Greatly simplify the man page handling.
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2019-04-27  Michael R SweetGreatly simplify the man page handling.
2018-02-14  Michael R SweetUpdate ippfind to support -N/--literal-name.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetUpdate copyrights on man pages.
2016-06-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4825 from computersforpeace/upstart
2016-05-26  Michael SweetUpdate copyrights on all man pages.
2015-08-28  msweetUpdate copyrights in man pages.
2014-06-13  msweetFinal man page changes for STR #4372 and STR #4329.
2014-04-04  msweetSave work.
2014-03-28  msweetAdd --list-filters options to cupsfilter (STR #4325)
2014-03-04  msweetInitial work on man page modernization (STR #4372)
2013-05-10  msweetFinal sync-up with trunk repository