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Add prototype-level support for VTI
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Add commands to bring connections up and down
2017-08-04  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Make local address optional
2017-08-04  Jonatan Schlagbash-autocompletion: add basic security-policy support
2017-08-04  Jonatan Schlagraw: add command vpn-security-policy-exists
2017-08-04  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add local address, dpd settings and start action...
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Support Dead Peer Detection
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Allow defining START_ACTION
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Support binding a connection to a certain address
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Write functions to generate strongSwan configuration
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Disable compression in system policy
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix typos in CLI parsing
2017-08-03  Michael Tremersecurity-policies: List "performance" as read-only
2017-08-03  Jonatan Schlagbash-autocompletion: fix typos
2017-08-03  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add basic bash completion for ipsec
2017-08-03  Jonatan Schlagraw: add command new list-vpn-security-policies-all
2017-08-03  Jonatan Schlagraw: add new command list-ipsec-connections
2017-08-03  Jonatan Schlagraw: add new command ipsec-connection-exists
2017-08-03  Jonatan Schlagvpn-security-policies: add new function vpn_security_po...
2017-08-03  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add new function ipsec_list_connections
2017-08-03  Jonatan SchlagFix typo
2017-08-03  Michael Tremerwpa_supplication: Correctly escape SSIDs with spaces
2017-07-31  Michael Tremervti: Disable policy lookups for VTI devices
2017-07-31  Michael Tremeripsec: Check PSK for a good length
2017-07-30  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix typo in warning message
2017-07-30  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix another shell syntax error
2017-07-30  Michael Tremeripsec: Always make value of AUTH_MODE uppercase
2017-07-30  Michael Tremeripsec: Add connection show command
2017-07-30  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix another bash syntax error
2017-07-30  Michael Tremeripsec: Fix typo
2017-07-30  Michael Tremeripsec: Move connections to /etc/network/vpn/ipsec/conne...
2017-07-30  Michael TremerMakefile: Fix alphabetical order
2017-07-30  Michael Tremervpn: Move VPN CLI functions into separate files
2017-07-30  Michael Tremerroute: Move CLI functions into functions file
2017-07-30  Jonatan Schlagnetwork: add new ipsec functionality
2017-07-30  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add new functions
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagconfig hook: prevent two hooks with the same settings
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagautocompletion: use hids instead of ids
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagraw: add command zone-config-hid-is-valid
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagraw: add command list-zone-config-hids
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagheader-config: add generic hook_hid function
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlaghook: also hook_hid is a valid command
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagzone: config list print also hids
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagzone: accept also hids in zone_config()
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagzone: add config hid functions
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagheader-zone: refactor hook_config_destroy
2017-07-27  Jonatan Schlagzone: new function zone_config_settings_destroy
2017-07-25  Jonatan Schlagautocompletion: improve config part