2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: print HE capabilities master
2019-05-24 Johannes Bergiw: really fix build
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: add HE support to station dump call
2019-05-24 Johannes Bergcac: fix error handling in channel parsing
2019-05-24 Johannes Bergnan: fix memory leak
2019-05-24 Johannes Bergmesh: initialize err in set_interface_meshparam()
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: fix fp handling inside handle_vendor
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: fix memory leaks inside handle_scan
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: fix memory leak inside parse_sched_scan
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: fix fd leak inside handle_netns
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: fix memory leak inside handle_cac
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: fix endless loop inside handle_mgmt_dump
2019-05-24 John Crispiniw: fix memory leak inside register_mgmt_frame
2019-05-24 Johannes Bergiw: add version.o to objects
2019-05-02 Johannes Bergiw: include all C files into the binary
2019-05-02 Johannes Bergiw: change __cmd section scheme to fit gcc/clang
2019-04-26 Ashok Raj Nagarajaniw: Add support for controlling tx power for per station
2019-04-26 Pradeep Kumar... iw: add command to inject a frame via direct mesh link...
2019-04-26 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2019-03-29 Antonio Quartulliiw: print 4ADDR attribute when dumping interface
2019-02-28 Johannes Bergiw: small cleanup for the sizer code
2019-02-28 Johannes Bergiw: fix cmd_size determination with LTO
2019-02-28 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2019-02-22 Toke Høiland... iw: Print airtime fairness feature
2019-02-22 Toke Høiland... iw: Add command to set airtime weight
2019-02-22 Toke Høiland... iw: Add printing of station tx duration and airtime...
2019-02-04 Johannes Bergiw: bump version to 5.0.1 v5.0.1
2019-02-04 Johannes Bergiw: make it build with older compilers again
2019-02-01 Johannes Bergiw: bump version to 5.0 v5.0
2019-02-01 Johannes Bergiw: add FTM responder commands
2019-02-01 Johannes Bergiw: add FTM initiator support
2019-02-01 Johannes Bergiw: separate wait/print when waiting for an event
2019-02-01 Johannes Bergiw: make parse_random_mac_addr() more generally available
2019-02-01 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h and command list
2019-01-08 Johannes Bergiw: make all code files non-executable
2018-12-18 Brian Norrisiw: add FEATURE support for scan randomization
2018-12-18 Brian Norrisiw: dump 'rx bitrate' in link stats
2018-11-21 Johannes Bergiw: use -Wstringop-overflow=4
2018-11-09 Paride Legoviniiw: honor CPPFLAGS when compiling
2018-10-11 Andrei Otcheretianskiiw: Fix NAN match event formatting
2018-10-11 Zamir, Roeeiw: nan: fix warning of uninitialized variable
2018-10-11 Johannes Bergremove stray evp.h include
2018-10-11 Roee Zamiriw: nan: Add NAN Commands
2018-10-11 Roee Zamiriw: nan: Handle NAN Events
2018-10-11 Netanel Bachneriw: Add inactivity timeout configuration support
2018-10-11 David Spinadelwowlan: Use MAX_NL80211_ATTR instead of NUM in nla_parse
2018-10-11 Emmanuel Grumbachconnect: fix parsing of WEP keys
2018-10-11 Ilan Peerconnect: Fix parsing of PSK
2018-10-11 Johannes Bergiw: fix various static checker warnings
2018-10-11 Hauke Mehrtensiw: scan: parse OWE Transition Mode element
2018-10-11 Hauke Mehrtensiw: Make input to mac_addr_n2a() const
2018-10-09 Hauke Mehrtensscan: Decode additional Authentication types
2018-10-09 Brian Norrisiw: fix enum warnings
2018-10-09 Emmanuel Grumbachiw: fix the beacon average signal parsing
2018-08-29 Balaji Pothunooriiw: ack signal support for tx ack packets
2018-08-29 Johannes Bergscan: fix fall through warning
2018-08-29 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2018-08-14 Johannes Bergscan: fix indentation in previous change
2018-08-14 Sergey Matyukevichscan: fix crash when driver doesn't report frame type
2018-08-14 Omer Daganiw: 'idby' might be used uninitialized in main function
2018-05-22 Johannes Bergiw: enable -Wextra and fix warnings caused by it
2018-05-22 Johannes Bergscan: print out "Information elements from Probe Respon...
2018-05-22 Johannes Bergiw: fix some scan code indentation
2018-05-18 Toke Høiland... iw: Add getting and setting of TXQ params for phy
2018-05-18 Toke Høiland... iw: Print TXQ statistics for stations and interfaces
2018-05-18 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2018-05-18 Seth Forsheeiw: support reloading the regulatory database
2018-05-18 Pradeep Kumar... iw: Add duration parameter to scan command
2018-04-19 Dmitry Lebediw: add printout of all supported ext_features to phy...
2018-04-19 Johannes Bergiw: update nl80211.h
2018-01-04 Johannes Bergbump version to 4.14 v4.14
2018-01-04 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2018-01-04 Johannes Bergutil: update command list
2017-12-19 Peter Großeocb: Use common freqchan helper for setting the operati...
2017-12-12 Emmanuel Grumbachiw: add support for mfp
2017-12-12 Johannes Bergiw: ap: don't return -EPERM
2017-12-12 Johannes Bergiw: ap: support hidden/zeroed SSID
2017-12-12 Shaul Triebitziw: ap: add support for passing a proper chandef
2017-12-12 Ilan Peeriw: Add support for start/stop AP
2017-12-12 Shahar S Matityahuiw: print missing extended capabilities
2017-12-12 Johannes Bergiw: allow CCMP-128/GCMP-128 as CCMP/GCMP aliases
2017-12-12 Emmanuel Grumbachiw: add support for WPA2 PSK CCMP / GCMP association
2017-12-11 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2017-12-11 Sergey Matyukevichiw: add command to register and dump mgmt frames
2017-09-07 Johannes Bergiw: define SOL_NETLINK if it isn't
2017-09-07 Johannes Bergiw: add extack support
2017-03-16 Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2017-02-14 Masashi Honmaiw: Fix bitrate output when no rate info found
2017-01-26 Johannes Bergiw: parse_freqs: check how many center frequencies...
2017-01-25 Johannes Bergiw: split str_to_bw() from parse_freqs()
2016-11-16 Benjamin BergPrint frequency of radar events.
2016-11-16 Benjamin BergAdd commands to send CSA
2016-11-16 Benjamin BergAdd cac command to allow clearing channels
2016-11-16 Benjamin Bergmesh: Use common freqchan helper for joining a mesh
2016-11-16 Benjamin Bergibss: Use common freqchan helper for joining an ibss
2016-11-16 Benjamin Bergphy: Use common freqchan helper for setting the operati...
2016-11-16 Benjamin Bergutil: Add generic frequency/channel command line handler
2016-10-18 Johannes Bergupdate version to 4.9 v4.9
2016-10-18 Andrei Otcheretianskiiw: nan: Add NAN interface type
2016-10-18 Aviya Erenfeldiw: add support for VHT MU-MIMO air sniffer