2018-12-04 Harald Hoyer95iscsi/ do not require 'hostname'... master
2018-12-04 Harald install tcpdump
2018-12-04 Harald Hoyertest/test-functions: correctly move server.log
2018-12-04 Harald Hoyerinstall/dracut-install.c: install module dependencies...
2018-12-04 Harald Hoyernetwork: skip already enslaved interfaces
2018-11-30 Bruno E. O... dracut.modules.7.asc: typo correction
2018-11-30 Thierry Vignaudkill bogus comment
2018-11-30 Lubomir Rintelnetwork-manager: call the online hook for connected...
2018-11-27 Lukas Nykryndracut-initramfs-restore: set selinux labels
2018-11-15 Renaud Métrichfips: removed false-positive 'FATAL: Module xxx not...
2018-11-15 masemDelay argument "-d" requires number
2018-11-12 Kairui Songsquash: unsquash the root image instead of mounting...
2018-11-08 Pedro MonrealFixed some SUSE specific typos and outputs
2018-10-25 Lukas Nykryndracut.install: call dracut with --force
2018-10-24 Harald HoyerMakefile: add srpm target
2018-10-24 Dusty Mabe95iscsi: drop systemd dracut service dependencies for...
2018-10-22 Daniel Molkentin95dasd_rules: mark dasd rules host_only
2018-10-22 Daniel Molkentin99base: Allow files with backslashes in hostonly files
2018-10-19 Renaud Métrichfips: check fips integrity just before mounting local...
2018-10-18 Kairui Song99squash: Don't clean up squahfs on isolate
2018-10-12 Kairui Song40network: Don't include 40network by default
2018-10-09 Pedro MonrealAdded space in Resolving executable dependencies done...
2018-10-09 Kairui Songdracut.spec: Fix error introduced by 70291ed
2018-10-09 Mike Gilbertdracut-install: simplify ldd parsing logic
2018-10-08 Harald HoyerFix tests with network-legacy 049
2018-10-08 Harald HoyerAUTHORS: update
2018-10-08 Harald HoyerNEWS: update
2018-10-08 Eugene Syromiatnikovmodules.d: Add a module for handling additional depmod...
2018-09-21 Harald Hoyerdracut.spec: fixed invalid spec line
2018-09-21 Lubomir Rintelnetwork-manager: add module
2018-09-21 Lubomir Rintelnetwork-legacy: split off from network module
2018-09-21 Lubomir Rintelnetwork: fix an error message
2018-09-21 Lubomir Rinteliscsi: start iscsid even w/o systemd
2018-09-21 Lubomir Rinteliscsi: do not install all of /etc/iscsi unless hostonly
2018-09-21 Lubomir Rinteliscsi: do not replace the configuration in the host...
2018-09-21 Lubomir Rintelnetwork: configure NetworkManager to use dhclient
2018-09-21 Kairui Songdracut.spec: Add dracut-squash package
2018-09-21 Kairui SongAdd support for building a squashed initramfs
2018-09-10 Alexander Tsoybase/ use "command -v" in pidof()
2018-09-10 Alexander Tsoyinstall: avoid non-portable __WORDSIZE
2018-09-10 Alexander TsoyPrevent environment leaking into initrd-release
2018-09-06 Frederick Grosedmsquash-live/apply-live-updates: Test proper file...
2018-09-06 Frederick Grosedmsquash-live-root: Manage absent overlayfs module...
2018-09-06 Frederick Grosedmsquash-live: Avoid grep and sed in this module.
2018-09-05 Daniel Molkentin98dracut-systemd: Start systemd-vconsole-setup before...
2018-08-30 Tobias KlauserFix misspellings in man pages and usage
2018-08-24 Tony Aslesonstratis: Add additional binaries
2018-08-21 Kairui Songkernel-modules: add nfit
2018-08-21 Kairui Song99base: enable initqueue if extra devices are added
2018-08-21 Frederick Grosedmsquash-live, livenet: Simplify OverlayFS read-only...
2018-08-21 Frederick Grosedmsquash-live: Support a flattened squashfs.img
2018-08-20 Frederick Groselivenet: Enable OverlayFS overlay in sysroot.mount...
2018-08-20 Harald Hoyertravis: re-enable test 14
2018-08-17 Harald Hoyerifcfg/ aggregate resolv.conf
2018-08-17 Harald Hoyertest/test-functions: fixed V=1 logic
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: one last job reshuffle
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: reshuffle tests
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: modprobe amd nested=1
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: rebalance tests
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: reshuffle tests
2018-08-16 Harald HoyerTEST-99-RPM: use releasever of the host system
2018-08-16 Harald HoyerTEST-15-BTRFSRAID: use seperate disk image for boot...
2018-08-16 Harald HoyerTEST-99-RPM: removed --releasever
2018-08-16 Harald HoyerTEST-15-BTRFSRAID: sync in test-init
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: no rpm check for all matrix tests
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertest: for V=2 tail only the last MB of logs
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: combine more tests
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyerlogtee: reduce output
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertest: fixed test.log name
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: git pull more depth
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: git pull --tags
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: fight with yaml
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: fixup
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: git check
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: use own logtee.c to reduce log output
2018-08-16 Harald HoyerTEST-01: remove memdebug
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: send dnf output to dev/null
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: don't run TEST-40-NBD
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: combine more tests
2018-08-16 Harald remove bogus dir removal for --rebuild
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: combine jobs
2018-08-16 Harald Hoyertravis: extend matrix
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyer.travis.yml: add gitter notifications
2018-08-14 Harald don't parallelize travis tests
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerUpdate
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyertest/test-functions: be verbose for any $V not empty
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerTEST-50-MULTINIC: removed bogus qemu compat server...
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyertest/run-qemu: move -cpu host to kvm args
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerTEST-50-MULTINIC: fixed server.log
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyermight even run without kvm
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyeradd travis build job
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerTEST-31-ISCSI-MULTI: increase verbose level
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyertest: add TEST_RUN_ID
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerTEST-31-ISCSI-MULTI/ fixed test description
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerTEST-50-MULTINIC/ fixed server startup
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyerkernel-network-modules: add vlan kernel modules
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyertest: fixed KVERSION and qemu backwards compatiblity
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerTEST-70-BONDBRIDGETEAMVLAN: load vlan kernel modules
2018-08-14 Harald Hoyertest: also output server.log on failure
2018-08-14 Harald HoyerTEST-50-MULTINIC: s/--device/-device