2020-03-23  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add check for kmod_load_resources master
2020-03-23  Lucas De Marchilibkmod: allow modules.alias.builtin to be optional
2020-03-23  Lucas De Marchilibkmod: fix return error when opening index
2020-03-23  Lucas De Marchilibkmod: simplify lookup when builtin.modinfo.bin file...
2020-03-13  Lucas De Marchidepmod: do not output .bin to stdout
2020-03-13  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: check for ill-formed kcmdline
2020-03-13  Lucas De Marchilibkmod: ignore kcmdline option if we fail to parse...
2020-03-10  Lucas De Marchigitignore: ignore when building modules
2020-02-28  Lucas De Marchigitignore: ignore release files
2020-02-18  Lucas De Marchikmod 27 v27
2020-01-20  Lucas De Marchilibkmod: reset was_space on second pass
2019-12-30  Topi Miettinenlibkmod-module: convert return value from system()...
2019-12-19  Alexey Gladkovmodinfo: Show information about built-in modules
2019-12-19  Alexey GladkovLookup aliases in the modules.builtin.modinfo
2019-12-19  Alexey Gladkovlibkmod: Add function to get list of built-in modules
2019-12-19  Alexey Gladkovlibkmod: Add parser for modules.builtin.modinfo
2019-11-18  Fabrice filter -Wl,--no-undefined
2019-11-07  Lucas De Marchimodprobe: use flags rather than bool args
2019-11-07  Lucas De Marchitravis: remove old compiler failing to build kernel...
2019-11-07  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: update gitignore
2019-11-07  Yauheni Kaliutamodprobe: ignore builtin module on recursive removing
2019-10-25  Thomas PetazzoniDo not check for undefined symbols when building the...
2019-05-28  Stefan Stroginlibkmod-signature: use PKCS#7 instead of CMS
2019-03-08  Ezequiel Garciatools: Print a message if refcnt attribute is missing
2019-02-20  Adrian Bunkbuild: Stop using dolt
2019-02-13  Dave ReisnerLink against libcrypto, not all of openssl
2019-02-07  Lucas De Marchikmod 26 v26
2019-02-07  Lucas De Marchibuild: fix make distcheck
2019-02-05  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: mkosi: update files
2019-02-05  Lucas De Marchibuild: check openssl version
2019-02-05  Lucas De Marchibuild: add openssl to CI deps
2019-02-04  Lucas De Marchibuild: enable openssl by default
2019-02-04  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: fix modinfo test without openssl
2019-02-04  Yauheni Kaliutalibkmod-signature: implement pkcs7 parsing with openssl
2019-02-04  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: add modinfo pkcs7 signature test
2019-01-14  Daniel Kahn... man: Fix typo
2019-01-04  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: factor out fd related parameters to a structure
2019-01-04  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: track number of descriptors instead of their...
2019-01-04  Lucas De MarchiAdd semaphoreci 2.0 configuration
2019-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: move --show-exports test to use regex
2019-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add support for testing output against regex
2019-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: split out function to compare outputs exactly
2018-12-17  Michal Suchanekdepmod: shut up gcc insufficinet buffer warning
2018-12-17  Michal Suchanekdepmod: prevent module dependency files corruption...
2018-12-17  Michal Suchanekdepmod: prevent module dependency files missing during...
2018-12-17  Lucas De MarchiRemove bootstrap* scripts
2018-11-30  Lucas De MarchiREADME: Add link to mailing list archive
2018-11-16  Yauheni Kaliutasignature: do not report wrong data for pkc#7 signature
2018-11-13  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add simple test for --show-exports
2018-11-13  Yauheni Kaliutamodprobe: add --show-exports
2018-10-10  Lucas De Marchimkosi: allow Clear to use test modules
2018-07-20  Lucas De Marchiman: depmod: remove deprecated -m option
2018-06-18  Jan Engelhardtkmod: build: cure compiler warnings showing up externally
2018-05-16  Jakov Simunicbuild: fix wrong quotes on bootstrap
2018-05-14  Chris StackpolePhrasing correction in modprobe man page
2018-04-05  Luca Brunolibkmod-module: check for NULL before accessing pointers
2018-02-09  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: raise arch image to 3GB
2018-02-09  Caio Marcelo... testsuite: add Clear's mkosi configuration
2018-01-09  Lucas De Marchikmod 25 v25
2018-01-08  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: also wrap gettid in syscall()
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: explain why overriding function may fail
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add missing error handling
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add Fedora's mkosi configuration
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: generalize mkosi support for other distros
2018-01-03  Lucas De Marchibuild: use tool from configure
2018-01-02  Lucas De Marchibuild: add mkosi hooks
2017-12-07  Yauheni Kaliutadepmod: module_is_higher_priority: fix modname length...
2017-12-07  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: depmod: add override test
2017-12-07  Michal Suchanekdepmod: Don't add .TOC. when it's in the kernel.
2017-10-16  Christopher... man/depmod: Add references in other man pages
2017-08-04  Yauheni Kaliutalibkmod-elf: resolve CRC if module is built with MODULE...
2017-07-21  Yauheni Kaliutaman/depmod.d: add external keyword description
2017-06-05  Thomas Petazzonishared/util.c: assert_cc() can only be used inside...
2017-06-02  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: add tests for external directory support
2017-06-02  Yauheni Kaliutadepmod: implement external directories support
2017-06-02  Lucas De Marchitest-depmod: avoid warning when we don't have zlib
2017-06-02  Yauheni Kaliutadepmod: rewrite depmod modules search with scratchbuf
2017-06-02  Yauheni Kaliutadepmod: create depmod dir independent search function
2017-05-09  Yauheni Kaliutadepmod: search key: move builtin detection under the...
2017-05-09  Yauheni Kaliutadepmod: fix errorpath memleaks in report cycles logic
2017-04-11  Yauheni Kaliutalibkmod: modinfo: implement signature output
2017-04-11  Yauheni Kaliutalibkmod: modinfo: implement line splitting in hex_to_str
2017-04-11  Yauheni Kaliutalibkmod: modinfo: use own function for sig_key hex...
2017-04-11  Yauheni Kaliutalibkmod: modinfo: fix sig_id output
2017-02-24  Lucas De Marchikmod 24 v24
2017-02-24  Lucas De Marchibuild: update autogen
2017-02-24  Lucas De Marchidepmod: fix leak on error path
2017-02-24  Lucas De Marchiman: make error message clearer for missing xstlproc
2017-02-24  Lucas De Marchibuild: add missing header
2017-02-22  Yauheni Kaliutadepmod: handle nested loops
2017-02-22  Yauheni Kaliutatestsuite: depmod: check netsted loops reporting
2017-02-16  Lucas De Marchilibkmod-config: fix parsing quoted kernel cmdline on...
2017-02-16  Lucas De Marchilibkmod-config: replace 0/1 with bool
2017-02-16  Bartosz Golaszewskimodule: fix a memory leak
2017-01-23  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: add test for kernel cmdline with quotes
2017-01-23  Lucas De Marchitestsuite: fix typo in description
2017-01-23  James Minorlibkmod: Fix handling of quotes in kernel command line
2016-11-11  Lucas De Marchibuild: fix build with disabled test modules
2016-11-11  Yauheni Kaliutashared: make scratchbuf_str static
2016-11-09  Mian Yousaf... depmod: ignore related modules in depmod_report_cycles