2018-11-08  Michael R SweetBump versions. v2.2.9
2018-11-08  Michael R SweetBump dates and versions.
2018-11-07  Michael R SweetFix build/test suite errors on Linux.
2018-11-07  Michael R SweetDrop shared libraries for internal libraries (mirror...
2018-11-07  Michael R SweetMove away from redefining __attribute__ (Issue #5349)
2018-11-07  Michael R SweetFix stuck multi-file jobs (Issue #5359, Issue #5413)
2018-11-07  Michael R SweetLocalization updates (Issue #5408)
2018-11-07  Michael R SweetAdd USB quirks rule for Lexmark MS317dn (Issue #5420)
2018-11-06  Michael R SweetMirror changes from master.
2018-10-17  Michael R SweetMore changes to VS projects. 5428/head
2018-10-17  Michael R SweetUpdate VS project files.
2018-10-17  Michael R SweetSwitch to _WIN32 for Windows test.
2018-10-17  Michael R SweetMirror zlib cleanup changes.
2018-10-16  Michael R SweetSearch for codesign/true, use LDFLAGS for shared librar...
2018-10-11  Michael R SweetFix support for Authentication-Info header.
2018-10-11  Michael R SweetAdd code signing to 2.2 branch.
2018-10-11  Michael R SweetMerge test suite changes from CUPS master.
2018-09-28  Michael R SweetFix lpadmin error reporting for IPP Everywhere printers...
2018-09-28  Michael R SweetSupport face-up printers (Issue #5345)
2018-09-18  Michael R SweetLog actual location of error_log (Issue #5398)
2018-09-18  Michael R SweetMake sure clean is clean.
2018-09-14  Michael R SweetMirror Digest changes from master.
2018-09-11  Michael R SweetMirror Digest fixes from master.
2018-08-29  Michael R SweetAdd digest debugging and fix a small bug in the HTTP...
2018-08-29  Michael R SweetFurther simplify the logic in ippCopyAttribute.
2018-08-29  Michael R SweetSimplify the logic in ippCopyAttribute.
2018-08-29  Michael R SweetFix issue with HTTP Digest authentication, add unit...
2018-08-27  Michael R SweetFix a scheduler crash bug (rdar://42198057)
2018-08-27  Michael R SweetAdd checks for missing/bad CloseUI/JCLCloseUI keywords...
2018-08-27  Michael R SweetFix JCL option support in PPD compiler (Issue #5379)
2018-08-21  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-08-21  Michael R SweetFix memory leaks found by Coverity (Issue #5375)
2018-08-19  Michael R SweetFix regression in fix for rdar://40436080.
2018-08-19  Michael R SweetUpdate lpadmin man page (Issue #5369)
2018-08-19  Michael R SweetFix localization of IPP Everywhere PPD (Issue #5362)
2018-08-19  Michael R SweetFix shared printing using the IPP Everywhere driver...
2018-08-18  Michael R SweetValidate attribute group for initial request attributes...
2018-07-18  Michael R SweetUpdate copyright in web interface files.
2018-07-18  Michael R SweetMerge localization changes (Issue #5348)
2018-07-18  Michael R SweetMerge label driver changes (Issue #5350)
2018-07-18  Michael R SweetMirror backgrounding fix for macOS.
2018-07-18  Michael R SweetFix regression in lpadmin fix (Issue #5305)
2018-06-29  Michael R SweetDrop non-working RSS subscription UI from web interface.
2018-06-29  Michael R SweetMirror macOS web interface authentication fix from
2018-06-19  Michael R SweetFix auto-debug logging of job errors with systemd ...
2018-06-19  Michael R SweetFix crash when AccessLog is NULL (Issue #5309)
2018-06-19  Michael R SweetUse Enable-Printer and Resume-Printer operations so...
2018-06-18  Michael R SweetFix A4 crash in Epson 24-pin driver (Issue #5323)
2018-06-18  Michael R SweetIgnore bogus cups-version attribute.
2018-06-18  Michael R SweetMore tweaks for IPP Everywhere support in web interface.
2018-06-18  Michael R SweetSupport IPP Everywhere driver in web interface (Issue...
2018-06-15  Michael R SweetAdd options to force a TLS version.
2018-06-15  Michael R SweetMirror TLS changes from master.
2018-06-11  Michael R SweetFix regressions in ippValidateAttribute (Issue #5322...
2018-06-07  Michael R SweetUpdate paths for PWG raster sample files.
2018-06-06  Michael R SweetSpecify GPG signing user.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetBump version, mirror fix from master, changelog.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetFix link to CUPS Programming Manual.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetUpdate README and INSTALL v2.2.8
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetUpdate HTML man pages.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetUpdate documentation and localization files for CUPS...
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetMirror localization changes (Issue #5317)
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetFix a parsing bug in the pstops filter (Issue #5321)
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetAdded a USB quirks rule for the HP LaserJet P1102 ...
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetFix iOS compile warning.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetUpdate changelog.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetFix local privilege escalation to root and sandbox...
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetMirror change from master.
2018-06-04  Michael R SweetMirror change from master.
2018-05-18  Michael R SweetMirror smb change from master.
2018-05-14  Michael R SweetAdd more URI validation for scheme.
2018-05-14  Michael R SweetMirror documentation updates from master.
2018-05-11  Michael R SweetGeneralize the input validation of some kinds of attrib...
2018-05-11  Michael R SweetMirror mailto changes from master (Issue #5312)
2018-05-10  Michael R SweetAlways use Negotiate or PeerCred for Kerberized printing.
2018-05-01  Michael R SweetMirror spec-command.html typo fix (Issue #5306)
2018-04-25  Michael R SweetUse -m everywhere for manual sharing.
2018-04-25  Michael R SweetFix 360dpi typo (Issue #5300)
2018-04-25  Michael R SweetUpdate ErrorPolicy in cupsd.conf man page (Issue #5301)
2018-04-18  Michael R SweetFix systemd restart policy (Issue #5297)
2018-04-17  Michael R SweetFix policy limits using All (Issue #5296)
2018-04-17  Michael R SweetMap , to p in phone numbers.
2018-04-17  Michael R SweetAdd support for pause and wait characters in fax number...
2018-04-16  Michael R SweetTry again to mirror fix (Issue #5289)
2018-04-16  Michael R SweetAdded a workaround for certain web browsers that do...
2018-04-12  Michael R SweetFix cups_auth_find for schemes without parameters.
2018-04-11  Michael R SweetFix a parsing bug in the new authentication code.
2018-04-10  Michael R SweetFix lpoptions man page (Issue #5286)
2018-04-09  Michael R SweetFix another CUPS-Create-Local-Printer crash (Issue...
2018-04-09  Michael R SweetMirror changes to legacy CUPS print APIs from master...
2018-04-05  Michael R SweetFix ippfind _regtype
2018-04-03  Michael R SweetBackport ippfind --literal-name option.
2018-04-03  Michael R SweetBump version.
2018-04-03  Michael R SweetBackport changes for attribute substitution (Issue...
2018-04-03  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2018-04-03  Michael R SweetThe `ipptool` program no longer checks for duplicate...
2018-04-03  Michael R SweetFix builds without PAM (Issue #5283)
2018-03-23  Michael R SweetUpdate VisualStudio Project v2.2.7
2018-03-22  Michael R SweetChangelog
2018-03-22  Michael R SweetUpdate documentation.