testsuite: add check for kmod_load_resources
[thirdparty/kmod.git] / testsuite /
2020-03-23  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add check for kmod_load_resources master
2020-03-13  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: check for ill-formed kcmdline
2020-03-10  Lucas De Marchigitignore: ignore .cache.mk when building modules
2019-11-07  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: update gitignore
2019-02-05  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: mkosi: update files
2019-02-04  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: fix modinfo test without openssl
2019-02-04  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: add modinfo pkcs7 signature test
2019-01-04  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: factor out fd related parameters to a structure
2019-01-04  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: track number of descriptors instead of their...
2019-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: move --show-exports test to use regex
2019-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add support for testing output against regex
2019-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: split out function to compare outputs exactly
2018-12-17  Lucas De MarchiRemove bootstrap* scripts
2018-11-13  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add simple test for --show-exports
2018-10-10  Lucas De Marchimkosi: allow Clear to use test modules
2018-02-09  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: raise arch image to 3GB
2018-02-09  Caio Marcelo de... testsuite: add Clear's mkosi configuration
2018-01-08  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: also wrap gettid in syscall()
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: explain why overriding function may fail
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add missing error handling
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add Fedora's mkosi configuration
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: generalize mkosi support for other distros
2018-01-02  Lucas De Marchibuild: add mkosi hooks
2017-12-07  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: depmod: add override test
2017-06-02  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: add tests for external directory support
2017-06-02  Lucas De Marchitest-depmod: avoid warning when we don't have zlib
2017-02-22  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: depmod: check netsted loops reporting
2017-02-16  Lucas De Marchilibkmod-config: fix parsing quoted kernel cmdline on...
2017-01-23  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add test for kernel cmdline with quotes
2017-01-23  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: fix typo in description
2016-11-11  Lucas De Marchibuild: fix build with disabled test modules
2016-11-09  Mian Yousaf Kaukabdepmod: ignore related modules in depmod_report_cycles
2016-11-09  Mian Yousaf Kaukabtestsuite: depmod: add module dependency outside cyclic...
2016-11-09  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: fix test_array_sort pointers inderection
2016-08-15  Lucas De MarchiAdd scratchbuf implementation
2016-08-15  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: include stdio.h
2016-08-10  Lucas De Marchiutil: fix warning of equal values on logical OR
2015-05-31  Lucas De Marchibuild: cache modules from playground
2015-03-07  Caio Marcelo de... tools: add basic versions of insert and remove
2015-03-06  Caio Marcelo de... testsuite: update README
2015-02-28  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add test for modprobe -R <builtin-module>
2015-02-28  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: test builtin state
2015-02-24  Lucas De Marchimodule-playground: don clean all .ko files
2015-02-22  Marcus Meissnertestsuite: move test-blacklist to DEFINE_TEST
2015-02-21  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port signature-check modules to module-playg...
2015-02-21  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port arch-specific tests to module-playground
2015-02-21  Lucas De Marchifixup! module-playground: allow to cross-compile modules
2015-02-21  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: leave arch-specific modules in tree
2015-02-21  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add option to copy output from test
2015-02-21  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: fix exiting with success on no output activity
2015-02-21  Lucas De Marchimodule-playground: allow to cross-compile modules
2015-02-19  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port modules-order-compressed to module...
2015-02-11  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port kcmdline test to module-playground
2015-02-11  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port install-cmd-loop test to module-playground
2015-02-11  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port alias-to-none test to module-playground
2015-02-11  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port tests without finit_module() to module...
2015-02-11  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port modprobe --force test to module-playground
2015-02-10  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port softdep-loop test to module-playground
2015-02-10  Lucas De Marchishared: add helper function to add and check for overflow
2015-02-10  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port show-depends tests to module-playground
2015-02-09  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port detect-loop test to module-playground
2015-02-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: convert test-init function to use mod-simple.ko
2015-02-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: port test-dependencies to module-playground
2015-02-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: make test-dependencies use DEFINE_TEST
2015-02-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: use mod-simple.ko for search-order-same...
2015-02-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: beef up module-playground in the build system
2015-01-26  Caio Marcelo de... testsuite: add tests for kmod_list
2015-01-21  Caio Marcelo de... testsuite: add more input cases to freadline_wrapped...
2015-01-21  Caio Marcelo de... testsuite: add test for growing then shrinking a hash
2015-01-21  Caio Marcelo de... testsuite: add test for hash_add_unique
2015-01-14  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: improve coverage of shared/util.h
2015-01-14  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: improve assert report
2015-01-14  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: prefer the use of streq()
2015-01-14  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: test kmod_module_remove_module for failure
2015-01-14  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: fix retcodes parsing
2015-01-08  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add test for array_pop()
2015-01-07  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: do not overrid paths inside build
2015-01-02  Lucas De MarchiFix includes after change to build-sys
2014-12-26  Lucas De MarchiRemove FSF mailing address
2014-12-26  Lucas De Marchibuild-sys: Don't add libkmod subdirectory to include...
2014-10-13  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add tests for strbuf
2014-10-09  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: remove now unused array of tests
2014-10-09  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: use a section to put tests in instead of...
2014-10-09  Lucas De MarchiMove static keyword to DEFINE_TEST macro
2014-10-09  Lucas De MarchiMove remaining functions from libkmod-util to shared
2014-10-09  Lucas De MarchiMove alias_normalize() to shared
2014-10-09  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add tests for array implementation
2014-10-03  Lucas De MarchiRename getline_wrapped() to freadline_wrapped()
2014-10-03  Lucas De MarchiReorder and reorganize header files
2014-10-03  Lucas De MarchiMove hash implementation to shared directory
2014-10-03  Lucas De MarchiMove generic util functions to shared directory
2014-10-03  Lucas De MarchiMove macro.h to shared directory
2014-06-14  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: Fix macro missing format string
2014-06-06  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: Add basic tests for hash implementation
2014-06-06  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: Add assert_return
2014-06-05  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: separate testcases on log
2014-05-30  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: check for correct error message in detect...
2014-05-30  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: Fix expected_fail parsing
2014-05-30  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: Add braces
2014-05-30  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add test to fail depmod on module loops