6 hours ago  DJ Delorieloadarchive: guard against locale-archive corruption... master
10 hours ago  Carlos O'DonellUndo accidental commit to ChangeLog.19.
10 hours ago  Carlos O'Donellnptl: Document AS-safe functions in cancellation.c.
10 hours ago  Leandro Pereiraelf: Use nocancel pread64() instead of lseek()+read()
10 hours ago  Leandro PereiraAdd nocancel version of pread64()
11 hours ago  DJ DelorieAdd run-one-test convenience target and makefile help...
16 hours ago  Adhemerval... Update sysvipc kernel-features.h files for Linux 5.1
17 hours ago  Stefan LieblerS390: Add new s390 platform z15.
18 hours ago  Florian Weimernptl: SIGCANCEL, SIGTIMER, SIGSETXID are always defined
18 hours ago  Florian Weimernptl/tst-cancel25 needs to be an internal test
35 hours ago  Florian WeimerRemove libc_hidden_def from __semtimedop stub
40 hours ago  Adhemerval... sysvipc: Implement semop based on semtimedop
40 hours ago  Adhemerval... ipc: Refactor sysvipc internal definitions
47 hours ago  Florian WeimerRename and split elf/tst-dlopen-aout collection of...
2 days ago  Florian Weimerdlfcn: Remove remnants of caller sensitivity from dlinfo
2 days ago  Andreas Schwabldconfig: handle .dynstr located in separate segment...
3 days ago  Florian Weimerldd: Print "not a dynamic executable" on standard error...
4 days ago  Joseph MyersAdd PTRACE_GET_SYSCALL_INFO from Linux 5.3 to sys/ptrace.h.
7 days ago  Florian WeimerMove ChangeLog to ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.19 changelog-ends-here
7 days ago  Florian Weimermanual: Remove warning in the documentation of the...
8 days ago  Adhemerval... sysvipc: Set ipc_perm mode as mode_t (BZ#18231)
8 days ago  Andreas SchwabSimplify note processing
9 days ago  Dmitry V. Levinsyscall-names.list: fix typos in comment
9 days ago  Lukasz Majewskiy2038: linux: Provide __clock_settime64 implementation
9 days ago  Adhemerval... posix: Use posix_spawn for wordexp
9 days ago  Adhemerval... mips: Do not malloc on getdents64 fallback
9 days ago  Florian Weimersparc: Assume GOTDATA support in the toolchain
9 days ago  Petr Vorel<dirent.h>: Remove wrong comment about getdents64 decla...
9 days ago  Florian WeimerChangeLog: Remove leading spaces before tabs and traili...
10 days ago  Gabriel F.... Make tst-strftime2 and tst-strftime3 depend on locale...
10 days ago  Florian Weimerposix/tst-wordexp-nocmd: Fix diagnostics output in...
10 days ago  Florian Weimerwordexp: Split out command execution tests from posix...
11 days ago  Florian Weimernptl: Move pthread_attr_setschedparam implementation...
11 days ago  Florian Weimerriscv: Remove support for variable page sizes
11 days ago  Florian Weimernptl: Move pthread_attr_getschedparam implementation...
2019-10-04  Florian Weimerelf: Assign TLS modid later during dlopen [BZ #24930]
2019-10-04  Florian Weimerelf: Never use the file ID of the main executable ...
2019-10-04  Florian Weimernptl: Move pthread_attr_setinheritsched implementation...
2019-10-03  Paul A. ClarkeChangeLog update from my last commit
2019-10-02  Joseph MyersDisable -Wmaybe-uninitialized for total_deadline in...
2019-10-02  Alistair Francisstring/endian.h: Restore the __USE_MISC conditionals
2019-10-02  Joseph MyersDisable warnings in string/tester.c at top level.
2019-10-02  Lukasz MajewskiY2038: Include proper header to provide support for...
2019-10-02  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] No need to enter "Ignore Exceptions Mode"
2019-10-02  Arjun ShankarEnable passing arguments to the inferior in
2019-10-01  Alistair Francistime: Add padding for the timespec if required
2019-10-01  Alistair FrancisSplit up endian.h to minimize exposure of BYTE_ORDER.
2019-10-01  Mike FABIANSync "language", "lang_name", "territory", "country_nam...
2019-09-30  Joseph MyersUse binutils 2.33 branch in
2019-09-30  Lukasz Majewskiy2038: Provide conversion helpers for struct __timespec64
2019-09-30  Joseph MyersUpdate bits/mman.h constants and
2019-09-30  Gabriel F.... Add helper script for glibc debugging
2019-09-27  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] Rename fesetenv_mode to fesetenv_control
2019-09-27  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] libc_feholdsetround_noex_ppc_ctx: optimize...
2019-09-27  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] Rename fegetenv_status to fegetenv_control
2019-09-27  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] __fesetround_inline optimizations
2019-09-27  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] libc_feupdateenv_test: optimize FPSCR access
2019-09-27  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] fenv_private.h clean up
2019-09-27  Joseph MyersAdd TCP_TX_DELAY from Linux 5.3 to netinet/tcp.h.
2019-09-26  Lukasz Majewskiy2038: Introduce struct __timespec64 - new internal...
2019-09-26  Siddhesh Poyarekarauto-changelog: Remove latin1 from codecs
2019-09-25  Adhemerval... Set the expects flags to clock_nanosleep
2019-09-25  Adhemerval... Fix tst-sigcontext-get_pc rule name from a43565ac447b1
2019-09-24  Alistair Francisinet/net-internal.h: Fix uninitalised clntudp_call...
2019-09-24  Andreas SchwabFix vDSO initialization on arm and mips
2019-09-20  Siddhesh PoyarekarScript to generate ChangeLog-like output from git log
2019-09-19  Paul A. Clarke[powerpc] SET_RESTORE_ROUND optimizations and bug fix
2019-09-19  Stefan LieblerFix building support_ptrace.c on i686-gnu.
2019-09-19  Stefan LieblerS390: Use _HP_TIMING_S390_H instead of _HP_TIMING_H.
2019-09-18  Joseph MyersUpdate syscall-names.list for Linux 5.3.
2019-09-18  Joseph MyersUse Linux 5.3 in
2019-09-18  Stefan LieblerS390: Add support for HP_TIMING_NOW.
2019-09-18  Joseph MyersFix RISC-V vfork build with Linux 5.3 kernel headers.
2019-09-18  Stefan LieblerAdd UNSUPPORTED check in elf/tst-pldd.
2019-09-17  Adhemerval... sparc64: Use linux generic time implementation
2019-09-17  Adhemerval... mips: Consolidate INTERNAL_VSYSCALL_CALL
2019-09-17  Adhemerval... powerpc: Simplify vsyscall internal macros
2019-09-17  Adhemerval... Refactor vDSO initialization code
2019-09-17  Adhemerval... Remove PREPARE_VERSION and PREPARE_VERSION_KNOW
2019-09-17  Chung-Lin TangFix small error in HP_TIMING_PRINT trailing null char...
2019-09-14  Aurelien Jarnoalpha: force old OSF1 syscalls for getegid, geteuid...
2019-09-09  Paul EggertFix http: URL in 'configure'
2019-09-09  Paul EggertRegenerate charmap-kw.h, locfile-kw.h
2019-09-07  Paul EggertFix three GNU license URLs, along with trailing-newline...
2019-09-07  Paul EggertPrefer https to http for and URLs
2019-09-05  Gabriel F.... Use __attribute_pure__ macro in bits/mathcalls.h
2019-09-05  Florian Weimerlocale: Avoid zero-length array in _nl_category_names...
2019-09-05  Gabriel F.... math: Replace const attribute with pure in totalorder...
2019-09-04  Lukasz Majewskiy2038: Introduce the __ASSUME_TIME64_SYSCALLS define
2019-09-04  Zack WeinbergFinish move of clock_* functions to libc. [BZ #24959]
2019-09-03  Aurelien JarnoUpdate Alpha libm-test-ulps
2019-09-03  Florian Weimerlocaledef: Use initializer for flexible array member...
2019-09-02  Florian WeimerAdd misc/tst-mntent-autofs, testing autofs "ignore...
2019-09-02  Ian KentUse autofs "ignore" mount hint in getmntent_r/getmntent
2019-08-30  Samuel Thibaulthurd: Fix build
2019-08-30  Wilco DijkstraUse generic memset/memcpy/memmove in benchtests
2019-08-30  Florian Weimernptl: Move pthread_attr_getinheritsched implementation...
2019-08-29  Samuel Thibaulthurd: Fix SS_ONSTACK support
2019-08-29  Samuel Thibaulthurd: Remove optimizing anonymous maps as __vm_allocate.
2019-08-29  Samuel Thibaulthurd: Fix poll and select POSIX compliancy details...