2020-03-04  Harald Hoyerdracut.spec: add version check for deprecated files master
2020-03-04  Harald Hoyertest/TEST-35-ISCSI-MULTI: bump disk space
2020-03-04  Harald HoyerNEWS, AUTHORS: update 050
2020-03-04  Harald HoyerTEST-14-IMSM: clear marker disk
2020-03-04  Harald only fetch tags, if building rpm
2020-03-04  Marek Marczykowski... Consider also drm_dev_register when looking for gpu...
2020-03-04  Harald Hoyer.github/workflows: bump timeout to 45min
2020-03-04  Daniel Molkentin90kernel-modules: Add PCI host controller modules
2020-03-04  Daniel Molkentin90crypt: install crypt-run-generator in non-systemd...
2020-03-04  Daniel Molkentin90crypt: Do not call cryptsetup in a systemd environment
2020-03-03  Daniel MolkentinMerge branch 'regenerate_all'
2020-03-03  nabijaczleweliEnable resume module if hibernation's enabled on the...
2020-03-03  Daniel MolkentinMerge branch 'master' into regenerate_all
2020-03-03  Harald HoyerTEST-04-FULL-SYSTEMD: use seperate marker disk for...
2020-03-03  Topi MiettinenMake lsinitrd usable for images made with Debian mkinit...
2020-03-02  Harald HoyerTEST-04-FULL-SYSTEMD: change error reporting
2020-03-02  Lucas C. Villa... dracut_mkdir(): create parent directories as needed.
2020-03-02  Harald Hoyertest/TEST-0[34] remove qemu return check
2020-03-02  Topi MiettinenDon't resolve libraries lazily if tmpdir is mounted...
2020-02-28  Alexander Miroshnichenkostratis module: fix start order
2020-02-28  Frantisek Sumsalfcoe/ use $name instead of $env{INTERFACE}
2020-02-28  Frantisek Sumsalgithub: fetch git tags before testing
2020-02-28  Frantisek Sumsalcms/ use $name instead of $env{INTERFACE}
2020-02-28  Frantisek Sumsaltest: build docs when running TEST-99-RPM
2020-02-28  Frantisek Sumsalgithub: add TEST-99 to the workflow
2020-02-28  Frantisek SumsalTEST-99-RPM: ignore weak dependencies in dnf
2020-02-28  Frantisek SumsalMakefile: fix RPM build
2020-02-28  Harald HoyerTEST-12-RAID-DEG: harden test
2020-02-28  Harald Hoyertest: use dd to write status to marker disk
2020-02-28  Harald set logtee timeout to 5 minutes
2020-02-28  Harald / don't build...
2020-02-28  Harald HoyerDisable NetworkManager tests for Fedora 30
2020-02-28  Harald Hoyer.travis.yml: add note about test container
2020-02-28  Harald Hoyertestsuite: refactor qemu options
2020-02-28  Harald HoyerRevert "test: run-qemu refactor common qemu parameters"
2020-02-28  Harald HoyerRevert "test/run-qemu: add "-serial stdio""
2020-02-28  Harald Hoyertest/run-qemu: add "-serial stdio"
2020-02-28  Harald Hoyertest: run-qemu refactor common qemu parameters
2020-02-27  Harald HoyerTEST-40-NBD: disable again
2020-02-27  Harald HoyerTEST-04-FULL-SYSTEMD: more info on failure
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyertest/test-functions: colorize startup
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyer.travis.yml: fix docker pull
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyertest/TEST-40-NBD/ bail out early if mount fails
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyernbd/ don't create mount unit
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyertest: remove "sudo" calls in test scripts
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyertest: do btrfs filesystem sync in
2020-02-27  Harald HoyerTEST-40-NBD: run the working tests
2020-02-27  Harald HoyerTEST-03-USR-MOUNT: more debugging
2020-02-27  Harald HoyerTEST-04-FULL-SYSTEMD: report failure on rootfs creation
2020-02-27  Harald HoyerTEST-20-NFS/ TEST-30-ISCSI/ reduce debug...
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyertest/TEST-60-IFCFG/ fixed qemu hubport netifs
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyertests: untabify, reformat
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyertest: fix server init scripts for network
2020-02-27  Harald HoyerAdd github workflow
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyeradd DRACUT_NO_XATTR global environment variable
2020-02-27  Harald Hoyernetwork-legacy/ use $name instead of...
2020-02-25  Jonathan Lebonnetwork-legacy/ifup: fix ip=dhcp,dhcp6 setup_net logic
2020-02-25  Jonathan Lebonnetwork-legacy/ifup: drop redundant if-statement
2020-02-25  Harald HoyerRevert "github workflow"
2020-02-25  Harald Hoyergithub workflow
2020-02-20  Donovan TremuraSupport the EFI Stub loader's splash image feature.
2020-02-18  Harald Hoyersystemd: install systemd-tty-ask-password-agent systemd...
2020-02-14  Eugene S. Sobolevnetwork/ Configure all iBFT interfaces
2020-02-13  Renaud Mé added help for --regenerate-all
2020-02-11  Lukas NykrynRevert "wait for IPv6 RA if using none/static IPv6...
2020-02-11  Lukas Nykryndhclient-script: ipv6 uses different variables for...
2020-02-10  Lukas Nykryn40network: bump to 10 seconds
2020-01-27  Daniel check kmoddir is properly formed
2020-01-27  Daniel Corderodracut-install: fetch kernel modules from kmoddir
2020-01-24  Harald Hoyeruefi-lib/ fixed script for bash version 5
2020-01-24  Jonas Witschelucode: use microcode found in packed cpio images
2020-01-23  Harald Hoyeradd missing crypto modules for aarch64
2020-01-23  Jonathan Lebonnetwork-legacy/ifup: nuke pid and lease files if dhclie...
2020-01-17  Kairui Song90kernel-modules: don't install any block driver if...
2020-01-14  Jan MackuWrite dns values passed by ip argument to ifcfg-* files
2020-01-14  Jan MackuReplace ln with systemctl
2020-01-14  Jacob Wen35network-legacy: using 'replace' instead of 'add'...
2020-01-14  Kairui Song95iscsi: Fix /etc/iscsi installation
2020-01-14  Lubomir Rintelnetwork-manager: don't run NetworkManager when there...
2020-01-14  Brian C. LaneCheck .hmac of boot.iso in fips mode
2020-01-14  Colin Waltersmodules/network-manager: Install `ip`
2020-01-14  Lukas Nykrynnetwork-legacy/ifup: dhclient should be started in...
2020-01-14  Lukas Nykrynnetwork-legacy/ifup: fix typo when calling dhclient...
2019-11-29  Alexey Kodanevfips: add 'ofb' and 'cts' block cipher modes
2019-11-22  Petr Tesarik95ssh-client: improve nsswitch.conf parser
2019-11-13  Lubomir RintelRevert "travis: run TEST-14-IMSM on Fedora 29"
2019-11-13  Daniel Molkentintest: use hosts randomness, not rngd
2019-11-13  Daniel Molkentintest: Provide host's randomness via virtio
2019-11-12  Lubomir RintelTEST-30-ISCSI: test iBFT boot as well
2019-11-12  Lubomir Rintelgit2spec: include contents of binaries in patches
2019-11-12  Daniel MolkentinDocumentation: dynamically set current version
2019-11-12  Lubomir Rintelspec: dracut-network is happy with either NM or dhclient
2019-11-11  Lubomir RintelTEST-{20,50,60,70): set MACAddressPolicy=keep
2019-11-11  Lubomir RintelTEST-{20,30,31,40,50,60,70): wait for server interfaces...
2019-11-11  Lubomir RintelTEST-50-MULTINIC: fix how a basename is determined
2019-11-11  Lubomir Rintellogtee: time out after a period of no output
2019-11-11  Lubomir RintelRevert "travis: run TEST-13-ENC-RAID-LVM on Fedora 29"
2019-11-11  Lubomir RintelTEST-13-ENC-RAID-LVM: increase memory
2019-11-10  Doan Tran Cong... dmraid: require kpartx binary
2019-11-10  Doan Tran Cong... multipath: require kpartx binary