mdadm.h: Introduced unaligned {get,put}_unaligned{16,32}()
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / mdadm.h
2019-07-09  Jes Sorensenmdadm.h: Introduced unaligned {get,put}_unaligned{16...
2019-05-20  Artur Paszkiewiczmdmon: fix wrong array state when disk fails during...
2018-12-06  NeilBrownpolicy: support devices with multiple paths.
2018-05-31  Michal Zylowskiimsm: Do not require MDADM_EXPERIMENTAL flag anymore
2018-03-08  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: improve the dlm locking mechanism for clustered...
2017-11-21  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor/msg: Don't print error message if mdmon doesn...
2017-11-09  Guoqing JiangTo support clustered raid10
2017-10-02  Pawel BaldysiakZeroout whole ppl space during creation/force assemble
2017-09-29  Jes Sorensensysfs_init_dev - take a dev_t argument
2017-09-29  Jes Sorensenlib: devid2kname() should take a dev_t
2017-08-16  Mariusz TkaczykDetail: correct output for active arrays
2017-06-05  Tomasz MajchrzakGet failed disk count from array state
2017-05-09  Alexey ObitotskiyAdd sector size as spare selection criterion
2017-05-09  Alexey ObitotskiyAllow more spare selection criteria
2017-05-05  Zhilong Liumdadm/util: unify stat checking blkdev into function
2017-05-05  Zhilong Liumdadm/util: unify fstat checking blkdev into function
2017-05-03  Jes Sorensenutil: md_array_valid(): Introduce md_array_valid()...
2017-05-02  NeilBrownCreate: tell udev md device is not ready when first...
2017-04-20  Jes Sorensenutil: Get rid of unused enough_fd()
2017-04-20  Jes Sorensenutil: Introduce md_array_active() helper
2017-04-20  Jes Sorensensysfs: Parse array_state in sysfs_read()
2017-04-05  Jes Sorensenutil: Finally kill off md_get_version()
2017-03-30  Jes Sorensensysfs: Make sysfs_init() return an error code
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenutil: Introduce md_set_array_info()
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenutil: Introduce md_get_disk_info()
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenutil: Introduce md_get_array_info()
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenmdadm.h: struct mdinfo: reorganize ppl elements for...
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczGrow: support consistency policy change
2017-03-29  Artur Paszkiewiczsuper1: PPL support
2017-03-29  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: PPL support
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczGeneric support for --consistency-policy and PPL
2017-03-28  NeilBrownAdd 'force' flag to *hot_remove_disk().
2017-03-28  NeilBrownIntroduce sys_hot_remove_disk()
2017-03-28  NeilBrownRetry HOT_REMOVE_DISK a few times.
2017-03-27  Zhilong Liumdadm:fixed some trivial typos in comments of mdadm.h
2016-11-29  NeilBrownIntroduce enum flag_mode for setting and clearing flags.
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdmon: bad block support for external metadata - clear...
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdmon: bad block support for external metadata - store...
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdmon: bad block support for external metadata - sysfs...
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdadm: bad block support for external metadata - initia...
2016-11-28  NeilBrownAdd failfast support.
2016-11-17  Pawel BaldysiakAdd function for getting member drive sector size
2016-11-16  Artur Paszkiewiczsuper1: make internal bitmap size calculations more...
2016-08-15  Jes SorensenIntroduce random_uuid() helper function
2016-08-15  Jes Sorensenmdadm.h: Fix build problem against newer glibc
2016-06-14  Nikhil KshirsagarThe sys_name array in the mdinfo structure is 20 bytes...
2016-06-03  Mike LovellUse dev_t for devnm2devid and devid2devnm
2016-05-12  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Make add_internal_bitmap() return 0 on success
2016-03-30  Artur PaszkiewiczIntroduce stat2kname() and fd2kname()
2016-03-09  Jes Sorensenload_sys(): Add a buffer size argument
2016-03-07  Guoqing JiangRemove dead code about LKF_CONVERT flag
2016-03-07  Guoqing JiangFix wrong bitmap output for cluster raid
2016-02-10  Jes Sorensenmdadm.h: rename bswap macros to avoid clash with uClibc...
2015-12-21  NeilBrownAdd --update=force-no-bbl.
2015-12-21  NeilBrownMerge branch 'fix-unlikely-potential-overflows' of...
2015-12-21  NeilBrownMerge
2015-12-16  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: improve the safeguard for change cluster raid...
2015-12-16  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: do not display bitmap info if it is cleared
2015-12-16  Song Liurecreate journal in mdadm
2015-12-16  Song Liuadd sysfs_array_state to struct mdinfo
2015-12-16  Deepa Dinamanimdadm: Change timestamps to unsigned data type.
2015-10-22  Song Liumdadm: refactor write journal code in Assemble and...
2015-10-21  Guoqing JiangMake cmap_* also has same policy as dlm_*
2015-10-21  Guoqing JiangSafeguard against writing to an active device of anothe...
2015-10-19  Song LiuAssemble array with write journal
2015-10-19  Song LiuEnable create array with write journal (--write-journal...
2015-10-08  Guoqing Jiangre-add: make re-add try to write sysfs node first
2015-08-03  NeilBrownMerge branch 'mdadm-3.3.x'
2015-08-03  NeilBrownmdassemble: include mapfile support.
2015-08-03  NeilBrownmdassemble: include mapfile support.
2015-07-27  NeilBrownMerge branch 'cluster'
2015-07-01  NeilBrownmdstat: discard 'dev' field, just use 'devnm'
2015-06-16  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: change the num of cluster node
2015-06-16  Guoqing Jiangmdadm: add the ability to change cluster name
2015-06-16  Guoqing JiangAdd a new clustered disk
2015-06-16  Guoqing JiangSet home-cluster while creating an array
2015-06-16  Guoqing JiangAdd nodes option while creating md
2015-02-12  NeilBrownConsistently print program Name and __func__ in debug...
2015-02-12  Pawel BaldysiakChange way of printing name of a process
2014-08-11  NeilBrownutil: split get_maj_min() out from dev_open()
2014-08-07  NeilBrownconfig: new option to suppress adding bad block lists.
2014-07-10  NeilBrownmdmon: allow prepare_update to report failure.
2014-07-08  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Add warning message when assemble spanned container
2014-05-22  NeilBrownMISC: add --action option to set or abort check/repair.
2014-05-22  NeilBrownGrow: fix resent grow_continue breakage.
2014-05-15  NeilBrownGrow: store a link to current backup file in /run/mdadm...
2014-04-01  NeilBrownDDF: Fix assorted typos and do some reformatting.
2013-12-04  NeilBrownAssemble/Incremental: don't hold O_EXCL on mddev after...
2013-12-03  NeilBrownIncremental: improve support for "DEVICE" based restric...
2013-11-28  NeilBrownIncremental: add --export handling.
2013-10-30  NeilBrownAdd support for --add-spare
2013-10-16  Jes SorensenBe consistent in return types from byteswap macros
2013-09-13  NeilBrownMake -IRs and --run work properly for containers.
2013-09-09  NeilBrownMove ARRAY_SIZE macro to common include file.
2013-08-26  NeilBrownChange "mdadm --run" to use the same code as "mdadm...
2013-08-01  NeilBrownmdmon: don't lie to systemd.
2013-08-01  NeilBrownIntroduce devid2kname - slightly different to devid2devnm.
2013-07-30  NeilBrownsuper1: simplify setting of array size.
2013-07-15  NeilBrownMerge commit '956a13fb850321bed8568dfa8692c0c323538d7c'
2013-07-10  NeilBrownGrow: use mdstat_wait to wait for delayed reshape.