2018-06-05  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.3b6, changelog. xform 5429/head
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetMake sure all incoming value tags are treated the same...
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetFix link to CUPS Programming Manual.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetUpdate versions in README and INSTALL
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetUpdate documentation and localization files for 2.3b5...
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetFix a parsing bug in the pstops filter (Issue #5321)
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetAdd a USB quirks rule for the HP LaserJet P1102 (Issue...
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetFix local privilege escalation to root and sandbox...
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetValidate notify-recipient-uri values.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetBlock invalid group tags when parsing IPP messages.
2018-06-05  Nils Van ZuijlenCorrect typos for French_France
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetAdd smb test URI.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetAdd more URI validation for scheme.
2018-05-19  Michael R SweetSave work.
2018-05-18  Michael R SweetUpdate xform_setup.
2018-05-18  Michael R SweetFix compile errors.
2018-05-18  Michael R SweetSave work.
2018-05-15  Michael R SweetSave initial work on private xform API.
2018-05-14  Michael R SweetFix cupsJobPassword documentation.
2018-05-14  Michael R SweetMark cupsGetDevices as deprecated.
2018-05-11  Michael R SweetMirror validation changes from 2.2 branch.
2018-05-11  Michael R SweetUpdate changelog, copyright...
2018-05-11  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5312 from hansmi/mailtowait1
2018-05-10  Michael R SweetAlways use Negotiate or PeerCred for Kerberized printing.
2018-05-08  Michael Hanselmannmailto: Wait for server opening message 5312/head
2018-05-01  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-05-01  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5306 from speachy/master
2018-04-30  Solomon PeachyFix typo in example (cupsCommand -> cupsCommands) 5306/head
2018-04-25  Michael R SweetUse -m everywhere for manual sharing.
2018-04-25  Michael R SweetFix 360dpi typo (Issue #5300)
2018-04-25  Michael R SweetUpdate ErrorPolicy in cupsd.conf man page (Issue #5301)
2018-04-24  Michael R SweetFix GNU TLS httpCertString changes.
2018-04-24  Michael R SweetExtend GNU TLS certificate string.
2018-04-24  Michael R SweetAdd issuer and signature algorithm to certificate strin...
2018-04-24  Michael R SweetAdd resource and system object/state values.
2018-04-18  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-04-18  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5297 from FedericoYundt/patch-1
2018-04-18  FedericoYundtAllow cupsd daemon to exit on idle 5297/head
2018-04-17  Michael R SweetFix policy limits using All (Issue #5296)
2018-04-17  Michael R SweetMap , to p in phone numbers.
2018-04-17  Michael R SweetAdd support for pause and wait characters in fax number...
2018-04-16  Michael R Sweet- Added a workaround for certain web browsers that...
2018-04-12  Michael R SweetFix cups_auth_find for schemes without parameters.
2018-04-11  Michael R SweetFix a parsing bug in the new authentication code.
2018-04-10  Michael R SweetUpdate lpoptions man page (Issue #5286)
2018-04-10  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5286 from Kohlrabi/master
2018-04-09  Michael R SweetFix another CUPS-Create-Local-Printer crash (Issue...
2018-04-09  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-04-09  Michael R SweetUse cupsGetNamedDest for legacy printing APIs (Issue...
2018-04-06  Michael R SweetThe `ipptool` program no longer checks for duplicate...
2018-04-05  Michael R SweetFix ippfind _regtype
2018-04-03  Christoph TerasaRemove mentions of non-implemented -U option from lpopt... 5286/head
2018-03-23  Michael R SweetAdd cups_en.po file (Issue #5276) v2.3b4
2018-03-23  Michael R SweetUpdate Windows DLL exports file.
2018-03-23  Michael R SweetAlso support /ipp/print/queuename.
2018-03-22  Michael R SweetChangelog
2018-03-22  Michael R SweetNext release is 2.3b4
2018-03-22  Michael R SweetChangelog
2018-03-21  Michael R SweetTry another fix for Avahi crash (Issue #5268)
2018-03-21  Michael R SweetTry another fix for Avahi crash (Issue #5268)
2018-03-20  Michael R SweetRemove support for _IPP_PRIVATE_STRUCTURES developer...
2018-03-20  Michael R SweetFully deprecate PPD API - no more _PPD_DEPRECATED cheat.
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetRemove redundant check of srv value.
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetUpdate localizations.
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetDeprecate printer drivers (Issue #5270)
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetDeprecate raw print queues.
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetFix typo
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-03-19  Michael R SweetInclude cupsJobPassword keyword in generated PPDs ...
2018-03-14  Michael R SweetFix _cupsCondWait again.
2018-03-14  Michael R SweetTypo changes after review (Issue #5264)
2018-03-13  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5264 from jschwender/master
2018-03-13  jschwendersome new translations completed 5264/head
2018-03-13  Michael R SweetFix definition of IPP_DSTATE_ enums.
2018-03-13  Michael R SweetFix implementation of _cupsCondWait with timeout.
2018-03-13  Michael R SweetUse setuid for Kerberized IPP printing (Issue #5233)
2018-03-13  Michael R SweetFix printing to some IPP Everywhere printers (Issue...
2018-03-12  Michael R SweetFix systemd integration with cupsd (Issue #5263)
2018-03-10  Michael R SweetFix DEFINE-DEFAULT support in IPP data files.
2018-03-09  Michael R SweetBump shared library version.
2018-03-09  Michael R SweetFix Kerberized IPP printing (Issue #5233)
2018-03-08  Michael R SweetThe scheduler could crash while adding an IPP Everywher...
2018-03-08  Michael R SweetDisable SNMP supplies for all label printers (Issue...
2018-03-08  Michael R SweetAdd USB quirk rule for Lexmark Optra E310 printers...
2018-03-07  Michael R SweetFix formatting.
2018-03-07  Michael R SweetUpdate documentation.
2018-03-07  Michael R SweetMove cupsHashString to 2.2.7 and add a 2.2.7 API versio...
2018-03-01  Michael R SweetFix requested attributes lists - missing -col versions...
2018-02-28  Michael R SweetAdd missing cups-lpd service file (needs to be present...
2018-02-27  Michael R SweetUse a writability test for TMPDIR on macOS...
2018-02-27  Michael R SweetFix compile error.
2018-02-27  Michael R SweetcupsGetPPD* still used the old TMPDIR code.
2018-02-26  Michael R SweetSimplify tempfile fix for macOS.
2018-02-23  Michael R SweetFix builds without PAM (Issue #5253)
2018-02-22  Michael R SweetFix list of printer attributes.
2018-02-22  Michael R SweetFix "make clean" - wasn't cleaning cups-driverd.o.
2018-02-22  Michael R SweetBump version number on PostScript test file.