5 hours ago Rafal Luzynskinl_NL locale: Correct the negative monetary format... master
14 hours ago Adhemerval... m68k: Remove vDSO support
14 hours ago Adhemerval... powerpc: Refactor powerpc64 lround/lroundf/llround...
14 hours ago Adhemerval... powerpc: Refactor powerpc32 lrint/lrintf/llrint/llrintf
14 hours ago Adhemerval... powerpc: refactor powerpc64 lrint/lrintf/llrint/llrintf
3 days ago Florian WeimerLinux: Fix __glibc_has_include use for <sys/stat.h...
3 days ago Florian Weimer<sys/cdefs.h>: Inhibit macro expansion for __glibc_has_...
4 days ago Joseph MyersAdd IPV6_ROUTER_ALERT_ISOLATE from Linux 5.1 to bits...
4 days ago Joseph MyersAllow memset local PLT reference for powerpc soft-float.
4 days ago Szabolcs Nagyaarch64: handle STO_AARCH64_VARIANT_PCS
4 days ago Szabolcs Nagyaarch64: add STO_AARCH64_VARIANT_PCS and DT_AARCH64_VAR...
5 days ago Adhemerval... powerpc: Remove optimized finite
5 days ago Adhemerval... math: Use wordsize-64 version for finite
5 days ago Adhemerval... powerpc: Remove optimized isinf
5 days ago Adhemerval... math: Use wordsize-64 version for isinf
5 days ago Adhemerval... powerpc: Remove optimized isnan
5 days ago Adhemerval... math: Use wordsize-64 version for isnan
5 days ago Adhemerval... benchtests: Add isnan/isinf/isfinite benchmark
5 days ago Adhemerval... powerpc: copysign cleanup
5 days ago Adhemerval... powerpc: consolidate rint
5 days ago Florian Weimerlibio: freopen of default streams crashes in old progra...
5 days ago Florian WeimerLinux: Deprecate <sys/sysctl.h> and sysctl
5 days ago Florian Weimer<sys/stat.h>: Use Linux UAPI header for statx if availa...
5 days ago Florian Weimer<sys/cdefs.h>: Add __glibc_has_include macro
5 days ago Wilco DijkstraImprove performance of memmem
5 days ago Wilco DijkstraImprove performance of strstr
6 days ago Wilco DijkstraBenchmark strstr hard needles
7 days ago Joseph MyersFix malloc tests build with GCC 10.
10 days ago Florian WeimerLinux: Add getdents64 system call
11 days ago Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] get_rounding_mode: utilize faster method...
11 days ago Florian Weimerriscv: Do not use __has_include__
12 days ago Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] fegetexcept: utilize function instead of...
13 days ago Florian Weimericonv: Use __twalk_r in __gconv_release_shlib
13 days ago Andreas SchwabFix iconv buffer handling with IGNORE error handler...
2019-06-03 Joseph MyersAdd INADDR_ALLSNOOPERS_GROUP from Linux 5.1 to netinet...
2019-06-01 Florian WeimerFix data of ChangeLog entry
2019-06-01 Florian Weimerarm: Remove ioperm/iopl/inb/inw/inl/outb/outw/outl...
2019-06-01 Florian WeimerLinux: Add oddly-named arm syscalls to syscall-names...
2019-05-30 Gabriel F.... powerpc: Fix build failures with current GCC
2019-05-29 Adhemerval... Remove unused get_clockfreq files
2019-05-28 Adhemerval... powerpc: generic nearbyint/nearbyintf
2019-05-28 mansayktt_RU: Add lang_name [BZ #24370]
2019-05-28 mansayktt_RU: Fix orthographic mistakes in mon and abmon secti...
2019-05-28 Joseph MyersAdd IGMP_MRDISC_ADV from Linux 5.1 to netinet/igmp.h.
2019-05-27 Florian Weimernptl: Add comment to __pthread_get_minstack about exter...
2019-05-24 Florian Weimernss_dns: Check for proper A/AAAA address alignment
2019-05-23 Joseph MyersAdd F_SEAL_FUTURE_WRITE from Linux 5.1 to bits/fcntl...
2019-05-23 Alexandra Hájkováelf: Add tst-ldconfig-bad-aux-cache test [BZ #18093]
2019-05-22 Zack WeinbergAdd ChangeLog entry for previous commit.
2019-05-22 Zack WeinbergRemove support for PowerPC SPE extension (powerpc*...
2019-05-21 Wilco DijkstraImprove string benchtest timing
2019-05-21 Adhemerval... sysvipc: Add missing bit of semtimedop s390 consolidation
2019-05-21 Florian Weimerwcsmbs: Fix data race in __wcsmbs_clone_conv [BZ #24584]
2019-05-21 Florian Weimerlibio: Fix gconv-related memory leak [BZ #24583]
2019-05-20 Florian Weimerlibio: Remove codecvt vtable [BZ #24588]
2019-05-20 Florian Weimersupport: Expose sbindir as support_sbindir_prefix
2019-05-20 Mike Crowesupport: Add missing EOL terminators on timespec
2019-05-20 Mike Crowesupport: Correct confusing comment
2019-05-20 Adhemerval... sysvipc: Consolidate semtimedop s390
2019-05-20 Adhemerval... sysvipc: Fix compat msgctl (BZ#24570)
2019-05-20 Joseph MyersAdd NT_ARM_PACA_KEYS and NT_ARM_PACG_KEYS from Linux...
2019-05-17 Wilco DijkstraSmall tcache improvements
2019-05-17 Florian Weimermanual: Document O_DIRECTORY
2019-05-16 Joseph MyersUpdate kernel-features.h files for Linux 5.1.
2019-05-16 Florian Weimernss_nis, nss_nisplus: Remove RES_USE_INET6 handling
2019-05-16 Florian Weimernss_files: Remove RES_USE_INET6 from hosts processing
2019-05-16 Florian Weimersupport: Report NULL blobs explicitly in TEST_COMPARE
2019-05-15 Mark Wielaarddlfcn: Guard __dlerror_main_freeres with __libc_once_ge...
2019-05-15 DJ DelorieAdd missing Changelog entry
2019-05-15 Andreas SchwabFix crash in _IO_wfile_sync (bug 20568)
2019-05-15 Florian Weimernss: Turn __nss_database_lookup into a compatibility...
2019-05-15 Alexandra Hájkovásupport: Add support_install_rootsbindir
2019-05-15 Florian Weimericonv: Remove public declaration of __gconv_transliterate
2019-05-14 Florian WeimerLinux: Add the tgkill function
2019-05-14 Carlos O'Donellmanual: Adjust twalk_r documentation.
2019-05-14 Adhemerval... elf: Fix tst-pldd for non-default --prefix and/or ...
2019-05-14 Adhemerval... support: Export bindir path on support_path
2019-05-14 Adhemerval... Make --bindir effective
2019-05-14 Adhemerval... x86: Remove arch-specific low level lock implementation
2019-05-14 Adhemerval... Assume LLL_LOCK_INITIALIZER is 0
2019-05-14 Adhemerval... Small optimization for lowlevellock
2019-05-14 Adhemerval... Add single-thread.h header
2019-05-13 Mike FABIANBug 24535: Update to Unicode 12.1.0
2019-05-10 Wilco DijkstraFix tcache count maximum (BZ #24531)
2019-05-10 Florian Weimersem_close: Use __twalk_r
2019-05-10 Adhemerval... support: Fix timespec printf
2019-05-09 Mike Crowenptl/tst-abstime: Use libsupport
2019-05-09 Mike Crowenptl: Convert some rwlock tests to use libsupport
2019-05-09 Mike Crowenptl: Use recent additions to libsupport in tst-sem5
2019-05-09 Mike Crowenptl: Convert tst-cond11.c to use libsupport
2019-05-09 Mike Crowesupport: Add timespec.h
2019-05-09 Szabolcs NagyMove nptl/tst-eintr1 to xtests
2019-05-09 Adhemerval... powerpc: trunc/truncf refactor
2019-05-09 Adhemerval... powerpc: round/roundf refactor
2019-05-09 Adhemerval... powerpc: floor/floorf refactor
2019-05-08 Mike Crowesupport: Add xclock_gettime
2019-05-08 Florian Weimermalloc/tst-mallocfork2: Use process-shared barriers
2019-05-07 Joseph MyersUpdate syscall-names.list for Linux 5.1.
2019-05-07 Joseph MyersRevert "Use Linux 5.1 in"
2019-05-07 Joseph MyersUse Linux 5.1 in