12 hours ago sandra2019-04-20 Sandra Loosemore <sandra@codesourcery... master trunk trunk
14 hours ago gccadminDaily bump.
15 hours ago rodgertqDelegate PSTL configuration to pstl/pstl_config.h
16 hours ago rodgertqCleanup algorithm implementations
21 hours ago ibuclawlibphobos: core.atomic should have fallback when there...
32 hours ago jason PR c++/90190 - CTAD with list-constructor.
32 hours ago jason PR c++/90171 - ICE with destroying delete with size_t...
38 hours ago gccadminDaily bump.
40 hours ago rodgertqImprove implementation of parallel equal()
43 hours ago jakub * de.po, es.po, fr.po, sv.po: Update.
45 hours ago seghertree-call-cdce: If !HONOR_NANS do not make code with...
47 hours ago paolo/cp
2 days ago ian libgo/go/syscall: add SockAddrDatalink on AIX
2 days ago jakub PR middle-end/90139
2 days ago jakub PR c++/90138
2 days ago jakub PR c/89888
2 days ago clyonPR translation/90118 Missing space between words
2 days ago jakub PR c++/90108
2 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
2 days ago bergner PR rtl-optimization/87871
2 days ago mseborPR middle-end/89797 - ICE on a vector_size (1LU <<...
2 days ago hubicka PR ipa/85051
2 days ago jason PR c++/87554 - ICE with extern template and reference...
3 days ago seghermove ChangeLog entry to the correct file
3 days ago rsandifoFix UB in int_const_binop
3 days ago rsandifoFix two ubsan failures (PR85164)
3 days ago rguenth2019-04-18 Richard Biener <>
3 days ago jakubReverted unintended part of previous commit.
3 days ago jakub PR translation/79183
3 days ago rguenth2019-04-18 Richard Biener <>
3 days ago iainsMAINTAINERS: Update email address
3 days ago iainsfix PR89864
3 days ago ian PR go/90110
3 days ago jason PR c++/90047 - ICE with enable_if alias template.
3 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
3 days ago rediPR libstdc++/90105 make forward_list::sort stable
3 days ago segherrs6000: Remove a comma in a debug string
3 days ago rediFix condition for std::variant to be copy constructible
3 days ago rediRemove unnecessary string literals from static_assert...
3 days ago rediFix tests for std::variant to match original intention
3 days ago jakub PR c++/89325
3 days ago jakub PR target/90125
3 days ago bergnergcc/
3 days ago segherauto-inc-dec: Set alignment properly
3 days ago mpolacek PR c++/90124 - bogus error with incomplete type in...
3 days ago law * targhooks.c (default_print_patchable_function_entry...
3 days ago law * collect2.c (main): Change URL...
3 days ago jakub * Only handle WARNING: program...
4 days ago jakub PR middle-end/90095
4 days ago rediAdd constexpr to std::optional::value_or(U&&)&&
4 days ago claziss[ARC][COMMITTED] Fix diagnostic messages.
4 days ago segherrs6000: Improve the load/store-with-update patterns...
4 days ago tschwinge[PR90048] Fortran OpenACC 'private' clause rejected...
4 days ago tschwinge[PR90067, PR90114] Document Fortran OpenACC predetermin...
4 days ago jakub PR target/89093
4 days ago ibuclawd: Fix the build on hosts missing _MAX and _MAX macros.
4 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
4 days ago ibuclawd: Use build_exeext suffix for D generator programs.
4 days ago jakub PR c++/86953
4 days ago pthaugen PR target/84369
4 days ago marxinFilter out LTO in config/
5 days ago dominiq2019-04-16 Dominique d'Humieres <dominiq@gcc.gnu...
5 days ago aoliva[PR89528] reset debug uses of return value when droppin...
5 days ago aoliva[PR86438] avoid too-long shift in test
5 days ago claziss[ARC] Refactor deprecated macros.
5 days ago claziss[ARC] Remove Rs5 constraint.
5 days ago claziss[ARC] Refurb eliminate regs.
5 days ago claziss[ARC] Emit blockage regardless to avoid delay slot...
5 days ago jasonwucj[NDS32] Fix nds32_split_ashiftdi3 with large shift...
5 days ago jasonwucj[NDS32] Handle subreg correctly in wext_odd_dep_p.
5 days ago jakub PR target/90096
5 days ago jakub PR rtl-optimization/90082
5 days ago jakub PR tree-optimization/90090
5 days ago rguenth2019-04-16 Richard Biener <>
5 days ago ibuclawlibphobos: Fix configure test for backtrace-supported.h
5 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
5 days ago law * config/microblaze/microblaze.c (microblaze_expand_bl...
5 days ago ibuclaw PR d/90059
6 days ago rguenth2019-04-15 Richard Biener <>
6 days ago rguenth2019-04-15 Richard Biener <>
6 days ago seghercombine: Count auto_inc properly (PR89794)
6 days ago rguenth2019-04-15 Richard Biener <>
6 days ago jambormReorganize cgraph_node::clone_of_p
6 days ago jasonwucj[NDS32] Refine force unwind. Linux kernel only uses...
6 days ago jasonwucj[NDS32] nds32*-*-linux* target using init_array/finit_a...
6 days ago jasonwucj[NDS32] Rewrite PIC/TLS patterns.
6 days ago dominiq2019-04-15 Dominique d'Humieres <dominiq@gcc.gnu...
6 days ago jasonwucj[NDS32] Provide one valid nds32 assembly instruction...
6 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
6 days ago hubicka PR lto/89358
6 days ago tkoenig2019-04-14 Thomas Koenig <>
6 days ago pault2019-04-14 Paul Thomas <>
7 days ago jpfauPR d/87799 Fix D build on windows hosts
7 days ago roEnable libphobos on Solaris 11/x86
7 days ago roWork around lack of dlpi_tls_modid before Solaris 11.5
7 days ago roWork around Solaris ld bug linking __tls_get_addr on...
7 days ago roUse gcc/sections/elf_shared.d on Solaris 11.5 (PR d...
7 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
7 days ago ibuclawlibphobos: Move rt.sections modules to gcc.sections
7 days ago jakub * gcc.pot: Regenerate.