Add crc32 files.
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / Makefile
2008-05-15  Neil BrownAdd crc32 files.
2007-05-21  Neil BrownCompile with various -O flags for testing.
2007-02-22  Neil BrownDon't include uclibc as part of 'everything'
2006-12-21  Neil BrownAdd new mode: --incremental
2006-10-16  Luca BerraMdassemble improvements
2006-06-02  martin f. krafftAllow CONFFILE2 to be overridden during make invocation. origin
2006-06-02  martin f krafftCPPFLAGS gets used automatically on implicit rules.
2006-06-02  Neil BrownRemove libssl dependancy and always use sha1.c code
2006-05-29  Neil BrownImprove compiling for static binaries.
2006-05-29  Neil BrownAdd uninstall target to Makefile
2006-05-29  Neil BrownNew install-* targets for installing differently compil...
2006-05-29  Neil BrownMakefile improvements for static linking.
2006-05-29  Neil Brownadd CFLAGS to mdassemble build and fix a couple of...
2006-05-26  Neil BrownMake sure everything compiles...
2006-05-19  Neil BrownMake homehost information appear in superblock.
2006-05-15  Neil BrownAllow default creation info to to be stored in mdadm...
2006-03-20  Neil BrownRelease 2.4-pre1
2006-03-13  Neil BrownInitial reshape support
2006-02-06  Neil BrownRelease some compile fixes.
2005-12-09  Neil BrownRelease 2.2 mdadm-2.2
2005-12-05  Neil BrownGuides on how to use mdadm with initramfs
2005-12-05  Neil BrownImprove option parsing
2005-08-26  Neil BrownGetting ready for 2.0 release...
2005-08-18  Neil BrownSupport cross-compiling in Makefile
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix compiling of mdassemble
2005-06-14  Neil BrownAdd man page for mdassemble
2005-06-07  Neil BrownInitial bitmap support
2005-06-07  Neil BrownRelease 1.8.1 after some man page updates and other... mdadm-1.11.1
2005-05-03  Neil Brownsuper1
2005-05-03  Neil BrownSeparate sueprblock handling into separate file
2004-11-01  Neil Brownmdadm-1.8.0 mdadm-1.8.0
2004-08-11  Neil Brownmdadm-1.7.0 mdadm-1.7.0
2004-01-22  Neil Brownmdadm-1.5.0 mdadm-1.5.0
2003-10-28  Neil Brownmdadm-1.4.0 mdadm-1.4.0
2003-07-28  Neil Brownmdadm-1.3.0 mdadm-1.3.0
2003-03-02  Neil Brownmdadm-1.1.0 mdadm-1.1.0
2003-02-12  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.9 mdadm-1.0.9
2002-05-10  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.0 mdadm-1.0.0
2002-04-05  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8.1 mdadm-0.8.1
2002-04-04  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8 mdadm-0.8
2002-03-20  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7.2 mdadm-0.7.2
2002-03-15  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7.1 mdadm-0.7.1
2002-03-08  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7 mdadm-0.7
2002-03-06  Neil Brownmdctl-0.6 mdctl-0.6
2001-08-23  Neil Brownmdctl-0.5 mdctl-0.5
2001-07-26  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.4 mdctl-v0.4
2001-06-14  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.3 mdctl-v0.3
2001-06-08  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.2 mdctl-v0.2