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e4e5666b 2.\" "$Id$"
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321d8d57 4.\" accept/reject man page for CUPS.
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0fa6c7fa 6.\" Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc.
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9aff70cc 15.TH cupsaccept 8 "CUPS" "12 February 2006" "Apple Inc."
ef416fc2 16.SH NAME
758a062f 17cupsaccept/cupsreject \- accept/reject jobs sent to a destination
ef416fc2 18.SH SYNOPSIS
758a062f 19.B cupsaccept
bd7854cb 20[ -E ] [ -U
21.I username
22] [ -h
23.I hostname[:port]
24] destination(s)
758a062f 26.B cupsreject
fa73b229 27[ -E ] [ -U
28.I username
29] [ -h
30.I hostname[:port]
ef416fc2 31] [ -r
32.I reason
bd7854cb 33] destination(s)
ef416fc2 34.SH DESCRIPTION
758a062f 35\fIcupsaccept\fR instructs the printing system to accept print jobs to the
ef416fc2 36specified destinations.
758a062f 38\fIcupsreject\fR instructs the printing system to reject print jobs to the
ef416fc2 39specified destinations. The \fI-r\fR option sets the reason for rejecting
40print jobs. If not specified the reason defaults to "Reason Unknown".
bd7854cb 41.SH OPTIONS
42The following options are supported by both \fIcupsaccept\fR and
bd7854cb 44.TP 5
47Forces encryption when connecting to the server.
48.TP 5
49-U username
51Sets the username that is sent when connecting to the server.
52.TP 5
53-h hostname[:port]
55Chooses an alternate server.
56.TP 5
57-r "reason"
59Sets the reason string that is shown for a printer that is
60rejecting jobs.
bd7854cb 62Unlike the System V printing system, CUPS allows printer names to
63contain any printable character except SPACE, TAB, "/", or "#".
64Also, printer and class names are \fInot\fR case-sensitive.
66The CUPS versions of \fIaccept\fR and \fIreject\fR may ask the
67user for an access password depending on the printing system
68configuration. This differs from the System V versions which
69require the root user to execute these commands.
ef416fc2 70.SH SEE ALSO
bd7854cb 71\fIcancel(1)\fR, \fIcupsenable(8)\fR, \fIlp(1)\fR,
72\fIlpadmin(8)\fR, \fIlpstat(1)\fR,
ef416fc2 75.SH COPYRIGHT
0fa6c7fa 76Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc.
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e4e5666b 78.\" End of "$Id$".
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