Change write_init_super to be called only once.
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / super1.c
2008-05-15  Neil BrownChange write_init_super to be called only once.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownAdd 'container' level and ->validate_geometry method.
2008-05-06  Kay Sieversadd --export option to --examine
2008-04-29  Neil BrownFix possible bug with bitmap space allocation with...
2007-12-14  Neil BrownDrop the superblock arg from all metadata methods.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownFix compare_super to take supertype instead of a superb...
2007-12-14  Neil BrownAdd 'supertype' arg to almost all metadata methods.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownAllow metadata handlers to free their own superblock.
2007-10-17  Neil BrownClarify the avail/used devices sizes with version1...
2007-10-01  Jérémy BobbioAlso use &tst instead of st later on when loading v1...
2007-09-30  martin f. krafftFix segfault on assembly on amd64 with v1 superblocks
2007-09-24  Neil BrownDon't corrupt 'supertype' when speculatively calling...
2007-08-20  Neil BrownFix problem with add a device to a 1.x array created...
2007-07-08  Doug LedfordInterpret "--metadata=1" with --assemble to imply any...
2007-05-21  Neil BrownUpdate tests and add linear-add
2007-05-21  Neil BrownFix --grow --add for linear arrays.
2007-05-21  Neil BrownFix handling of negative bitmap offsets on 64bit hosts.
2007-05-08  Kay SieversAdd --export option to --detail to use key=value pairs.
2007-05-08  Neil BrownFix up calculation of bitmap space when creating v1...
2007-02-22  Neil BrownA couple of casts needed in printf statements.
2007-02-22  Neil BrownFix a warning about an uninitialised variable.
2006-12-14  Neil BrownCentralise code for copying uuid
2006-12-14  Neil BrownSupport --uuid= with --create to choose your own UUID.
2006-12-14  Neil BrownFix bug where v1 superblock might appear active when...
2006-12-14  Neil BrownCentral calls to ioctl BLKGETSIZE
2006-12-14  Neil BrownFix and test --update=uuid
2006-12-14  Neil BrownWhen resync finished, report the mismatch count if...
2006-12-14  Neil BrownChange 'Device Size' to 'Used Dev Size'
2006-12-14  Neil BrownGive useful message if raid4/5/6 cannot be started...
2006-12-14  Neil BrownFix a misleading comment.
2006-12-14  Neil BrownSupport --update=devicesize for cases where the underly...
2006-12-14  Neil BrownImprove allocation and use of space for bitmaps in...
2006-12-14  Neil BrownRemove some unused interfaces to the metadata handlers.
2006-12-14  Neil BrownMake Assemble/Force work on raid6 with 2 missing devices.
2006-11-12  Neil Brown--update=resync did exactly the wrong thing for version...
2006-11-09  Neil BrownFixed UUID printing in "--detail --brief" for version1...
2006-10-19  Neil BrownIncrease default size of bitmap for v1 superblocks.
2006-10-19  Neil BrownFix array-subscript error.
2006-10-09  Neil BrownFix typo in earlier patch.
2006-10-09  Neil BrownFix some endian-ness issues with v1 superblocks.
2006-06-26  Neil BrownWork around bug in --add handling for version-1 superb...
2006-06-26  Neil BrownAdd 'Array Slot' line to --examine for version-1 superb...
2006-06-20  Paul ClementsMove a variable declaration to the declaration area.
2006-06-20  Paul ClementsFix problem with post-increment usage in macro
2006-06-16  Neil BrownFix offsetof macro for 64bit hosts
2006-05-29  Neil Browncheck return status of all write/fwrite functions as...
2006-05-26  Neil BrownRelease 2.5 mdadm-2.5
2006-05-26  Neil BrownImprove names reported by --examine --brief
2006-05-23  Neil BrownWhen assembly arrays using incomplete detail, prefer...
2006-05-23  Neil BrownSupport --update=homehost to allow updating of homehost...
2006-05-23  Neil BrownAllow --update=name to update the name during assembly.
2006-05-23  Neil BrownMake sure homehost is set correctly when --update=uuid
2006-05-19  Neil BrownInclude homehost information in --examine as appropriate
2006-05-19  Neil BrownInclude homehost information in --detail where appropriate.
2006-05-19  Neil BrownMake homehost information appear in superblock.
2006-05-19  Neil BrownJust updaqte copyright dates and email address
2006-05-16  Neil BrownWhen updating uuid, update the bitmap as well - interna...
2006-05-15  Neil BrownSupport new offset layout for raid10
2006-04-28  Neil Brown[PATCH] Make sure update_super returns correct value.
2006-04-07  Neil BrownFix alignment problem in version-1 superblocks.
2006-03-28  Neil BrownAdd information about reshape to --detail
2006-03-27  Neil BrownRemove ident arg from getinfo_super;
2006-03-20  Neil BrownSupport restarting of a reshape on --assemble
2006-02-06  Neil BrownRelease some compile fixes.
2006-02-02  Neil BrownSome little bits and pieces...
2006-01-31  Neil BrownPrefer version-1 superblocks for v.large devices.
2006-01-30  Neil BrownStuff like..
2006-01-30  Neil BrownReport bitmap offset when examining v1 superblock.
2006-01-30  Neil BrownWork towards allowing larger internal bitmaps in versio...
2006-01-27  Neil BrownHave --examine report reshape details.
2006-01-27  Neil BrownEnable support for v.large raid1.
2006-01-27  Neil BrownMinor fixes
2006-01-27  Neil BrownAssorted fixes...
2005-12-16  Neil Brownuhm.. assort fixes, particularly for recovery offset...
2005-12-05  Neil BrownSupport updating of uuid during --assemble.
2005-11-22  Neil BrownSupport bitmaps with raid10
2005-10-11  Neil BrownCreate version-4 bitmaps if kernel supports it.
2005-09-12  Neil BrownRelease 2-0
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix byteordr covnerion ofr 'events' that was '32' inste...
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix remaining problems with hot-add bitmap to version...
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix assembling of raid10 in the face of missing devices.
2005-08-26  Neil BrownPasses all tests, nearly ready for release.
2005-08-26  Neil BrownGetting ready for 2.0 release...
2005-08-25  Neil BrownSupport internal bitmaps with format-1 superblocks.
2005-08-09  Neil BrownSupport nameing of version-1 arrays.
2005-08-09  Neil BrownAdd write-behind support
2005-08-04  Neil BrownAssorted Fixes for multiple bugs.
2005-07-18  Neil BrownDocument this...
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix compiling of mdassemble
2006-04-17  Neil BrownStuff
2005-06-07  Neil BrownMake '-x nnn' spares work for type-1 superblocks.
2005-06-07  Neil BrownMake --zero-superblock work for version 1 superblocks.
2005-06-07  Neil BrownFix type - MD_SB_CLEAN is a bit number, not a bitmask.
2005-06-07  Neil BrownIncrease max-devs on type-1 superblocks
2005-06-07  Neil BrownMake sure to seed the random number generator for uuids
2005-06-07  Neil BrownUse ADD_NEW_DISK to hot-add to non-version-0 arrays
2005-06-07  Neil BrownChange "dirty" status to "active"
2005-06-07  Neil BrownRelease 1.8.1 after some man page updates and other... mdadm-1.11.1
2006-04-17  Neil BrownOnly in mdadm-inter/: ANNOUNCE-2.0-devel-1
2005-05-03  Neil Brownsuper1