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1# English (en) Data File
78331e30 3# This file is part of the IPFire Firewall.
10a04d70 4#
78331e30 5# IPFire is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
6# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
8# (at your option) any later version.
78331e30 10# IPFire is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13# GNU General Public License for more details.
15# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
78331e30 16# along with IPFire; if not, write to the Free Software
17# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
19# (c) The SmoothWall Team
23%tr = (
26'a ca certificate with this name already exists' => 'A CA Certificate with this name already exists.',
27'a connection with this common name already exists' => 'A connection with this common name already exists.',
28'a connection with this name already exists' => 'A connection with this name already exists.',
29'access allowed' => 'Access allowed from:',
30'access refused with this oinkcode' => 'Access refused with this Oink Code',
31'action' => 'Action',
32'add' => 'Add',
33'add a host' => 'Add a host:',
34'add a new rule' => 'Add a new rule:',
35'add device' => 'Add device',
36'add network' => 'Add network',
37'add new alias' => 'Add a new alias:',
38'add new lease' => 'Add a new fixed lease',
39'add service' => 'Add service',
40'add xtaccess' => 'Add External Access',
41'added from dhcp lease list' => 'added from DHCP lease list',
42'admin user password has been changed' => 'Admin user password has been changed.',
43'administrator user password' => 'Admin user password:',
44'adsl settings' => 'ADSL settings',
45'advanced' => 'Advanced',
46'again' => 'Again:',
78331e30 47'alcatelusb help' => 'To utilise the Speedtouch 330 or Speedtouch USB modem you must upload the firmware to your IPFire box. Please download the <b>Embedded Firmware</b> package for SpeedTouch 330 from speedtouch.com, unzip and then upload the appropriate file for your modem : KQD6_3.xxx when Rev<4 or ZZZL_3.xxx for Rev=4 using the form below.',
48'alcatelusb upload' => 'Upload Speedtouch USB Firmware',
49'alias ip' => 'Alias IP',
50'aliases' => 'Aliases',
51'aliases not active' => 'Aliases will not be active unless your RED interface is STATIC',
52'all' => 'All',
53'all interfaces' => 'All Interfaces',
54'all updates installed' => 'All updates installed',
55'alt dialup' => 'Dialup',
56'alt home' => 'Home',
57'alt information' => 'Information',
58'alt logs' => 'Logs',
59'alt services' => 'Services',
60'alt system' => 'System',
61'alt vpn' => 'VPNs',
62'and' => 'And',
63'ansi t1.483' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
64'apply' => 'Apply now',
65'april' => 'April',
66'archive not exist' => 'Configuration archive does not exist',
67'are you sure' => 'Are you sure?',
68'arp table entries' => 'ARP Table Entries:',
69'august' => 'August',
70'authentication' => 'Authentication:',
71'automatic' => 'Automatic',
72'available updates' => 'Available updates:',
73'average' => 'Average',
78331e30 74'avoid dod' => 'Do not use this option with Dial on Demand! Mainly used if your IPFire is behind a router. Your RED IP must be inside one of the three reserved network numbers e.g. 10/8, 172.16/12, 192.168/16',
75'back' => 'BACK',
76'backup' => 'Backup',
77'backup config floppy' => 'Backup Configuration - Floppy Disk',
78'backup configuration' => 'Backup Configuration:',
79'backup sets' => 'Backup Sets',
80'backup to floppy' => 'Backup to floppy',
81'backupprofile' => 'In case reconnection fails, switch to profile',
82'bad characters in script field' => 'Bad characters in script field',
83'bad characters in the telephone number field' => 'Bad characters in the telephone number field.',
84'bad destination range' => 'The Destination port range has a first value that is greater than or equal to the second value.',
85'bad ignore filter' => 'Bad ignore filter:',
86'bad return code' => 'Helper program returned error code',
87'bad source range' => 'The Source port range has a first value that is greater than or equal to the second value.',
78331e30 88'beep when ppp connects or disconnects' => 'Beep when IPFire connects or disconnects',
89'behind a proxy' => 'Behind a proxy:',
90'bewan adsl pci st' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
91'bewan adsl usb' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
92'blue' => 'BLUE',
93'blue access' => 'Blue Access',
94'blue interface' => 'Blue Interface',
95'broadcast' => 'Broadcast',
96'broken pipe' => 'Broken pipe',
97'buffered memory' => 'Buffered Memory',
98'buffers' => 'buffers',
99'bytes per second' => 'Bytes per Second',
100'ca certificate' => 'CA Certificate',
101'ca name' => 'CA Name',
102'cache management' => 'Cache management',
103'cache size' => 'Cache size (MB):',
104'cached' => 'cached',
105'cached memory' => 'Cached Memory',
106'cancel' => 'Cancel',
107'cannot enable both nat traversal and compression' => 'Cannot enable both NAT Traversal and Compression.',
108'cannot enable ntp without specifying primary' => 'Cannot enable NTP without specifying primary.',
109'cannot specify secondary dns without specifying primary' => 'Cannot specify secondary DNS without specifying primary.',
110'cannot specify secondary ntp without specifying primary' => 'Cannot specify Secondary NTP Server without specifying Primary',
111'cannot specify secondary wins without specifying primary' => 'Cannot specify secondary WINS without specifying primary.',
112'cant change certificates' => 'Can\'t change certificates.',
113'cant enable xtaccess' => 'The associated port forwarding rule is disabled, therefore you cannot enable external access for this rule.',
114'cant start openssl' => 'Can\'t start OpenSSL',
115'caps all' => 'ALL',
116'capsclosed' => 'CLOSED',
117'capsopen' => 'OPEN',
118'capswarning' => 'WARNING',
119'cert' => 'Certificate',
120'certificate' => 'Certificate',
121'certificate authorities' => 'Certificate Authorities',
122'certificate does not have a valid ca associated with it' => 'Certificate does not have a valid CA associated with it.',
123'certificate file move failed' => 'Certificate file move failed',
124'cfg restart' => 'A reboot is suggested after restoring a configuration archive.',
125'chain' => 'Chain',
126'change passwords' => 'Change passwords',
127'check vpn lr' => 'Check',
128'city' => 'City',
129'clear cache' => 'Clear Cache',
130'clenabled' => 'Provide time to local network',
131'click to disable' => 'Enabled (click to disable)',
132'click to enable' => 'Disabled (click to enable)',
133'clock has not been synchronized' => 'Clock has not been synchronized',
134'clock last synchronized at' => 'Clock was last synchronized at',
135'common name' => 'Common Name',
136'compression' => 'Compression:',
137'computer to modem rate' => 'Computer to modem rate:',
138'concentrator name' => 'Concentrator name:',
139'confirmation' => 'confirmation',
78331e30 140'connect on ipfire restart' => 'Connect on IPFire restart:',
141'connect the modem' => 'Connect the modem',
142'connect timeout' => 'Connect timeout:',
143'connected' => 'Connected',
144'connecting' => 'Connecting...',
145'connection' => 'Connection',
146'connection debugging' => 'Connection debugging',
147'connection status and controlc' => 'Connection status and control:',
148'connection tracking' => 'IPTables Connection Tracking',
149'connection type' => 'Connection Type',
150'connection type is invalid' => 'Connection type is invalid.',
151'connections' => 'Connections',
152'connections are associated with this ca. deleting the ca will delete these connections as well.' => 'connections are associated with this CA. Deleting the CA will delete these connections as well.',
153'could not be opened' => 'could not be opened',
154'could not connect to' => 'Could not connect to',
78331e30 155'could not connect to www ipfire org' => 'Could not connect to www.ipfire.org',
156'could not create directory' => 'Could not create directory.',
157'could not download latest patch list' => 'Could not download latest patch list (not connected).',
158'could not download latest updates' => 'Could not download latest updates.',
159'could not download the available updates list' => 'Could not download the available updates list.',
160'could not open available updates file' => 'Could not open available updates file.',
161'could not open installed updates file' => 'Could not open installed updates file',
162'could not open update information file' => 'Could not open update information file. The update file is corrupt.',
163'could not retrieve common name from certificate' => 'Could not retrieve common name from certificate.',
164'country' => 'Country',
165'cpu usage per' => 'CPU Usage per',
166'create' => 'Create',
167'credits' => 'Credits',
168'cron server' => 'CRON server',
169'current' => 'Current',
170'current aliases' => 'Current aliases:',
171'current dhcp leases on blue' => 'Current DHCP leases on Blue',
172'current dynamic leases' => 'Current dynamic leases',
173'current fixed leases' => 'Current fixed leases',
174'current hosts' => 'Current hosts:',
175'current profile' => 'Current profile:',
176'current rules' => 'Current rules:',
177'custom networks' => 'Custom networks',
178'custom services' => 'Custom services',
1ce6d696 179'daily firewallhits' => 'daily firewallhits',
180'dat without key' => 'An encrypted archive cannot be restored without the key.',
181'date' => 'Date',
182'date not in logs' => 'No (or only partial) logs exist for the day queried',
183'day' => 'Day',
184'day after' => 'Day after',
185'day before' => 'Day before',
186'days' => 'days',
187'ddns hostname added' => 'Dynamic DNS hostname added',
188'ddns hostname modified' => 'Dynamic DNS hostname modified',
189'ddns hostname removed' => 'Dynamic DNS hostname removed',
190'ddns minimize updates' => 'Minimize updates: before an update, compares the dns IP for hostname "[host.]domain" against RED IP.',
191'ddns noip prefix' => 'To use no-ip in group mode, prefix hostname with <b>%</b>',
192'december' => 'December',
193'def lease time' => 'Default Lease Time',
194'default lease time' => 'Default lease time (mins):',
195'default networks' => 'Default networks',
196'default renewal time' => 'Default Renewal Time',
197'default services' => 'Default services',
198'delete' => 'Delete',
199'demon login script' => 'Demon login script',
200'description' => 'Description',
201'dest ip and port' => 'Dest. IP:Port',
202'destination' => 'Destination',
203'destination ip' => 'Destination IP',
204'destination ip bad' => 'Invalid destination IP',
205'destination ip or net' => 'Destination IP or Net',
206'destination net' => 'Destination Net',
207'destination port' => 'Destination port',
208'destination port numbers' => 'Destination port must be a valid port number or port range.',
209'destination port overlaps' => 'Destination port range overlaps an existing port range.',
210'detail level' => 'Detail level',
211'device' => 'Device',
212'devices on blue' => 'Devices on Blue',
213'dhcp advopt add' => 'Add a DHCP Option',
214'dhcp advopt added' => 'DHCP Option added',
215'dhcp advopt blank value' => 'DHCP Option value cannot be empty.',
216'dhcp advopt custom definition' => 'Your custom option definition',
217'dhcp advopt definition' => 'Definition',
218'dhcp advopt definition exists' => 'Definition option already exists. You can only edit or remove it.',
219'dhcp advopt edit' => 'Edit a DHCP Option',
220'dhcp advopt help' => 'List options',
221'dhcp advopt list' => 'Additional DHCP Options',
222'dhcp advopt modified' => 'DHCP Option modified',
223'dhcp advopt name' => 'Option name',
224'dhcp advopt removed' => 'DHCP Option removed',
225'dhcp advopt scope' => 'Option scope',
226'dhcp advopt scope global' => 'Global',
227'dhcp advopt scope help' => 'Global scope or limit scope to checked interfaces.',
228'dhcp advopt unknown' => 'DHCP Option name not recognized',
229'dhcp advopt value' => 'Option value',
230'dhcp allow bootp' => 'Allow bootp clients',
231'dhcp configuration' => 'DHCP configuration',
232'dhcp mode' => 'DHCP',
233'dhcp server' => 'DHCP Server',
234'dhcp server disabled' => 'DHCP server disabled. Stopped.',
235'dhcp server disabled on blue interface' => 'DHCP server disabled on BLUE interface',
236'dhcp server enabled' => 'DHCP server enabled. Restarting.',
237'dhcp server enabled on blue interface' => 'DHCP server enabled on BLUE interface',
238'dial' => 'Connect',
239'dial user password' => 'Dial user password:',
240'dial user password has been changed' => 'Dial user password has been changed.',
241'dialing mode' => 'Dialing mode:',
242'dialup settings' => 'Dialup Settings',
243'disk access per' => 'Disk Access per',
244'disk usage' => 'Disk usage:',
245'display' => 'Display',
246'display hostname in window title' => 'Display hostname in window title',
247'dmz' => 'DMZ',
248'dmz pinhole configuration' => 'DMZ pinhole configuration',
249'dmz pinhole rule added' => 'DMZ pinhole rule added; restarting DMZ pinhole',
250'dmz pinhole rule removed' => 'DMZ pinhole rule removed; restarting DMZ pinhole',
251'dmzpinholes for same net not necessary' => 'DMZ Pinholes are not necessary for same net. Select different source or destination net.',
252'dns check failed' => 'DNS check failed',
253'dns proxy server' => 'DNS proxy server',
254'do not log this port list' => 'Drop this port list just before they are logged (reduces log size)',
255'dod' => 'Dial on Demand',
256'dod for dns' => 'Dial on Demand for DNS:',
257'dod not compatible with ddns' => 'Dial on demand is not compatible with dynamic dns services',
258'dod waiting' => 'Dial on Demand waiting',
259'domain' => 'Domain',
260'domain name' => 'Domain name',
261'domain name suffix' => 'Domain name suffix:',
262'domain not set' => 'Domain not set.',
263'downlink speed' => 'Downlink speed (kbit/sec)',
264'download ca certificate' => 'Download CA Certificate',
265'download certificate' => 'Download Certificate',
266'download host certificate' => 'Download Host Certificate',
267'download new ruleset' => 'Download new ruleset',
268'download pkcs12 file' => 'Download PKCS12 File',
269'download root certificate' => 'Download Root Certificate',
270'dpd action' => 'Dead Peer Detection action',
271'driver' => 'Driver',
272'dst port' => 'Dst Port',
273'dstprt range overlaps' => 'Destination port range overlaps an already defined port.',
274'dstprt within existing' => 'Destination port is within an already defined port range.',
275'duplicate ip' => 'Duplicate IP address entered',
276'duplicate ip bold' => 'Duplicate addresses are in <b>bold</b>',
277'duplicate mac' => 'Duplicate MAC address entered',
278'duplicate name' => 'That name is already being used, please choose another.',
78331e30 279'dyn dns source choice' => 'Dynamic DNS provider(s) will receive an IP address for this IPFire from:',
280'dynamic dns' => 'Dynamic DNS',
281'dynamic dns client' => 'Dynamic DNS Client',
282'e-mail address too long' => 'E-mail address is too long; it should not be longer than 40 characters.',
78331e30 283'eciadsl help' => 'To utilise the ECI ADSL modem you must upload a synch.bin file to your IPFire box. Please download the file from the ECIADSL website and then upload the file <b>synch.bin</b> using the form below.',
284'eciadsl upload' => 'Upload ECI ADSL Synch.bin File',
285'edit' => 'Edit',
286'edit a rule' => 'Edit an existing rule:',
287'edit advanced settings when done' => 'Edit advanced settings when done.',
288'edit an existing alias' => 'Edit an existing alias',
289'edit an existing host' => 'Edit an existing host',
290'edit an existing lease' => 'Edit an existing lease',
291'edit device' => 'Edit device',
292'edit hosts' => 'Edit Hosts',
293'edit network' => 'Edit network',
294'edit service' => 'Edit service',
295'eg' => 'e.g:',
296'empty' => 'Empty',
297'enable ignore filter' => 'Enable ignore filter',
298'enable javascript' => 'Enable Javascript',
299'enable wildcards' => 'Enable wildcards:',
300'enabled' => 'Enabled:',
301'enabled on' => 'Enabled on',
302'enabledtitle' => 'Enabled',
303'encapsulation' => 'Encapsulation',
304'encrypted' => 'Encrypted',
305'end address' => 'End address:',
306'err bk 1' => 'Error creating archive',
307'err bk 2 key' => 'Error creating key file',
308'err bk 3 tar' => 'Error appending files to archive',
309'err bk 4 gz' => 'Error compressing archive',
310'err bk 5 encrypt' => 'Error encrypting archive',
311'err rs 1' => 'Error restoring archive',
312'err rs 6 decrypt' => 'Error decrypting archive',
313'err rs 7 untartst' => 'Invalid decrypted archive',
314'err rs 8 untar' => 'Error untarring archive',
315'error messages' => 'Error messages:',
316'esp encryption' => 'ESP Encryption:',
317'esp grouptype' => 'ESP Grouptype:',
318'esp integrity' => 'ESP Integrity:',
319'esp keylife' => 'ESP Keylife:',
320'esp keylife should be between 1 and 24 hours' => 'ESP Keylife should be between 1 and 24 hours.',
321'every' => 'Every',
322'excluding buffers and cache' => '-/+ buffers/cache',
323'expected' => 'Expected',
324'expires' => 'Expires',
325'export' => 'Export',
326'external access' => 'External Access',
327'external access configuration' => 'External access configuration',
328'external access rule added' => 'External access rule added; restarting access controller',
329'external access rule removed' => ' External access rule removed; restarting access controller',
330'external aliases configuration' => 'External aliases configuration',
331'february' => 'February',
332'fetch ip from' => 'Guess the real public IP with help of an external server',
333'filename' => 'Filename',
334'filesystem full' => 'Filesystem full',
335'firewall' => 'Firewall',
1ce6d696 336'firewall graphs' => 'Firewall Graphs',
337'firewall hits' => 'Total number of firewall hits for',
338'firewall log' => 'Firewall log',
339'firewall log viewer' => 'Firewall Log Viewer',
340'firewall logs' => 'Firewall Logs',
341'firmware' => 'Firmware',
342'firmware upload' => 'Upload Firmware/Drivers',
343'fixed ip lease added' => 'Fixed IP lease added',
344'fixed ip lease modified' => 'Fixed IP lease modified',
345'fixed ip lease removed' => 'Fixed IP lease removed',
346'force update' => 'Force update',
347'forwarding rule added' => 'Forwarding rule added; restarting forwarder',
348'forwarding rule removed' => 'Forwarding rule removed; restarting forwarder',
349'forwarding rule updated' => 'Forwarding rule updated; restarting forwarder',
350'free' => 'Free',
351'free memory' => 'Free Memory',
352'free swap' => 'Free Swap',
353'friday' => 'Friday',
78331e30 354'fritzdsl help' => 'To utilise one of Fritz!DSL fcdsl / fcdslsl / fcdsl2 / fcdslusb / fcdslslusb modem, you must upload a package to your IPFire box. Please download the tarball corresponding to your version from the IPFire Website and then upload the entire <b>fcdsl-(your_version).tgz</b> using the form below.',
355'fritzdsl upload' => 'Upload Fritz!DSL Driver',
356'from' => 'From',
357'g.dtm' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
358'g.lite' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
359'gateway' => 'Gateway',
360'gateway ip' => 'Gateway IP',
361'generate a certificate' => 'Generate a certificate:',
362'generate root/host certificates' => 'Generate Root/Host Certificates',
363'generating the root and host certificates may take a long time. it can take up to several minutes on older hardware. please be patient' => 'Generating the root and host certificates may take a long time. It can take up to several minutes on older hardware. Please be patient.',
364'global settings' => 'Global settings',
365'graph' => 'Graph',
366'graph per' => 'Graph per',
367'green' => 'GREEN',
368'green interface' => 'Green Interface',
369'gui settings' => 'GUI Settings',
370'gz with key' => 'Only an encrypted archive can be restored on this machine.',
371'hangup' => 'Disconnect',
372'hangup string' => 'Hangup:',
373'high' => 'High',
374'high memory usage' => 'High memory usage',
375'holdoff' => 'Holdoff time (in seconds)',
376'host' => 'Host',
377'host certificate' => 'Host Certificate',
378'host configuration' => 'Host Configuration',
379'host ip' => 'Host IP address',
380'host to net vpn' => 'Host-to-Net Virtual Private Network (RoadWarrior)',
381'hostname' => 'Hostname',
382'hostname and domain already in use' => 'Hostname and domain already in use.',
383'hostname cant be empty' => 'Hostname can\'t be empty.',
384'hostname not set' => 'Hostname not set.',
385'hosts config added' => 'hosts config added',
386'hosts config changed' => 'hosts config changed',
387'hours' => 'hours',
388'hours2' => 'Hours',
389'ibod for dual isdn only' => 'iBOD can only be used with Dual ISDN.',
390'icmp selected but no type' => 'ICMP selected for protocol, but no ICMP type specified.',
391'icmp type' => 'ICMP Type',
392'id' => 'ID',
393'idle' => 'Idle',
394'idle cpu' => 'Idle CPU',
395'idle cpu usage' => 'Idle CPU Usage',
396'idle timeout' => 'Idle timeout (mins; 0 to disable):',
397'idle timeout not set' => 'Idle timeout not set.',
398'ids log viewer' => 'IDS log viewer',
399'ids logs' => 'IDS Logs',
400'ids rules license' => 'To utilize Sourcefire VRT Certified Rules, you need to register on',
401'ids rules license2' => 'Acknowledge the license, receive your password by email, and connect to the site. Go to',
402'ids rules license3' => 'press the \'Get Code\' button at the bottom and copy the 40 character Oink Code into the field below.',
403'ids rules update' => 'Snort rules update',
404'iface' => 'Iface',
405'ignore filter' => 'Ignore filter',
406'ike encryption' => 'IKE Encryption:',
407'ike grouptype' => 'IKE Grouptype:',
408'ike integrity' => 'IKE Integrity:',
409'ike lifetime' => 'IKE Lifetime:',
410'ike lifetime should be between 1 and 8 hours' => 'IKE lifetime should be between 1 and 8 hours.',
411'import' => 'Import',
412'in' => 'In',
413'incoming traffic in bytes per second' => 'Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second',
414'info' => 'Info',
415'init string' => 'Init:',
78331e30 416'insert floppy' => 'To backup to floppy, insert a formatted floppy into the drive on IPFire and click <i>Backup to floppy</i> to backup the system configuration. Please examine the results carefully to make sure the backup completed successfully. This can take a while to complete, so please be patient.<p>',
417'install new update' => 'Install new update:',
418'installed' => 'Installed',
419'installed updates' => 'Installed updates:',
420'instant update' => 'Instant Update',
421'interface' => 'Interface',
422'interfaces' => 'Interfaces:',
423'internet' => 'INTERNET',
424'intrusion detection' => 'Intrusion Detection',
425'intrusion detection system' => 'Intrusion Detection System',
426'intrusion detection system log viewer' => 'Intrusion Detection System Log Viewer',
427'intrusion detection system2' => 'Intrusion Detection System:',
428'invalid broadcast ip' => 'Invalid broadcast IP',
429'invalid cache size' => 'Invalid cache size.',
430'invalid characters found in pre-shared key' => 'Invalid characters found in pre-shared key.',
431'invalid date entered' => 'Invalid date entered.',
432'invalid default lease time' => 'Invalid default lease time.',
433'invalid domain name' => 'Invalid domain name.',
434'invalid downlink speed' => 'Invalid downlink speed.',
435'invalid end address' => 'Invalid end address.',
436'invalid fixed ip address' => 'Invalid fixed IP address',
437'invalid fixed mac address' => 'Invalid fixed MAC address',
438'invalid hostname' => 'Invalid hostname.',
439'invalid input' => 'Invalid input',
440'invalid input for authentication method' => 'Invalid input for authentication method.',
441'invalid input for city' => 'Invalid input for city.',
442'invalid input for country' => 'Invalid input for country.',
443'invalid input for department' => 'Invalid input for department.',
444'invalid input for e-mail address' => 'Invalid input for e-mail address.',
445'invalid input for esp keylife' => 'Invalid input for ESP Keylife',
446'invalid input for hostname' => 'Invalid input for hostname.',
447'invalid input for ike lifetime' => 'Invalid input for IKE lifetime',
448'invalid input for name' => 'Invalid input for user\'s full name or system hostname',
449'invalid input for oink code' => 'Invalid input for Oink code',
450'invalid input for organization' => 'Invalid input for organization',
451'invalid input for remote host/ip' => 'Invalid input for remote host/ip.',
452'invalid input for state or province' => 'Invalid input for state or province.',
453'invalid ip' => 'Invalid IP Address',
454'invalid keep time' => 'Keep time must be a valid number',
455'invalid key' => 'Invalid key.',
456'invalid loaded file' => 'Invalid loaded file',
457'invalid logserver address' => 'Invalid syslogd server address',
458'invalid max lease time' => 'Invalid max lease time.',
459'invalid maximum incoming size' => 'Invalid maximum incoming size.',
460'invalid maximum object size' => 'Invalid maximum object size.',
461'invalid maximum outgoing size' => 'Invalid maximum outgoing size.',
462'invalid md5sum' => 'Invalid MD5Sum.',
463'invalid minimum object size' => 'Invalid minimum object size.',
464'invalid netmask' => 'Invalid netmask',
465'invalid port' => 'Invalid port. Must be a valid port number.',
466'invalid port list' => 'Port list syntax is: port[,port]... where port is in /etc/services or number',
467'invalid primary dns' => 'Invalid primary DNS.',
468'invalid primary ntp' => 'Invalid Primary NTP server address',
469'invalid secondary dns' => 'Invalid secondary DNS.',
470'invalid secondary ntp' => 'Invalid Secondary NTP server address',
471'invalid start address' => 'Invalid start address.',
472'invalid time entered' => 'Invalid time entered.',
473'invalid time period' => 'Invalid time period',
474'invalid uplink speed' => 'Invalid uplink speed.',
475'invalid upstream proxy username or password setting' => 'Invalid upstream proxy username or password setting.',
476'invalid vpi vpci' => 'Invalid VPI/VPCI settings',
477'invalid wins address' => 'Invalid WINS Server address.',
478'invert' => 'Invert',
479'ip address' => 'IP Address',
480'ip address in use' => 'IP address already in use',
481'ip alias added' => 'External IP alias added',
482'ip alias changed' => 'External IP alias changed',
483'ip alias removed' => 'External IP alias removed',
484'ip info' => 'IP Information',
485'ipfire has now rebooted' => 'IPFire has now rebooted.',
486'ipfire has now shutdown' => 'IPFire has now shutdown.',
487'ipfire side' => 'IPFire side:',
488'ipfire side is invalid' => 'IPFire Side is invalid.',
489'ipfires hostname' => 'IPFire\'s Hostname',
490'ipinfo' => 'IP info',
491'isdn' => 'ISDN',
492'isdn settings' => 'Additional ISDN settings:',
493'isdn1' => 'Single ISDN',
494'isdn2' => 'Dual ISDN',
495'january' => 'January',
496'javascript menu error1' => 'If the drop down menus aren\'t working, disable Javascript on the',
497'javascript menu error2' => 'page.',
498'july' => 'July',
499'june' => 'June',
500'kernel' => 'Kernel',
501'kernel logging server' => 'Kernel logging server',
502'kernel version' => 'Kernel version:',
503'lan' => 'LAN',
78331e30 504'languagepurpose' => 'Select the language you wish IPFire to display in:',
505'lease expires' => 'Lease expires',
506'legend' => 'Legend',
507'line' => 'Line',
508'loaded modules' => 'Loaded modules:',
509'local ntp server specified but not enabled' => 'Local NTP server specified but not enabled',
510'local subnet' => 'Local Subnet:',
511'local subnet is invalid' => 'Local subnet is invalid.',
512'local vpn hostname/ip' => 'Local VPN Hostname/IP',
513'log' => 'Log:',
514'log enabled' => 'Log Enabled',
515'log lines per page' => 'Lines per page',
516'log server address' => 'Syslog server',
517'log settings' => 'Log Settings',
518'log summaries' => 'Log summaries',
519'log summary' => 'Log Summary',
520'log viewer' => 'Log viewer',
521'log viewing options' => 'Log viewing options',
522'logging server' => 'Logging server',
523'loginlogout' => 'Login/Logout',
524'lookup failed' => 'Reverse lookup failed',
525'low' => 'Low',
526'ls_dhcpd' => 'DHCP Server:',
527'ls_disk space' => 'Disk space:',
528'ls_free/swan' => 'VPN:',
529'ls_httpd' => 'HTTP Server:',
530'ls_init' => 'Init:',
531'ls_kernel' => 'Kernel and Firewall:',
532'ls_modprobe' => 'Module loader:',
533'ls_pam_unix' => 'Local user logins:',
534'ls_sshd' => 'Remote user logins:',
535'ls_syslogd' => 'Syslogd:',
536'mac address' => 'MAC Address',
537'mac address in use' => 'MAC address already in use',
538'main page' => 'Main page',
539'manual' => 'Manual',
540'manual control and status' => 'Manual control and status:',
541'manually' => 'Manually',
542'march' => 'March',
543'marked' => 'Marked',
544'max incoming size' => 'Max incoming size (KB):',
545'max lease time' => 'Max lease time (mins):',
546'max outgoing size' => 'Max outgoing size (KB):',
547'max renewal time' => 'Maximum Renewal Time',
548'max retries not set' => 'Max retries not set.',
549'max size' => 'Max object size (KB):',
550'maximal' => 'Maximal',
551'maximum retries' => 'Maximum retries:',
552'may' => 'May',
553'medium' => 'Medium',
554'memory' => 'Memory:',
555'memory usage per' => 'Memory Usage per',
556'method' => 'Method:',
557'min size' => 'Min object size (KB):',
558'minutes' => 'Minutes',
559'missing dat' => 'Encrypted archive not found',
560'missing gz' => 'Unencrypted archive not found',
561'modem' => 'Modem',
562'modem configuration' => 'Modem configuration',
563'modem on com1' => 'Modem on COM1',
564'modem on com2' => 'Modem on COM2',
565'modem on com3' => 'Modem on COM3',
566'modem on com4' => 'Modem on COM4',
567'modem on com5' => 'Modem on COM5',
568'modem settings have errors' => 'Modem settings have errors',
569'modem speaker on' => 'Modem speaker on:',
570'modulation' => 'Modulation',
571'monday' => 'Monday',
572'month' => 'Month',
1ce6d696 573'monthly firewallhits' => 'monthly firewallhits',
574'months' => 'months',
575'mounted on' => 'Mounted on',
576'name' => 'Name',
577'name is invalid' => 'Name is invalid',
578'name must only contain characters' => 'Name must only contain characters.',
579'name too long' => 'User\'s full name or system hostname is too long',
580'nat-traversal' => 'Nat Traversal:',
581'net' => 'Net',
582'net to net vpn' => 'Net-to-Net Virtual Private Network',
583'netmask' => 'Netmask',
584'network' => 'Network',
585'network added' => 'Custom Network added',
586'network configuration' => 'Network Configuration',
587'network removed' => 'Custom Network removed',
588'network status information' => 'Network Status Information',
589'network time' => 'Use a Network Time Server:',
590'network time from' => 'Obtain time from a Network Time Server',
591'network traffic graphs' => 'Network traffic graphs',
592'network updated' => 'Custom Network updated',
593'networks settings' => 'Firewall - Network settings',
594'new optionsfw later' => 'Your modification(s) will be active on next restart',
78331e30 595'new optionsfw must boot' => 'You must reboot your IPFire',
596'newer' => 'Newer',
597'no' => 'No',
598'no alcatelusb firmware' => 'No Alcatel USB firmware. Please upload.',
599'no cfg upload' => 'No data was uploaded',
600'no dhcp lease' => 'No DHCP lease has been acquired',
601'no eciadsl synch.bin file' => 'No ECI ADSL synch.bin file. Please upload.',
602'no fritzdsl driver' => 'No Fritz!DSL driver. Please upload.',
603'no information available' => 'No information available.',
604'no modem selected' => 'No modem selected',
605'no set selected' => 'No set was selected',
606'no time limit' => 'unlimited time',
607'none found' => 'none found',
608'nonetworkname' => 'No Network Name entered',
609'noservicename' => 'No Service Name entered',
610'not a valid ca certificate' => 'Not a valid CA certificate.',
611'not enough disk space' => 'Not enough disk space',
612'not present' => '<b>Not</b> present',
613'not running' => 'not running',
614'november' => 'November',
615'ntp configuration' => 'NTP configuration',
616'ntp must be enabled to have clients' => 'NTP must be enabled to have clients.',
617'ntp server' => 'NTP Server',
618'ntp syncro disabled' => 'NTP synchronization disabled',
619'ntp syncro enabled' => 'NTP synchronization enabled',
620'ntpd restarted' => 'ntpd restarted',
621'number' => 'Number:',
622'october' => 'October',
623'older' => 'Older',
624'online help en' => 'Online Help (in English)',
625'only digits allowed in holdoff field' => 'Only digits allowed in holdoff field',
626'only digits allowed in max retries field' => 'Only digits allowed in max retries field.',
627'only digits allowed in the idle timeout' => 'Only digits allowed in the idle timeout.',
628'only red' => 'Only RED',
629'open to all' => 'Override external access to ALL',
630'openssl produced an error' => 'OpenSSL produced an error',
631'options' => 'Options',
632'options fw' => 'Firewall options',
633'optionsfw portlist hint' => 'The list of ports has to be comma separated (e.g. 137,138). You can specify up to a maximum of 15 ports per protocol.',
634'optionsfw warning' => 'Modifying these options implies restart of firewall',
635'orange' => 'ORANGE',
636'organization cant be empty' => 'Organization can\'t be empty.',
637'organization name' => 'Organization Name',
638'organization too long' => 'Organization is too long; it should not be longer than 60 characters.',
639'original' => 'Original',
640'other countries' => 'Other countries',
641'other login script' => 'Other login script',
642'out' => 'Out',
643'outgoing traffic in bytes per second' => 'Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second',
644'package failed to install' => 'Package failed to install.',
645'pap or chap' => 'PAP or CHAP',
646'password' => 'Password:',
647'password contains illegal characters' => 'Password contains illegal characters.',
648'password not set' => 'Password not set.',
649'password too short' => 'Password is too short.',
650'passwords do not match' => 'Passwords do not match.',
651'passwords must be at least 6 characters in length' => 'Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length',
652'percentage' => 'Percentage',
653'persistent' => 'Persistent',
654'pfs yes no' => 'Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)',
655'phase1 group' => 'Phase1 Group',
656'phonebook entry' => 'Phonebook entry:',
657'ping disabled' => 'Disable ping response',
658'pkcs12 file password' => 'PKCS12 File Password',
659'port' => 'Port',
660'port forwarding configuration' => 'Port forwarding configuration',
661'ports' => 'Ports',
662'pots' => 'Analog classic line',
663'ppp setup' => 'PPP setup',
664'pppoe' => 'PPPoE',
665'pppoe settings' => 'Additional PPPoE settings:',
666'pptp settings' => 'Additional PPTP settings:',
667'pre-shared key is too short' => 'Pre-shared key is too short.',
668'present' => 'Present',
669'primary dns' => 'Primary DNS:',
670'primary ntp server' => 'Primary NTP Server',
671'primary wins server address' => 'Primary WINS Server address',
672'priority' => 'Priority',
673'profile' => 'Profile',
674'profile deleted' => 'Profile deleted: ',
675'profile has errors' => 'Profile has errors',
676'profile made current' => 'Profile made current: ',
677'profile name' => 'Profile name:',
678'profile name not given' => 'Profile name not given.',
679'profile saved' => 'Profile saved: ',
680'profiles' => 'Profiles:',
681'proto' => 'Proto',
682'protocol' => 'Protocol',
683'proxy' => 'Proxy',
684'proxy access graphs' => 'Proxy access graphs',
685'proxy log viewer' => 'Proxy log viewer',
686'proxy logs' => 'Proxy Logs',
687'proxy port' => 'Proxy Port',
688'psk' => 'PSK',
689'pulse' => 'Pulse',
690'pulse dial' => 'Pulse dial:',
691'ram' => 'RAM',
692'read sectors' => 'Read Sectors',
693'reboot' => 'Reboot',
78331e30 694'reboot schedule' => 'Schedule IPFire reboots',
10a04d70 695'rebooting' => 'Rebooting',
78331e30 696'rebooting ipfire' => 'Rebooting IPFire',
697'reconnection' => 'Reconnection',
698'references' => 'References',
699'refresh' => 'Refresh',
700'refresh index page while connected' => 'Refresh index.cgi page whilst connected',
701'refresh update list' => 'Refresh update list',
702'registered user rules' => 'Sourcefire VRT rules for registered users',
703'released' => 'Released',
704'remark' => 'Remark',
705'remark title' => 'Remark:',
706'remote access' => 'Remote access',
707'remote host/ip' => 'Remote Host/IP',
708'remote logging' => 'Remote logging',
709'remote subnet' => 'Remote subnet:',
710'remote subnet is invalid' => 'Remote subnet is invalid.',
711'remove' => 'Remove',
712'remove ca certificate' => 'Remove CA Certificate',
713'reserved dst port' => 'Destination port is reserved for IPFire use only:',
714'reserved src port' => 'Source port is reserved for IPFire use only:',
715'reset' => 'Reset',
716'resetting the vpn configuration will remove the root ca, the host certificate and all certificate based connections' => 'Resetting the VPN configuration will remove the root CA, the host certificate and all certificate based connections',
717'restart' => 'Restart',
718'restore' => 'Restore',
719'restore defaults' => 'Restore defaults',
720'restore hardware settings' => 'Restore hardware settings',
721'reverse sort' => 'Sort in reverse chronological order',
722'root certificate' => 'Root Certificate',
723'router ip' => 'Router IP Address:',
724'routing table entries' => 'Routing Table Entries:',
725'rsvd dst port overlap' => 'Destination Port Range overlaps a port reserved for IPFire:',
726'rsvd src port overlap' => 'Source Port Range overlaps a port reserved for IPFire:',
727'rules already up to date' => 'Rules already up to date',
728'running' => 'RUNNING',
729'saturday' => 'Saturday',
730'save' => 'Save',
731'save error' => 'Unable to save configuration archive file',
732'script name' => 'Script name:',
733'secondary dns' => 'Secondary DNS:',
734'secondary ntp server' => 'Secondary NTP Server',
735'secondary wins server address' => 'Secondary WINS Server address',
736'seconds' => 'Secs',
737'section' => 'Section',
738'sectors read from disk per second' => 'Sectors read from disk per second',
739'sectors written to disk per second' => 'Sectors written to disk per second',
740'secure shell server' => 'Secure shell server',
741'select' => 'Select',
742'select dest net' => 'Select a destination net.',
743'select source net' => 'Select a source net. If you have no Orange or Blue net configured, you need no DMZ Pinholes.',
744'send cr' => 'ISP requires Carriage Return:',
745'september' => 'September',
746'serial' => 'Serial',
747'service' => 'Service',
748'service added' => 'Custom Network Service added',
749'service name' => 'Service name:',
750'service removed' => 'Custom Network Service removed',
751'service updated' => 'Custom Network Service updated',
752'servicename' => 'Service Name',
753'services' => 'Services:',
754'services settings' => 'Firewall - Services settings',
755'set time now' => 'Set Time Now',
756'set time now help' => 'To queue a synchronization event at any time (even while using a repeating schedule), press the <i>Set Time Now</i> button. Please note that you may have to wait for five minutes, or more, before a sync event occurs.',
757'settings' => 'Settings',
758'shaping add options' => 'Add service',
759'shaping list options' => 'Traffic shaping services',
760'shared' => 'shared',
761'shared memory' => 'Shared Memory',
1ce6d696 762'show areas' => 'show areas',
763'show ca certificate' => 'Show CA Certificate',
764'show certificate' => 'Show Certificate',
765'show host certificate' => 'Show Host Certificate',
1ce6d696 766'show lines' => 'show lines',
767'show root certificate' => 'Show Root Certificate',
768'shutdown' => 'Shutdown',
769'shutdown control' => 'Shutdown control',
770'shutdown2' => 'Shutdown:',
771'shutting down' => 'Shutting down',
78331e30 772'shutting down ipfire' => 'Shutting down IPFire',
773'size' => 'Size',
774'snort hits' => 'Total of number of Intrusion rules activated for',
775'sort ascending' => 'Sort Ascending',
776'sort descending' => 'Sort Descending',
777'sound' => 'Sound',
778'source' => 'Source',
779'source ip' => 'Source IP',
780'source ip and port' => 'Source IP:Port',
781'source ip bad' => 'Not a valid IP address or a network address.',
782'source ip in use' => 'Source IP in use:',
783'source ip or net' => 'Source IP or Net',
784'source net' => 'Source Net',
785'source network' => 'Source IP, or network (blank for "ALL"):',
786'source port' => 'Source port',
787'source port in use' => 'Source port in use:',
788'source port numbers' => 'Source port must be a valid port number or port range.',
789'source port overlaps' => 'Source port range overlaps an existing port range.',
790'speaker off' => 'Speaker off:',
791'speaker on' => 'Speaker on:',
792'src port' => 'Src Port',
793'srcprt range overlaps' => 'Source port range overlaps an already defined port.',
794'srcprt within existing' => 'Source port is within an already defined port range.',
795'ssdmz pinholes' => 'DMZ Pinholes',
796'ssh access' => 'SSH Access',
797'ssh fingerprint' => 'Fingerprint',
798'ssh host keys' => 'SSH Host Keys',
799'ssh is disabled' => 'SSH is disabled. Stopping.',
800'ssh is enabled' => 'SSH is enabled. Restarting.',
801'ssh key' => 'Key',
802'ssh key size' => 'Size (bits)',
803'ssh keys' => 'Allow public key based authentication',
804'ssh no auth' => 'You have not allowed any authentication methods; this will stop you logging in',
805'ssh passwords' => 'Allow password based authentication',
806'ssh portfw' => 'Allow TCP Forwarding',
807'ssh1 disabled' => 'SSHv1 is disabled, a version 2 client will be required.',
808'ssh1 enabled' => 'SSHv1 is enabled, old clients will be supported.',
809'ssh1 support' => 'Support SSH protocol version 1 (required only for old clients)',
810'ssnetwork status' => 'Network Status',
811'sspasswords' => 'Passwords',
812'ssport forwarding' => 'Port Forwarding',
813'ssproxy graphs' => 'Proxy Graphs',
814'sssystem status' => 'System Status',
815'sstraffic graphs' => 'Traffic Graphs',
816'standard login script' => 'Standard login script',
817'start address' => 'Start address:',
818'state or province' => 'State or Province',
819'static ip' => 'Static IP',
820'status' => 'Status',
821'status information' => 'Status information',
822'stopped' => 'STOPPED',
823'subject' => 'Subject',
824'subnet is invalid' => 'Netmask is invalid',
825'subscripted user rules' => 'Sourcefire VRT rules with subscription',
826'successfully refreshed updates list' => 'Successfully refreshed updates list.',
827'summaries kept' => 'Keep summaries for',
828'sunday' => 'Sunday',
829'swap' => 'Swap',
830'swap usage per' => 'Swap Usage per',
831'system cpu' => 'System CPU',
832'system cpu usage' => 'System CPU Usage',
833'system graphs' => 'System Graphs',
834'system log viewer' => 'System Log Viewer',
835'system logs' => 'System Logs',
836'system status information' => 'System Status Information',
837'telephone not set' => 'Telephone not set.',
838'the following update was successfully installed' => 'The following update was successfully installed',
839'the statistics were last updated at' => 'The statistics were last updated at',
840'there are updates' => 'There are updates available for your system. Please go to the "Updates" section for more information.',
841'there are updates available' => 'There are updates available for your system. It is strongly urged that you install them as soon as possible.',
842'there was no file upload' => 'There was no file upload.',
843'this feature has been sponsored by' => 'This feature has been sponsored by',
844'this field may be blank' => 'This field may be blank.',
845'this is not a valid archive' => 'This is not a valid archive.',
846'this is not an authorised update' => 'This is not an authorised update.',
847'this update is already installed' => 'This update is already installed.',
848'thursday' => 'Thursday',
849'time' => 'Time',
850'time date manually reset' => 'Time/Date manually reset.',
851'time server' => 'Time Server',
852'timeout must be a number' => 'Timeout must be a number.',
853'title' => 'Title',
854'to' => 'To',
855'to install an update' => 'To install an update please upload the .tgz.gpg file below:',
856'toggle enable disable' => 'Enable or Disable',
857'tone' => 'Tone',
858'tone dial' => 'Tone dial:',
859'total hits for log section' => 'Total Hits for Log Section',
860'traffic on' => 'Traffic on',
861'traffic shaping' => 'Traffic Shaping',
862'traffic shaping settings' => 'Traffic Shaping Settings',
863'transfer limits' => 'Transfer limits',
864'transparent on' => 'Transparent on',
865'tuesday' => 'Tuesday',
866'type' => 'Type',
867'unable to alter profiles while red is active' => 'Unable to alter profiles while RED is active.',
868'unable to contact' => 'Unable to contact',
869'unencrypted' => 'Unencrypted',
870'unknown' => 'UNKNOWN',
871'unnamed' => 'Unnamed',
872'update' => 'Update',
873'update time' => 'Update the time:',
874'update transcript' => 'Update transcript',
875'updates' => 'Updates',
876'updates installed' => 'Updates Installed',
877'updates is old1' => 'Your update file is ',
878'updates is old2' => 'days old. We recommend you update it on the <b>System>Updates</b> page.',
879'uplink speed' => 'Uplink speed (kbit/sec)',
880'upload' => 'Upload',
881'upload a certificate' => 'Upload a certificate:',
882'upload a certificate request' => 'Upload a certificate request:',
883'upload ca certificate' => 'Upload CA Certificate',
884'upload fcdsl.o' => 'TO BE REMOVED',
885'upload file' => 'Upload file',
886'upload p12 file' => 'Upload PKCS12 file',
887'upload successful' => 'Upload successful.',
888'upload synch.bin' => 'Upload synch.bin',
889'upload update file' => 'Upload update file:',
890'upstream password' => 'Upstream password:',
891'upstream proxy host:port' => 'Upstream proxy (host:port)',
892'upstream username' => 'Upstream username:',
893'uptime and users' => 'Uptime and users:',
894'usb modem on acm0' => 'USB Modem on ACM0',
895'usb modem on acm1' => 'USB Modem on ACM1',
896'usb modem on acm2' => 'USB Modem on ACM2',
897'usb modem on acm3' => 'USB Modem on ACM3',
898'use' => 'Use',
899'use a pre-shared key' => 'Use a Pre-Shared Key:',
900'use dov' => 'Use DOV (Data Over Voice):',
901'use ibod' => 'Use Bandwidth on Demand (iBOD):',
78331e30 902'use ipfire red ip' => 'The classical RED IP used by IPFire during connection',
903'use only proposed settings' => 'Use only proposed settings.',
904'used' => 'Used',
905'used memory' => 'Used Memory',
906'used swap' => 'Used Swap',
907'user cpu' => 'User CPU',
908'user cpu usage' => 'User CPU Usage',
909'username' => 'User Name:',
910'username not set' => 'Username not set.',
911'users department' => 'User\'s Department',
912'users email' => 'User\'s E-mail Address',
913'users fullname or system hostname' => 'User\'s Full Name or System Hostname',
914'valid root certificate already exists' => 'A valid root certificate already exists.',
915'vci number' => 'VCI Number:',
916'virtual private networking' => 'Virtual Private Networking',
917'vpi number' => 'VPI Number:',
918'vpn' => 'VPN',
919'vpn configuration main' => 'VPN configuration - Main',
920'vpn delayed start' => 'Delay before launching VPN (seconds)',
921'vpn delayed start help' => 'If required, this delay can be used to allow Dynamic DNS updates to propagate properly. 60 is a common value when RED is a dynamic IP.',
922'vpn on blue' => 'VPN on BLUE',
923'waiting to synchronize clock' => 'Waiting to synchronize clock',
924'warning messages' => 'Warning messages',
925'web hits' => 'Total number of websites matching selected criteria for',
926'web proxy' => 'Web proxy',
927'web proxy configuration' => 'Web proxy configuration',
928'web server' => 'Web server',
929'website' => 'Website',
930'wednesday' => 'Wednesday',
1ce6d696 931'weekly firewallhits' => 'weekly firewallhits',
932'week' => 'Week',
933'weeks' => 'weeks',
934'wildcards' => 'Wildcards',
935'wireless' => 'Wireless',
936'wireless config added' => 'Wireless config added',
937'wireless config changed' => 'Wireless config changed',
938'wireless configuration' => 'Wireless Configuration',
939'written sectors' => 'Written Sectors',
940'xtaccess all error' => 'You cannot set an external access to ALL, that is done in the port forwarding record.',
941'year' => 'Year',
1ce6d696 942'yearly firewallhits' => 'yearly firewallhits',
943'yes' => 'Yes',
944'you can only define one roadwarrior connection when using pre-shared key authentication' => 'You can only define one Roadwarrior connection when using pre-shared key authentication.<br />Either you already have a Roadwarrior connection with pre-shared key authentication, or you\'re trying to add one now.',
945'your department' => 'Your Department',
946'your e-mail' => 'Your E-mail Address',
947'backup archive'=> 'Backup File (.dat)',
948'backup clear archive'=> 'Clear Backup File (.gz)',
949'backup key' => 'Backup Encryption Key',
950'backup key file' => 'Backup key file',
951'backup generate key' => 'Generate key',
952'backup import key' => 'Import key',
953'backup extract key' => 'Extract key',
954'backup erase key' => 'Erase key',
955'backup missing key' => 'Need the backup key to restore a set',
956'backup export key' => 'Export key',
957'backup explain key' => 'Backup are encrypted using a key. To avoid illegal backup manipulations, IPFire only restores a backup that is encrypted with the key you will specify here. You have three options available to you',
958'backup explain key li1' => 'let IPFire create key for you.',
959'backup explain key li2' => 'import a saved key (possibly password protected).',
960'backup explain key li3' => 'extract a key from a non-encrypted 1.4.10 backup only.' ,
78331e30 961'backup explain key no1' => 'you should save this key if you plan to restore new machines, IPFire accepts only once key creation/import.' ,
962'backup explain key no2' => 'legacy floppy backups are not concerned with this key.',
963'backup protect key password' => 'Backup key password',
964'backup import dat file' => 'Import a backup (.dat) file',
965'backup key info' => 'IPFire restricts access to the backup key, thus you must know root password. You have possibility to protect this key outside of IPFire with a password.',
966'backup media info' => 'Floppy and/or unformatted media may display stranges partitions sizes. In this case, select the whole device. Remenber to mount harddisk before removing device. Note: floppy created here are not usable with IPFire installer program!',
967'notes' => 'Notes',
968'current media' => 'Current media',
969'choose media' => 'Choose media',
970'local hard disk' => 'Hard disk',
971'insert removable device' => 'Insert a removable device',
973'done'=>'Do it',
974'incorrect password'=>'Incorrect password',
975'root user password'=>'root password',
976'ip address outside subnets' => 'IP Address outside subnets',
977'dhcp bootp pxe data' => 'Enter optional bootp pxe data for this fixed lease',
978'invalid local-remote id' => 'When used, local & remote id must not be equal and begin with a "@" sign. These are leftid and rightid in openswan terminology.',
979'override mtu' => 'Override default MTU',
980'vpn mtu invalid' => 'MTU must be a numeric value!',
981'squid extension methods'=>'Your <tt>extension_methods</tt> list',
78331e30 982'squid extension methods invalid' => 'Your \'extension_methods\' list can only contain uppercase words of letters and digits, separated with a space. ',
983'dial profile' => 'Connect with Profile',
984'quick control' => 'Quick Control',
985'allmsg' => 'show all',
986'selecttraffic' => 'Select utilization-overview:',
1ce6d696 987'sstraffic' => 'Net-Traffic',
988'trafficblue' => 'WLAN',
989'trafficdate' => 'Date',
990'trafficfrom' => 'From',
991'trafficgreen' => 'Internal net',
992'trafficin' => 'Input',
993'trafficorange' => 'DMZ',
994'trafficout' => 'Output',
995'trafficred' => 'Internet',
996'traffics' => 'Utilization-overview:',
997'trafficsum' => 'Totals',
998'trafficto' => 'To',
999'connect' => 'OVPN Start / Connect',
1000'disconnect' => 'OVPN Stop / Disconnect',
1001'add new ovpn' => 'OpenVPN Settings:',
1002'Remote IP' => 'Remote IP / Hostname (DynDNS):',
1003'comment' => 'Description:',
1004'alt ovpn' => 'OpenVPN',
1005'ovpn' => 'OpenVPN',
1006'ovpn log' => 'OVPN-Log',
1007'ovpn config' => 'OVPN-Config',
1008'ovpnstatus log' => 'OVPN-Status-Log',
1009'ovpnsys log' => 'OVPN-System-Log',
1010'current ovpn' => 'Active OVPN-Connection:',
1011'Local VPN IP' => 'Internal Network (GREEN):',
1012'Remote VPN IP' => 'VPN Subnet (e.g.',
1013'Ping'=> 'Ping :',
1014'optional data'=> '3. Optional Settings:',
1015'requested data' => '1. Connection Settings:',
1016'Resolv'=> 'Resolv-Retry:',
1017'Verbose'=> 'Verbose:',
1018'MTU'=> 'MTU Size:',
1019'choose config' => 'Choose Config',
1020'generate' => 'Generate Root/Host Zertifikate',
1021'test' => 'test',
1022'ovpn dl' => 'OVPN-Config Download',
1023'key stuff' => '2. Keys and Certificates',
1024'status ovpn' => '4. OpenVPN Status / Configuration:',
1025'manage ovpn' => '5. Tunnel Management:',
1026'genkey' => 'Generate PSK',
1027'exportkey' => 'Export PSK',
1028'importkey' => 'Import PSK',
1029'OpenVPN' => 'OpenVPN',
1030'o-yes' => 'Activ',
1031'o-no' => 'Inactiv',
1032'comp-lzo' => 'LZO-Compression:',
1033'error external access' => 'Could not open /var/ipcop/xtaccess/config (external acccess could not be granted)!',
1034'error config' => 'Could not open /var/ipcop/ovpn/config/ZERINA.ovpn !',
1035'hint' => 'Hint:',
1036'empty' => 'This field may be left blank',
1037'cipher' => 'Encryption:',
1038'debugme' => 'Not yet implemented',
1039'Client status and controlc' => 'Client status and control:',
1040'Act as' => 'Act as:',
1041'openvpn server' => 'OpenVPN Server',
1042'openvpn client' => 'OpenVPN Client',
1043'ovpn subnet' => 'OpenVPN Subnet(e.g.',
1044'gen static key' => 'Generate a static Key',
1045'upload static key' => 'Upload a static Key',
1046'ovpn device' => 'OpenVPN device',
1047'external access rule changed' => 'External access rule changed; restarting access controller',
1048'ovpn subnet is invalid' => 'OpenVPN subnet is invalid.',
1049'invalid mtu input' => 'Invalid MTU',
1050'start ovpn server' => 'Start OpenVPN Server',
1051'stop ovpn server' => 'Stop OpenVPN Server',
1052'restart ovpn server' => 'Restart OpenVPN Server',
1053'ovpn server status', => 'Current OpenVPN Server Status:',
1054'dl client arch', => 'Download Client Package (zip)',
1055'ovpn on red' => 'OpenVPN on RED',
1056'ovpn on blue' => 'OpenVPN on BLUE',
1057'ovpn on orange' => 'OpenVPN on ORANGE',
1058'ovpn con stat' => 'OpenVPN Connection Statistics',
1059'real address' => 'Real Address',
1060'virtual address' => 'Virtual Address',
1061'loged in at' => 'Logged In At',
1062'bytes sent' => 'Bytes Sent',
1063'bytes received' => 'Bytes Received',
1064'last activity' => 'Last Activity',
1065'ovpn subnet overlap' => 'OpenVPN Subnet overlaps with : ',
1066'show crl' => 'Show Certificate Revocation List',
1067'crl' => 'Certificate Revocation List',
1068'advanced server' => 'Advanced Server options',
1069'dhcp-options' => 'DHCP push options',
1070'log-options' => 'Logfile options',
1071'misc-options' => 'Miscellaneous options',
1072'save-adv-options' => 'Save Advanced options',
1073'cancel-adv-options' => 'Cancel',
1074'invalid input for dhcp domain' => 'Invalid input for DHCP Domain',
1075'invalid input for dhcp dns' => 'Invalid input for DHCP DNS',
1076'invalid input for dhcp wins' => 'Invalid input for DHCP WINS',
1077'invalid input for max clients' => 'Invalid input for Max Clients',
1078'invalid input for keepalive 1' => 'Invalid input for Keepalive ping',
1079'invalid input for keepalive 2' => 'Invalid input for Keepalive ping-restart',
1080'invalid input for keepalive 2' => 'Invalid input for Keepalive ping-restart',
1081'invalid input for keepalive 1:2' => 'Invalid input for Keepalive use at least a ratio of 1:2',
1082'valid till' => 'Valid till',
1083'ovpn_processprio' => 'Process priority',
1084'ovpn_fastio' => 'Fast-IO',
1085'ovpn_mtudisc' => 'MTU-Discovery',
1086'ovpn_mssfix' => 'MSSFIX Size',
1087'ovpn_fragment' => 'Fragmentsize',
1088'ovpn_processprioEH' => 'Extremely high',
1089'ovpn_processprioVH' => 'Very high',
1090'ovpn_processprioH' => 'High',
1091'ovpn_processprioEN' => 'More highly than normal',
1092'ovpn_processprioN' => 'Normal',
1093'ovpn_processprioLN' => 'More deeply than normal',
1094'ovpn_processprioD' => 'Deeply',
1095'ovpn_processprioVD' => 'Very deeply',
1096'ovpn_processprioED' => 'Extremely deeply',
1097'server reserved' => 'The connection name server is reserved and not allowed',
1098'add-route' => 'Additional push route',
1099'subnet' => 'Subnet',
1100'route subnet is invalid' => 'Additional push route subnet is invalid',
1101'advproxy advanced proxy' => 'Advanced Proxy',
1102'advproxy ssadvanced proxy' => 'advanced proxy',
1103'advproxy advanced web proxy' => 'Advanced Web Proxy',
1104'advproxy advanced web proxy configuration' => 'Advanced web proxy configuration',
1105'advproxy common settings' => 'Common settings',
1106'advproxy enabled on' => 'Enabled on',
1107'advproxy transparent on' => 'Transparent on',
1108'advproxy proxy port' => 'Proxy port',
1109'advproxy visible hostname' => 'Visible hostname',
1110'advproxy admin mail' => 'Cache administrator e-mail',
1111'advproxy error language' => 'Error messages language',
1112'advproxy error design' => 'Error messages design',
1113'advproxy suppress version' => 'Suppress version information',
1114'advproxy squid version' => 'Squid Cache version',
1115'advproxy standard' => 'Standard',
1116'advproxy unknown' => 'Unknown',
1117'advproxy upstream proxy' => 'Upstream proxy',
1118'advproxy via forwarding' => 'Proxy address forwarding',
1119'advproxy client IP forwarding' => 'Client IP address forwarding',
1120'advproxy username forwarding' => 'Username forwarding',
363fb6af 1121'advproxy no connection auth' => 'No connection oriented authentication forwarding',
1122'advproxy upstream proxy host:port' => 'Upstream proxy (host:port)',
1123'advproxy upstream username' => 'Upstream username',
1124'advproxy upstream password' => 'Upstream password',
1125'advproxy log settings' => 'Log settings',
1126'advproxy log enabled' => 'Log enabled',
1127'advproxy log query' => 'Log query terms',
1128'advproxy log useragent' => 'Log useragents',
1129'advproxy cache management' => 'Cache management',
1130'advproxy hdd cache size' => 'Harddisk cache size (MB)',
1131'advproxy ram cache size' => 'Memory cache size (MB)',
1132'advproxy min size' => 'Min object size (KB)',
1133'advproxy max size' => 'Max object size (KB)',
1134'advproxy memory replacement policy' => 'Memory replacement policy',
1135'advproxy cache replacement policy' => 'Cache replacement policy',
1136'advproxy no cache sites' => 'Do not cache these domains (one per line)',
1137'advproxy number of L1 dirs' => 'Number of level-1 subdirectories',
1138'advproxy offline mode' => 'Enable offline mode',
1139'advproxy destination ports' => 'Destination ports',
1140'advproxy standard ports' => 'Allowed standard ports (one per line)',
1141'advproxy ssl ports' => 'Allowed SSL ports (one per line)',
1142'advproxy network based access' => 'Network based access control',
1143'advproxy allowed subnets' => 'Allowed subnets (one per line)',
1144'advproxy unrestricted ip clients' => 'Unrestricted IP addresses (one per line)',
1145'advproxy unrestricted mac clients' => 'Unrestricted MAC addresses (one per line)',
1146'advproxy banned ip clients' => 'Banned IP addresses (one per line)',
1147'advproxy banned mac clients' => 'Banned MAC addresses (one per line)',
1148'advproxy classroom extensions' => 'Classroom extensions',
1149'advproxy supervisor password' => 'Supervisor password',
1150'advproxy no cre groups' => 'There are no access groups available',
1151'advproxy cre disabled' => 'The management interface has been disabled by the Administrator',
1152'advproxy cre group definitions' => 'Classroom group definitions',
1153'advproxy cre supervisors' => 'Supervisor IP addresses (one per line)',
1154'advproxy time restrictions' => 'Time restrictions',
1155'advproxy access' => 'Access',
1156'advproxy from' => 'From',
1157'advproxy to' => 'To',
1158'advproxy mode allow' => 'allow',
1159'advproxy mode deny' => 'deny',
1160'advproxy monday' => 'Mon',
1161'advproxy tuesday' => 'Tue',
1162'advproxy wednesday' => 'Wed',
1163'advproxy thursday' => 'Thu',
1164'advproxy friday' => 'Fri',
1165'advproxy saturday' => 'Sat',
1166'advproxy sunday' => 'Sun',
1167'advproxy transfer limits' => 'Transfer limits',
1168'advproxy max download size' => 'Max download size (KB)',
1169'advproxy max upload size' => 'Max upload size (KB)',
1170'advproxy download throttling' => 'Download throttling',
1171'advproxy throttling total on' => 'Overall limit on',
1172'advproxy throttling per host on' => 'Limit per host on',
1173'advproxy throttling unlimited' => 'unlimited',
1174'advproxy content based throttling' => 'Enable content based throttling',
1175'advproxy throttle binary' => 'Binary files',
1176'advproxy throttle dskimg' => 'CD images',
1177'advproxy throttle mmedia' => 'Multimedia',
1178'advproxy MIME filter' => 'MIME type filter',
1179'advproxy MIME block types' => ' Block these MIME types (one per line)',
1180'advproxy web browser' => 'Web browser',
1181'advproxy allowed web browsers' => 'Allowed clients for web access',
1182'advproxy no clients defined' => 'No clients defined',
1183'advproxy UA enable filter' => 'Enable browser check',
1184'advproxy privacy' => 'Privacy',
1185'advproxy fake useragent' => 'Fake useragent submitted to external sites',
1186'advproxy fake referer' => 'Fake referer submitted to external sites',
1187'advproxy url filter' => 'URL filter',
1188'advproxy update accelerator' => 'Update accelerator',
1189'advproxy enabled' => 'Enabled',
1190'advproxy save and restart' => 'Save and restart',
1191'advproxy clear cache' => 'Clear Cache',
1192'advproxy reset' => 'Reset',
1193'advproxy back to main page' => 'Back to main page',
1194'advproxy AUTH method' => 'Authentication method',
1195'advproxy AUTH global settings' => 'Global authentication settings',
1196'advproxy AUTH method none' => 'None',
1197'advproxy AUTH method ncsa' => 'Local',
1198'advproxy AUTH method ident' => 'identd',
1199'advproxy AUTH method ldap' => 'LDAP',
1200'advproxy AUTH method ntlm' => 'Windows',
1201'advproxy AUTH method radius' => 'RADIUS',
1202'advproxy AUTH limit of IP addresses' => 'Limit of IP addresses per user',
1203'advproxy AUTH auth cache TTL' => 'Authentication cache TTL (in minutes)',
1204'advproxy AUTH user IP cache TTL' => 'User/IP cache TTL (in minutes)',
1205'advproxy AUTH number of auth processes' => 'Number of authentication processes',
1206'advproxy AUTH always required' => 'Require authentication for unrestricted source addresses',
1207'advproxy AUTH realm' => 'Authentication realm prompt',
1208'advproxy AUTH no auth' => 'Domains without authentication (one per line)',
1209'advproxy NCSA auth' => 'Local user authentication',
1210'advproxy NCSA user management' => 'User management',
1211'advproxy NCSA min password length' => 'Min password length',
1212'advproxy NCSA redirector bypass' => 'Bypass redirection for members of the group',
1213'advproxy NCSA create user' => 'Create user',
1214'advproxy NCSA update user' => 'Update user',
1215'advproxy NCSA user accounts' => 'User accounts',
1216'advproxy NCSA no accounts' => 'No user accounts available',
1217'advproxy NCSA username' => 'Username',
1218'advproxy NCSA password' => 'Password',
1219'advproxy NCSA password confirm' => 'Password (confirm)',
1220'advproxy NCSA group' => 'Group',
1221'advproxy NCSA group membership' => 'Group membership',
1222'advproxy NCSA grp standard' => 'Standard',
1223'advproxy NCSA grp extended' => 'Extended',
1224'advproxy NCSA grp disabled' => 'Disabled',
1225'advproxy IDENT identd settings' => 'Common identd settings',
1226'advproxy IDENT required' => 'Require identd authentication',
1227'advproxy IDENT timeout' => 'Ident timeout (in seconds)',
1228'advproxy IDENT aware hosts' => 'Ident aware hosts (one per line)',
1229'advproxy IDENT user based access restrictions' => 'User based access restrictions',
1230'advproxy IDENT authorized users' => 'Authorized users (one per line)',
1231'advproxy IDENT unauthorized users' => 'Unauthorized users (one per line)',
1232'advproxy IDENT use positive access list' => 'Use positive access control',
1233'advproxy IDENT use negative access list' => 'Use negative access control',
1234'advproxy LDAP auth' => 'LDAP authentication',
1235'advproxy LDAP common settings' => 'Common LDAP settings',
1236'advproxy LDAP binddn settings' => 'Bind DN settings',
1237'advproxy LDAP binddn username' => 'Bind DN username',
1238'advproxy LDAP binddn password' => 'Bind DN password',
1239'advproxy LDAP basedn' => 'Base DN',
1240'advproxy LDAP server' => 'LDAP Server',
1241'advproxy LDAP port' => 'Port',
1242'advproxy LDAP group access control' => 'Group based access control',
1243'advproxy LDAP group required' => 'Required group',
1244'advproxy LDAP type' => 'LDAP type',
1245'advproxy LDAP ADS' => 'Active Directory',
1246'advproxy LDAP NDS' => 'Novell eDirectory',
1247'advproxy LDAP V2' => 'LDAP version 2',
1248'advproxy LDAP V3' => 'LDAP version 3',
1249'advproxy NTLM auth' => 'Windows NT/2003 authentication',
1250'advproxy NTLM domain settings' => 'Common domain settings',
1251'advproxy NTLM domain' => 'Domain',
1252'advproxy NTLM PDC hostname' => 'PDC hostname',
1253'advproxy NTLM BDC hostname' => 'BDC hostname',
1254'advproxy NTLM user based access restrictions' => 'User based access restrictions',
1255'advproxy NTLM auth mode' => 'Authentication mode',
1256'advproxy NTLM use integrated auth' => 'Enable Windows integrated authentication',
1257'advproxy NTLM authorized users' => 'Authorized domain users (one per line)',
1258'advproxy NTLM unauthorized users' => 'Unauthorized domain users (one per line)',
1259'advproxy NTLM use positive access list' => 'Use positive access control',
1260'advproxy NTLM use negative access list' => 'Use negative access control',
1261'advproxy RADIUS radius settings' => 'Common RADIUS settings',
1262'advproxy RADIUS server' => 'RADIUS Server',
1263'advproxy RADIUS port' => 'Port',
1264'advproxy RADIUS identifier' => 'Identifier',
1265'advproxy RADIUS secret' => 'Shared secret',
1266'advproxy RADIUS user based access restrictions' => 'User based access restrictions',
1267'advproxy RADIUS authorized users' => 'Authorized users (one per line)',
1268'advproxy RADIUS unauthorized users' => 'Unauthorized users (one per line)',
1269'advproxy RADIUS use positive access list' => 'Use positive access control',
1270'advproxy RADIUS use negative access list' => 'Use negative access control',
363fb6af 1271'advproxy errmsg invalid proxy port' => 'Invalid proxy port',
1272'advproxy errmsg invalid upstream proxy username or password setting' => 'Invalid upstream proxy username or password setting',
1273'advproxy errmsg hdd cache size' => 'Invalid value for harddisk cache size (min 10 MB required)',
1274'advproxy errmsg mem cache size' => 'Invalid value for memory cache size',
363fb6af 1275'advproxy errmsg invalid destination port' => 'Invalid destination port',
1276'advproxy errmsg time restriction' => 'Invalid time restriction',
1277'advproxy errmsg no browser' => 'At least one browser or client must be selected for web access',
1278'advproxy errmsg auth children' => 'Invalid number of authentication processes',
1279'advproxy errmsg auth cache ttl' => 'Invalid value for authentication cache TTL',
1280'advproxy errmsg auth ipcache ttl' => 'Invalid value for user/IP cache TTL',
1281'advproxy errmsg max userip' => 'Invalid number of IP addresses per user',
1282'advproxy errmsg auth ipcache may not be null' => 'Authentication cache TTL may not be 0 when using IP address limits',
1283'advproxy errmsg invalid ip or mask' => 'Invalid IP address or network mask',
1284'advproxy errmsg invalid mac' => 'Invalid MAC address',
1285'advproxy errmsg non-transparent proxy required' => 'Web Proxy must be running in non-transparent mode for authentication',
1286'advproxy errmsg ident timeout' => 'Invalid ident timeout',
1287'advproxy errmsg ldap base dn' => 'LDAP base DN required',
1288'advproxy errmsg ldap server' => 'Invalid IP address for LDAP Server',
1289'advproxy errmsg ldap port' => 'Invalid LDAP port number',
1290'advproxy errmsg ldap bind dn' => 'LDAP bind DN username and password required',
1291'advproxy errmsg ntlm domain' => 'Windows domain name required',
1292'advproxy errmsg ntlm pdc' => 'Hostname for Primary Domain Controller required',
1293'advproxy errmsg invalid pdc' => 'Invalid hostname for Primary Domain Controller',
1294'advproxy errmsg invalid bdc' => 'Invalid hostname for Backup Domain Controller',
1295'advproxy errmsg radius server' => 'Invalid IP address for RADIUS Server',
1296'advproxy errmsg radius port' => 'Invalid RADIUS port number',
1297'advproxy errmsg radius secret' => 'RADIUS shared secret required',
1298'advproxy errmsg acl cannot be empty' => 'Access control list cannot be empty',
1299'advproxy errmsg no username' => 'Username can not be empty',
1300'advproxy errmsg passwords different' => 'Passwords don\'t match',
1301'advproxy errmsg password length 1' => 'Password must have at least ',
1302'advproxy errmsg password length 2' => ' characters',
1303'advproxy errmsg password length' => 'Invalid value for password length',
1304'advproxy chgwebpwd change web password' => 'C h a n g e &nbsp; w e b &nbsp; a c c e s s &nbsp; p a s s w o r d',
1305'advproxy chgwebpwd username' => 'Username',
1306'advproxy chgwebpwd old password' => 'Current password',
1307'advproxy chgwebpwd new password' => 'New password',
1308'advproxy chgwebpwd new password confirm' => 'New password (confirm)',
1309'advproxy chgwebpwd change password' => 'Change password',
1310'advproxy errmsg no password' => 'Password can not be empty',
1311'advproxy errmsg invalid user' => 'Username does not exist',
1312'advproxy errmsg password incorrect' => 'Password incorrect',
1313'advproxy errmsg change fail' => 'Password could not be changed',
1314'advproxy errmsg change success' => 'Password for web access sucessfully changed',
1315'advproxy chgwebpwd SUCCESS' => 'S U C C E S S :',
1316'advproxy chgwebpwd ERROR' => 'E R R O R :',
1317'advproxy update notification' => 'Update notification!',
1318'advproxy update information' => 'There is an updated version available for download. Visit <a href="http://www.advproxy.net" target="_blank">http://www.advproxy.net</a> for more information.',
072cd997 1319'linkq' => 'Link Quality',
6c666a3b 1320'empty profile' => 'empty',
1321'HDD temperature' => 'HDD temperature',
1322'harddisk temperature' => 'Harddisk temperature',
5ebf3d3e 1323'harddisk temperature graphs' => 'hdd temperature graphs',
60cbd6e7 1324'hdd temperature in' => 'Harddisk temperature in',
1325'ipts' => 'IPTables',
1326'iptable rules' => 'IPTable rules',
1327'iptmangles' => 'IPTable Mangles',
1328'iptnats' => 'IPTable Network Address Translation',
1329'urlfilter url filter' => 'URL filter',
1330'urlfilter filter settings' => 'URL filter settings',
1331'urlfilter configuration' => 'URL filter configuration',
1332'urlfilter enabled' => 'Enabled:',
1333'urlfilter block categories' => 'Block categories',
1334'urlfilter no categories' => 'No categories available',
1335'urlfilter custom blacklist' => 'Custom blacklist',
1336'urlfilter blocked domains' => 'Blocked domains (one per line)',
1337'urlfilter blocked urls' => 'Blocked URLs (one per line)',
1338'urlfilter enable custom blacklist' => 'Enable custom blacklist',
1339'urlfilter custom whitelist' => 'Custom whitelist',
1340'urlfilter allowed domains' => 'Allowed domains (one per line)',
1341'urlfilter allowed urls' => 'Allowed URLs (one per line)',
1342'urlfilter enable custom whitelist' => 'Enable custom whitelist',
1343'urlfilter custom expression list' => 'Custom expression list',
1344'urlfilter blocked expressions' => 'Blocked expressions (as regular expressions)',
1345'urlfilter enable custom expression list' => 'Enable custom expression list',
1346'urlfilter network access control' => 'Network based access control',
1347'urlfilter timebased access control' => 'Time based access control',
1348'urlfilter set time constraints' => 'Set time constraints',
1349'urlfilter set user quota' => 'Set user quota',
1350'urlfilter local file redirection' => 'Local file redirection',
1351'urlfilter enable rewrite rules' => 'Enable local file redirection',
1352'urlfilter manage repository' => 'Manage repository',
1353'urlfilter file ext block' => 'File extension blocking',
1354'urlfilter block executables' => 'Block executable files',
1355'urlfilter block audio-video' => 'Block audio/video files',
1356'urlfilter block archives' => 'Block compressed archive files',
1357'urlfilter unfiltered clients' => 'Unfiltered IP addresses',
1358'urlfilter banned clients' => 'Banned IP addresses',
1359'urlfilter block settings' => 'Block page settings',
1360'urlfilter show category' => 'Show category on block page',
1361'urlfilter show url' => 'Show URL on block page',
1362'urlfilter show ip' => 'Show IP on block page',
1363'urlfilter show dnserror' => 'Use "DNS Error" to block URLs',
1364'urlfilter enable jpeg' => 'Enable background image',
1365'urlfilter upload background' => 'Upload image',
1366'urlfilter background text' => 'To use a custom background image for the block page upload the .jpg file below',
1367'urlfilter redirectpage' => 'Redirect to this URL',
1368'urlfilter msg text 1' => 'Message line 1',
1369'urlfilter msg text 2' => 'Message line 2',
1370'urlfilter msg text 3' => 'Message line 3',
1371'urlfilter advanced settings' => 'Advanced settings',
1372'urlfilter block ip' => 'Block sites accessed by it\'s IP address',
1373'urlfilter enable expression lists' => 'Enable expression lists',
1374'urlfilter enable log' => 'Enable log',
1375'urlfilter username log' => 'Log username',
1376'urlfilter category log' => 'Split log by categories',
1377'urlfilter block all' => 'Block all URLs not explicitly allowed',
1378'urlfilter empty ads' => 'Block "ads" with empty window',
1379'urlfilter children' => 'Number of filter processes',
1380'urlfilter safesearch' => 'Enable SafeSearch',
1381'urlfilter whitelist always allowed' => 'Allow custom whitelist for banned clients',
1382'urlfilter save and restart' => 'Save and restart',
1383'urlfilter maintenance' => 'URL filter maintenance',
1384'urlfilter blacklist update' => 'Blacklist update',
1385'urlfilter upload information' => 'The new blacklist will be automatically compiled to prebuilt databases. Depending on the size of the blacklist, this may take several minutes. Please wait for this task to be finished before restarting the URL filter.',
1386'urlfilter upload text' => 'To install an updated blacklist upload the .tar.gz file below',
1387'urlfilter upload blacklist' => 'Upload blacklist',
1388'urlfilter automatic blacklist update' => 'Automatic blacklist update',
1389'urlfilter enable automatic blacklist update' => 'Enable automatic update',
1390'urlfilter automatic update schedule' => 'Automatic update schedule',
1391'urlfilter select source' => 'Select download source',
1392'urlfilter custom url' => 'Custom source URL',
1393'urlfilter blacklist age 1' => 'Last successful blacklist update was',
1394'urlfilter blacklist age 2' => 'days ago',
1395'urlfilter save schedule' => 'Save update settings',
1396'urlfilter update now' => 'Update now',
1397'urlfilter custom url required' => 'Custom source URL required',
1398'urlfilter backup settings' => 'Backup URL filter settings',
1399'urlfilter enable full backup' => 'Include complete blacklist',
1400'urlfilter backup' => 'Create backup file',
1401'urlfilter restore settings' => 'Restore URL filter settings',
1402'urlfilter restore text' => 'To restore a previously saved configuration upload the .tar.gz backup file below',
1403'urlfilter restore' => 'Import backup file',
1404'urlfilter update results' => 'Blacklist update results',
1405'urlfilter upload success' => 'Blacklist upload successfully completed.',
1406'urlfilter restore results' => 'Restore results',
1407'urlfilter restore success' => 'URL filter configuration has been restored. The URL filter must be restarted to activate the new settings.',
1408'urlfilter web proxy service required' => 'Web proxy service must be enabled to use URL filter',
1409'urlfilter not enabled' => 'URL filter is not enabled on the Web proxy page',
1410'urlfilter invalid num of children' => 'Invalid number of filter processes',
1411'urlfilter wrong filetype' => 'File has not the extension .tar.gz',
1412'urlfilter tar error' => 'Could not extract files from tar archive',
1413'urlfilter invalid content' => 'File is not a squidGuard compatible blacklist',
1414'urlfilter invalid restore file' => 'File is not a valid URL filter backup file',
1415'urlfilter backup error' => 'Unable to create backup file',
1416'urlfilter manage local file repository' => 'Manage local file repository',
1417'urlfilter repository information' => 'Download requests for these files will be redirected from the original source to the local file repository.',
1418'urlfilter upload file text' => 'To add a file to the local repository upload the file below',
1419'urlfilter upload file' => 'Upload file',
1420'urlfilter upload file information 1' => 'Note',
1421'urlfilter upload file information 2' => 'The URL filter needs to be restarted to activate changes to the repository.',
1422'urlfilter current files' => 'Current files in local repository',
1423'urlfilter empty repository' => 'Local file repository is empty',
1424'urlfilter filename' => 'Name',
1425'urlfilter filesize' => 'Size',
1426'urlfilter remove file' => 'Remove file from repository',
1427'urlfilter restart notification' => 'Activate changed rules',
1428'urlfilter restart message' => 'The URL filter must be restarted to activate the changed rules',
1429'urlfilter restart' => 'Restart URL filter',
1430'urlfilter edit time constraint rule' => 'Edit an existing time constraint rule',
1431'urlfilter add new time constraint rule' => 'Add new time constraint rule',
1432'urlfilter add rule' => 'Add',
1433'urlfilter update rule' => 'Update',
1434'urlfilter reset' => 'Reset',
1435'urlfilter constraint definition' => 'Definition',
1436'urlfilter time space' => 'Time space',
1437'urlfilter from' => 'From',
1438'urlfilter to' => 'To',
1439'urlfilter source' => 'Source host(s) or network(s)',
1440'urlfilter src' => 'Source',
1441'urlfilter dst' => 'Destination',
1442'urlfilter access' => 'Access',
1443'urlfilter allow access' => 'Allow access',
1444'urlfilter block access' => 'Block access',
1445'urlfilter allow' => 'Allow',
1446'urlfilter block' => 'Block',
1447'urlfilter constraint within' => 'within',
1448'urlfilter constraint outside' => 'outside',
1449'urlfilter mode allow' => 'allow',
1450'urlfilter mode block' => 'block',
1451'urlfilter category all' => 'any',
1452'urlfilter select multi' => 'Press Ctrl key to select multiple categories',
1453'urlfilter monday' => 'Mon',
1454'urlfilter tuesday' => 'Tue',
1455'urlfilter wednesday' => 'Wed',
1456'urlfilter thursday' => 'Thu',
1457'urlfilter friday' => 'Fri',
1458'urlfilter saturday' => 'Sat',
1459'urlfilter sunday' => 'Sun',
1460'urlfilter mon' => 'M',
1461'urlfilter tue' => 'T',
1462'urlfilter wed' => 'W',
1463'urlfilter thu' => 'T',
1464'urlfilter fri' => 'F',
1465'urlfilter sat' => 'S',
1466'urlfilter sun' => 'S',
1467'urlfilter back to main page' => 'Back to main page',
1468'urlfilter timespace error' => 'Error in time space declaration',
1469'urlfilter weekday error' => 'There must be at least one day selected',
1470'urlfilter src error' => 'Source cannot be empty',
1471'urlfilter dst error' => 'There must be at least one category selected',
1472'urlfilter logs' => 'URL filter logs',
1473'urlfilter log viewer' => 'URL filter log viewer',
1474'urlfilter log summary' => 'Total number of URL filter hits for',
1475'urlfilter time' => 'Time',
1476'urlfilter category' => 'Category',
1477'urlfilter client' => 'Client',
1478'urlfilter username' => 'Username',
1479'urlfilter edit user quota rule' => 'Edit an existing user quota rule',
1480'urlfilter add new user quota rule' => 'Add new user quota rule',
1481'urlfilter user time quota' => 'Time quota (in minutes)',
1482'urlfilter disabled' => 'disabled',
1483'urlfilter minutes' => 'minutes',
1484'urlfilter hourly' => 'hourly',
1485'urlfilter daily' => 'daily',
1486'urlfilter weekly' => 'weekly',
1487'urlfilter monthly' => 'monthly',
1488'urlfilter assigned quota users' => 'Assigned users (one per line)',
1489'urlfilter activity detection' => 'Activity detection',
1490'urlfilter renewal period' => 'Renewal period',
1491'urlfilter renewal' => 'Renewal',
1492'urlfilter time quota' => 'Time quota',
1493'urlfilter assigned users' => 'Assigned users',
1494'urlfilter quota time error' => 'Invalid value for time quota',
1495'urlfilter quota user error' => 'At least one username is required',
1496'urlfilter invalid user error' => 'Invalid username',
1497'urlfilter quota restart message' => 'Note: The counters will be reset for all users when restarting the URL filter',
1498'urlfilter blacklist editor' => 'Blacklist editor',
1499'urlfilter urlfilter blacklist editor' => 'URL filter blacklist editor',
1500'urlfilter blacklist editor info' => 'Create and edit your own blacklist files',
1501'urlfilter blacklist name' => 'Blacklist name',
1502'urlfilter blacklist category name' => 'Blacklist category name',
1503'urlfilter edit domains urls expressions' => 'Edit domains, URLs and expressions',
1504'urlfilter domains' => 'Domains (one per line)',
1505'urlfilter urls' => 'URLs (one per line)',
1506'urlfilter expressions' => 'Expressions (one per line)',
1507'urlfilter import blacklist' => 'Import blacklist',
1508'urlfilter import text' => 'To import a previously saved blacklist editor file upload the .tar.gz file below',
1509'urlfilter export blacklist' => 'Export blacklist',
1510'urlfilter select blacklist' => 'Select existing blacklist',
1511'urlfilter load blacklist' => 'Load blacklist',
1512'urlfilter install blacklist' => 'Install blacklist',
1513'urlfilter install information' => 'The new blacklist will be automatically compiled to prebuilt databases. Depending on the size of the blacklist, this may take several minutes.',
1514'urlfilter dont restart urlfilter' => 'Do not restart URL filter',
1515'urlfilter category name error' => 'Blacklist category name required',
1516'urlfilter category data error' => 'Blacklist is empty',
1517'urlfilter invalid import file' => 'File is not a valid URL filter blacklist editor file',
1518'urlfilter export error' => 'Unable to create export file',
1519'urlfilter update notification' => 'Update notification!',
1520'urlfilter update information' => 'There is an updated version available for download. Visit <a href="http://www.urlfilter.net" target="_blank">http://www.urlfilter.net</a> for more information.',
0937506a 1521'urlfilter logs' => 'URL filter logs',
bd365f3a 1522'display webinterface effects' => 'Activate effects',
d9b7aa33 1523'outgoing firewall' => 'Outgoing Firewall',
1524'mbmon graphs' => 'mbmon Graphs',
1525'mbmon settings' => 'mbmongraph Settings',
1526'mbmon display' => 'Display',
1527'mbmon value' => 'Value',
1528'mbmon label' => 'Label',
1529'mbmon fan' => 'Fan Speed',
1530'mbmon fan in' => 'Fan Speed in',
1531'mbmon temp' => 'Temperature',
1532'mbmon temp in' => 'Temperature in',
1533'mbmon volt' => 'Voltage',
1534'current devices' => 'Current devices',
1535'invalid mac address' => 'Invalid MAC address',
1536'WakeOnLan' => 'Wake On LAN',
1537'wol wakeup' => 'WakeUp',
957fb958 1538'magic packet send to:' => 'Magic packet send to:',
72586b9f 1539'hardware graphs' => 'hardware graphs',
1540'net config' => 'Network configuration',
1541'net config type' => 'kind of network configuration',
1542'net config type help' => 'GREEN is the local network, RED is the internet, BLUE is WLAN, ORANGE is the DMZ.',
1543'net address' => 'net address',
1544'connscheduler' => 'Connection Scheduler',
1545'ConnSched add action' => 'Add action',
1546'ConnSched change profile title' => 'Change to profile:',
1547'ConnSched action' => 'Action:',
1548'ConnSched days' => 'Days:',
1549'ConnSched time' => 'Time:',
1550'ConnSched weekdays' => 'Days of the week:',
1551'ConnSched down' => 'Down',
1552'ConnSched reconnect' => 'Reconnect',
1553'ConnSched scheduled actions' => 'Scheduled actions',
1554'ConnSched scheduler' => 'Scheduler',
1555'ConnSched select profile' => 'Select profile',
1556'ConnSched up' => 'Up',
1557'ConnSched ipsecstart' => 'IPSec (re)start',
1558'ConnSched ipsecstop' => 'IPSec stop',
f8e080ef 1559'theme' => 'Theme',
1560'updxlrtr update accelerator' => 'Update Accelerator',
1561'updxlrtr configuration' => 'Update Accelerator configuration',
1562'updxlrtr common settings' => 'Common settings',
1563'updxlrtr enable log' => 'Enable log',
1564'updxlrtr children' => 'Number of accelerator processes',
1565'updxlrtr passive mode' => 'Enable passive mode',
1566'updxlrtr max disk usage' => 'Max. disk usage',
1567'updxlrtr low download priority' => 'Lower CPU priority for downloads',
1568'updxlrtr source checkup' => 'Source checkup',
1569'updxlrtr enable autocheck' => 'Enable automatic source checkup',
1570'updxlrtr source checkup schedule' => 'Source checkup schedule',
1571'updxlrtr full autosync' => 'Replace outdated files during checkup',
1572'updxlrtr daily' => 'daily',
1573'updxlrtr weekly' => 'weekly',
1574'updxlrtr monthly' => 'monthly',
1575'updxlrtr maintenance' => 'Cache maintenance',
1576'updxlrtr purge' => 'Purge',
1577'updxlrtr all files' => 'all files ...',
1578'updxlrtr marked as' => 'marked as',
1579'updxlrtr not accessed' => 'not accessed since',
1580'updxlrtr week' => 'one week',
1581'updxlrtr month' => 'one month',
1582'updxlrtr 3 months' => 'three months',
1583'updxlrtr 6 months' => 'six months',
1584'updxlrtr year' => 'one year',
1585'updxlrtr save and restart' => 'Save and restart',
1586'updxlrtr web proxy service required' => 'Web proxy service must be enabled to use Update Accelerator',
1587'updxlrtr invalid num of children' => 'Invalid number of accelerator processes',
1588'updxlrtr invalid disk usage' => 'Invalid value for max. disk usage',
1589'updxlrtr not enabled' => 'Update Accelerator is not enabled on the Web proxy page',
1590'updxlrtr current files' => 'Current files in local cache',
1591'updxlrtr empty repository' => 'Local cache is empty',
1592'updxlrtr filename' => 'Name',
1593'updxlrtr filesize' => 'Size',
1594'updxlrtr last access' => 'Last cache access',
1595'updxlrtr last checkup' => 'Last source checkup',
1596'updxlrtr source' => 'Source',
1597'updxlrtr unknown' => 'Unknown',
1598'updxlrtr disk usage' => 'Disk usage',
1599'updxlrtr cache dir' => 'Cache directory',
1600'updxlrtr remove file' => 'Remove from cache',
1601'updxlrtr condition ok' => 'Up to date',
1602'updxlrtr condition nosource' => 'No source',
1603'updxlrtr condition outdated' => 'Not verified / Out of date',
1604'updxlrtr condition download' => 'Downloading',
1605'updxlrtr update notification' => 'Update notification!',
1606'updxlrtr update information' => 'There is an updated version available for download. Visit <a href="http://www.advproxy.net" target="_blank">http://www.advproxy.net</a> for more information.',