6 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix crash in route reload when some channels... master
6 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: implement Adj-RIB-Out
6 days ago  Maria MatejkaFilter: Fixing empty block and never-executed-statement bug
8 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... RAdv: Allow solicited RAs to be sent as unicast
13 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Allow to use set constants / expressions in...
13 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Allow to use sets in path masks
13 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Improve reconfiguration
13 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Fix 'deterministic med' to work with 'merge paths'
2019-08-06  Ondrej Zajicek... Configure: CFLAGS update
2019-08-01  Ondrej ZajicekShow LDFLAGS in configure v2.0.5
2019-08-01  Ondrej ZajicekEnable more threads for flto
2019-08-01  Ondrej ZajicekFix output of CFLAGS in configure script
2019-07-31  Ondrej Zajicek... NEWS and version update
2019-07-31  Ondrej Zajicek... Change 'graceful down' command to 'graceful restart...
2019-07-30  Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Update documentation about VRFs and BFD
2019-07-30  Maria MatejkaConf: Fixed symbol redefinition
2019-07-30  Maria MatejkaLog: Fixed race condition in reconfigure while BFD...
2019-07-29  Vincent BernatRPKI: Fix allocation of hostname when using an IPv6...
2019-07-25  Ondrej Zajicek... BFD: Fix formatting of 'show bfd sessions'
2019-07-24  Ondrej Zajicek... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mq-filter-stack'
2019-07-24  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: VRF of protocol can be explicitly specified as...
2019-07-23  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix formatting of 'show ospf neighbors'
2019-07-22  Ondrej Zajicek... RPKI: Fix reconfiguration when ssh parameters are undefined
2019-07-18  Ondrej Zajicek... Lib: Improve printf() tests
2019-07-17  Ondrej Zajicek... Lib: Fix print of 64-bit router id
2019-07-17  Ondrej Zajicek... BFD: Support for VRFs
2019-07-15  Ondrej Zajicek... Netlink: Fix parsing of multipath routes with MPLS...
2019-07-15  Ondrej Zajicek... Netlink: Use route replace for IPv4
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into mq... mq-filter-stack
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: further split of print & die to FI_PRINT, FI_FL...
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: Simpler filter context allocation
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: FID_MEMBER debug string is a C constant string
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: Converted FI_PRINT and FI_PATHMASK_CONSTRUCT...
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: fixed excessive stack allocation in functions...
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: lots of documentation
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: Don't write out when re-evaluating filter for...
2019-07-15  Maria MatejkaFilter: Don't fail badly when trying to access non...
2019-07-10  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix handling of NSSA option flags
2019-07-10  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Minor cleanups
2019-07-10  Maria MatejkaMerge branch 'master' into mq-filter-stack
2019-07-10  Maria MatejkaDebug: growing message format buffer
2019-07-09  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Minor fix in graceful restart
2019-07-09  Vincent BernatDoc: Fix typo in BGP dynamic names feature description
2019-07-09  Maria MatejkaMerge branch 'master' of
2019-07-09  Maria MatejkaTest: Fixed annoying warnings (and possible obscure...
2019-07-09  Maria MatejkaTest: better random u64 generator
2019-07-09  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Update DR when local priority changes
2019-07-09  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix handling of external routes on graceful restart
2019-07-08  Maria MatejkaNest: Uninitialized variable fix
2019-07-08  Maria MatejkaLibdmalloc macros fixed
2019-07-04  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Update DR when local priority changes
2019-07-03  Maria MatejkaMerge branch 'master' into mq-filter-stack
2019-07-03  Maria MatejkaMerge branch 'mq-filter-stack' of
2019-07-03  Maria MatejkaFilter: CLI command to dump all the linearized filters
2019-07-03  Maria MatejkaFilter: Split printing and dying
2019-07-02  Maria MatejkaRemoved obsolete comment at as_path_cut()
2019-07-02  Maria MatejkaDynamic attributes definition split whether it is bitma...
2019-07-02  Maria MatejkaFilter: Dropped some more irrelevant whitespace from...
2019-07-02  Ondrej Zajicek... Netlink: Handle alien routes with unsorted nexthops
2019-07-02  Maria MatejkaFilter: Nicer whitespaces in generated inst-gen.h
2019-07-02  Maria MatejkaFilter: documentation of the M4 preprocessor
2019-07-02  Ondrej Zajicek... Netlink: Do unified scan for both IPv4 and IPv6
2019-07-02  Maria MatejkaFilter: GCC, don't complain about indentation in genera...
2019-07-02  Maria MatejkaFilter: Pre-evaluation of constant expressions
2019-07-01  Maria MatejkaFilter: Resolving of defined constants in config time
2019-07-01  Maria MatejkaFilter: Moved singleton member definitions to f-inst.c
2019-07-01  Maria MatejkaFilter: Moved f_inst allocation to separate function
2019-07-01  Maria MatejkaFilter: Getting rid of RESULT_OK. Adding RESULT_VOID.
2019-07-01  Maria MatejkaFilter: The interpreter code now shares its diversion...
2019-07-01  Maria Jan MatejkaBGP: Prefix hash is too small, increase its max size.
2019-07-01  Maria Jan MatejkaBGP: split tx explicitly
2019-06-30  Ondrej Zajicek... Add mock-up function for unit tests
2019-06-30  Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: OSPF graceful restart options
2019-06-30  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Support for graceful restart
2019-06-30  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Add command to request graceful restart
2019-06-28  Maria MatejkaFilter: renaming pointers for consistency
2019-06-27  Maria MatejkaFilter: A little cleanup of M4 interpreter generator
2019-06-25  Maria MatejkaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/mq...
2019-06-25  Maria MatejkaConf/Filters: Moved argument count to conf scope
2019-06-21  Maria MatejkaFilter instructions don't confuse now v1 and res.
2019-06-19  Maria MatejkaRevert "Filter: Dropped the setter instructions in...
2019-06-13  Maria MatejkaString: bstrtoul macro expanded to bstrtoul10 and 16
2019-06-13  Maria MatejkaFilter: removal of semantically insane consts in filter...
2019-06-12  Ondrej Zajicek... Add mock-up function for unit tests
2019-06-12  Ondrej Zajicek... Add CLI command to test reconfiguration status
2019-06-12  Kenth ErikssonBIRD coding conventions
2019-06-12  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Fix bug introduced in one of last patches
2019-06-03  Maria MatejkaFilter: Dropped the setter instructions in favor of...
2019-05-30  Maria MatejkaFilter: Just a little comments in filter structure
2019-05-29  Maria MatejkaFilter: Stacks moved to thread-local storage if available.
2019-05-23  Jan Maria MatejkaFilters: If somebody doesn't like _Thread_local, don...
2019-05-22  Jan Maria MatejkaFilter: Some people can't pronounce "postfixify" correc...
2019-05-21  Jan Maria MatejkaFilter: Store variables and function arguments on stack
2019-05-20  Jan Maria MatejkaFilter: Making the filter state thread local.
2019-05-17  Maria MatejkaLexer now returns known sym / unknown sym / keyword
2019-04-30  Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Dynamic BGP
2019-04-30  Alexander AzimovBGP: Compliance with RFC8203bis
2019-04-30  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Output Local AS number in show protocol
2019-04-30  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Dynamic BGP
2019-04-24  Ondrej FilipSmall type in doc.