2 days ago  Vincent Bernatbuild: add lldpd.stp to CLEANFILES master
2 days ago  Vincent Bernatbuild: make unit tests work when systemtap support...
2 days ago  Vincent Bernattravis: fix systemtap package name for dtrace support
2 days ago  Vincent Bernatlibevent: upgrade to 2.1.11-stable
2 days ago  Vincent Bernattravis: check build with dtrace support
2 days ago  Vincent Bernatpriv: fix missing semi-colon
2 days ago  Vincent Bernatbuild: fix syscall names extraction
2 days ago  Vincent Bernatbuild: ensure build process stops if not able to genera...
2 days ago  Vincent Bernatbuild: do not hardcode cpp invocation
10 days ago  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #393 from vincentbernat/fix/snmp...
10 days ago  Vincent Bernatagent: fix SNMP walk on lldpRemTable when missing remot... fix/snmp-empty-sysname 393/head
13 days ago  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #391 from Polynomial-C/1.0.5-gentoo_...
13 days ago  Patrick McLeanv1.0.5: seccomp - add gettime 391/head
13 days ago  Patrick McLeanv1.0.1: seccomp - add brk
13 days ago  Patrick McLeanv0.9.5: seccomp - add socket ops
2020-04-26  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #388 from vincentbernat/fix/locked...
2020-04-24  Vincent Bernatlib: introduce lldpctl_watch_callback2() fix/locked-conn 388/head
2020-04-24  Vincent Bernatlib: stricly-prevent use of a connection used to watch...
2020-04-23  Vincent Bernatlib: emphasize `conn` cannot be used after lldpctl_watc...
2020-04-13  Vincent Bernatagent: simpler code with #ifdef
2020-04-13  Vincent BernatRevert "agent: fix crash on AgentX reconnect with NetSN...
2020-04-13  Vincent Bernatagent: fix crash on AgentX reconnect with NetSNMP 5.8
2020-04-11  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #386 from vincentbernat/fix/chassisi...
2020-04-11  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: don't modify chassis ID when overriden fix/chassisid-interface-flap 386/head
2020-04-09  Vincent Bernattests: don't fail on __exit__ if we failed in __enter__
2020-04-03  Vincent Bernattests: fix bitmap test on 32bit
2020-03-12  Vincent Bernattests: do not check for MED inventory if /sys/class...
2020-03-12  Vincent Bernattests: do not enable asan on anything else than x86_64
2020-03-12  Vincent Bernattests: display tests/test-suite.log on errors
2020-03-12  Vincent Bernatbuild: provide a default.nix file
2020-02-02  Vincent Bernatosx: update recipe for HomeBrew
2020-02-02  Vincent Bernatrelease: 1.0.5 fix/old-compat 1.0.5
2020-02-02  Vincent Bernatinclude: remove in6.h from linux/bridge.h
2020-02-02  Vincent Bernattests: provide a Dockerfile to build with wheezy
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatinclude: don't use __kernel_sa_family_t
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatinclude: don't include linux/sysinfo.h
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: include "netinet/in.h" before kernel headers
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: fix usage of inet_pton()
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernattravis: remove ARM64
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: move bitmaps function to a dedicated file
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatsnmp: additional fix around NetSNMP 5.8+ and function...
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatsnmp: tentative to fix compilation with older versions...
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: correctly handle bridges with VLAN filterin...
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatdaemon: remove unused interface types
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernattests: check we don't mix VLAN among interfaces
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatsnmp: update signature for create_ostring
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatsnmp: update signature of fmtaddr and send functions
2020-02-01  Vincent Bernatdebian: update watch file
2020-02-01  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #376 from stannous/remote-vlan-limit...
2020-01-26  Vincent Bernattests: use "-Ln" to avoid logging with snmpd
2020-01-26  Vincent Bernatnetlink: fix detection of VLAN 1 376/head
2020-01-26  Vincent Bernatnetlink: use an optimized version of num_bits_set
2020-01-26  Radhika Mahankaliinterfaces: fix for limitation of 10 VLANs for LLDP...
2020-01-23  Vincent Bernatlib: don't break ABI by moving new config_tx_interval_m...
2020-01-23  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #379 from jp-t/master
2020-01-22  Jean-Pierre... lldpd: set a 30 seconds lower limit to the safeguard... 379/head
2020-01-22  Jean-Pierre... doc, tests: milliseconds tx-interval finishing touch
2020-01-16  Jean-Pierre... snmp agent: fix tests suite for milliseconds units
2020-01-16  Jean-Pierre... Allow configuring tx-interval in milliseconds
2020-01-12  Vincent Bernattests: remove hack around libtool on OSX fix/travis-bionic
2020-01-12  Vincent Bernattests: skip tests requiring kernel features not present
2020-01-12  Vincent Bernattravis: update to Bionic
2020-01-12  Vincent Bernattravis: also build for arm64
2019-12-09  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #375 from stannous/master
2019-12-09  Radhika MahankaliFix for LLDP related netlink error messages 375/head
2019-12-08  Vincent BernatRevert "client: remove useless variable declaration...
2019-12-08  Vincent Bernatclient: fix zsh completion to not alter global environment
2019-12-08  Vincent Bernatclient: remove useless variable declaration in zsh...
2019-11-21  Sam TannousLLDPD should document system refresh timer (tx-interval...
2019-11-21  Vincent Bernatlldp: don't discard the whole LLDPDU when only one...
2019-11-20  Vincent Bernattests: add a test with different MTU interfaces
2019-11-13  Vincent Bernatredhat: fix license name in spec file
2019-11-11  Vincent Bernatlib: fix memory leak when handling I/O
2019-10-26  Vincent Bernatlldpcli: ask for power pairs only when PSE
2019-10-19  Vincent BernatMerge pull request #350 from patrikdanielssonaxis/8023bt
2019-10-19  Vincent Bernattest: add tests for 802.3BT additions 350/head
2019-10-19  Vincent Bernattest: use scapy when sending pcap files
2019-10-11  Patrik Danielssonlldp: Power via MDI TLV: Initial support for 802.3bt
2019-10-08  Vincent BernatMerge branch 'feature/vlan-enabled-bridge'
2019-10-08  Vincent Bernatlldp: when receiving a shutdown LLDPU, don't clear...
2019-10-01  Vincent Bernatlldp: validate a bit more received LLDP frames
2019-10-01  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: only register protocol handler for LLDP...
2019-09-29  Vincent Bernatlldpctl: don't reopen control socket each time we want...
2019-09-29  Vincent Bernatlldpctl: put a lock around some commands to avoid race...
2019-09-29  Vincent Bernatlog: don't use black for coloring DBG
2019-09-24  Vincent Bernatnetlink: support VLAN-aware bridges feature/vlan-enabled-bridge 353/head
2019-09-23  Vincent Bernatnetlink: ignore IFLA_LINK if we previously received...
2019-09-15  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: don't log errno when detecting loops
2019-09-15  Vincent Bernattests: fix skip instruction
2019-09-15  Vincent Bernattests: don't use pytest.config
2019-09-15  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: enable matching on interface name for manag... feature/management-device
2019-09-04  Wataru Ashiharalldpd: fix bitfield
2019-09-04  Wataru Ashiharaclient: fix parameter order
2019-09-04  Wataru Ashiharalib: fix memory leak
2019-09-04  Wataru Ashiharafix typo
2019-09-04  Wataru Ashiharalib: fix enumeration
2019-07-27  Vincent Bernatbuild: disable warnings on cast alignments
2019-07-27  Vincent Bernattests: be verbose when running make on CI when an error...
2019-07-27  Vincent Bernatclient: don't display management interface index if...
2019-07-27  Vincent Bernatinterfaces: compute interface index for fixed managemen...