6 days ago  Markus Theiliw: print current ext feature set master
6 days ago  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
6 days ago  Pradeep Kumar... iw: sync frequency to channel mapping with kernel for...
8 days ago  Sergey Matyukevichiw: add TID specific configuration command
8 days ago  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
9 days ago  Pali Roháriw: Print limit for maximum associated stations in...
2020-04-24  Brian Norrisiw: 'phy <name> reg get' shouldn't dump all domains
2020-04-24  Johannes Bergiw: tiny code style fixes
2020-04-24  Markus Theiliw: event: log rssi value for cqm
2020-03-25  Markus Theiliw: event: also handle reg change on wiphy
2020-03-25  Markus Theiliw: update extended features in info
2020-03-25  Alexander Wetzeliw: Complete Extended Key ID detection
2020-03-25  Johannes Bergiw: update nl80211.h
2020-03-20  Brian Norrisiw: phy: dump wiphy index
2020-03-04  Ilan Peerscan: Fix printing of unknown WPS vendor extension
2020-03-04  Johannes Bergiw: correctly print signed TX power level
2020-02-24  Johannes Bergresync nl80211.h
2020-02-13  Johannes Bergscan: wps: remove useless string length checks
2020-02-13  Johannes Bergscan: wps: fix some misplaced code
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: parse AP Channel Report
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: parse wps version2
2020-02-13  Johannes Bergscan: wps: add more bounds checks
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: better length checks in print_wifi_wps()
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: fix some format string warnings found by...
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: fix undefined behaviour in print_vht_capa()
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: fix undefined behaviour in rm capa print
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: fix buffer over-read in print_p2p
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: fix buffer over-read in print_wifi_wps
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: fix buffer over-read in parsing roaming conso...
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: fix buffer over-read in print_ies()
2020-02-13  Johannes Bergbuild: add -Wdeclaration-after-statement
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: parse measurement pilot element
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: parse tx power envelope
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: parse 'supported Operating Classes element'
2020-02-13  Markus Theiliw: scan: add missing word for rm capabilities
2020-02-13  Brian Norrisiw: reg: parse the NO_HE regulatory flag
2020-02-13  John Crispiniw: print ru-alloc values when dumping stations
2020-02-13  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2020-01-28  Markus Theiliw: scan: print radio measurement capabilities
2020-01-15  Markus Theiliw: event: parse channel switch
2020-01-15  Markus Theiliw: info: add missing extended flags for 5.5
2020-01-15  Markus Theiliw: event: parse stop ap and frame wait cancel events
2020-01-15  Markus Theiliw: event: handle interface add/del
2020-01-15  Johannes Bergiw: update nl80211.h
2020-01-02  Markus Theiliw: info: print missing extended feature flag information
2019-12-13  Johannes Bergevent: remove unnecessary braces
2019-12-13  Markus Theiliw: event: add sta opmode changed command
2019-12-13  Markus Theiliw: event: add set interface command
2019-12-13  Markus Theiliw: event: add new peer candidate command
2019-12-05  Johannes Bergiw: bump version to 5.4 v5.4
2019-12-05  Johannes Bergiw: generate command list at build time
2019-11-22  Brian Norrisiw: scan: fix double-free in error paths
2019-10-28  Ryan Adolfiw: Fix typo in iw --help
2019-09-11  Ben Greeariw: Print current time in station info dump
2019-09-11  Ben Greeariw: Support associated-at station statistic.
2019-09-11  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2019-08-05  Johannes Bergbump version to 5.3 v5.3
2019-08-05  Johannes Berginfo: update extended feature list
2019-08-05  Johannes Berginfo: macro-ify ext_feat_print()
2019-08-05  Johannes Bergutil: update command list
2019-08-05  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2019-07-26  Johannes Bergiw: scan: add missing newline
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: print HE capabilities
2019-05-24  Johannes Bergiw: really fix build
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: add HE support to station dump call
2019-05-24  Johannes Bergcac: fix error handling in channel parsing
2019-05-24  Johannes Bergnan: fix memory leak
2019-05-24  Johannes Bergmesh: initialize err in set_interface_meshparam()
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: fix fp handling inside handle_vendor
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: fix memory leaks inside handle_scan
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: fix memory leak inside parse_sched_scan
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: fix fd leak inside handle_netns
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: fix memory leak inside handle_cac
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: fix endless loop inside handle_mgmt_dump
2019-05-24  John Crispiniw: fix memory leak inside register_mgmt_frame
2019-05-24  Johannes Bergiw: add version.o to objects
2019-05-02  Johannes Bergiw: include all C files into the binary
2019-05-02  Johannes Bergiw: change __cmd section scheme to fit gcc/clang
2019-04-26  Ashok Raj Nagarajaniw: Add support for controlling tx power for per station
2019-04-26  Pradeep Kumar... iw: add command to inject a frame via direct mesh link...
2019-04-26  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2019-03-29  Antonio Quartulliiw: print 4ADDR attribute when dumping interface
2019-02-28  Johannes Bergiw: small cleanup for the sizer code
2019-02-28  Johannes Bergiw: fix cmd_size determination with LTO
2019-02-28  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2019-02-22  Toke Høiland... iw: Print airtime fairness feature
2019-02-22  Toke Høiland... iw: Add command to set airtime weight
2019-02-22  Toke Høiland... iw: Add printing of station tx duration and airtime...
2019-02-04  Johannes Bergiw: bump version to 5.0.1 v5.0.1
2019-02-04  Johannes Bergiw: make it build with older compilers again
2019-02-01  Johannes Bergiw: bump version to 5.0 v5.0
2019-02-01  Johannes Bergiw: add FTM responder commands
2019-02-01  Johannes Bergiw: add FTM initiator support
2019-02-01  Johannes Bergiw: separate wait/print when waiting for an event
2019-02-01  Johannes Bergiw: make parse_random_mac_addr() more generally available
2019-02-01  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h and command list
2019-01-08  Johannes Bergiw: make all code files non-executable
2018-12-18  Brian Norrisiw: add FEATURE support for scan randomization
2018-12-18  Brian Norrisiw: dump 'rx bitrate' in link stats
2018-11-21  Johannes Bergiw: use -Wstringop-overflow=4