Automatic date update in
[thirdparty/binutils-gdb.git] / bfd / version.h
1 /* The date below is automatically updated every day by a bot. During
2 development, we include the date in the tools' version strings
3 (visible in 'ld -v' etc.) because people build binutils from a
4 variety of sources - git, tarballs, distro sources - and we want
5 something that can easily identify the source they used when they
6 report bugs. The bfd version plus date is usually good enough for
7 that purpose.
9 During development, this date ends up in libbfd and libopcodes
10 sonames because people naturally expect shared libraries with the
11 same soname to have compatible ABIs. We could bump the bfd version
12 on every ABI change, but that's just another thing contributors and
13 maintainers would need to remember. Instead, it's much easier for
14 all if the soname contains the date. This is not perfect but is
15 good enough.
17 In releases, the date is not included in either version strings or
18 sonames. */
19 #define BFD_VERSION_DATE 20200601
20 #define BFD_VERSION @bfd_version@
21 #define BFD_VERSION_STRING @bfd_version_package@ @bfd_version_string@
22 #define REPORT_BUGS_TO @report_bugs_to@