Update version to 2.3.3 for:
[thirdparty/cups.git] / Makefile
2019-04-27  Michael R SweetGreatly simplify the man page handling.
2019-04-26  Michael R SweetUpdate test suite for new location of test files.
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetMake sure config.h gets installed with the private...
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5489 from scootergrisen/master
2019-01-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5486 from scootergrisen/master
2019-01-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5481 from scootergrisen/patch-1
2019-01-21  Michael R SweetClean up installation of private headers.
2019-01-08  Michael R SweetUse codedoc now instead of mxmldoc.
2018-11-08  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5410 from AOSC-Dev/master
2018-10-29  Michael R SweetAdd libcups component name, localization bundle support...
2017-11-07  Michael R SweetLicense change: Apache License, Version 2.0.
2017-02-28  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4972 from jwilk/phony
2017-02-27  Jakub WilkFix .PHONY declaration 4972/head
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetFix source file header text duplication text duplication.
2016-06-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4841 from computersforpeace/doc
2016-06-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4825 from computersforpeace/upstart
2016-06-20  Michael R SweetUpdate all references to OS X to macOS.
2016-05-26  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4818 from jschwender/master
2016-05-26  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4822 from zdohnal/lpinfo-username
2016-05-25  Michael SweetAdd new administrative APis help.
2016-04-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4792 from OdyX/fix-spelling-error...
2016-04-12  Michael SweetDrop API help for CGI, MIME, and PPD compiler libraries.
2016-04-12  Michael R SweetRemove all of the Subversion keywords from various...
2016-02-16  msweetImplement CUPS-Create-Local-Printer operation and add...
2015-01-21  msweetMake sure clean and distclean remove all generated...
2014-09-02  msweetLast changes for 2.0rc1.
2014-07-31  msweetMore cleanup.
2013-10-30  msweetFix a few STACK-detected issues:
2013-10-18  msweetRemove support for AIX, HP-UX, and OSF/1.
2013-07-08  msweetPrep for 1.7rc1.
2013-05-29  msweetUpdate svn:keyword properties.
2012-10-15  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.7svn-r10643
2012-05-23  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r10510.
2011-11-08  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r10112.
2011-09-07  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r9968.
2011-08-31  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r9939.
2011-05-11  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9763.
2011-03-23  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9641
2011-03-14  msweetSync up some other changes.
2010-12-03  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9400
2010-05-10  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9136.
2010-04-12  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9105.
2010-03-30  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9062.
2010-03-24  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9049 (private header...
2010-02-25  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9000.
2010-01-14  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r8950.
2009-10-15  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r8849.
2009-07-01  msweetMerge fixes from CUPS 1.4.0 (r8739).
2009-06-10  msweetImport changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8704.
2009-05-13  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8628.
2009-05-08  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8606.
2008-12-06  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8162.
2008-10-17  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8067 (tentative CUPS...
2008-10-08  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8033.
2008-09-29  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7994.
2008-09-17  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7961.
2008-09-10  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7932.
2008-09-04  msweetImport CUPS 1.4svn-r7908.
2008-08-27  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7874.
2008-08-26  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7864.
2008-07-30  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7817.
2008-07-18  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7770.
2008-07-15  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7715.
2008-06-27  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7696.
2008-05-23  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7614.
2008-05-15  msweetMerge changes from CUPS trunk, r7566.
2008-04-24  msweetMerge CUPS 1.4svn-r7493.
2008-03-21  msweet<rdar://problem/5792631> dependency cycle in cups-144...
2008-02-16  msweetMerge CUPS 1.4svn-r7319.
2008-01-17  msweetImport CUPS 1.4svn-r7226.
2007-12-07  msweetImport CUPS trunk (1.4svn) r7116.
2007-11-09  msweetMerge changes from 1.4svn-r7067.
2007-10-17  msweetImport CUPS 1.4svn r7023 into easysw/current.
2007-09-14  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.3.1.
2007-07-16  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-06-23  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-05-24  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-05-04  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-03-14  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-02-14  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-08-30  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-06-23  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-06-23  jlovellRemove svn:keywords since they cause svn_load_dirs...
2006-06-21  jlovellMore svn:properties changes.
2006-05-22  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-05-22  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-05-08  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-03-20  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-03-08  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-03-04  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-02-28  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-02-20  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-02-01  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-01-29  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-01-27  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-01-26  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-01-13  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.