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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeFri, 19 Apr 2019 18:11:22 +0000 (14:11 -0400)
46 hours ago Mark StappMerge pull request #4165 from dslicenc/rnh-invalid... master
47 hours ago Don Slicezebra: stop sending invalid nexthops to clients 4165/head
2 days ago Quentin YoungMerge pull request #4164 from opensourcerouting/rm...
2 days ago Mark StappMerge pull request #4154 from donaldsharp/zebra_run_once
2 days ago Donald Sharpzebra: Update flag output for route entry dump 4154/head
2 days ago Donald Sharpzebra: Run nexthop_active_check once
2 days ago Donald Sharpzebra: Double check is not necessary in nexthop_active_...
2 days ago Donald Sharplib, zebra: Remove unused flag
2 days ago Donald Sharpzebra: nexthop_active_update does not need set
2 days ago Sri Mohana... Merge pull request #4116 from nitinsoniism/show_l2vpn_e...
2 days ago Donald Sharplib: Add a counter for number of nexthops
2 days ago Donald Sharptests: bgp_l3vpn_to_bgp_vrf were bailing to quickly
2 days ago Mark StappMerge pull request #4141 from opensourcerouting/nb...
2 days ago Renato Westphalports: remove abandoned ports subdirectory 4164/head
3 days ago Renato WestphalMerge pull request #4160 from pguibert6WIND/optionZforg...
3 days ago Renato Westphallib: make nb_candidate_edit() more flexible 4141/head
7 weeks ago frr-7.0 FRRouting Release 7.0
2 months ago debian/frr-6.0.2-2
2 months ago debian/frr-6.0.2-1
2 months ago frr-7.1-dev frr-7.1-dev to match
3 months ago frr-3.0.4 FRRouting Release 3.0.4
3 months ago frr-4.0.1 FRRouting Release 4.0.1
3 months ago frr-5.0.2 FRRouting Release 5.0.2
3 months ago frr-6.0.2 FRRouting Release 6.0.2
3 months ago frr-6.0.1 FRRouting Release 6.0.1
6 months ago frr-6.0 FRRouting Release 6.0
7 months ago frr-6.1-dev FRRouting 6.1 Development
9 months ago frr-5.0.1 FRRouting Release 5.0.1
10 months ago frr-5.0 FRRouting Release 5.0
11 months ago frr-5.1-dev Start of 5.1 development branch
11 months ago frr-5.0-dev Start of 5.0 release branch
13 months ago frr-4.0 FRRouting Release 4.0
46 hours ago master
4 days ago stable/5.0
9 days ago stable/7.0
10 days ago stable/6.0
6 weeks ago debian/experimental
2 months ago debian/master
3 months ago stable/3.0
3 months ago stable/4.0
17 months ago stable/2.0