mdadm: improve the dlm locking mechanism for clustered raid
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / mdadm.c
2018-03-08  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: improve the dlm locking mechanism for clustered...
2018-01-21  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: allow clustered raid10 to be created with defaul...
2017-11-21  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor/msg: Don't print error message if mdmon doesn...
2017-11-09  Guoqing JiangTo support clustered raid10
2017-10-02  Xiao NiClose mdfd before returning main function
2017-08-16  NeilBrownDon't use exit(ERANGE)
2017-05-16  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Fixup a large number of bad formatting of logica...
2017-04-24  Artur PaszkiewiczDon't use UnSet with consistency_policy
2017-04-11  Zhilong Liumdadm.c:fix compile warning "mdfd is uninitialized"
2017-04-06  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Fail for kernels older than 2.6.15
2017-03-30  Jes Sorensensysfs: Make sysfs_init() return an error code
2017-03-30  Gioh Kimmdadm.c: fix compile error "switch condition has boolea...
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Fixup a number of whitespace inconsistency cases
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Clean up some ugly multiple actions on single...
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczGrow: support consistency policy change
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczAdd 'ppl' and 'no-ppl' options for --update=
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczGeneric support for --consistency-policy and PPL
2017-03-27  Zhilong Liumdadm:it doesn't make sense to set --bitmap twice
2017-03-07  Zhilong Liumdadm:add checking clustered bitmap in assemble mode
2017-03-06  Zhilong Liumdadm:check the nodes when operate clustered array
2017-03-06  Zhilong Liumdadm:fix typo in comment
2017-01-29  WolFix oddity where mdadm did not recognise a relative...
2016-11-29  NeilBrownIntroduce enum flag_mode for setting and clearing flags.
2016-11-28  NeilBrownAdd failfast support.
2016-08-02  Zhilong Liumdadm:add 'clustered' in typo prompt when specify wrong...
2016-03-29  zhilongmdadm:Add '--nodes' option in GROW mode
2016-03-22  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Cleanup conditionals
2015-12-21  NeilBrownAdd --update=force-no-bbl.
2015-12-21  NeilBrownMerge branch 'fix-unlikely-potential-overflows' of...
2015-12-21  NeilBrownMerge
2015-12-16  Song Liurecreate journal in mdadm
2015-10-21  Guoqing JiangMake cmap_* also has same policy as dlm_*
2015-10-21  Guoqing JiangSafeguard against writing to an active device of anothe...
2015-10-19  Song LiuEnable create array with write journal (--write-journal...
2015-09-30  NeilBrownMerge branch 'fix' of git://
2015-09-28  Goldwyn RodriguesIncrement version for clustered bitmaps
2015-08-26  Lidong Zhongmdadm: remove duplicate logic when c.delay is 0
2015-08-05  NeilBrownmain: remove use of uninitialized 'rv'.
2015-08-03  NeilBrownMerge branch 'mdadm-3.3.x'
2015-07-27  NeilBrownMerge branch 'cluster'
2015-07-24  NeilBrownAssemble: extend --homehost='<ignore>' to allow --name...
2015-07-01  NeilBrownmdstat: discard 'dev' field, just use 'devnm'
2015-06-16  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: change the num of cluster node
2015-06-16  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: add the ability to change cluster name
2015-06-16  Guoqing JiangAdd a new clustered disk
2015-06-16  Guoqing JiangSet home-cluster while creating an array
2015-06-16  Guoqing JiangAdd nodes option while creating md
2015-02-12  NeilBrownDon't break long strings onto multiple lines.
2015-02-12  NeilBrownConsistently print program Name and __func__ in debug...
2015-02-12  Pawel BaldysiakChange way of printing name of a process
2014-08-27  NeilBrown--update: add 'bbl' and 'no-bbl' to the list of known...
2014-05-22  NeilBrownMISC: add --action option to set or abort check/repair.
2013-12-03  NeilBrownIncremental: improve support for "DEVICE" based restric...
2013-10-30  NeilBrownAdd support for --add-spare
2013-09-14  NeilBrownGive error if --incremental --scan also has a device...
2013-09-13  NeilBrownMake -IRs and --run work properly for containers.
2013-09-03  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.3 mdadm-3.3
2013-08-26  NeilBrownChange "mdadm --run" to use the same code as "mdadm...
2013-08-01  NeilBrownDon't lie to systemd about mdadm's status.
2013-06-24  NeilBrownGrow: allow "--add" with "--grow --level=??"
2013-06-24  NeilBrowntest/00names: use appropriate mdadm.conf
2013-06-19  NeilBrownRemove lots of unnecessary white space.
2013-06-19  NeilBrownManage: allow "--stop" on kernel names.
2013-06-19  NeilBrownManage: split Manage_runstop into Manage_run and Manage...
2013-05-28  NeilBrownAssemble: allow --update=revert-reshape
2013-05-28  NeilBrownAssemble: --update=metadata converts v0.90 to v1.0
2013-05-22  NeilBrownGrow: allow a reshape which only changes --data-offset
2013-05-22  NeilBrownGrow: --backup-file and --data-offset are incompatible.
2013-05-21  NeilBrownChange some fprintf(stderrs to cont_err()
2013-05-21  NeilBrownChange some "fprintf(stderr,"s to pr_err.
2013-05-16  NeilBrownAdd --dump / --restore functionality.
2013-05-13  NeilBrownmisc_scan: don't trust the mapping file too much for...
2013-03-04  NeilBrownCreate: default to bitmap=internal for large arrays.
2013-02-21  NeilBrownDiscard devnum in favour of devnm
2013-02-05  Jes SorensenRemove --offroot argument and default to always setting...
2012-12-05  NeilBrownMISC: Add --examine-badblocks option
2012-10-23  NeilBrownAdd support for --replace and --with
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAllow data-offset to be specified per-device for create
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAdd --data-offset flag for Create and Grow
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAllow parse_size to return 0.
2012-10-04  Maciej Naruszewiczimsm: Allow to specify controller for --detail-platform.
2012-10-03  NeilBrownAllow --update to add or remove space for a bad block...
2012-10-02  Maciej Naruszewiczimsm: Add --export option for --detail-platform
2012-07-09  NeilBrownUse new struct context and struct shape for Grow_addbitmap
2012-07-09  NeilBrownUse new struct context and struct shape in Grow_reshape
2012-07-09  NeilBrownUse new 'struct shape' to pass args to Create
2012-07-09  NeilBrownUse new 'struct shape' to pass args to Build
2012-07-09  NeilBrownCreate new 'struct shape' to pass around array details.
2012-07-09  NeilBrownchange array_size to be unsigned and use the new MAX_SIZE
2012-07-09  NeilBrownChange the values for "max size" from -1 to 1.
2012-07-09  NeilBrownChange Incremental and related functions to take struct...
2012-07-09  NeilBrownChange Monitor to take a struct context
2012-07-09  NeilBrownChange Detail and misc_scan to take a struct context
2012-07-09  NeilBrownchange Examine to take a struct context
2012-07-09  NeilBrownExamine: split 'verbose' out from 'brief'.
2012-07-09  NeilBrownChange Create to take a struct context
2012-07-09  NeilBrownChange Build to take a struct context
2012-07-09  NeilBrownChange misc_list to take struct context
2012-07-09  NeilBrownConvert Assemble() to take a context rather than a...
2012-07-09  NeilBrownDiscard 'quiet' context variable.