2012-12-17  Arne FitzenreiterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next' into thirteen
2012-12-17  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Fix client package creation.
2012-12-17  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: remove grub-install drivecheck.
2012-12-17  Arne FitzenreiterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next' into thirteen
2012-12-17  Arne Fitzenreitersamba: update to 3.5.20.
2012-12-17  Arne FitzenreiterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next' into thirteen
2012-12-17  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'thirteen' of ssh://
2012-12-17  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: updated kernel config.
2012-12-16  Michael Tremeropenvpn ccd: Multiple installation fixes.
2012-12-16  Arne FitzenreiterRevert "snort: Update to 2.9.4."
2012-12-11  Daniel Weismuellerbash: Clear console before logout to not leak any infor...
2012-12-11  Michael Tremeretherwake: Also send broadcast packet.
2012-12-11  Michael Tremersnort: Update to 2.9.4.
2012-12-11  Michael Tremerrouting.cgi: Allow adding static routes with subnet...
2012-12-10  Michael Tremerstrongswan: Enable eap-radius plugin.
2012-12-08  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: updated i586/i586-pae config.
2012-12-08  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 3.2.35.
2012-12-07  Alexander MarxOpenVPN ccd: fix creation of ccd directory via ovpn...
2012-12-07  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: add core65 changes to updater.
2012-12-06  Arne FitzenreiterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next' into thirteen
2012-12-06  Arne Fitzenreitercore65: close core65.
2012-12-06  Arne FitzenreiterGeoIP: updated 05122012.
2012-12-06  Arne Fitzenreiterbackup: add vnstat,collectd and outgoingfw-macgroups...
2012-12-06  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update rpi-patchset and some sound options.
2012-12-05  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: disables SND_SOC support on intel kernels.
2012-12-05  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: disable size optimization.
2012-12-04  Arne Fitzenreiteralsa/kernel: updated alsa to 1.26 and switch to interna...
2012-12-01  Arne Fitzenreiternut: disable parallel build.
2012-12-01  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: add some machine,kernel,space checks.
2012-11-29  Alexander MarxOpenVPN ccd: fixed typos in ccd-files
2012-11-29  Arne Fitzenreitercompat-wireless: update to 3.6.8-1-snp.
2012-11-29  Michael Tremercore 65: Don't replace crontab.
2012-11-28  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/next' into next
2012-11-28  Michael Tremercore 65: Ship vpnmain.cgi.
2012-11-28  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'amarx/ipsec' into next
2012-11-28  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Some cosmetic changes on the Net-to-Net...
2012-11-28  Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2012-11-28  Alexander MarxOpenVPN ccd: created subnet checkfunction in general_fu...
2012-11-28  Alexander MarxOpenVPN ccd: fixed counter in static networks. Only...
2012-11-28  Alexander MarxOpenVPN ccd: added alphanumeric sort of static networks...
2012-11-28  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'thirteen' of ssh://
2012-11-28  Arne Fitzenreiterpycurl: remove dependency to curl because curl is no...
2012-11-28  Arne Fitzenreitertoolchain: bump version.
2012-11-26  Michael TremerAdd daq library to core update 65.
2012-11-26  Arne Fitzenreiterdaq: fix rootfile (part2).
2012-11-26  Arne Fitzenreiterdaq: fix rootfile.
2012-11-26  Arne Fitzenreitermisc-progs: setportfw: fix unintialised strings.
2012-11-26  Michael Tremermisc-progs: Fix some more uninitialized variables.
2012-11-26  Arne FitzenreiterRevert "libsmooth: findkey: Empty target string if...
2012-11-26  Michael Tremersarg: Don't build user agent report.
2012-11-26  Michael Tremersarg: Create initial report right after sarg has been...
2012-11-26  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: reload init after unpacking.
2012-11-26  Alexander MarxIPSEC: added checkroutine for used OpenVPN subnets...
2012-11-26  Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2012-11-26  Michael TremerAdd links to sarg reports on the proxy reports page.
2012-11-26  Michael Tremerapache: Allow accessing sarg reports for admins.
2012-11-26  Michael Tremersarg: Remove all previously created reports of "today".
2012-11-26  Michael Tremerfcron: Run weekly tasks on Monday.
2012-11-26  Michael Tremersarg: New addon.
2012-11-26  Michael Tremercalamaris: Fix viewing reports.
2012-11-26  Michael TremerMerge branch 'create-core-65' into next
2012-11-26  Alexander MarxOpenVPN ccd: try to adapt changes to latest next branch.
2012-11-25  Michael Tremerlibsmooth: findkey: Empty target string if key could...
2012-11-25  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: bump package release.
2012-11-25  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: change 2.13 updater to core66.
2012-11-25  Arne Fitzenreiterfirstsetup: initiate linux-pae installation.
2012-11-24  Arne Fitzenreiterv4l_dvb: add Bestunar US638x HD driver.
2012-11-24  Michael Tremerstrongswan: Remove old files from system.
2012-11-24  Michael TremerCompile-in IPv6 kernel module and disable all IPv6.
2012-11-24  Michael Tremercpufrequtils: Bump release version.
2012-11-24  Michael Tremeripsec: Shut up strongswan logging.
2012-11-24  Daniel Weismuellercpufreq: Fix loading of cpufreq modules with newer...
2012-11-24  Michael TremerShip vi in update.
2012-11-24  Michael TremerRemove preloading libsafe.
2012-11-24  Michael Tremerprocps: Ship watch command.
2012-11-23  Michael TremerCreate core update 65.
2012-11-23  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/next' into next
2012-11-23  Alexander Marxopenvpn ccd: Fix subnet mask validation.
2012-11-23  Alexander Marxopenvpn ccd: Minor fixes: iroute, delete route line.
2012-11-22  Arne Fitzenreiterlinux-pae: fix baudrate of serial console.
2012-11-22  Arne Fitzenreitercoreutils: fix rootfile.
2012-11-22  Michael Tremerncurses: Add tset (reset links to tset).
2012-11-22  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Check and only allow valid operation...
2012-11-22  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Path MTU Discovery defaults to Off on...
2012-11-22  Stefan SchantlRevert "openvpn.cgi: Respect if mtu-disc hasn't been...
2012-11-22  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: several improvements and fixes.
2012-11-22  Arne Fitzenreiterlinux-pae: if pae is supported set pae kernel for next...
2012-11-21  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: add bridge-utils.
2012-11-21  Arne Fitzenreitermediatomb: add libexif as dependency.
2012-11-21  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: don't use pakfire function for untar.
2012-11-21  Arne Fitzenreiterinitskripts: do more syncing on shutdown.
2012-11-21  Arne Fitzenreiterupdater: add acpid initskripts.
2012-11-20  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Path MTU Discovery defaults to Off on...
2012-11-20  Alexander Marxopenvpn ccd: Minor fixes.
2012-11-19  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'thirteen' of
2012-11-19  Arne Fitzenreiterrpi-firmware: update to 855e997.
2012-11-19  Michael Tremerbridge-utils: Update to 1.5.
2012-11-19  Stefan Schantlopenvpn.cgi: Respect if mtu-disc hasn't been configured...
2012-11-19  Arne Fitzenreiterdracut: arm rootfile update.
2012-11-17  Arne Fitzenreiterw_scan: some fixes for startskript.