more ddf stuff
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / util.c
2008-05-15  Neil Brownmore ddf stuff
2008-05-15  Dan WilliamsInitial DDF support code.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownSome support for external metadata.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownCompiple fixes for mdassemble and diet-libc
2008-05-15  Neil BrownFix support for --update=swapsuper
2008-05-15  Neil BrownFix possible NULL dereference in super_by_fd
2008-05-05  Dan Williamslet '-a' be specified for Incremental mode
2008-05-05  Neil BrownUnify code into find_free_devnum.
2008-05-05  Dan Williamsfix load_super/free_super mismatch in util.c
2008-04-29  Neil Browndiff -ru mdadm-2.6.4-orig/Query.c mdadm-2.6.4/Query.c
2007-12-14  Neil BrownUse sysfs info for metadata version info in Detail...
2007-12-14  Neil BrownReplace sysarray with mdinfo
2007-12-14  Neil BrownFind super from fd on an array.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownDrop the superblock arg from all metadata methods.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownAdd 'supertype' arg to almost all metadata methods.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownAllow metadata handlers to free their own superblock.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownRemove spaces/tabs from ends of lines.
2007-05-08  Neil BrownRemove bogus add_dev definition.
2006-12-21  Neil BrownAdd new mode: --incremental
2006-12-14  Neil BrownCentralise code for copying uuid
2006-12-14  Neil BrownCentral calls to ioctl BLKGETSIZE
2006-12-14  Neil BrownGive useful message if raid4/5/6 cannot be started...
2006-10-19  Neil BrownFix bugs related to raid10 and the new offset layout.
2006-10-16  Luca BerraMdassemble improvements
2006-10-16  Neil BrownDon't #include blkpg.h
2006-10-12  Neil BrownRemove partitions from components of an md array
2006-06-26  Neil BrownImprove ftw handling.
2006-06-20  Neil BrownStop map_dev from returning [0:0]
2006-06-16  Neil BrownFix memory leak in monitor mode
2006-05-29  Neil BrownMake add_dev for uclibc return something.
2006-05-29  Neil Brownadd CFLAGS to mdassemble build and fix a couple of...
2006-05-29  Neil Brownsnprintf size should be at most the size of the buffer
2006-05-26  Neil BrownChoose better devnumbers and tidy up some issues with...
2006-05-19  Neil BrownJust updaqte copyright dates and email address
2006-03-28  Neil BrownAdd information about reshape to --detail
2006-03-28  Neil BrownCreate missing /dev files where needed.
2006-03-27  Neil BrownMake scanning of /dev work even if it is a symlink
2006-03-27  Neil BrownRemove ident arg from getinfo_super;
2006-03-13  Neil BrownInitial reshape support
2006-01-31  Neil BrownFix printing of size of reiserfs filesystem.
2006-01-30  Neil BrownReport device size correctly in --detail for Large...
2006-01-30  Neil BrownStuff like..
2005-12-05  Neil BrownAllow scanning of devices listed in /proc/partitions...
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix assembling of raid10 in the face of missing devices.
2005-08-18  Neil BrownPrint descriptive level when warning about pre-existing...
2005-08-09  Neil BrownSupport nameing of version-1 arrays.
2005-08-04  Neil BrownAssorted Fixes for multiple bugs.
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix compilation with tinyc
2005-06-14  Neil BrownReplace sprintf calls with snprintf
2005-06-14  Neil BrownAdd device files created with --auto to list of known...
2005-06-14  Neil BrownWhen finding a /dev name for a device, prefer shorter...
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix some rounding errors in human_size and generally...
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix parsing of /dev/md/N in is_standard
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix a few typecasts
2006-04-17  Neil BrownStuff
2005-06-07  Neil BrownA couple off minor fixed in multi-format management.
2005-06-07  Neil BrownRelease 1.8.1 after some man page updates and other... mdadm-1.11.1
2005-05-03  Neil Brownsuper1
2005-05-03  Neil BrownAdd a 'super-switch' so that different format superbloc...
2005-05-03  Neil BrownSeparate sueprblock handling into separate file
2005-04-04  Neil BrownCall 'flush' after writing a superblock to disk.
2005-04-04  Neil BrownChange MAJOR() etc to major() etc
2005-04-04  Neil BrownWhen assembling with --auto, honour common device names
2004-11-01  Neil Brownmdadm-1.8.0 mdadm-1.8.0
2004-08-11  Neil Brownmdadm-1.7.0 mdadm-1.7.0
2004-06-04  Neil Brownmdadm-1.6.0 mdadm-1.6.0
2004-01-22  Neil Brownmdadm-1.5.0 mdadm-1.5.0
2003-02-12  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.9 mdadm-1.0.9
2002-05-20  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.1 mdadm-1.0.1
2002-04-11  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8.2 mdadm-0.8.2
2002-04-04  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8 mdadm-0.8
2002-03-15  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7.1 mdadm-0.7.1
2002-03-08  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7 mdadm-0.7
2002-03-06  Neil Brownmdctl-0.6 mdctl-0.6
2001-07-26  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.4 mdctl-v0.4
2001-06-14  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.3 mdctl-v0.3
2001-06-08  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.2 mdctl-v0.2