5 hours ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in master
6 hours ago  Christian BiesingerMake GDB compile with Python 3 on MinGW
14 hours ago  Tom de Vries[gdb/testsuite] Make gdb_test message more informative...
14 hours ago  Dennis ZhangArm: Add support for missing CPUs
15 hours ago  Nick CliftonFix an illegal memory access when dumping corrupt x86_6...
16 hours ago  Nick Cliftonoops - omitted changelog entry from previous delta.
17 hours ago  Nick CliftonPrevent a floating point exception in the dwarf parser...
17 hours ago  Bosco Garc?aFix the assembler's floating point number parser so...
17 hours ago  Andrew Burgessgdb/fortran: Remove some dead code from the parser
18 hours ago  Tamar ChristinaAArch64: Fix LD crash on weak and undefined TLS symbols...
18 hours ago  Barnaby WilksImplement a float16 directive for assembling 16 bit...
19 hours ago  Kyrylo Tkachov[AArch64][gas] Update MTE system register encodings
24 hours ago  Alan ModraARM CMSE symbols
29 hours ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in
33 hours ago  Pedro AlvesFix nullptr in with_command_1
33 hours ago  Christian BiesingerFix g++ 9.1 build breakage
36 hours ago  Jinke Fangdb/djgpp: Add Hygon Dhyana processor support
43 hours ago  Tom de Vries[gdb/testsuite] Stabilize gdb-caching-proc.exp test...
2 days ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in
2 days ago  Tom TromeyChange some tui_data_window methods to be private
2 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove some defines from tui-data.h
2 days ago  Tom TromeyMove some defines to tui-stack.c
2 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_make_window to be a method
2 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove tui_data_window::display_regs
2 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove indirection from tui_data_window::regs_content
2 days ago  Tom TromeyAdd two methods to tui_data_window
2 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_check_register_values to be a method
2 days ago  Tom TromeyRearrange tui-regs.c some more
2 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_data_item_window::content to be a unique_xma...
2 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove tui_data_item_window::value
2 days ago  Tom TromeyMinor rearrangement in tui-regs.c
2 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove NULL check from tui_reg_command
2 days ago  Tom TromeySome i18n fixes for the TUI
2 days ago  Nick CliftonRemove test files for a different patch accidentally...
2 days ago  Dennis ZhangAdds support for following CPUs to the ARM and Aarch64...
2 days ago  Tamar ChristinaArm: Fix performance issue with thumb-2 tailcalls
2 days ago  Tom de Vries[gdb/testsuite] Clean up stale exec in gdb_compile_pascal
2 days ago  Conrad MeyerImprove remote attach round-trips without btrace
3 days ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in
3 days ago  Faraz ShahbazkerMIPS/gas: Fix misaligned address errors to disregard...
3 days ago  Faraz ShahbazkerMIPS/gas: Retain ISA mode bit for labels with .insn...
3 days ago  Tom TromeyFix indentation in value_has_field
3 days ago  Tom TromeyFix Fortran regression with variables in nested functions
3 days ago  Tom TromeyAdd Rust support to source highlighting
3 days ago  Tom TromeyAdd --with-static-standard-libraries to the top level
3 days ago  Tom TromeyFix N^2 behavior in _bfd_dwarf2_find_symbol_bias
3 days ago  Alan ModraPR24898, An out-of-bounds read occured in display_data
3 days ago  Alan ModraPowerPC64 ha/lo insn checks
4 days ago  Barnaby WilksFloat16: Fix test failures for non ELF targets
4 days ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in
5 days ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in
5 days ago  Alan ModraPR24911, Heap overflow issue in qsort_r, dwarf.c
6 days ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in
6 days ago  Tom de Vries[gdb/testsuite] Fix compare-sections.exp with -fPIE...
6 days ago  H.J. Lux86-64: Move PIC check for PC-relative relocations...
6 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove the TUI execution info window
6 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove useless assignment from tui_remove_hooks
6 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_show_symtab_source to be a method
6 days ago  Tom TromeyIntroduce tui_source_window_base::set_contents method
6 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_update_breakpoint_info to be a method
6 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_update_source_window to be a method
6 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_update_source_window_as_is to be a method
6 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove "noerror" parameter from some TUI functions
6 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove separate visibility flag
6 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove m_has_locator
6 days ago  Martin LiskaFix detection of missing plugin for LTO objects.
6 days ago  Alan HaywardMove [PAC] into a new MI field addr_flags
6 days ago  Christophe... [ld] [arm] Add support for noinit section
6 days ago  Alan ModraPR24909, Uninitialized use on stack in readelf
7 days ago  Alan ModraPowerPC gcc bootstrap fail with bss-plt
7 days ago  Alan ModraAligned vs. unaligned ppc32 relocs
7 days ago  Sandra LoosemoreFix paste-o in examine-backward.exp.
7 days ago  GDB AdministratorAutomatic date update in
7 days ago  Tom de Vries[gdb] Make maint info sections print relocated addresses
7 days ago  Tom TromeyTUI resize unification
7 days ago  Tom TromeyFix bug with character enumeration literal
7 days ago  Christian BiesingerRename internal Python functions to start with an under...
7 days ago  Jim WilsonRISC-V: Fix lui relaxation issue with code at address 0.
7 days ago  Tom TromeyTUI window resize should not need invisibility
7 days ago  Tom TromeyChange TUI source window iteration
7 days ago  Tom TromeyRename the "reset" method to "resize"
7 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove tui_initialize_static_data
7 days ago  Tom TromeyMinor simplification in tui_default_win_viewport_height
7 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove tui_clear_source_content
7 days ago  Tom TromeyTurn tui_erase_source_content into a method
7 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove tui_alloc_source_buffer
7 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_line_is_displayed to be a method
7 days ago  Tom TromeyChange tui_addr_is_displayed into a method
7 days ago  Tom TromeyMove contents of tui_show_frame_info to new method
7 days ago  Tom TromeyAvoid string_file in tui_make_status_line
7 days ago  Tom TromeyMove locator code to tui-stack.c
7 days ago  Tom TromeyRemove FIXMEs from tui-layout.c
7 days ago  Tom TromeySimplify TUI boxing
7 days ago  Sandra LoosemoreDisable dw2-dir-file-name.exp on remote and/or Windows...
7 days ago  Sandra LoosemoreSkip batch-preserve-term-settings.exp tests that cannot...
7 days ago  Tom TromeyUse gdb::byte_vector in target_write_memory
7 days ago  Christian Biesinger[testsuite] Make the testsuite work on mingw
7 days ago  Nick CliftonAdd a description of the 'n' symbol type displayed...
7 days ago  Tom TromeyReplace write_inferior_memory with target_write_memory
7 days ago  Tom TromeySimplify write_inferior_memory