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1# English (en) Data File
78331e30 3# This file is part of the IPFire Firewall.
10a04d70 4#
78331e30 5# IPFire is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
6# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
8# (at your option) any later version.
78331e30 10# IPFire is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13# GNU General Public License for more details.
15# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
78331e30 16# along with IPFire; if not, write to the Free Software
17# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
19# (c) The SmoothWall Team
23%tr = (
26'a ca certificate with this name already exists' => 'A CA Certificate with this name already exists.',
27'a connection with this common name already exists' => 'A connection with this common name already exists.',
28'a connection with this name already exists' => 'A connection with this name already exists.',
29'access allowed' => 'Access allowed from:',
30'access refused with this oinkcode' => 'Access refused with this Oink Code',
31'action' => 'Action',
32'add' => 'Add',
33'add a host' => 'Add a host:',
34'add a new rule' => 'Add a new rule:',
35'add device' => 'Add device',
36'add network' => 'Add network',
37'add new alias' => 'Add a new alias:',
38'add new lease' => 'Add a new fixed lease',
39'add service' => 'Add service',
40'add xtaccess' => 'Add External Access',
41'added from dhcp lease list' => 'added from DHCP lease list',
42'admin user password has been changed' => 'Admin user password has been changed.',
43'administrator user password' => 'Admin user password:',
44'adsl settings' => 'ADSL settings',
45'advanced' => 'Advanced',
46'again' => 'Again:',
78331e30 47'alcatelusb help' => 'To utilise the Speedtouch 330 or Speedtouch USB modem you must upload the firmware to your IPFire box. Please download the <b>Embedded Firmware</b> package for SpeedTouch 330 from, unzip and then upload the appropriate file for your modem : when Rev<4 or for Rev=4 using the form below.',
48'alcatelusb upload' => 'Upload Speedtouch USB Firmware',
49'alias ip' => 'Alias IP',
50'aliases' => 'Aliases',
51'aliases not active' => 'Aliases will not be active unless your RED interface is STATIC',
52'all' => 'All',
53'all interfaces' => 'All Interfaces',
54'all updates installed' => 'All updates installed',
55'alt dialup' => 'Dialup',
56'alt home' => 'Home',
57'alt information' => 'Information',
58'alt logs' => 'Logs',
59'alt services' => 'Services',
60'alt system' => 'System',
61'alt vpn' => 'VPNs',
62'and' => 'And',
63'ansi t1.483' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
64'apply' => 'Apply now',
65'april' => 'April',
66'archive not exist' => 'Configuration archive does not exist',
67'are you sure' => 'Are you sure?',
68'arp table entries' => 'ARP Table Entries:',
69'august' => 'August',
70'authentication' => 'Authentication:',
71'automatic' => 'Automatic',
72'available updates' => 'Available updates:',
73'average' => 'Average',
78331e30 74'avoid dod' => 'Do not use this option with Dial on Demand! Mainly used if your IPFire is behind a router. Your RED IP must be inside one of the three reserved network numbers e.g. 10/8, 172.16/12, 192.168/16',
75'back' => 'BACK',
76'backup' => 'Backup',
77'backup config floppy' => 'Backup Configuration - Floppy Disk',
78'backup configuration' => 'Backup Configuration:',
79'backup sets' => 'Backup Sets',
80'backup to floppy' => 'Backup to floppy',
81'backupprofile' => 'In case reconnection fails, switch to profile',
82'bad characters in script field' => 'Bad characters in script field',
83'bad characters in the telephone number field' => 'Bad characters in the telephone number field.',
84'bad destination range' => 'The Destination port range has a first value that is greater than or equal to the second value.',
85'bad ignore filter' => 'Bad ignore filter:',
86'bad return code' => 'Helper program returned error code',
87'bad source range' => 'The Source port range has a first value that is greater than or equal to the second value.',
78331e30 88'beep when ppp connects or disconnects' => 'Beep when IPFire connects or disconnects',
89'behind a proxy' => 'Behind a proxy:',
90'bewan adsl pci st' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
91'bewan adsl usb' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
92'blue' => 'BLUE',
93'blue access' => 'Blue Access',
94'blue interface' => 'Blue Interface',
95'broadcast' => 'Broadcast',
96'broken pipe' => 'Broken pipe',
97'buffered memory' => 'Buffered Memory',
98'buffers' => 'buffers',
99'bytes per second' => 'Bytes per Second',
100'ca certificate' => 'CA Certificate',
101'ca name' => 'CA Name',
102'cache management' => 'Cache management',
103'cache size' => 'Cache size (MB):',
104'cached' => 'cached',
105'cached memory' => 'Cached Memory',
106'cancel' => 'Cancel',
107'cannot enable both nat traversal and compression' => 'Cannot enable both NAT Traversal and Compression.',
108'cannot enable ntp without specifying primary' => 'Cannot enable NTP without specifying primary.',
109'cannot specify secondary dns without specifying primary' => 'Cannot specify secondary DNS without specifying primary.',
110'cannot specify secondary ntp without specifying primary' => 'Cannot specify Secondary NTP Server without specifying Primary',
111'cannot specify secondary wins without specifying primary' => 'Cannot specify secondary WINS without specifying primary.',
112'cant change certificates' => 'Can\'t change certificates.',
113'cant enable xtaccess' => 'The associated port forwarding rule is disabled, therefore you cannot enable external access for this rule.',
114'cant start openssl' => 'Can\'t start OpenSSL',
115'caps all' => 'ALL',
116'capsclosed' => 'CLOSED',
117'capsopen' => 'OPEN',
118'capswarning' => 'WARNING',
119'cert' => 'Certificate',
120'certificate' => 'Certificate',
121'certificate authorities' => 'Certificate Authorities',
122'certificate does not have a valid ca associated with it' => 'Certificate does not have a valid CA associated with it.',
123'certificate file move failed' => 'Certificate file move failed',
124'cfg restart' => 'A reboot is suggested after restoring a configuration archive.',
125'chain' => 'Chain',
126'change passwords' => 'Change passwords',
127'check vpn lr' => 'Check',
128'city' => 'City',
129'clear cache' => 'Clear Cache',
130'clenabled' => 'Provide time to local network',
131'click to disable' => 'Enabled (click to disable)',
132'click to enable' => 'Disabled (click to enable)',
133'clock has not been synchronized' => 'Clock has not been synchronized',
134'clock last synchronized at' => 'Clock was last synchronized at',
135'common name' => 'Common Name',
136'compression' => 'Compression:',
137'computer to modem rate' => 'Computer to modem rate:',
138'concentrator name' => 'Concentrator name:',
139'confirmation' => 'confirmation',
78331e30 140'connect on ipfire restart' => 'Connect on IPFire restart:',
141'connect the modem' => 'Connect the modem',
142'connect timeout' => 'Connect timeout:',
143'connected' => 'Connected',
144'connecting' => 'Connecting...',
145'connection' => 'Connection',
146'connection debugging' => 'Connection debugging',
147'connection status and controlc' => 'Connection status and control:',
148'connection tracking' => 'IPTables Connection Tracking',
149'connection type' => 'Connection Type',
150'connection type is invalid' => 'Connection type is invalid.',
151'connections' => 'Connections',
152'connections are associated with this ca. deleting the ca will delete these connections as well.' => 'connections are associated with this CA. Deleting the CA will delete these connections as well.',
153'could not be opened' => 'could not be opened',
154'could not connect to' => 'Could not connect to',
78331e30 155'could not connect to www ipfire org' => 'Could not connect to',
156'could not create directory' => 'Could not create directory.',
157'could not download latest patch list' => 'Could not download latest patch list (not connected).',
158'could not download latest updates' => 'Could not download latest updates.',
159'could not download the available updates list' => 'Could not download the available updates list.',
160'could not open available updates file' => 'Could not open available updates file.',
161'could not open installed updates file' => 'Could not open installed updates file',
162'could not open update information file' => 'Could not open update information file. The update file is corrupt.',
163'could not retrieve common name from certificate' => 'Could not retrieve common name from certificate.',
164'country' => 'Country',
165'cpu usage per' => 'CPU Usage per',
166'create' => 'Create',
167'credits' => 'Credits',
168'cron server' => 'CRON server',
169'current' => 'Current',
170'current aliases' => 'Current aliases:',
171'current dhcp leases on blue' => 'Current DHCP leases on Blue',
172'current dynamic leases' => 'Current dynamic leases',
173'current fixed leases' => 'Current fixed leases',
174'current hosts' => 'Current hosts:',
175'current profile' => 'Current profile:',
176'current rules' => 'Current rules:',
177'custom networks' => 'Custom networks',
178'custom services' => 'Custom services',
179'dat without key' => 'An encrypted archive cannot be restored without the key.',
180'date' => 'Date',
181'date not in logs' => 'No (or only partial) logs exist for the day queried',
182'day' => 'Day',
183'day after' => 'Day after',
184'day before' => 'Day before',
185'days' => 'days',
186'ddns hostname added' => 'Dynamic DNS hostname added',
187'ddns hostname modified' => 'Dynamic DNS hostname modified',
188'ddns hostname removed' => 'Dynamic DNS hostname removed',
189'ddns minimize updates' => 'Minimize updates: before an update, compares the dns IP for hostname "[host.]domain" against RED IP.',
190'ddns noip prefix' => 'To use no-ip in group mode, prefix hostname with <b>%</b>',
191'december' => 'December',
192'def lease time' => 'Default Lease Time',
193'default lease time' => 'Default lease time (mins):',
194'default networks' => 'Default networks',
195'default renewal time' => 'Default Renewal Time',
196'default services' => 'Default services',
197'delete' => 'Delete',
198'demon login script' => 'Demon login script',
199'description' => 'Description',
200'dest ip and port' => 'Dest. IP:Port',
201'destination' => 'Destination',
202'destination ip' => 'Destination IP',
203'destination ip bad' => 'Invalid destination IP',
204'destination ip or net' => 'Destination IP or Net',
205'destination net' => 'Destination Net',
206'destination port' => 'Destination port',
207'destination port numbers' => 'Destination port must be a valid port number or port range.',
208'destination port overlaps' => 'Destination port range overlaps an existing port range.',
209'detail level' => 'Detail level',
210'device' => 'Device',
211'devices on blue' => 'Devices on Blue',
212'dhcp advopt add' => 'Add a DHCP Option',
213'dhcp advopt added' => 'DHCP Option added',
214'dhcp advopt blank value' => 'DHCP Option value cannot be empty.',
215'dhcp advopt custom definition' => 'Your custom option definition',
216'dhcp advopt definition' => 'Definition',
217'dhcp advopt definition exists' => 'Definition option already exists. You can only edit or remove it.',
218'dhcp advopt edit' => 'Edit a DHCP Option',
219'dhcp advopt help' => 'List options',
220'dhcp advopt list' => 'Additional DHCP Options',
221'dhcp advopt modified' => 'DHCP Option modified',
222'dhcp advopt name' => 'Option name',
223'dhcp advopt removed' => 'DHCP Option removed',
224'dhcp advopt scope' => 'Option scope',
225'dhcp advopt scope global' => 'Global',
226'dhcp advopt scope help' => 'Global scope or limit scope to checked interfaces.',
227'dhcp advopt unknown' => 'DHCP Option name not recognized',
228'dhcp advopt value' => 'Option value',
229'dhcp allow bootp' => 'Allow bootp clients',
230'dhcp configuration' => 'DHCP configuration',
231'dhcp mode' => 'DHCP',
232'dhcp server' => 'DHCP Server',
233'dhcp server disabled' => 'DHCP server disabled. Stopped.',
234'dhcp server disabled on blue interface' => 'DHCP server disabled on BLUE interface',
235'dhcp server enabled' => 'DHCP server enabled. Restarting.',
236'dhcp server enabled on blue interface' => 'DHCP server enabled on BLUE interface',
237'dial' => 'Connect',
238'dial user password' => 'Dial user password:',
239'dial user password has been changed' => 'Dial user password has been changed.',
240'dialing mode' => 'Dialing mode:',
241'dialup settings' => 'Dialup Settings',
242'disk access per' => 'Disk Access per',
243'disk usage' => 'Disk usage:',
244'display' => 'Display',
245'display hostname in window title' => 'Display hostname in window title',
246'dmz' => 'DMZ',
247'dmz pinhole configuration' => 'DMZ pinhole configuration',
248'dmz pinhole rule added' => 'DMZ pinhole rule added; restarting DMZ pinhole',
249'dmz pinhole rule removed' => 'DMZ pinhole rule removed; restarting DMZ pinhole',
250'dmzpinholes for same net not necessary' => 'DMZ Pinholes are not necessary for same net. Select different source or destination net.',
251'dns check failed' => 'DNS check failed',
252'dns proxy server' => 'DNS proxy server',
253'do not log this port list' => 'Drop this port list just before they are logged (reduces log size)',
254'dod' => 'Dial on Demand',
255'dod for dns' => 'Dial on Demand for DNS:',
256'dod not compatible with ddns' => 'Dial on demand is not compatible with dynamic dns services',
257'dod waiting' => 'Dial on Demand waiting',
258'domain' => 'Domain',
259'domain name' => 'Domain name',
260'domain name suffix' => 'Domain name suffix:',
261'domain not set' => 'Domain not set.',
262'downlink speed' => 'Downlink speed (kbit/sec)',
263'download ca certificate' => 'Download CA Certificate',
264'download certificate' => 'Download Certificate',
265'download host certificate' => 'Download Host Certificate',
266'download new ruleset' => 'Download new ruleset',
267'download pkcs12 file' => 'Download PKCS12 File',
268'download root certificate' => 'Download Root Certificate',
269'dpd action' => 'Dead Peer Detection action',
270'driver' => 'Driver',
271'dst port' => 'Dst Port',
272'dstprt range overlaps' => 'Destination port range overlaps an already defined port.',
273'dstprt within existing' => 'Destination port is within an already defined port range.',
274'duplicate ip' => 'Duplicate IP address entered',
275'duplicate ip bold' => 'Duplicate addresses are in <b>bold</b>',
276'duplicate mac' => 'Duplicate MAC address entered',
277'duplicate name' => 'That name is already being used, please choose another.',
78331e30 278'dyn dns source choice' => 'Dynamic DNS provider(s) will receive an IP address for this IPFire from:',
279'dynamic dns' => 'Dynamic DNS',
280'dynamic dns client' => 'Dynamic DNS Client',
281'e-mail address too long' => 'E-mail address is too long; it should not be longer than 40 characters.',
78331e30 282'eciadsl help' => 'To utilise the ECI ADSL modem you must upload a synch.bin file to your IPFire box. Please download the file from the ECIADSL website and then upload the file <b>synch.bin</b> using the form below.',
283'eciadsl upload' => 'Upload ECI ADSL Synch.bin File',
284'edit' => 'Edit',
285'edit a rule' => 'Edit an existing rule:',
286'edit advanced settings when done' => 'Edit advanced settings when done.',
287'edit an existing alias' => 'Edit an existing alias',
288'edit an existing host' => 'Edit an existing host',
289'edit an existing lease' => 'Edit an existing lease',
290'edit device' => 'Edit device',
291'edit hosts' => 'Edit Hosts',
292'edit network' => 'Edit network',
293'edit service' => 'Edit service',
294'eg' => 'e.g:',
295'empty' => 'Empty',
296'enable ignore filter' => 'Enable ignore filter',
297'enable javascript' => 'Enable Javascript',
298'enable wildcards' => 'Enable wildcards:',
299'enabled' => 'Enabled:',
300'enabled on' => 'Enabled on',
301'enabledtitle' => 'Enabled',
302'encapsulation' => 'Encapsulation',
303'encrypted' => 'Encrypted',
304'end address' => 'End address:',
305'err bk 1' => 'Error creating archive',
306'err bk 2 key' => 'Error creating key file',
307'err bk 3 tar' => 'Error appending files to archive',
308'err bk 4 gz' => 'Error compressing archive',
309'err bk 5 encrypt' => 'Error encrypting archive',
310'err rs 1' => 'Error restoring archive',
311'err rs 6 decrypt' => 'Error decrypting archive',
312'err rs 7 untartst' => 'Invalid decrypted archive',
313'err rs 8 untar' => 'Error untarring archive',
314'error messages' => 'Error messages:',
315'esp encryption' => 'ESP Encryption:',
316'esp grouptype' => 'ESP Grouptype:',
317'esp integrity' => 'ESP Integrity:',
318'esp keylife' => 'ESP Keylife:',
319'esp keylife should be between 1 and 24 hours' => 'ESP Keylife should be between 1 and 24 hours.',
320'every' => 'Every',
321'excluding buffers and cache' => '-/+ buffers/cache',
322'expected' => 'Expected',
323'expires' => 'Expires',
324'export' => 'Export',
325'external access' => 'External Access',
326'external access configuration' => 'External access configuration',
327'external access rule added' => 'External access rule added; restarting access controller',
328'external access rule removed' => ' External access rule removed; restarting access controller',
329'external aliases configuration' => 'External aliases configuration',
330'february' => 'February',
331'fetch ip from' => 'Guess the real public IP with help of an external server',
332'filename' => 'Filename',
333'filesystem full' => 'Filesystem full',
334'firewall' => 'Firewall',
335'firewall hits' => 'Total number of firewall hits for',
336'firewall log' => 'Firewall log',
337'firewall log viewer' => 'Firewall Log Viewer',
338'firewall logs' => 'Firewall Logs',
339'firmware' => 'Firmware',
340'firmware upload' => 'Upload Firmware/Drivers',
341'fixed ip lease added' => 'Fixed IP lease added',
342'fixed ip lease modified' => 'Fixed IP lease modified',
343'fixed ip lease removed' => 'Fixed IP lease removed',
344'force update' => 'Force update',
345'forwarding rule added' => 'Forwarding rule added; restarting forwarder',
346'forwarding rule removed' => 'Forwarding rule removed; restarting forwarder',
347'forwarding rule updated' => 'Forwarding rule updated; restarting forwarder',
348'free' => 'Free',
349'free memory' => 'Free Memory',
350'free swap' => 'Free Swap',
351'friday' => 'Friday',
78331e30 352'fritzdsl help' => 'To utilise one of Fritz!DSL fcdsl / fcdslsl / fcdsl2 / fcdslusb / fcdslslusb modem, you must upload a package to your IPFire box. Please download the tarball corresponding to your version from the IPFire Website and then upload the entire <b>fcdsl-(your_version).tgz</b> using the form below.',
353'fritzdsl upload' => 'Upload Fritz!DSL Driver',
354'from' => 'From',
355'g.dtm' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
356'g.lite' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
357'gateway' => 'Gateway',
358'gateway ip' => 'Gateway IP',
359'generate a certificate' => 'Generate a certificate:',
360'generate root/host certificates' => 'Generate Root/Host Certificates',
361'generating the root and host certificates may take a long time. it can take up to several minutes on older hardware. please be patient' => 'Generating the root and host certificates may take a long time. It can take up to several minutes on older hardware. Please be patient.',
362'global settings' => 'Global settings',
363'graph' => 'Graph',
364'graph per' => 'Graph per',
365'green' => 'GREEN',
366'green interface' => 'Green Interface',
367'gui settings' => 'GUI Settings',
368'gz with key' => 'Only an encrypted archive can be restored on this machine.',
369'hangup' => 'Disconnect',
370'hangup string' => 'Hangup:',
371'high' => 'High',
372'high memory usage' => 'High memory usage',
373'holdoff' => 'Holdoff time (in seconds)',
374'host' => 'Host',
375'host certificate' => 'Host Certificate',
376'host configuration' => 'Host Configuration',
377'host ip' => 'Host IP address',
378'host to net vpn' => 'Host-to-Net Virtual Private Network (RoadWarrior)',
379'hostname' => 'Hostname',
380'hostname and domain already in use' => 'Hostname and domain already in use.',
381'hostname cant be empty' => 'Hostname can\'t be empty.',
382'hostname not set' => 'Hostname not set.',
383'hosts config added' => 'hosts config added',
384'hosts config changed' => 'hosts config changed',
385'hours' => 'hours',
386'hours2' => 'Hours',
387'ibod for dual isdn only' => 'iBOD can only be used with Dual ISDN.',
388'icmp selected but no type' => 'ICMP selected for protocol, but no ICMP type specified.',
389'icmp type' => 'ICMP Type',
390'id' => 'ID',
391'idle' => 'Idle',
392'idle cpu' => 'Idle CPU',
393'idle cpu usage' => 'Idle CPU Usage',
394'idle timeout' => 'Idle timeout (mins; 0 to disable):',
395'idle timeout not set' => 'Idle timeout not set.',
396'ids log viewer' => 'IDS log viewer',
397'ids logs' => 'IDS Logs',
398'ids rules license' => 'To utilize Sourcefire VRT Certified Rules, you need to register on',
399'ids rules license2' => 'Acknowledge the license, receive your password by email, and connect to the site. Go to',
400'ids rules license3' => 'press the \'Get Code\' button at the bottom and copy the 40 character Oink Code into the field below.',
401'ids rules update' => 'Snort rules update',
402'iface' => 'Iface',
403'ignore filter' => 'Ignore filter',
404'ike encryption' => 'IKE Encryption:',
405'ike grouptype' => 'IKE Grouptype:',
406'ike integrity' => 'IKE Integrity:',
407'ike lifetime' => 'IKE Lifetime:',
408'ike lifetime should be between 1 and 8 hours' => 'IKE lifetime should be between 1 and 8 hours.',
409'import' => 'Import',
410'in' => 'In',
411'incoming traffic in bytes per second' => 'Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second',
412'info' => 'Info',
413'init string' => 'Init:',
78331e30 414'insert floppy' => 'To backup to floppy, insert a formatted floppy into the drive on IPFire and click <i>Backup to floppy</i> to backup the system configuration. Please examine the results carefully to make sure the backup completed successfully. This can take a while to complete, so please be patient.<p>',
415'install new update' => 'Install new update:',
416'installed' => 'Installed',
417'installed updates' => 'Installed updates:',
418'instant update' => 'Instant Update',
419'interface' => 'Interface',
420'interfaces' => 'Interfaces:',
421'internet' => 'INTERNET',
422'intrusion detection' => 'Intrusion Detection',
423'intrusion detection system' => 'Intrusion Detection System',
424'intrusion detection system log viewer' => 'Intrusion Detection System Log Viewer',
425'intrusion detection system2' => 'Intrusion Detection System:',
426'invalid broadcast ip' => 'Invalid broadcast IP',
427'invalid cache size' => 'Invalid cache size.',
428'invalid characters found in pre-shared key' => 'Invalid characters found in pre-shared key.',
429'invalid date entered' => 'Invalid date entered.',
430'invalid default lease time' => 'Invalid default lease time.',
431'invalid domain name' => 'Invalid domain name.',
432'invalid downlink speed' => 'Invalid downlink speed.',
433'invalid end address' => 'Invalid end address.',
434'invalid fixed ip address' => 'Invalid fixed IP address',
435'invalid fixed mac address' => 'Invalid fixed MAC address',
436'invalid hostname' => 'Invalid hostname.',
437'invalid input' => 'Invalid input',
438'invalid input for authentication method' => 'Invalid input for authentication method.',
439'invalid input for city' => 'Invalid input for city.',
440'invalid input for country' => 'Invalid input for country.',
441'invalid input for department' => 'Invalid input for department.',
442'invalid input for e-mail address' => 'Invalid input for e-mail address.',
443'invalid input for esp keylife' => 'Invalid input for ESP Keylife',
444'invalid input for hostname' => 'Invalid input for hostname.',
445'invalid input for ike lifetime' => 'Invalid input for IKE lifetime',
446'invalid input for name' => 'Invalid input for user\'s full name or system hostname',
447'invalid input for oink code' => 'Invalid input for Oink code',
448'invalid input for organization' => 'Invalid input for organization',
449'invalid input for remote host/ip' => 'Invalid input for remote host/ip.',
450'invalid input for state or province' => 'Invalid input for state or province.',
451'invalid ip' => 'Invalid IP Address',
452'invalid keep time' => 'Keep time must be a valid number',
453'invalid key' => 'Invalid key.',
454'invalid loaded file' => 'Invalid loaded file',
455'invalid logserver address' => 'Invalid syslogd server address',
456'invalid max lease time' => 'Invalid max lease time.',
457'invalid maximum incoming size' => 'Invalid maximum incoming size.',
458'invalid maximum object size' => 'Invalid maximum object size.',
459'invalid maximum outgoing size' => 'Invalid maximum outgoing size.',
460'invalid md5sum' => 'Invalid MD5Sum.',
461'invalid minimum object size' => 'Invalid minimum object size.',
462'invalid netmask' => 'Invalid netmask',
463'invalid port' => 'Invalid port. Must be a valid port number.',
464'invalid port list' => 'Port list syntax is: port[,port]... where port is in /etc/services or number',
465'invalid primary dns' => 'Invalid primary DNS.',
466'invalid primary ntp' => 'Invalid Primary NTP server address',
467'invalid secondary dns' => 'Invalid secondary DNS.',
468'invalid secondary ntp' => 'Invalid Secondary NTP server address',
469'invalid start address' => 'Invalid start address.',
470'invalid time entered' => 'Invalid time entered.',
471'invalid time period' => 'Invalid time period',
472'invalid uplink speed' => 'Invalid uplink speed.',
473'invalid upstream proxy username or password setting' => 'Invalid upstream proxy username or password setting.',
474'invalid vpi vpci' => 'Invalid VPI/VPCI settings',
475'invalid wins address' => 'Invalid WINS Server address.',
476'invert' => 'Invert',
477'ip address' => 'IP Address',
478'ip address in use' => 'IP address already in use',
479'ip alias added' => 'External IP alias added',
480'ip alias changed' => 'External IP alias changed',
481'ip alias removed' => 'External IP alias removed',
482'ip info' => 'IP Information',
483'ipfire has now rebooted' => 'IPFire has now rebooted.',
484'ipfire has now shutdown' => 'IPFire has now shutdown.',
485'ipfire side' => 'IPFire side:',
486'ipfire side is invalid' => 'IPFire Side is invalid.',
487'ipfires hostname' => 'IPFire\'s Hostname',
488'ipinfo' => 'IP info',
489'isdn' => 'ISDN',
490'isdn settings' => 'Additional ISDN settings:',
491'isdn1' => 'Single ISDN',
492'isdn2' => 'Dual ISDN',
493'january' => 'January',
494'javascript menu error1' => 'If the drop down menus aren\'t working, disable Javascript on the',
495'javascript menu error2' => 'page.',
496'july' => 'July',
497'june' => 'June',
498'kernel' => 'Kernel',
499'kernel logging server' => 'Kernel logging server',
500'kernel version' => 'Kernel version:',
501'lan' => 'LAN',
78331e30 502'languagepurpose' => 'Select the language you wish IPFire to display in:',
503'lease expires' => 'Lease expires',
504'legend' => 'Legend',
505'line' => 'Line',
506'loaded modules' => 'Loaded modules:',
507'local ntp server specified but not enabled' => 'Local NTP server specified but not enabled',
508'local subnet' => 'Local Subnet:',
509'local subnet is invalid' => 'Local subnet is invalid.',
510'local vpn hostname/ip' => 'Local VPN Hostname/IP',
511'log' => 'Log:',
512'log enabled' => 'Log Enabled',
513'log lines per page' => 'Lines per page',
514'log server address' => 'Syslog server',
515'log settings' => 'Log Settings',
516'log summaries' => 'Log summaries',
517'log summary' => 'Log Summary',
518'log viewer' => 'Log viewer',
519'log viewing options' => 'Log viewing options',
520'logging server' => 'Logging server',
521'loginlogout' => 'Login/Logout',
522'lookup failed' => 'Reverse lookup failed',
523'low' => 'Low',
524'ls_dhcpd' => 'DHCP Server:',
525'ls_disk space' => 'Disk space:',
526'ls_free/swan' => 'VPN:',
527'ls_httpd' => 'HTTP Server:',
528'ls_init' => 'Init:',
529'ls_kernel' => 'Kernel and Firewall:',
530'ls_modprobe' => 'Module loader:',
531'ls_pam_unix' => 'Local user logins:',
532'ls_sshd' => 'Remote user logins:',
533'ls_syslogd' => 'Syslogd:',
534'mac address' => 'MAC Address',
535'mac address in use' => 'MAC address already in use',
536'main page' => 'Main page',
537'manual' => 'Manual',
538'manual control and status' => 'Manual control and status:',
539'manually' => 'Manually',
540'march' => 'March',
541'marked' => 'Marked',
542'max incoming size' => 'Max incoming size (KB):',
543'max lease time' => 'Max lease time (mins):',
544'max outgoing size' => 'Max outgoing size (KB):',
545'max renewal time' => 'Maximum Renewal Time',
546'max retries not set' => 'Max retries not set.',
547'max size' => 'Max object size (KB):',
548'maximal' => 'Maximal',
549'maximum retries' => 'Maximum retries:',
550'may' => 'May',
551'medium' => 'Medium',
552'memory' => 'Memory:',
553'memory usage per' => 'Memory Usage per',
554'method' => 'Method:',
555'min size' => 'Min object size (KB):',
556'minutes' => 'Minutes',
557'missing dat' => 'Encrypted archive not found',
558'missing gz' => 'Unencrypted archive not found',
559'modem' => 'Modem',
560'modem configuration' => 'Modem configuration',
561'modem on com1' => 'Modem on COM1',
562'modem on com2' => 'Modem on COM2',
563'modem on com3' => 'Modem on COM3',
564'modem on com4' => 'Modem on COM4',
565'modem on com5' => 'Modem on COM5',
566'modem settings have errors' => 'Modem settings have errors',
567'modem speaker on' => 'Modem speaker on:',
568'modulation' => 'Modulation',
569'monday' => 'Monday',
570'month' => 'Month',
571'months' => 'months',
572'mounted on' => 'Mounted on',
573'name' => 'Name',
574'name is invalid' => 'Name is invalid',
575'name must only contain characters' => 'Name must only contain characters.',
576'name too long' => 'User\'s full name or system hostname is too long',
577'nat-traversal' => 'Nat Traversal:',
578'net' => 'Net',
579'net to net vpn' => 'Net-to-Net Virtual Private Network',
580'netmask' => 'Netmask',
581'network' => 'Network',
582'network added' => 'Custom Network added',
583'network configuration' => 'Network Configuration',
584'network removed' => 'Custom Network removed',
585'network status information' => 'Network Status Information',
586'network time' => 'Use a Network Time Server:',
587'network time from' => 'Obtain time from a Network Time Server',
588'network traffic graphs' => 'Network traffic graphs',
589'network updated' => 'Custom Network updated',
590'networks settings' => 'Firewall - Network settings',
591'new optionsfw later' => 'Your modification(s) will be active on next restart',
78331e30 592'new optionsfw must boot' => 'You must reboot your IPFire',
593'newer' => 'Newer',
594'no' => 'No',
595'no alcatelusb firmware' => 'No Alcatel USB firmware. Please upload.',
596'no cfg upload' => 'No data was uploaded',
597'no dhcp lease' => 'No DHCP lease has been acquired',
598'no eciadsl synch.bin file' => 'No ECI ADSL synch.bin file. Please upload.',
599'no fritzdsl driver' => 'No Fritz!DSL driver. Please upload.',
600'no information available' => 'No information available.',
601'no modem selected' => 'No modem selected',
602'no set selected' => 'No set was selected',
603'no time limit' => 'unlimited time',
604'none found' => 'none found',
605'nonetworkname' => 'No Network Name entered',
606'noservicename' => 'No Service Name entered',
607'not a valid ca certificate' => 'Not a valid CA certificate.',
608'not enough disk space' => 'Not enough disk space',
609'not present' => '<b>Not</b> present',
610'not running' => 'not running',
611'november' => 'November',
612'ntp configuration' => 'NTP configuration',
613'ntp must be enabled to have clients' => 'NTP must be enabled to have clients.',
614'ntp server' => 'NTP Server',
615'ntp syncro disabled' => 'NTP synchronization disabled',
616'ntp syncro enabled' => 'NTP synchronization enabled',
617'ntpd restarted' => 'ntpd restarted',
618'number' => 'Number:',
619'october' => 'October',
620'older' => 'Older',
621'online help en' => 'Online Help (in English)',
622'only digits allowed in holdoff field' => 'Only digits allowed in holdoff field',
623'only digits allowed in max retries field' => 'Only digits allowed in max retries field.',
624'only digits allowed in the idle timeout' => 'Only digits allowed in the idle timeout.',
625'only red' => 'Only RED',
626'open to all' => 'Override external access to ALL',
627'openssl produced an error' => 'OpenSSL produced an error',
628'options' => 'Options',
629'options fw' => 'Firewall options',
630'optionsfw portlist hint' => 'The list of ports has to be comma separated (e.g. 137,138). You can specify up to a maximum of 15 ports per protocol.',
631'optionsfw warning' => 'Modifying these options implies restart of firewall',
632'orange' => 'ORANGE',
633'organization cant be empty' => 'Organization can\'t be empty.',
634'organization name' => 'Organization Name',
635'organization too long' => 'Organization is too long; it should not be longer than 60 characters.',
636'original' => 'Original',
637'other countries' => 'Other countries',
638'other login script' => 'Other login script',
639'out' => 'Out',
640'outgoing traffic in bytes per second' => 'Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second',
641'package failed to install' => 'Package failed to install.',
642'pap or chap' => 'PAP or CHAP',
643'password' => 'Password:',
644'password contains illegal characters' => 'Password contains illegal characters.',
645'password not set' => 'Password not set.',
646'password too short' => 'Password is too short.',
647'passwords do not match' => 'Passwords do not match.',
648'passwords must be at least 6 characters in length' => 'Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length',
649'percentage' => 'Percentage',
650'persistent' => 'Persistent',
651'pfs yes no' => 'Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)',
652'phase1 group' => 'Phase1 Group',
653'phonebook entry' => 'Phonebook entry:',
654'ping disabled' => 'Disable ping response',
655'pkcs12 file password' => 'PKCS12 File Password',
656'port' => 'Port',
657'port forwarding configuration' => 'Port forwarding configuration',
658'ports' => 'Ports',
659'pots' => 'Analog classic line',
660'ppp setup' => 'PPP setup',
661'pppoe' => 'PPPoE',
662'pppoe settings' => 'Additional PPPoE settings:',
663'pptp settings' => 'Additional PPTP settings:',
664'pre-shared key is too short' => 'Pre-shared key is too short.',
665'present' => 'Present',
666'primary dns' => 'Primary DNS:',
667'primary ntp server' => 'Primary NTP Server',
668'primary wins server address' => 'Primary WINS Server address',
669'priority' => 'Priority',
670'profile' => 'Profile',
671'profile deleted' => 'Profile deleted: ',
672'profile has errors' => 'Profile has errors',
673'profile made current' => 'Profile made current: ',
674'profile name' => 'Profile name:',
675'profile name not given' => 'Profile name not given.',
676'profile saved' => 'Profile saved: ',
677'profiles' => 'Profiles:',
678'proto' => 'Proto',
679'protocol' => 'Protocol',
680'proxy' => 'Proxy',
681'proxy access graphs' => 'Proxy access graphs',
682'proxy log viewer' => 'Proxy log viewer',
683'proxy logs' => 'Proxy Logs',
684'proxy port' => 'Proxy Port',
685'psk' => 'PSK',
686'pulse' => 'Pulse',
687'pulse dial' => 'Pulse dial:',
688'ram' => 'RAM',
689'read sectors' => 'Read Sectors',
690'reboot' => 'Reboot',
78331e30 691'reboot schedule' => 'Schedule IPFire reboots',
10a04d70 692'rebooting' => 'Rebooting',
78331e30 693'rebooting ipfire' => 'Rebooting IPFire',
694'reconnection' => 'Reconnection',
695'references' => 'References',
696'refresh' => 'Refresh',
697'refresh index page while connected' => 'Refresh index.cgi page whilst connected',
698'refresh update list' => 'Refresh update list',
699'registered user rules' => 'Sourcefire VRT rules for registered users',
700'released' => 'Released',
701'remark' => 'Remark',
702'remark title' => 'Remark:',
703'remote access' => 'Remote access',
704'remote host/ip' => 'Remote Host/IP',
705'remote logging' => 'Remote logging',
706'remote subnet' => 'Remote subnet:',
707'remote subnet is invalid' => 'Remote subnet is invalid.',
708'remove' => 'Remove',
709'remove ca certificate' => 'Remove CA Certificate',
710'reserved dst port' => 'Destination port is reserved for IPFire use only:',
711'reserved src port' => 'Source port is reserved for IPFire use only:',
712'reset' => 'Reset',
713'resetting the vpn configuration will remove the root ca, the host certificate and all certificate based connections' => 'Resetting the VPN configuration will remove the root CA, the host certificate and all certificate based connections',
714'restart' => 'Restart',
715'restore' => 'Restore',
716'restore defaults' => 'Restore defaults',
717'restore hardware settings' => 'Restore hardware settings',
718'reverse sort' => 'Sort in reverse chronological order',
719'root certificate' => 'Root Certificate',
720'router ip' => 'Router IP Address:',
721'routing table entries' => 'Routing Table Entries:',
722'rsvd dst port overlap' => 'Destination Port Range overlaps a port reserved for IPFire:',
723'rsvd src port overlap' => 'Source Port Range overlaps a port reserved for IPFire:',
724'rules already up to date' => 'Rules already up to date',
725'running' => 'RUNNING',
726'saturday' => 'Saturday',
727'save' => 'Save',
728'save error' => 'Unable to save configuration archive file',
729'script name' => 'Script name:',
730'secondary dns' => 'Secondary DNS:',
731'secondary ntp server' => 'Secondary NTP Server',
732'secondary wins server address' => 'Secondary WINS Server address',
733'seconds' => 'Secs',
734'section' => 'Section',
735'sectors read from disk per second' => 'Sectors read from disk per second',
736'sectors written to disk per second' => 'Sectors written to disk per second',
737'secure shell server' => 'Secure shell server',
738'select' => 'Select',
739'select dest net' => 'Select a destination net.',
740'select source net' => 'Select a source net. If you have no Orange or Blue net configured, you need no DMZ Pinholes.',
741'send cr' => 'ISP requires Carriage Return:',
742'september' => 'September',
743'serial' => 'Serial',
744'service' => 'Service',
745'service added' => 'Custom Network Service added',
746'service name' => 'Service name:',
747'service removed' => 'Custom Network Service removed',
748'service updated' => 'Custom Network Service updated',
749'servicename' => 'Service Name',
750'services' => 'Services:',
751'services settings' => 'Firewall - Services settings',
752'set time now' => 'Set Time Now',
753'set time now help' => 'To queue a synchronization event at any time (even while using a repeating schedule), press the <i>Set Time Now</i> button. Please note that you may have to wait for five minutes, or more, before a sync event occurs.',
754'settings' => 'Settings',
755'shaping add options' => 'Add service',
756'shaping list options' => 'Traffic shaping services',
757'shared' => 'shared',
758'shared memory' => 'Shared Memory',
759'show ca certificate' => 'Show CA Certificate',
760'show certificate' => 'Show Certificate',
761'show host certificate' => 'Show Host Certificate',
762'show root certificate' => 'Show Root Certificate',
763'shutdown' => 'Shutdown',
764'shutdown control' => 'Shutdown control',
765'shutdown2' => 'Shutdown:',
766'shutting down' => 'Shutting down',
78331e30 767'shutting down ipfire' => 'Shutting down IPFire',
768'size' => 'Size',
769'snort hits' => 'Total of number of Intrusion rules activated for',
770'sort ascending' => 'Sort Ascending',
771'sort descending' => 'Sort Descending',
772'sound' => 'Sound',
773'source' => 'Source',
774'source ip' => 'Source IP',
775'source ip and port' => 'Source IP:Port',
776'source ip bad' => 'Not a valid IP address or a network address.',
777'source ip in use' => 'Source IP in use:',
778'source ip or net' => 'Source IP or Net',
779'source net' => 'Source Net',
780'source network' => 'Source IP, or network (blank for "ALL"):',
781'source port' => 'Source port',
782'source port in use' => 'Source port in use:',
783'source port numbers' => 'Source port must be a valid port number or port range.',
784'source port overlaps' => 'Source port range overlaps an existing port range.',
785'speaker off' => 'Speaker off:',
786'speaker on' => 'Speaker on:',
787'src port' => 'Src Port',
788'srcprt range overlaps' => 'Source port range overlaps an already defined port.',
789'srcprt within existing' => 'Source port is within an already defined port range.',
790'ssdmz pinholes' => 'DMZ Pinholes',
791'ssh access' => 'SSH Access',
792'ssh fingerprint' => 'Fingerprint',
793'ssh host keys' => 'SSH Host Keys',
794'ssh is disabled' => 'SSH is disabled. Stopping.',
795'ssh is enabled' => 'SSH is enabled. Restarting.',
796'ssh key' => 'Key',
797'ssh key size' => 'Size (bits)',
798'ssh keys' => 'Allow public key based authentication',
799'ssh no auth' => 'You have not allowed any authentication methods; this will stop you logging in',
800'ssh passwords' => 'Allow password based authentication',
801'ssh portfw' => 'Allow TCP Forwarding',
802'ssh1 disabled' => 'SSHv1 is disabled, a version 2 client will be required.',
803'ssh1 enabled' => 'SSHv1 is enabled, old clients will be supported.',
804'ssh1 support' => 'Support SSH protocol version 1 (required only for old clients)',
805'ssnetwork status' => 'Network Status',
806'sspasswords' => 'Passwords',
807'ssport forwarding' => 'Port Forwarding',
808'ssproxy graphs' => 'Proxy Graphs',
809'sssystem status' => 'System Status',
810'sstraffic graphs' => 'Traffic Graphs',
811'standard login script' => 'Standard login script',
812'start address' => 'Start address:',
813'state or province' => 'State or Province',
814'static ip' => 'Static IP',
815'status' => 'Status',
816'status information' => 'Status information',
817'stopped' => 'STOPPED',
818'subject' => 'Subject',
819'subnet is invalid' => 'Netmask is invalid',
820'subscripted user rules' => 'Sourcefire VRT rules with subscription',
821'successfully refreshed updates list' => 'Successfully refreshed updates list.',
822'summaries kept' => 'Keep summaries for',
823'sunday' => 'Sunday',
824'swap' => 'Swap',
825'swap usage per' => 'Swap Usage per',
826'system cpu' => 'System CPU',
827'system cpu usage' => 'System CPU Usage',
828'system graphs' => 'System Graphs',
829'system log viewer' => 'System Log Viewer',
830'system logs' => 'System Logs',
831'system status information' => 'System Status Information',
832'telephone not set' => 'Telephone not set.',
833'the following update was successfully installed' => 'The following update was successfully installed',
834'the statistics were last updated at' => 'The statistics were last updated at',
835'there are updates' => 'There are updates available for your system. Please go to the "Updates" section for more information.',
836'there are updates available' => 'There are updates available for your system. It is strongly urged that you install them as soon as possible.',
837'there was no file upload' => 'There was no file upload.',
838'this feature has been sponsored by' => 'This feature has been sponsored by',
839'this field may be blank' => 'This field may be blank.',
840'this is not a valid archive' => 'This is not a valid archive.',
841'this is not an authorised update' => 'This is not an authorised update.',
842'this update is already installed' => 'This update is already installed.',
843'thursday' => 'Thursday',
844'time' => 'Time',
845'time date manually reset' => 'Time/Date manually reset.',
846'time server' => 'Time Server',
847'timeout must be a number' => 'Timeout must be a number.',
848'title' => 'Title',
849'to' => 'To',
850'to install an update' => 'To install an update please upload the .tgz.gpg file below:',
851'toggle enable disable' => 'Enable or Disable',
852'tone' => 'Tone',
853'tone dial' => 'Tone dial:',
854'total hits for log section' => 'Total Hits for Log Section',
855'traffic on' => 'Traffic on',
856'traffic shaping' => 'Traffic Shaping',
857'traffic shaping settings' => 'Traffic Shaping Settings',
858'transfer limits' => 'Transfer limits',
859'transparent on' => 'Transparent on',
860'tuesday' => 'Tuesday',
861'type' => 'Type',
862'unable to alter profiles while red is active' => 'Unable to alter profiles while RED is active.',
863'unable to contact' => 'Unable to contact',
864'unencrypted' => 'Unencrypted',
865'unknown' => 'UNKNOWN',
866'unnamed' => 'Unnamed',
867'update' => 'Update',
868'update time' => 'Update the time:',
869'update transcript' => 'Update transcript',
870'updates' => 'Updates',
871'updates installed' => 'Updates Installed',
872'updates is old1' => 'Your update file is ',
873'updates is old2' => 'days old. We recommend you update it on the <b>System>Updates</b> page.',
874'uplink speed' => 'Uplink speed (kbit/sec)',
875'upload' => 'Upload',
876'upload a certificate' => 'Upload a certificate:',
877'upload a certificate request' => 'Upload a certificate request:',
878'upload ca certificate' => 'Upload CA Certificate',
879'upload fcdsl.o' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
880'upload file' => 'Upload file',
881'upload p12 file' => 'Upload PKCS12 file',
882'upload successful' => 'Upload successful.',
883'upload synch.bin' => 'Upload synch.bin',
884'upload update file' => 'Upload update file:',
885'upstream password' => 'Upstream password:',
886'upstream proxy host:port' => 'Upstream proxy (host:port)',
887'upstream username' => 'Upstream username:',
888'uptime and users' => 'Uptime and users:',
889'usb modem on acm0' => 'USB Modem on ACM0',
890'usb modem on acm1' => 'USB Modem on ACM1',
891'usb modem on acm2' => 'USB Modem on ACM2',
892'usb modem on acm3' => 'USB Modem on ACM3',
893'use' => 'Use',
894'use a pre-shared key' => 'Use a Pre-Shared Key:',
895'use dov' => 'Use DOV (Data Over Voice):',
896'use ibod' => 'Use Bandwidth on Demand (iBOD):',
78331e30 897'use ipfire red ip' => 'The classical RED IP used by IPFire during connection',
898'use only proposed settings' => 'Use only proposed settings.',
899'used' => 'Used',
900'used memory' => 'Used Memory',
901'used swap' => 'Used Swap',
902'user cpu' => 'User CPU',
903'user cpu usage' => 'User CPU Usage',
904'username' => 'User Name:',
905'username not set' => 'Username not set.',
906'users department' => 'User\'s Department',
907'users email' => 'User\'s E-mail Address',
908'users fullname or system hostname' => 'User\'s Full Name or System Hostname',
909'valid root certificate already exists' => 'A valid root certificate already exists.',
910'vci number' => 'VCI Number:',
911'virtual private networking' => 'Virtual Private Networking',
912'vpi number' => 'VPI Number:',
913'vpn' => 'VPN',
914'vpn configuration main' => 'VPN configuration - Main',
915'vpn delayed start' => 'Delay before launching VPN (seconds)',
916'vpn delayed start help' => 'If required, this delay can be used to allow Dynamic DNS updates to propagate properly. 60 is a common value when RED is a dynamic IP.',
917'vpn on blue' => 'VPN on BLUE',
918'waiting to synchronize clock' => 'Waiting to synchronize clock',
919'warning messages' => 'Warning messages',
920'web hits' => 'Total number of websites matching selected criteria for',
921'web proxy' => 'Web proxy',
922'web proxy configuration' => 'Web proxy configuration',
923'web server' => 'Web server',
924'website' => 'Website',
925'wednesday' => 'Wednesday',
926'week' => 'Week',
927'weeks' => 'weeks',
928'wildcards' => 'Wildcards',
929'wireless' => 'Wireless',
930'wireless config added' => 'Wireless config added',
931'wireless config changed' => 'Wireless config changed',
932'wireless configuration' => 'Wireless Configuration',
933'written sectors' => 'Written Sectors',
934'xtaccess all error' => 'You cannot set an external access to ALL, that is done in the port forwarding record.',
935'year' => 'Year',
936'yes' => 'Yes',
937'you can only define one roadwarrior connection when using pre-shared key authentication' => 'You can only define one Roadwarrior connection when using pre-shared key authentication.<br />Either you already have a Roadwarrior connection with pre-shared key authentication, or you\'re trying to add one now.',
938'your department' => 'Your Department',
939'your e-mail' => 'Your E-mail Address',
940'backup archive'=> 'Backup File (.dat)',
941'backup clear archive'=> 'Clear Backup File (.gz)',
942'backup key' => 'Backup Encryption Key',
943'backup key file' => 'Backup key file',
944'backup generate key' => 'Generate key',
945'backup import key' => 'Import key',
946'backup extract key' => 'Extract key',
947'backup erase key' => 'Erase key',
948'backup missing key' => 'Need the backup key to restore a set',
949'backup export key' => 'Export key',
950'backup explain key' => 'Backup are encrypted using a key. To avoid illegal backup manipulations, IPFire only restores a backup that is encrypted with the key you will specify here. You have three options available to you',
951'backup explain key li1' => 'let IPFire create key for you.',
952'backup explain key li2' => 'import a saved key (possibly password protected).',
953'backup explain key li3' => 'extract a key from a non-encrypted 1.4.10 backup only.' ,
78331e30 954'backup explain key no1' => 'you should save this key if you plan to restore new machines, IPFire accepts only once key creation/import.' ,
955'backup explain key no2' => 'legacy floppy backups are not concerned with this key.',
956'backup protect key password' => 'Backup key password',
957'backup import dat file' => 'Import a backup (.dat) file',
958'backup key info' => 'IPFire restricts access to the backup key, thus you must know root password. You have possibility to protect this key outside of IPFire with a password.',
959'backup media info' => 'Floppy and/or unformatted media may display stranges partitions sizes. In this case, select the whole device. Remenber to mount harddisk before removing device. Note: floppy created here are not usable with IPFire installer program!',
960'notes' => 'Notes',
961'current media' => 'Current media',
962'choose media' => 'Choose media',
963'local hard disk' => 'Hard disk',
964'insert removable device' => 'Insert a removable device',
966'done'=>'Do it',
967'incorrect password'=>'Incorrect password',
968'root user password'=>'root password',
969'ip address outside subnets' => 'IP Address outside subnets',
970'dhcp bootp pxe data' => 'Enter optional bootp pxe data for this fixed lease',
971'invalid local-remote id' => 'When used, local & remote id must not be equal and begin with a "@" sign. These are leftid and rightid in openswan terminology.',
972'override mtu' => 'Override default MTU',
973'vpn mtu invalid' => 'MTU must be a numeric value!',
974'squid extension methods'=>'Your <tt>extension_methods</tt> list',
78331e30 975'squid extension methods invalid' => 'Your \'extension_methods\' list can only contain uppercase words of letters and digits, separated with a space. ',
976'dial profile' => 'Connect with Profile',
977'quick control' => 'Quick Control',
978'allmsg' => 'show all',
979'selecttraffic' => 'Select utilization-overview:',
980'sstraffic' => 'net-traffic',
981'trafficblue' => 'WLAN',
982'trafficdate' => 'Date',
983'trafficfrom' => 'From',
984'trafficgreen' => 'Internal net',
985'trafficin' => 'Input',
986'trafficorange' => 'DMZ',
987'trafficout' => 'Output',
988'trafficred' => 'Internet',
989'traffics' => 'Utilization-overview:',
990'trafficsum' => 'Totals',
991'trafficto' => 'To',