2019-07-22  Harald comment out travis CI master
2019-07-22  Harald HoyerMakefile: fix VERSION
2019-07-22  Harald Hoyerdracut.spec: add 06rngd
2019-07-22  Paul RobinsInclude systemd volatile root service and binary
2019-07-19  Daniel MolkentinConsollidate the qemu virtualization detection
2019-07-19  Lukas Nykrynfips: split loading the crypto modules and checking...
2019-07-19  Lukas Nykrynnet-lib: strstr is not for globs
2019-07-19  Jonas WitschelReplace $(arch) by $(uname -m)
2019-07-19  Arnaud Rebillout99base: Don't let vinfo return 1
2019-07-19  Дамјан Георгиевскиmove setting the "systemdutildir" variable before it...
2019-07-19  Jonas fix EFI directory if ESP is mounted to /efi
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest/MULTINIC: correctly note activated devices when...
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest/BONDBRIDGETEAMVLAN: don't assert against ifcfg...
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest/IFCFG: make sure the network-legacy plugin is...
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest: copy BONDBRIDGETEAMVLAN to IFCFG
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rintelnetwork: parse root=dhcp also with network-manager...
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rintelnetwork-manager: generate configuration with netroot=
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rintelnetwork-manager: also read out next-server from NM...
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rintelnetwork-manager: remove useless use of basename
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest/{10,12,13,14,17,30,31}: increase the disk sizes
2019-07-19  Kairui Song95fcoe: load 'libfcoe' module as a fallback
2019-07-19  Takashi Iwaidracut-install: Add support for compressed kernel modules
2019-07-19  Frank Deng35network-legacy: fix classless static route parsing
2019-07-19  Lubomir RintelTEST-70-BONDBRIDGETEAMVLAN: get rid of duplicate makefile
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rintelfs-lib: drop a bashism
2019-07-19  Kairui Song95iscsi: Fix network setup code for iscsi
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest: tell systemd to reboot on fatal errors
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest/TEST-14-IMSM: detect failure to compose the test...
2019-07-19  Max Reschadd support for creating secureboot signed UEFI images
2019-07-19  Max Reschask for a password on readkey failure
2019-07-19  Max Reschlsinitrd handle UEFI created with dracut --uefi
2019-07-19  Renaud Métrichrngd: new module running early during boot to help...
2019-07-19  Michal Koutnýdebug: Add dd into debug module
2019-07-19  Lubomir Rinteltest/TEST-17-LVM-THIN: fail setup if we run out of...
2019-07-19  Harald remove trailing "|"
2019-07-19  Lianbo Jiang99base: enable the initqueue in both 'dracut --add...
2019-07-19  Harald HoyerMerge branch 'ryncsn-optimization'
2019-07-19  Harald HoyerMerge branch 'optimization' of
2019-07-19  Kairui Songsquash: also squash systemctl if switch-root is not...
2019-07-19  Kairui Songsquash: fix and simplify required_in_root
2019-07-19  Kairui Songsquash: squash systemd binary and udevadm
2019-07-19  Kairui record the actual hostonly modules for hosto...
2019-07-19  Kairui Song99squash: fail early if can't install require modules...
2019-07-19  Hongxu Fix udevdir detection
2019-07-18  Daniel simplify get_kernel_version
2019-07-18  Daniel Molkentintests: Ignore .testdir
2019-07-18  Daniel Molkentin95fcoe: Fix startup when fcoe module is included
2019-07-18  Thomas Blumecall netroot on wicked dhcp setup
2019-07-18  Thomas Blumenfsroot follow ifcfg settings for boot protocol
2019-07-18  Takashi Iwaidracut-install: Add support for compressed firmware...
2019-07-16  Lukas Nykryn01fips: add cfb cipher
2019-07-15  Andreas SchwabAdd support for riscv64
2019-07-09  Lubomir Rinteltravis: run TEST-13-ENC-RAID-LVM on Fedora 29
2019-07-09  Lubomir Rinteltravis: run TEST-14-IMSM on Fedora 29
2019-03-22  Kairui Songfips: ensure fs module for /boot is installed
2019-03-04  Renaud Métrichiscsi: always popd, even if there is no iscsi device
2019-02-22  Kairui Songdracut: let module handling function accept optional...
2019-02-15  Lukas Nykryninstall: string_hash_func should not be fed with NULL
2019-02-12  Böszörményi... Fix 98dracut-systemd/
2019-02-07  Lukas Nykryn95iscsi: /sys/devices/platform/*/flashnode_sess-*/is_bo...
2019-02-07  Lukas Nykryn95iscsi: fix a typo in a name of iscsiuio
2019-02-07  Thomas Abraham91zipl: Don't use contents of commented lines
2019-01-31  Frantisek Sumsal00systemd: check if systemd version is a number
2019-01-26  Jens Heise10i18n: Fix keymaps not getting included sometimes
2019-01-21  Daniel MolkentinFix a missing space in example configs
2019-01-18  Patrick Talbert95fcoe: Add the rd.nofcoe option to disable the FCoE...
2019-01-15  Lukas Nykryn95iscsi: decouple iscsi from
2019-01-15  Lukas NykrynRevert "95iscsi: drop systemd dracut service dependenci...
2019-01-10  Kairui Songlsinitrd: list squash content as well
2019-01-10  Daniel Molkentinemergency mode: use sulogin
2019-01-10  Lukas Nykryn95iscsi: rd.iscsi.initiator should have priority over...
2019-01-07  Đoàn Trần Công... remove bashism in various boot scripts
2018-12-20  Attila Bruncsakthe strip command should avoid changing the file modifi...
2018-12-13  Norbert Langeremove superfluous quotes in parameter expansion
2018-12-04  Harald Hoyer95iscsi/ do not require 'hostname'...
2018-12-04  Harald install tcpdump
2018-12-04  Harald Hoyertest/test-functions: correctly move server.log
2018-12-04  Harald Hoyerinstall/dracut-install.c: install module dependencies...
2018-12-04  Harald Hoyernetwork: skip already enslaved interfaces
2018-11-30  Bruno E. O... dracut.modules.7.asc: typo correction
2018-11-30  Thierry Vignaudkill bogus comment
2018-11-30  Lubomir Rintelnetwork-manager: call the online hook for connected...
2018-11-27  Lukas Nykryndracut-initramfs-restore: set selinux labels
2018-11-15  Renaud Métrichfips: removed false-positive 'FATAL: Module xxx not...
2018-11-15  masemDelay argument "-d" requires number
2018-11-12  Kairui Songsquash: unsquash the root image instead of mounting...
2018-11-08  Pedro MonrealFixed some SUSE specific typos and outputs
2018-10-25  Lukas Nykryndracut.install: call dracut with --force
2018-10-24  Harald HoyerMakefile: add srpm target
2018-10-24  Dusty Mabe95iscsi: drop systemd dracut service dependencies for...
2018-10-22  Daniel Molkentin95dasd_rules: mark dasd rules host_only
2018-10-22  Daniel Molkentin99base: Allow files with backslashes in hostonly files
2018-10-19  Renaud Métrichfips: check fips integrity just before mounting local...
2018-10-18  Kairui Song99squash: Don't clean up squahfs on isolate
2018-10-12  Kairui Song40network: Don't include 40network by default
2018-10-09  Pedro MonrealAdded space in Resolving executable dependencies done...
2018-10-09  Kairui Songdracut.spec: Fix error introduced by 70291ed
2018-10-09  Mike Gilbertdracut-install: simplify ldd parsing logic
2018-10-08  Harald HoyerFix tests with network-legacy 049
2018-10-08  Harald HoyerAUTHORS: update