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1 Standard use commands in the order you may need them.
2 prefetch : preload all necessary files in cache before compilation
3 build : compile the distribution
4 clean : erase build and log to recompile everything from scratch
6 Optional
7 gettoolchain : optionally load from sourceforge a precompilated toolchain
8 package. This solve some compilation issues on old or very
9 recent distributions and save 20% of next full building time.
10 If you want to use it, do it before build step
12 Maintainer / advanced commands
13 changelog : Update doc/Changelog from CVS messages log
14 check : Test if packages files are still available for download
15 This is faster on http URL with --spider,but still slow on ftp
16 because of real load.
17 checkclean : Erase all check mark on cache directory to be able to check
18 another time
19 dist : Mainly produce a diff from previous version to track wich
20 files have been changed
21 newupdate : Add on CVS structure for new update directory and files
22 rootfiles : Goal is to create update/x/ROOTFILES automatically in the
23 futur. Build md5 of all included files in iso and list of
24 changed or removed files (not yet fully usable at some
25 packages include a compilation timestamp, so md5 change at
26 every compilation)
27 toolchain : Create our own toolchain package to save 20% of build time.
28 shell : Enter a shell inside the chroot, used to tune lfs script
29 and / or during kernel upgrade to rebuild a new .config