2017-02-27  Jakub WilkFix .PHONY declaration 4972/head
2017-01-26  Michael R SweetThe IPP backend could get into an infinite loop for...
2017-01-26  Michael R SweetUpdate copyrights.
2017-01-26  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.2.3.
2017-01-26  Michael R SweetOne other spot to catch another slightly different...
2017-01-26  Michael R SweetAdd private API for mapping Apple language ID to POSIX...
2017-01-17  Michael SweetUpdate Visual Studio projects v2.2.2
2017-01-17  Michael R SweetUpdate DLL exports.
2017-01-17  Michael SweetFix scripts and RPM spec file.
2017-01-17  Michael SweetFix filename of source tarball.
2017-01-17  Michael SweetFix URL in spec file.
2017-01-17  Michael R SweetBring back RPM test script, tweak makesrcdist to work.
2017-01-17  Michael R SweetMore tweaks.
2017-01-17  Michael R SweetPrep for v2.2.2.
2017-01-17  Michael SweetFix rastertopwg line offset bug (Issue #4942)
2017-01-17  Michael SweetIgnore more generated files.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetFix reporting of printed pages in the web interface...
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetOptimize connection usage in the IPP backend.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetAdd example for IPP Everywhere printers.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetUpdate copyrights on man pages.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetUpdate API help files, fix annotation of some cups_prin...
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetFix source file header text duplication text duplication.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetFix localization bug (Issue #4946)
2017-01-13  Michael R SweetChangelog for Issue #4901.
2017-01-05  Michael R SweetForce HTTP state when sending a response (possible...
2017-01-05  Michael R SweetFix bug reported by Stephan...
2017-01-04  Michael R SweetAdd reporting of HTTP state (as well as status) in...
2017-01-04  Michael R SweetBump copyright for other changes made this year.
2017-01-04  Michael R SweetAdd support for "internal" keychain name (uses CUPS...
2017-01-03  Michael R SweetUpdate localization files.
2017-01-03  Michael R SweetAdd output-bin support for IPP Everywhere printers...
2017-01-03  Michael R SweetDon't treat "localhost.localdomain" as an allowed repla...
2017-01-03  Michael R SweetUpdate systemd config files (Issue #4935)
2017-01-03  Michael R SweetUpdate packaging files (Issue #4940)
2016-12-14  Michael R SweetOne more fix for asymmetric resolutions (Issue #4934)
2016-12-14  Michael SweetOnly list supported PDLs (Issue #4923)
2016-12-14  Michael SweetTweak the PDL priority (Issue #4932)
2016-12-14  Michael SweetSuppress duplicate media sizes (Issue #4933)
2016-12-14  Michael SweetFix asymmetric resolution bug, address unit test issues.
2016-12-08  Michael R SweetFix compiler error on some versions of macOS.
2016-11-18  Michael SweetBump version to 2.2.2, sync up IDE config.h files with...
2016-11-18  Michael SweetFix compiler warning.
2016-11-18  Michael SweetFix compiler warning.
2016-11-18  Michael SweetFix size of header (Issue #4920)
2016-11-18  Michael SweetFix some more IPP Everywhere PPD generator problems...
2016-11-17  Michael R SweetLet's Encrypt certificates did not work when the hostna...
2016-11-15  Michael R SweetAdd "kerberos" policy for Kerberized printing support...
2016-11-15  Michael R SweetAdd "printer-id" attribute to list of printer attributes.
2016-11-15  Michael R SweetAdd address logging to network backends (<rdar://proble...
2016-11-09  Michael SweetHandle Apple raster.
2016-11-08  Michael R SweetMore IPP Everywhere fixes/improvements (Issue #4916)
2016-11-08  Michael R SweetFix typo.
2016-11-08  Michael R SweetThe ippContainsString function now uses case-insensitiv...
2016-11-07  Michael SweetDon't create log files on startup (<rdar://problem...
2016-11-07  Michael R SweetFix some issues with the Zebra ZPL printer driver ...
2016-11-07  Michael R SweetUpdate HTML versions of man pages.
2016-10-28  Michael SweetMore changes for Issue #4909:
2016-10-27  Michael R SweetImprove IPP Everywhere support (Issue #4909)
2016-10-27  Michael R SweetUpdate HTML versions of man pages.
2016-10-27  Michael R SweetAdd beta support for AppleRaster (per IANA Printer...
2016-10-21  Michael SweetAdd a USB quirk rule for the Kyocera Ecosys P6026cdn...
2016-10-21  Michael SweetFixed some issues with IPP Everywhere printer support...
2016-10-21  Michael SweetFix Brazilian Portugeuse web interface (PR #4894)
2016-10-21  Michael SweetMerge branch 'master' of
2016-10-21  Michael SweetUpdate API documentation (PR #4896).
2016-10-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4908 from EvertonMelo/patch-4
2016-10-20  Michael R SweetFix builds on systems without a working poll() implemen...
2016-10-20  Michael R SweetRemove ASL checks from configure script and config...
2016-10-20  Michael R SweetDrop remainder of ASL logging code since it is deprecat...
2016-10-20  Michael R SweetRemove unnecessary logging.
2016-10-20  Michael R SweetFix crash bug.
2016-10-20  Everton MeloUpdate 4908/head
2016-10-19  Michael R SweetAdd additional debug information from IPP backend ...
2016-10-17  Michael SweetUpdate changelog.
2016-10-17  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4904 from EvertonMelo/patch-3
2016-10-17  Everton MeloUpdate 4904/head
2016-10-13  Michael SweetChangelog.
2016-10-13  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4895 from EvertonMelo/patch-2
2016-10-13  Michael SweetThe cups-lpd program did not catch all legacy usage...
2016-10-06  Everton MeloUpdate 4895/head
2016-10-03  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.2.1. v2.2.1
2016-10-01  Michael SweetChangelog.
2016-10-01  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4885 from OdyX/manpages-inconsistencies
2016-10-01  Michael R SweetFix xinetd reference. 4885/head
2016-10-01  Michael SweetUpdate changelog.
2016-10-01  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4886 from jschwender/patch-2
2016-10-01  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4887 from jschwender/patch-3
2016-09-28  jschwenderUpdate CREDITS.txt 4887/head
2016-09-28  jschwenderUpdate cups_de.po 4886/head
2016-09-25  Didier RaboudFix outside bracket for the last program in the cups...
2016-09-25  Didier RaboudFix punctuation inconsistency in
2016-09-25  Didier RaboudFix internal manpage references in
2016-09-25  Didier RaboudFix 'it not'/'is not' typo in manpage
2016-09-25  Didier RaboudFix design/designed typo in manpage
2016-09-25  Didier RaboudFix function typesetting inconsistency in
2016-09-22  Michael SweetcupsHashData did not use the correct hashing algorithm...
2016-09-21  Michael SweetResolve new build warnings on macOS (Issue #4881)
2016-09-21  Michael R SweetAddress some build warnings on Linux (Issue #4881)
2016-09-20  Michael R SweetMerge branch 'master' of