Centralise code for copying uuid
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / bitmap.c
2006-12-14  Neil BrownCentralise code for copying uuid
2006-12-14  Neil BrownFix and test --update=uuid
2006-10-16  Neil BrownReduce max bitmap size when bitmap is in a file.
2006-10-16  Neil BrownFlush bitmap file before truncate.
2006-10-09  Paul ClementsFixed endian problem with bitmap metdata
2006-05-29  Neil Browncheck return status of all write/fwrite functions as...
2006-05-16  Neil BrownWhen updating uuid, update the bitmap as well - externa...
2006-05-15  Neil BrownLimit size of bitmap to 2million chunks.
2006-05-15  Neil BrownUse O_DIRECT to read bitmap files.
2006-02-06  Neil BrownRelease some compile fixes.
2006-01-27  Neil BrownAssorted fixes...
2005-11-22  Neil BrownSupport bitmaps with raid10
2005-10-11  Neil BrownCreate version-4 bitmaps if kernel supports it.
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix remaining problems with hot-add bitmap to version...
2005-08-26  Neil BrownPasses all tests, nearly ready for release.
2005-08-26  Neil BrownGetting ready for 2.0 release...
2005-08-25  Neil BrownSupport internal bitmaps with format-1 superblocks.
2005-08-09  Neil BrownAdd write-behind support
2005-08-04  Neil BrownAssorted Fixes for multiple bugs.
2005-06-14  Neil BrownReplace sprintf calls with snprintf
2005-06-07  Neil BrownAdd support for internal bitmaps
2005-06-07  Neil BrownInitial bitmap support