2 hours ago  jasonImplement C++20 P1301 [[nodiscard("should have a reason... master trunk trunk
7 hours ago  gccadminDaily bump.
9 hours ago  mseborPR tree-optimization/92157 - incorrect strcmp() ==...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Fix testsuite nit when compiling for thumb2
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Improvements to negvsi4 and negvdi4.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Early expansion of subvdi4
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Improve constant handling for subvsi4.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Early expansion of usubvdi4.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Improve constant handling for usubvsi4.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Early split addvdi4
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Allow the summation result of signed add-with...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Improve code generation for addvsi4.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Early expansion of uaddvdi4.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Handle immediate values in uaddvsi4
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Cleanup dead code - old support for DImode compar...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Handle some constant comparisons using rsbs+rscs
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] early split most DImode comparison operations.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Improve handling of DImode comparisions against...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Early split simple DImode equality comparisons
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Add alternative canonicalizations for subtract...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Implement negscc using SBC when appropriate.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Reduce cost of insns that are simple reg-reg...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Correct cost calculations involving borrow for...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Correctly cost addition with a carry-in
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Introduce arm_carry_operation
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Remove redundant DImode subtract patterns
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Early split subdi3
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] fix constraints on addsi3_carryin_alt2
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Rewrite addsi3_carryin_shift_<optab> in canonical...
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Early split zero- and sign-extension
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Perform early splitting of adddi3.
12 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Rip out DImode addition and subtraction splits.
14 hours ago  kargl2019-10-18 Steven G. Kargl <>
14 hours ago  jakub PR middle-end/92153
16 hours ago  avieira[Arm] Fix multilibs for Armv7-R
18 hours ago  nathan[C++ PATCH] anon type names
19 hours ago  burnusFortran] PR91586 Fix ICE on invalid code with CLASS
20 hours ago  rediPR libstdc++/92143 adjust for OS X aligned_alloc behaviour
20 hours ago  rediImplement std::ranges::less without std::less
24 hours ago  gjl PR target/86040
24 hours ago  gjlgcc/testsuite/
26 hours ago  prathamesh34922019-10-18 Prathamesh Kulkarni <prathamesh.kulkarni...
31 hours ago  gccadminDaily bump.
32 hours ago  danglin * config/pa/pa.c (pa_output_indirect_call): Fix typos...
33 hours ago  jakub PR tree-optimization/92056
35 hours ago  paolo/cp
35 hours ago  iains[Darwin, PPC] Fix PR 65342.
36 hours ago  jason * .gitattributes: Avoid {} in filename pattern.
36 hours ago  jason * cp-gimplify.c (cp_gimplify_expr): Use get_initialize...
38 hours ago  rguenth2019-10-17 Richard Biener <>
39 hours ago  rediProcess new C++17 and C++20 headers with Doxygen
39 hours ago  rediDefine [range.cmp] comparisons for C++20
40 hours ago  gjl Fix breakage introduced by r276985.
41 hours ago  hjli386: Add clear_ratio to processor_costs
41 hours ago  rediPR libstdc++/92124 fix incorrect container move assignment
41 hours ago  rguenth2019-10-17 Richard Biener <>
41 hours ago  rearnsha[arm] Add default FPU for Marvell-pj4
42 hours ago  rsandifo[AArch64][SVE2] Support for EOR3 and variants of BSL
42 hours ago  aldyhRemove incorrect PR from ChangeLog.
42 hours ago  aldyh PR tree-optimization/92131
43 hours ago  avieira[vect] Be consistent in versioning threshold use
43 hours ago  avieira[vect] Outline code into new function: determine_peel_f...
43 hours ago  nathan[C++ PATCH] builtin fn creation
43 hours ago  avieira[vect] Refactor versioning threshold
43 hours ago  rguenth2019-10-17 Richard Biener <>
44 hours ago  clyon[ARM,testsuite] Fix typo in arm_arch_v8a_ok effective...
44 hours ago  rguenth2019-10-17 Richard Biener <>
44 hours ago  markegglestonAdditional test cases for using automatic variables...
45 hours ago  gjlgcc/testsuite/
45 hours ago  fxuePR testsuite/92125
47 hours ago  rguenth2019-10-17 Richard Biener <>
2 days ago  jakub PR tree-optimization/92056
2 days ago  jakub PR tree-optimization/92115
2 days ago  jakub PR fortran/87752
2 days ago  rguenth2019-10-17 Richard Biener <>
2 days ago  luisgpmFix old file reference in gcc/cp/cp-gimplify.c
2 days ago  gccadminDaily bump.
2 days ago  jakub * decl.c (cxx_maybe_build_cleanup): When clearing...
2 days ago  jakub * tree-ssa-strlen.c (maybe_invalidate): Use
2 days ago  wilsonRISC-V: Include more registers in SIBCALL_REGS.
2 days ago  mseborPR tree-optimization/83821 - local aggregate initializa...
2 days ago  mseborPR tree-optimization/91996 - fold non-constant strlen...
2 days ago  rearnsha[arm] fix bootstrap failure due to uninitialized warning
2 days ago  law * config/mips/mips.c (mips_expand_builtin_insn): Force the
2 days ago  iiifind_partition_fixes: remove unused bbs_in_cold_partiti...
2 days ago  wilco[AArch64] Fix symbol offset limit
2 days ago  rguenth2019-10-16 Richard Biener <>
2 days ago  guojiufuIn PR70010, a function is marked with target(no-vsx...
2 days ago  rsandifoAssert for POINTER_TYPE_P in expr_callee_abi
2 days ago  rsandifo[AArch64] Add partial SVE vector modes
2 days ago  rsandifo[AArch64] Improve poly_int handling in aarch64_layout_frame
2 days ago  rsandifo[AArch64] Add an assert to aarch64_layout_frame
2 days ago  rsandifo[AArch64] Use frame reference in aarch64_layout_frame
2 days ago  rediOnly use GCC-specific __is_same_as built-in conditionally
2 days ago  rguenth2019-10-16 Richard Biener <>
2 days ago  rsandifoDeal with incoming POLY_INT_CST ranges (PR92033)
3 days ago  fxuegeneralized IPA predicate on parameter
3 days ago  fdumont[_GLIBCXX_DEBUG] Clarify constness and state <unknown...
3 days ago  gccadminDaily bump.
3 days ago  seghergenattrtab: Parenthesize expressions correctly (PR92107)