3 hours ago  Maria MatejkaOSPF: setting list node to zero before enlisting master
6 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... Babel: Set onlink flag for IPv4 routes with unreachable...
7 days ago  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix handling of unnumbered PtPs
2020-05-19  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Allow key id 0
2020-05-19  Ondrej Zajicek... RIP: Triggered RIP (demand circuit) documentation
2020-05-18  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Implement BGP path mask loop operator
2020-05-12  Ondrej Zajicek... RIP: Fix handling of passive mode for demand circuit...
2020-05-11  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix neighbor handling for colliding ranges
2020-05-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Tests: Activate BGP-int test oz-master
2020-05-05  Matous HolinkaTests: Change unsupported Ubuntu 19.04 for supported...
2020-05-02  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Remove quitbird command
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaFixed a harmless warning in production build
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mq-static-analysis'
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaSlab: Init node in slab head to NULLs. mq-static-analysis
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaTimer: Adding missing initializer.
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaLexer: strtoul shall never set endptr to NULL; it shoul...
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaUnix socket: Path length check directly before copying...
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaLists: Replaced replace_node() by update_node() which...
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaLists: fix a stupid sanitizer bug
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaUninitialized list nodes fixes
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaNest: Added const to ea_show just to declare that this...
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaOSPF: Zero-initialization of a temporary neighbor
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaNest: Several assumptions to tame the static analyzer
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaNest: Assumption in rt-show for not-so-intuitive invariant.
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaStatic scanner and expensive debugging setup fix
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaRPKI: fixed rare va_list leak
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaStatic check: Don't report dead code
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaOSPF: Adding a note about a static analyzer result.
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaOSPF: variable-length array of size 0 replaced by alloc...
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaList expensive check.
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaExpensive check declaration
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaIPv6 address parser: fail on incomplete addresses
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaFilter: Don't alloc varargs array if its length would...
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaFilter: Removed forgotten dead code
2020-05-01  Maria MatejkaNon-null function argument declaration
2020-04-29  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Fix handling of strange IPv6 link-local-only next...
2020-04-28  Maria MatejkaMore assertion categories
2020-04-28  Maria MatejkaNot calling memcpy with n=0.
2020-04-28  Maria MatejkaFilter: fixed omitted overflow check in EC constructor
2020-04-28  Maria MatejkaMakefile rule for static analyzer
2020-04-28  Ondrej Zajicek... Tests: Activate BGP-auth test
2020-04-28  Ondrej Zajicek... Tests: Activate OSPF-VRF test
2020-04-22  Ondrej Zajicek... Tests: Activate BGP test
2020-04-15  Nasato GotoBGP: Fix handling of 16bit-only ASN translation
2020-04-09  Maria MatejkaConfiguration strings are constant.
2020-04-08  Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Update prefix set comment
2020-04-04  Maria MatejkaFletcher16 test fixed to work at bigendian architectures.
2020-03-26  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Remove mixed address tests and fix formatting
2020-03-26  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Optimize IPv4 prefix sets
2020-03-14  Ondrej Zajicek... RIP: Improvements to demand circuit mode
2020-03-12  Maria MatejkaPerf: changed route update pattern to be more like...
2020-03-07  Ondrej Zajicek... Netlink: Handle interfaces with missing broadcast addresses
2020-03-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Tests: Enforce cleanup before running a test
2020-03-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Tests: Activate OSPF tests
2020-03-03  Ondrej Zajicek... Flowspec: Fix tests
2020-03-03  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Handle flowspec rules without dst part
2020-02-27  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Support for MD5SIG together with remote range
2020-02-21  Ondrej Zajicek... RIP: Demand circuit support (RFC 2091)
2020-02-14  Ondrej Zajicek... RIP: Fix crash when interface is removed
2020-02-04  Maria MatejkaConf: Better error message when reading iproute2 config
2020-02-04  Maria MatejkaRPKI: Allow build without libSSH
2020-02-04  Maria MatejkaAdded missing extern
2020-01-28  Ondrej Zajicek... BFD: Option to specify which class of BFD sessions...
2020-01-09  Ondrej Zajicek... OSPF: Fix bad initialization of tx_hdrlen field
2020-01-07  Ondrej Zajicek... KRT: Improve syncer code to avoid using temporary data...
2020-01-07  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Fix typecheck for AND/OR.
2019-12-19  Ondrej Zajicek... KRT: Remove KRF_SYNC_ERROR flag
2019-12-17  Ondrej Zajicek... KRT: Fix removal of KRF_INSTALLED
2019-12-16  Ondrej Zajicek... Test: Improve filter_test
2019-12-16  Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Fix documentation of BGP gateway option
2019-12-16  Ondrej Zajicek... KRT: Remove KRF_INSTALLED flag
2019-12-12  Maria MatejkaFilter: fix filter comparison test
2019-12-10  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Fix function comparison
2019-12-10  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix bitmap cleanup
2019-12-09  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Add support for src/dst accessors for Flowspec...
2019-12-03  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Add some statistics
2019-11-26  Matous HolinkaCI: Add more build tests oz-test-gitlab
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... CI: Cleanup of job templates
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... CI: Update new netlab location
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... CI: Minor update
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... Apply relevant changes from branch mh-test-gitlab
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... Gitlab test
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Use bitmaps to keep track of exported routes oz-bitmaps
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... Lib: Basic and hierarchical bitmaps
2019-11-26  Ondrej Zajicek... CLI: Fix continuation lines after final one
2019-11-18  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Fix processing of IPv6 Flowspec
2019-11-12  Ondrej ZajicekNetlink: Handle IPv4 routes with IPv6 nexthops
2019-11-10  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Add option to enforce first AS in AS_PATH
2019-11-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Minor fix
2019-11-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Doc: Add documentation for BGP option 'allow as sets'
2019-11-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Add type info for more instructions
2019-11-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Improve typecheck error messages
2019-11-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Better constant promotion
2019-11-05  Ondrej Zajicek... Filter: Improved parse-time typechecks
2019-11-05  Ondrej ZajicekFilter: Parse-time typechecks
2019-11-04  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: Add option to reject AS_SETs
2019-11-03  Ondrej Zajicek... Support for address family constants
2019-11-03  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix bug in export table
2019-10-25  Ondrej Zajicek... BGP: RFC 8654 got released
2019-10-25  Ondrej Zajicek... Nest: Fix primary flag in show route