10 days ago Vincent Bernatrelease: 1.0.4 master 1.0.4
13 days ago Vincent Bernatlldpd: document expectation for LLDP-MED device configu...
13 days ago Vincent Bernatnetlink: make the netlink socket totally non blocking
13 days ago Vincent Bernatnetlink: handle blocking read from netlink socket
2019-06-03 Vincent Bernatsnmp: implement lldpRemOrgDefInfoTable for remote custo...
2019-06-02 Vincent Bernatdebian: depends on lsb-base
2019-06-02 Vincent Bernatdebian: no need to BD on lsb-release anymore
2019-05-15 Vincent Bernatdoc: update Android instructions for ARM64
2019-05-04 Vincent Bernatclient: use bold instead of a color for command completions
2019-04-09 Vincent Bernatagent: do not increase statsAgeoutsTotal when receiving...
2019-04-06 Vincent Bernatlldp: increase statsTLVsUnrecognizedTotal on unknown TLV
2019-04-06 Vincent Bernattests: update pytest
2019-04-06 Vincent Bernatclient: rename max-neighbor command
2019-04-06 Vincent Bernattests: add test for global configuration settings
2019-04-06 Vincent Bernatclient: ability to set maximum of neighbors from lldpcli
2019-03-25 Sören Tempelpriv: include limits.h for PATH_MAX
2019-03-15 Vincent Bernatlib: use an unique variable as iterator in foreach...
2019-03-13 Vincent Bernatbuild: warn on implicit fallthrough for case statements
2019-01-10 Vincent Bernatbuild: enable increased reliability of stack overflow...
2019-01-10 Brandon Streiffinterfaces/linux: make dsa special
2019-01-08 Vincent Bernatbuild: fix compilation with `--enable-fdp --disable...
2018-12-10 Vincent Bernatdaemon: allow lseek for seccomp
2018-12-10 Vincent Bernatosx: update version in HomeBrew formula
2018-12-10 Vincent Bernatrelease: 1.0.3 1.0.3
2018-12-10 Vincent Bernatdaemon: fix creation of chroot directory
2018-12-04 Vincent Bernatosx: update version in HomeBrew formula
2018-12-04 Vincent Bernatosx: sync HomeBrew formula
2018-12-03 Vincent Bernatdaemon: check if started through systemd first
2018-12-01 Vincent Bernatdaemon: remove unused agent_default_agentx_socket(...
2018-12-01 Vincent Bernatrelease: 1.0.2 1.0.2
2018-11-30 Vincent Bernatdaemon: don't enable ProtectSystem by default
2018-11-30 Vincent Bernatinterfaces: remove specific handling for bonds except...
2018-11-07 Vincent Bernatdoc: update documentation for Android
2018-10-20 Pavel ShirshovAllow linux kernel to autoprobe correct socket_nl.nl_pi...
2018-10-02 Vincent Bernatdaemon: do not explicitely inline functions
2018-09-25 Vincent Bernatbuild: ability to disable libbsd with --without-libbsd
2018-09-24 Vincent Bernatmarshal: avoid NULL pointer arithmetic
2018-09-24 Vincent Bernatlib: use constants from lldp-const.h for Dot3 MAU
2018-09-24 Vincent Bernatdot3: fix 100BASE-T4 MAU
2018-08-11 Vincent Bernatinterfaces: provide clearer messages about ethtool...
2018-08-08 Vincent Bernatdaemon: implement mkdir -p directly in lldpd
2018-07-20 Vincent Bernatdoc: add latest commit to NEWS
2018-07-15 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #289 from GustavWi/master
2018-07-06 Gustav WiklanderAdd support for PD PoE negotiation. 289/head
2018-07-04 Vincent Bernatredhat: install lldpcli as setuid _lldpd
2018-06-20 Vincent Bernatosx: update brew formula
2018-06-16 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #285 from vincentbernat/feature...
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernattests: request CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE feature/linux-caps 285/head
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernattests: add SNMP-related tests
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernatpriv: always request CAP_FOWNER
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernatpriv: request CAP_FOWNER only if SNMP is enabled on...
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernatpriv: don't use %m in format string
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernatdebian/redhat: build-depends on libcap-dev/libcap-devel
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernattests: don't start lldpd twice in a namespace
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernattests: add a test for interface alias handling
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernatbuild: also test directly for -lcap when no pkg-config
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernatpriv: when SNMP AgentX socket is filesystem-based,...
2018-06-16 Vincent Bernatpriv: drop most privileges in monitor, only keep CAP_NE...
2018-06-13 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #286 from GustavWi/master
2018-06-13 Gustav WiklanderRead all notifications in lldpctl_recv. 286/head
2018-06-13 Vincent Bernatlib: document the inability to do anything else when...
2018-06-13 Vincent Bernatbuild: use lowercase for PKG_CHECK_MODULES
2018-04-11 Vincent Bernatdoc: add more instructions for Android
2018-04-09 Vincent Bernatbuild: no fatal errors when compiling with embedded... 1.0.1
2018-04-09 Vincent Bernatbuild: don't override CFLAGS when building libevent
2018-04-09 Vincent Bernatrelease: 1.0.1
2018-04-09 Vincent Bernatdaemon: use "mkdir -p" instead of "mkdir"
2018-04-09 Vincent BernatRevert "daemon: use RuntimeDirectory= instead of mkdir...
2018-04-09 Vincent Bernatdaemon: use RuntimeDirectory= instead of mkdir to creat...
2018-04-09 Vincent Bernatbuild: try another way to circumvent macOS warning...
2018-04-08 Vincent Bernatbuild: also build with embedded libevent in OSX
2018-04-08 Vincent Bernatbuild: don't be picky about deprecated stuff in libevent
2018-04-08 Vincent Bernatrelease: prepare 1.0.0 1.0.0
2018-03-18 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #274 from vincentbernat/feature...
2018-03-17 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #272 from westermo/fix-snmp-remTable...
2018-03-17 Vincent Bernatlldpd: add an option to keep some specified ports feature/keep-some-ports 274/head
2018-03-13 Vincent Bernattests: update tests for configuration keeping on port...
2018-03-12 Vincent Bernatclient: remove previous way to set port description...
2018-03-12 Vincent Bernattest: add test for new portdescription setting
2018-03-12 Vincent Bernatinterfaces: fix out-of-bound access when getting perman...
2018-03-12 Vincent Bernattests: don't crash if lldpd crashed
2018-03-12 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #273 from westermo/config-portdescr
2018-03-12 Jonas Johanssondoc: add entry for portdescription in lldpcli manual... 273/head
2018-03-12 Thomas Eliassonclient: add alternative way to configure port description
2018-03-12 Thomas Eliassonhandle lldpStatsRemTablesLastChangeTime correctly when... 272/head
2018-03-01 Vincent Bernatnetlink: fix non-updated management address
2018-03-01 Vincent Bernatdaemon: ensure interval update is taken into account...
2018-02-26 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #271 from axjowa/fix/dot3-pd-pse...
2018-02-26 axjowaFix NULL pointer dereference in lldpd_dot3_power_pd_pse 271/head
2018-02-21 Vincent Bernatbuild: don't enable sanitizers and safe-stack at the...
2018-02-21 Vincent Bernatinterfaces: explain why we cannot get the permanent...
2018-02-21 Vincent Bernatbuild: isolate SNMP-related files during compilation
2018-02-20 Vincent Bernatlib: lldpctl_k_config_paused is writable
2018-02-07 Vincent Bernatdoc: add ./ to build instructions
2018-02-07 Vincent Bernatosx: use "squiggly" heredoc
2018-02-06 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #266 from dennypage/master
2018-02-06 Denny PageAdd missing options to usage 266/head
2018-01-03 Vincent Bernatclient: change description for chassis ID override
2017-12-31 Vincent Bernatdaemon: move vfork/fork handling directly in lldpd.c
2017-12-30 Vincent BernatMerge pull request #263 from vic-lin-accton/master