2014-02-04  Michael Tremercore76: Sort exclude file alphabetically.
2014-02-04  Michael TremerNever include rc.local or firewall.local in a core...
2014-02-04  Michael Tremerfirewall.cgi: Fix path to
2014-02-02  Alexander Marxopenvpn: Wrong subnet calculation bug fix.
2014-02-02  Michael TremerMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-02-02  Michael TremerAdd an entropy graph.
2014-02-02  Arne Fitzenreiterkrng: use kernel entropy if no random-seed is stored.
2014-02-02  Arne Fitzenreiterremote.cgi: display ed25519 fingerprint.
2014-02-01  Alexander MarxUpdate perl-DBI to 1.631
2014-02-01  Alexander Marxperl-File-ReadBackwards added
2014-02-01  Alexander MarxDBD-SQLite Addon added
2014-02-01  Arne Fitzenreiterxen-image: fix typo.
2014-02-01  Michael Tremerapache: Don't show the signal of sync.
2014-02-01  Arne Fitzenreiterapache: sync filesystem after key generating.
2014-02-01  Michael Tremerrngd: Mix-in RDRAND and reload for HWRNGs added at...
2014-02-01  Michael Tremeropenssh: Update to 6.5p1.
2014-02-01  Michael TremerMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-02-01  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Update to 2.1.8.
2014-02-01  Arne Fitzenreitercore76: fix setting --noclear for xvc0.
2014-02-01  Arne Fitzenreitercore76: add /usr/lib/firewall to updater.
2014-02-02  Arne Fitzenreiterudev: mount /dev/shm and /dev/pts if not mounted.
2014-01-29  Arne Fitzenreiterinstaller: add gpt support.
2014-01-29  Michael Tremerrngd: Add initscript to rootfiles.
2014-01-29  Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2014-01-29  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'amarx/wlanap' into next
2014-01-29  Michael Tremerrng-tools: New package.
2014-01-29  Michael Tremerkernel: Enable Geode AES module again.
2014-01-29  Michael Tremerstrongswan: Enable dhcp and farp plugin (#10467).
2014-01-29  Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2014-01-29  Michael Tremercore76: Add timezone-transition script to updater.
2014-01-29  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'ms/timezone-transision...
2014-01-29  Michael TremerFix firewall rules update that it will only execute...
2014-01-29  Michael Tremercore76: Add jobs for daylight saving time to updater.
2014-01-29  Alexander MarxCRON: reread firewallrules daylight saving
2014-01-29  Alexander MarxNEW THEME: added padding right for TH and TD tags
2014-01-29  Alexander MarxNEW THEME: added padding-left to all tables <td> becaus...
2014-01-29  Alexander MarxFirewallgroups: added untranslated string 'name'
2014-01-29  Alexander MarxFIREWALL: changes column title in firewall-groups from...
2014-01-29  Arne Fitzenreiterxen: add -noclear to xvc0 console.
2014-01-28  Michael Tremercore76: Cleanup rootfile.
2014-01-28  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/core-76-update...
2014-01-28  Michael Tremerfirewall: Move scripts from /var/ipfire/firewall/bin...
2014-01-26  Arne Fitzenreiterxen-downloader: increase disk sizes and kernel packvers.
2014-01-26  Arne Fitzenreiterpakfire: fix metafile problems.
2014-01-26  Michael Tremermysql: Fix updating the package.
2014-01-26  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 3.10.28.
2014-01-25  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel-rpi: update rpi patches to 943b563.
2014-01-25  Arne Fitzenreiterrpi-firmware: update to 940dc3b.
2014-01-25  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel-kirkwood: build mmc,mmc_block and mvsdio into...
2014-01-23  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel-multi: add inital pandaboard support.
2014-01-23  Arne FitzenreiterWebIF: fix gpl accept redirection for elinks.
2014-01-23  Stefan SchantlCore 76: Don't extract firewall config files.
2014-01-23  Alexander Marxwlanap: mon-device no longer displayed
2014-01-23  Alexander MarxWLANAP: layout changes for WUI
2014-01-21  Alexander MarxFirewall: Bugfix - when using addressgroups with mac...
2014-01-20  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/avahi-fixes' into...
2014-01-20  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'trikolon/nginx' into...
2014-01-20  Erik Kapferopenvpn: Since port must be < 1024 we can drop the...
2014-01-20  Arne FitzenreiterWebIF: add gpl.cgi to images.
2014-01-19  Michael TremerAdd timezone transision script.
2014-01-19  Ben SchweikertNginx: Update to version 1.4.4 (stable version).
2014-01-19  Michael Remove "Connection: close".
2014-01-19  Stefan Schantlglibc: Ship getent binary.
2014-01-19  Stefan Schantlavahi: Fix certain problems.
2014-01-18  Stefan SchantlDrop "Extra Query" for Shutdown and Reboot from gui...
2014-01-18  Stefan SchantlMake firewall convert scripts more robust.
2014-01-18  Stefan SchantlCore 76: Fix sed command.
2014-01-18  Stefan SchantlCore76: Drop output of iptables commands.
2014-01-16  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-01-16  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: fix multi-arch kernel compile.
2014-01-16  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: updata package list for addon install after...
2014-01-16  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: fix core_nr display on updater.
2014-01-16  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 3.10.27.
2014-01-16  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-01-16  Michael TremerFix sourecode upload.
2014-01-15  Arne Fitzenreiterclamav: update to 0.98.1.
2014-01-15  Michael TremerMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-01-15  Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2014-01-15  Alexander Marxfirewall: some layout changes and new plausi checks...
2014-01-14  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-01-14  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: don't run firstsetup after update.
2014-01-14  Stefan SchantlFirewall: Hide rule actions when using NAT.
2014-01-14  Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2014-01-14  Alexander Marxindex.cgi: Re-design index page.
2014-01-14  Alexander Marxfirewall: perl modifications for hiding rule action...
2014-01-14  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: increase size of pae kernel.
2014-01-12  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: remove /var/run from fstab.
2014-01-12  Arne fix git branch read for new git versions.
2014-01-12  Michael TremerMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-01-12  Michael TremerLimit /run to 8M.
2014-01-12  Michael Tremerinitscripts: Fix syntax error when mounting /run.
2014-01-12  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of ssh://
2014-01-12  Arne Fitzenreiterinstaller: wget need libidn.
2014-01-12  Arne Fitzenreiterudev: remove /var/run mount from initskript.
2014-01-12  Michael TremerOpenVPN: Fix daemon stuck in WAIT state.
2014-01-12  Stefan Schantlopenvpnctrl: Pass external IP address to N2N daemons.
2014-01-12  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: move /var/run to /run.
2014-01-12  Arne FitzenreiterRevert "toolchain: Fix compiling due to Stack Protector...
2014-01-11  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: add missing do.
2014-01-11  Arne Fitzenreiterfifteen: update diskspace and number of files.