2012-10-08 Stefan SchantlCode rework of the CLI. master
2012-10-07 Stefan SchantlOnly initialize the backend, if necessary.
2012-10-03 Stefan SchantlAdd cache for domain and record objects.
2012-10-03 Stefan SchantlAdd exceptions for database handling and invalid SOA...
2012-10-02 Stefan SchantlFix wrong-used docstrings in backend file.
2012-10-02 Stefan SchantlAdd documentation link about the database layout.
2012-10-02 Stefan SchantlFix different spelling of tool name.
2012-09-27 Stefan SchantlInitial import of the CLI.
2012-09-27 Stefan SchantlDon't crash if, get_domain() gets a non existing domain...
2012-09-27 Stefan SchantlAdd class to handle SOA records and parse the content.
2012-09-23 Stefan SchantlInitial import.