testsuite: add check for kmod_load_resources
[thirdparty/kmod.git] / configure.ac
2020-02-18  Lucas De Marchikmod 27 v27
2019-02-20  Adrian Bunkbuild: Stop using dolt
2019-02-13  Dave ReisnerLink against libcrypto, not all of openssl
2019-02-07  Lucas De Marchikmod 26 v26
2019-02-05  Lucas De Marchibuild: check openssl version
2019-02-04  Yauheni Kaliutalibkmod-signature: implement pkcs7 parsing with openssl
2018-01-09  Lucas De Marchikmod 25 v25
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchibuild: use tool from configure
2017-02-24  Lucas De Marchikmod 24 v24
2016-07-20  Lucas De Marchikmod 23 v23
2015-11-18  Lucas De Marchikmod 22 v22
2015-06-09  Lucas De Marchikmod 21 v21
2015-06-09  Lucas De Marchibuild: add relevant features to KMOD_FEATURES in config.h
2015-06-07  Lucas De Marchitools: Hide new commands behind experimental flag
2015-05-31  Lucas De Marchibuild: cache modules from playground
2015-03-05  Lucas De Marchibuild: use dolt
2015-03-01  Lucas De Marchikmod 20 v20
2015-02-27  Lucas De Marchibuild: we are kmod, not systemd
2015-02-26  Lucas De Marchishared: avoid checking for __STDC_VERSION__
2015-02-26  Lucas De Marchibuild: simplify and organize configure
2015-02-10  Lucas De Marchishared: add helper function to add and check for overflow
2015-02-10  Lucas De Marchibuild: check for required builtin functions
2015-01-26  Lucas De MarchiRevert "build: enable LTO and _FORTIFY_SOURCE with...
2015-01-26  Lucas De Marchibuild: pass --no-undefined to linker
2015-01-26  Lucas De Marchibuild: enable LTO and _FORTIFY_SOURCE with optimization
2015-01-08  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: integrate coverage report
2015-01-02  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: rename cflags/ldflags variable
2014-12-17  Mike Autybuild: Do not force diagnostics-color flag
2014-11-16  Lucas De Marchikmod 19 v19
2014-09-29  Randy MacLeodAdd back-up implementation of be32toh()
2014-06-14  Lucas De Marchikmod 18 v18
2014-04-07  Lucas De MarchiAdd strndupa to missing.h
2014-04-06  Lucas De Marchikmod 17 v17
2014-03-27  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: add hooks to build python bindings
2014-03-25  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: try harder to shut up compiler wrt strict...
2014-03-24  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: Remove bogus line causing warning
2014-03-06  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: Do not require xsltproc for installation...
2013-12-22  Lucas De Marchikmod 16 v16
2013-11-11  Anders Olofssonbuild: Allow disabling maintainer mode
2013-10-26  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: enable colored diagnostics if available
2013-09-06  Lucas De Marchibuild: remove check for typeof
2013-09-06  Thomas PetazzoniAdd configure check for _Static_assert()
2013-08-22  Lucas De Marchikmod 15 v15
2013-07-30  Lucas De Marchibuild: Install bash completion data
2013-07-03  Lucas De Marchikmod 14 v14
2013-06-06  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: do not allow --enable static
2013-04-09  Lucas De Marchikmod 13 v13
2013-04-09  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: Always enable parallel tests
2013-04-09  Lucas De Marchilibkmod: Move finit_module() definition to missing.h
2013-04-04  Cristian Rodríguezlibkmod: Use secure_getenv if available
2013-02-19  Kees Cooklibkmod: add finit_module logic
2012-12-05  Lucas De Marchikmod 12 v12
2012-11-08  Lucas De Marchikmod 11 v11
2012-10-23  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: use AS_IF autoconf macro
2012-10-22  Sami Kerolabuild-sys: require xsltproc when manpages are enabled
2012-10-02  Dave Reisnerbuild-sys: Remove --with-rootprefix option
2012-09-06  Lucas De Marchikmod 10 v10
2012-07-31  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: add 'man' entry in summary
2012-07-31  Colin Waltersbuild-sys: Add --disable-manpages option
2012-06-19  Lucas De Marchikmod 9 v9
2012-04-19  Lucas De Marchikmod 8 v8
2012-03-19  Lucas De Marchikmod 7 v7
2012-03-19  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: don't set CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
2012-03-17  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: re-organize configure.ac
2012-03-17  Randy Wittconfigure.ac: Move link only flags out of CFLAGS and...
2012-03-03  Lucas De Marchikmod 6 v6
2012-02-24  Lucas De MarchiMove repository to kernel.org
2012-02-08  Lucas De MarchiCheck if libc has __xstat
2012-02-06  Lucas De Marchikmod 5 v5
2012-01-26  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add skeleton
2012-01-17  Lucas De MarchiCheck if struct stat has mtim member
2012-01-16  Lucas De Marchikmod 4 v4
2012-01-12  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: build man pages
2012-01-10  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: allow building without having gtk-doc installed
2012-01-09  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: do not run configure in autogen.sh
2012-01-09  Lucas De Marchidoc: add gtk-doc to generate documentation
2012-01-05  Lucas De Marchikmod 3 v3
2011-12-24  Lucas De MarchiMerge branch 'master' of git://dev.medozas.de/libkmod
2011-12-24  Jan EngelhardtSupport for loading Xz-compressed modules
2011-12-24  Jan Engelhardtbuild: use AC_ARG_WITH for zlib
2011-12-24  Jan Engelhardtbuild: use pkgconfig to detect zlib
2011-12-23  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: use AS_IF
2011-12-23  Lucas De Marchitools: kmod: Add handling of compat modinfo
2011-12-22  Kay Sieversintroduce --with-rootlibdir=DIR
2011-12-21  Lucas De MarchiRemove useless warning causing trouble in sparc64
2011-12-21  Kay Sieversdo not (mis-)use the config file generator for non...
2011-12-21  Lucas De Marchikmod 2 v2
2011-12-20  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: do not use some compile flags by default
2011-12-20  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: default to "" as rootprefix
2011-12-20  Gustavo Sverzut... configure: disable static zlib build.
2011-12-20  Kay Sieversintroduce --with-rootprefix=DIR
2011-12-20  Jan Engelhardtbuild: use dist-xz
2011-12-19  Gustavo Sverzut... ELF: initial support for modinfo and strip of modversio...
2011-12-17  Gustavo Sverzut... implement zlib module loading.
2011-12-16  Lucas De MarchiAdd address of mailing list
2011-12-14  Luis Felipe Strano... Do not depend on AM_SILENT_RULES if it is not available.
2011-12-12  Lucas De MarchiRename project from libkmod to kmod
2011-12-12  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: replace spaces with tabs
2011-12-12  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: move remaining warning flags to configure
2011-12-12  Lucas De MarchiMerge branch 'use-mmap'