Greatly simplify the man page handling.
[thirdparty/cups.git] / config-scripts / cups-dnssd.m4
2019-04-27  Michael R SweetGreatly simplify the man page handling.
2019-03-21  Michael R SweetClean up some build issues on certain platforms.
2017-11-07  Michael R SweetLicense change: Apache License, Version 2.0.
2017-04-24  Michael SweetAdd support for cross-compilation (Issue #4897)
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetFix source file header text duplication text duplication.
2016-06-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4841 from computersforpeace/doc
2016-06-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4825 from computersforpeace/upstart
2016-06-21  Michael SweetFix some typos (MacmacOS, etc.) that slipped in due...
2016-06-20  Michael R SweetUpdate all references to OS X to macOS.
2016-04-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4792 from OdyX/fix-spelling-error...
2016-04-12  Michael R SweetRemove all of the Subversion keywords from various...
2015-08-26  msweetDon't try to use Avahi on OS X (STR #4695)
2013-10-04  msweetSave work; public accessors for more stuff, continue...
2013-06-05  msweetSave work on ippfind program. Nearly there.
2012-05-23  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r10510.
2012-02-16  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.6svn-r10310.
2011-05-12  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.5b1-r9774.
2009-08-29  msweetImport changes from CUPS 1.4.1 (r8801)
2009-02-11  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8346.
2009-01-23  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r8290.
2008-09-17  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7961.
2008-09-04  msweetImport CUPS 1.4svn-r7908.
2008-06-27  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7696.
2008-05-16  msweetImport CUPS 1.4svn-r7585.
2008-05-01  msweetMerge CUPS 1.4svn-r7524.
2008-01-22  msweetMerge changes from CUPS 1.4svn-r7242.
2007-07-19  msweetUpdate to CUPS trunk r6695.
2007-07-16  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-06-23  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.
2007-03-14  jlovellLoad cups into easysw/current.