SIGSEGV in CUPS web ui when adding a printer
[thirdparty/cups.git] / cgi-bin / var.c
2019-07-29  Zdenek DohnalSIGSEGV in CUPS web ui when adding a printer 5621/head
2019-04-20  Michael R SweetMore clang warning fixes.
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5489 from scootergrisen/master
2019-01-21  Michael R SweetClean out some more _cupsStr cruft that might potential...
2018-12-07  Michael R SweetCVE-2018-4700: Linux session cookies used a predictable...
2018-11-08  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5410 from AOSC-Dev/master
2018-10-18  Michael R SweetMove debug printfs to internal usage only.
2017-11-07  Michael R SweetLicense change: Apache License, Version 2.0.
2017-11-06  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5161 from gpunktschmitz/master
2017-11-06  Michael R SweetSupport the latest HTTP Digest authentication specifica...
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetFix source file header text duplication text duplication.
2016-04-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4792 from OdyX/fix-spelling-error...
2016-04-12  Michael R SweetRemove all of the Subversion keywords from various...
2015-05-06  msweetLong cookies caused the web interface to stop working...
2014-07-16  msweetFix cookie handling for web interface.
2014-02-14  msweetFix build errors on Fedora.
2014-02-06  msweetFull sweep of all Clang warnings, plus some bug fixes...
2013-05-29  msweetUpdate svn:keyword properties.
2012-03-30  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r10390.
2011-09-07  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r9968.
2011-05-20  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5b1-r9798.
2010-07-08  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9198.
2010-03-24  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9049 (private header...
2010-02-25  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r9000.
2009-12-09  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5svn-r8916.
2009-05-08  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8606.
2009-02-25  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8394.
2008-10-08  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8033.
2008-06-27  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7696.
2008-04-17  msweetImport CUPS 1.4svn-r7464.
2008-01-17  msweetImport CUPS 1.4svn-r7226.
2008-01-08  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7199.
2007-07-16  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-03-14  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-06-23  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-06-23  jlovellRemove svn:keywords since they cause svn_load_dirs...
2006-06-21  jlovellMore svn:properties changes.
2006-05-22  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-05-22  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-03-27  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2006-01-13  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.