9 days ago Ondrej Zajicek... OSPFv3: Fix some overlooked cases in IPv4 mode master
13 days ago Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Handle corner cases in event ordering
2019-04-03 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Promiscuous ASN mode
2019-04-02 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Separate runtime and config usage of local/remote...
2019-03-19 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Route attribute cleanups
2019-03-19 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Mandatory option for channels
2019-03-18 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Handle case where capabilites are not used
2019-03-18 Maria MatejkaBuild: Automatic dependency tracking for generated...
2019-03-14 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Update handling of temporary attributes
2019-03-06 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Improved handling of tmpattrs
2019-02-26 Ondrej Zajicek... NEWS and version update v2.0.4
2019-02-22 Maria MatejkaConf: Switch for faster (and slightly bigger) lexer
2019-02-22 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Do not compare rte.flags during rte_update()
2019-02-19 Ondrej Zajicek... HTML are no longer generated in srcdir
2019-02-19 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Detect SP/OpenSP automatically
2019-02-19 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Prevent withdraws from propagation back to source...
2019-02-17 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Reset LSAs during area type change
2019-02-13 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Basic support for DN-bit handling (RFC 4576)
2019-02-09 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Do not originate Router-Information LSA
2019-02-09 Ondrej Zajicek... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mq-opt'
2019-02-05 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Improve export counter handling
2019-02-05 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Report preferred counters also when 'import keep...
2019-02-03 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Send direct acknowledgements as unicast
2019-02-03 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Reject duplicate DBDES packets after dead interval
2019-02-03 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: DD seqnum should be initialized only for first...
2019-02-03 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Reject DBDES packets with non-matching MTU
2019-02-02 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Reestablish preferred counters
2019-02-01 Maria MatejkaPerf: Added forgotten all-protocol options mq-opt
2019-01-31 Maria MatejkaNest: FIB rehash values tweaked for better performance
2019-01-31 Maria MatejkaPerf: Prune the table after every loop to have clean...
2019-01-31 Maria MatejkaPerf: Write also BIRD version to have all the needed...
2019-01-31 Maria MatejkaNest: Don't lookup net in table before filters are...
2019-01-30 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Prevent withdraws from propagation back to source...
2019-01-26 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Add documentation for OSPF retransmit delay option
2019-01-26 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Remove doc for already removed option
2019-01-26 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Cleanup channels when going down
2019-01-24 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Opaque LSAs and Router Information LSA
2019-01-17 Jan Maria MatejkaNest: Don't make tmp_attr before preexport is called
2019-01-04 Ondrej Zajicek... NEWS and version update v2.0.3
2019-01-04 Ondrej Zajicek... Unix: Remove removed option from help
2019-01-04 Ondrej Zajicek... BSD: Fix TCP-MD5 code on current FreeBSD kernels
2019-01-03 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: README and INSTALL update
2019-01-02 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Better dispatch of incoming connections
2019-01-02 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Postpone setting link_addr
2018-12-28 Arthur GautierKRT: Fix debug messages in netlink code
2018-12-18 Ondrej Zajicek... IO: Workaround for broken FreeBSD behavior
2018-12-18 Maria MatějkaPerf: Protocol to measure BIRD performance internally
2018-12-18 Jan Maria MatejkaDebug: support for -gdwarf-4 is not available everywhere
2018-12-18 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Handle labels_orig correctly in attribute cache
2018-12-17 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix wrong LSA collisions detection
2018-12-16 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Extend 'next hop keep' and 'next hop self' options
2018-12-16 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix handling of ECMP next hop flags
2018-12-16 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: fix bug in previous patches related to channel...
2018-12-16 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Better handling of non-matching AFI in nexthops
2018-12-14 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Rename code documentation files back to Doc
2018-12-14 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Move root of code documentation to doc dir
2018-12-12 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Do not prepend ASN in export from non-RS EBGP...
2018-12-12 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Document log rotation feature
2018-12-12 Ondrej Zajicek... Update RFC references
2018-12-12 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Document BGP import table option
2018-12-12 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Update statistics and rx-limit for Adj-RIB-In
2018-12-12 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: implement Adj-RIB-In
2018-12-11 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Fix typo in previous LinuxDoc change
2018-12-11 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Forbid adding channels during reconfiguration
2018-12-10 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix reconfiguration of vlinks
2018-12-06 Jan Maria MatejkaMerge branch 'mq-custom' into int-new
2018-12-06 Maria MatejkaCustom route attributes
2018-12-04 Robert ScheckDoc: Allow overriding $SGML_CATALOG_FILES using distrib...
2018-12-04 Robert ScheckDoc: Add alternative path for SGML ISO entities 8879...
2018-12-04 Ondrej Zajicek... Unix: Change debugging options
2018-12-04 Jan Maria MatejkaHash: mem_hash doesn't modify the memory, declared...
2018-12-04 Jan Maria MatejkaRoute table max hash size raised to 2^24.
2018-12-04 Jan Maria MatejkaChanged IPv4 hash function to simple multiplication.
2018-12-04 Jan Maria MatejkaTerminology cleanup: The import_control hook is now...
2018-11-28 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Do not hard-reset interface when preferred addres...
2018-11-21 Ondrej Zajicek... Autoconf: Minor cleanup
2018-11-21 Ondrej Zajicek... MRT documentation
2018-11-20 Ondrej Zajicek... The MRT protocol
2018-11-18 Ondrej Zajicek... Unix: Implement log file size limit / log rotation
2018-11-18 Ondrej Zajicek... Unix: Refactor tracked files
2018-11-18 Ondrej Zajicek... Configure: Use standard --runstatedir option
2018-11-05 Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Make ifname attribute modifiable
2018-11-05 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix crash in rta_show() for RPKI and Babel routes
2018-10-26 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Fix VRF for listening socket
2018-10-25 Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix some trace messages
2018-10-25 Ondrej Zajicek... Lib: Force output type in ip4_addr constructor
2018-10-25 Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Add support for VPN_RD sets
2018-10-25 Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Fix minor bug in accessing bgp_path
2018-10-11 Ondrej Zajicek... Fix installation with --disable-client
2018-10-11 Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix 'show interfaces summary' command
2018-10-01 Ondrej Zajicek... Lib: Add and use ev_new_init()
2018-10-01 Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Fix bug in show protocol related to LLGR
2018-09-18 Jan Maria MatejkaNo more warnings ...
2018-09-11 Jan Maria MatejkaConf: Show the line:char position where the syntax...
2018-08-28 Jan Maria MatejkaMain: Add -b to force background even in debug mode
2018-08-24 Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Fix description of 'description'
2018-08-22 Jan Maria MatejkaLib: recursive printf
2018-08-21 Ondrej Zajicek... DOC: Remove pipe mode reference
2018-08-14 Jan Maria MatejkaBison: A bit more verbose error messages in config.
2018-08-14 Jan Maria MatejkaMake: Add option to force colors in compiler output