Consistently print program Name and __func__ in debug messages.
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / super1.c
2015-02-12  NeilBrownConsistently print program Name and __func__ in debug...
2014-11-03  NeilBrownsuper1: remove some debugging printfs in update_super1
2014-08-21  NeilBrownsuper1: make sure 'room' includes 'bbl_size' when creat...
2014-08-15  NeilBrownsuper1: don't allow adding a bitmap if there is no...
2014-08-07  NeilBrownconfig: new option to suppress adding bad block lists.
2014-08-07  NeilBrownsuper: make sure to ignore disk state flags that we...
2014-05-22  Cristian Rodríguezmdadm: Do not reimplment offsetof
2013-08-14  NeilBrownsuper1: fix setting of data_offset for 1.0 metadata.
2013-07-30  NeilBrownsuper1: simplify setting of array size.
2013-07-30  NeilBrownsuper1: separate to version of _avail_space1().
2013-07-30  NeilBrownManage: remove call to validate_geometry.
2013-07-24  NeilBrownsuper0/1: fix typo in error messages.
2013-07-24  NeilBrownsuper1: update data_size when performing "revert-reshape".
2013-07-02  NeilBrownrevert-reshape: only impose reshape_position tests...
2013-06-27  NeilBrownrevert-reshape: make sure reshape_position is acceptable.
2013-06-24  NeilBrownsuper1: fix space_{before,after} for RAID0
2013-06-19  NeilBrownAdd test for --update=metadata and fix bug it found.
2013-06-19  NeilBrownRemove lots of unnecessary white space.
2013-05-28  NeilBrownsuper1: set RESHAPE_NO_BACKUP based on new_offset.
2013-05-28  NeilBrownAssemble: allow --update=revert-reshape
2013-05-28  NeilBrownAssemble: --update=metadata converts v0.90 to v1.0
2013-05-28  NeilBrownsuper1: fix some casts of signed superblock fields.
2013-05-22  NeilBrownExamine/super1 - report Unused space, before and after.
2013-05-22  NeilBrownsuper1: don't put the bblog at the end of the free...
2013-05-22  NeilBrownGrow: allow metadata to indicate that changing data_off...
2013-05-21  NeilBrownsuper1: improve calculation of space_before/space_after
2013-05-21  NeilBrownExamine/super1: don't report "New Offset" when feature...
2013-05-16  NeilBrownAdd --dump / --restore functionality.
2013-05-13  NeilBrownAlways test return value of posix_memalign.
2013-05-13  NeilBrownmdassemble - fix new compile-time problems.
2013-02-21  NeilBrownDiscard devnum in favour of devnm
2013-02-10  NeilBrownmake --update=homehost work again
2013-02-05  NeilBrownAvoid using BLKFLSBUF.
2012-12-05  NeilBrownMISC: Add --examine-badblocks option
2012-10-24  NeilBrownIncremental: support replacement devices.
2012-10-23  NeilBrownAssemble: add support for replacement devices.
2012-10-23  NeilBrownReport replacement devices correctly with --detail...
2012-10-10  NeilBrownReplace a lot of leading spaces with tabs.
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAllow data-offset to be specified per-device for create
2012-10-04  NeilBrownsuper1: reserve at least 2 chunks for reshape headroom.
2012-10-04  NeilBrownNew RESHAPE_NO_BACKUP flag to track when backup action...
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAdd space_before/space_after fields to mdinfo
2012-10-04  NeilBrownsuper1: add new_offset field.
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAdd data_offset arg to ->init_super and use it in super1.c
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAdd data_offset arg to ->validate_geometry.
2012-10-04  NeilBrownAdd data_offset arg to ->avail_size
2012-10-04  NeilBrownHandles spaces in array names better.
2012-10-03  NeilBrownsuper1: ensure bitmap doesn't overlap bad block log.
2012-10-03  NeilBrownAllow --update to add or remove space for a bad block...
2012-10-03  NeilBrownBad block log
2012-10-02  Maciej NaruszewiczAdd MD_ARRAY_SIZE for --examine --export
2012-07-09  NeilBrownConvert 'quiet' to 'not verbose' in various places.
2012-07-09  NeilBrownRemove scattered checks for malloc success.
2012-07-09  NeilBrownIntroduce pr_err for printing error messages.
2012-05-28  majianpengmdadm: Fix Segmentation fault.
2012-05-14  NeilBrownsuper1: fix choice of data_offset.
2012-04-29  Jes SorensenFix sign extension of bitmap_offset in super1.c
2012-04-04  NeilBrownsuper1: leave more space in front of data by default.
2012-04-04  NeilBrownBitmap_offset is a signed number
2012-03-22  NeilBrownExamine: fix array size calculation for RAID10.
2012-03-20  Jes Sorensensuper1.c: use ROUND_UP/ROUND_UP_PTR
2012-03-20  Jes SorensenUse struct align_fd to cache fd's block size for aligne...
2012-03-20  Jes SorensenUse 4K buffer alignment for superblock allocations
2012-03-20  Jes Sorensenmatch_metadata_desc1(): Use calloc instead of malloc...
2012-03-20  Jes Sorenseninit_super1() memset full buffer allocated for superblock
2012-03-20  Jes SorensenDefine and use SUPER1_SIZE for allocations
2012-03-20  Jes Sorensensuper1.c don't keep recalculating bitmap pointer
2012-03-08  NeilBrownsuper1: support superblocks up to 4K.
2012-02-22  Jes SorensenPrint error message if failing to write super for 1...
2012-02-16  Jes SorensenUse posix_memalign() for memory used to write bitmaps
2012-02-07  NeilBrownsuper1: make aread/awrite always use an aligned buffer.
2012-02-06  Alexander Lyakasgetinfo_super1: Use MaxSector in place of sb->size
2011-12-23  NeilBrownGrow/bitmap: support adding bitmap via sysfs.
2011-12-23  NeilBrownsuper1: use awrite when writing a new bitmap.
2011-12-23  NeilBrownsuper1 - fix for bigendian machines.
2011-12-20  NeilBrownsuper1: getinfo_super should set write-mostly flag.
2011-10-05  Adam KwolekAdd recovery blocked field to mdinfo
2011-09-19  Doug LedfordFix readding of a readwrite drive into a writemostly...
2011-08-02  NeilBrownsuper1: fix spacing for 'Flags' field in --examine.
2011-08-02  Scott Schaefer--add incorrectly sets writemostly
2011-06-17  Luca BerraFix some type-aliasing issues.
2011-06-17  Luca BerraFix some compiler warnings.
2011-06-08  NeilBrowngetinfo_super now clears the 'info' structure before...
2011-05-10  NeilBrownconfig: restore the possibility of a NULL homehost
2011-03-24  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2011-03-15  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2011-03-14  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2011-03-10  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2011-03-10  NeilBrownAssemble: add --update=no-bitmap
2011-03-09  NeilBrownFix chunksize defaulting.
2011-02-22  Czarnowska, Annaset default chunk in validate_geometry
2011-02-21  NeilBrownTeach --assemble --force to handle reshapes a little...
2011-01-31  NeilBrownsuper1: fix regression in write_init_super.
2011-01-24  NeilBrownDon't close fds in write_init_super
2010-12-13  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2010-12-09  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2010-11-30  NeilBrownAssemble: add --update=no-bitmap
2010-11-22  NeilBrownCreate: user container_dev rather than subarray for...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownRemove subarray detection from load_super.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAdd subarray arg to container_content.