4 days ago  Tkaczyk Mariuszudev: start grow service automatically master
4 days ago  Kinga TanskaMake target to install binaries only
4 days ago  Zhao Hemingmdadm/Detail: show correct state for clustered array
4 days ago  Mariusz Tkaczykmdadm: Unify forks behaviour
4 days ago  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: limit support to first NVMe namespace
4 days ago  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor: don't use default modes when creating a file
4 days ago  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: remove redundant calls to imsm_get_map
4 days ago  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: update num_data_stripes according to dev_size
4 days ago  Mariusz TkaczykCreate.c: close mdfd and generate uevent
4 days ago  Lidong ZhongDetail: fix segfault during IMSM raid creation
2020-10-14  NeilBrownSuper1: allow RAID0 layout setting to be removed.
2020-10-14  Blazej KucmanCheck if other Monitor instance running before fork.
2020-10-14  Blazej Kucmanmdmonitor: set small delay once
2020-10-14  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor: stop notifing about containers.
2020-10-14  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor: refresh mdstat fd after select
2020-10-14  Xiao NiDon't create bitmap for raid5 with journal disk
2020-10-14  Lidong ZhongDetail: show correct raid level when the array is inactive
2020-08-07  Mariusz Tkaczykmanual: update --examine-badblocks
2020-08-07  Winston Weinertmdadm/md.4: update path to in-kernel-tree documentation
2020-08-07  Xiao NiSpecify nodes number when updating cluster nodes
2020-06-18  allenpengmdadm/Grow: prevent md's fd from being occupied during...
2020-06-12  Jes SorensenUpdate link to Intel page for IMSM
2020-06-12  Paul MenzelUse more secure HTTPS URLs
2020-06-05  David FavroDetect too-small device: error rather than underflow...
2020-06-05  Kinga TanskaBlock overwriting existing links while manual assembly
2020-05-19  Guoqing Jiangrestripe: fix ignoring return value of ‘read’ and lseek
2020-05-19  Jes SorensenInclude count for \0 character when using strncpy to...
2020-05-19  Guoqing Jianguuid.c: split uuid stuffs from util.c
2020-05-15  Tkaczyk MariuszMakefile: add EXTRAVERSION support
2020-05-14  Donald Buczekmdcheck: Log when done
2020-05-14  Mariusz TkaczykAssemble.c: respect force flag.
2020-05-05  Nigel Croxonclean up meaning of small typo
2020-04-27  Gioh KimAssemble: print error message if mdadm fails assembling...
2020-04-27  Tkaczyk MariuszManage, imsm: Write metadata before add
2020-04-27  Lidong ZhongDetail: adding sync status for cluster device
2020-04-27  Coly LiMonitor: improve check_one_sharer() for checking duplic...
2020-04-27  Mariusz Tkaczykudev: Ignore change event for imsm
2020-03-17  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: show Subarray and Volume ID in --examine output
2020-03-17  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: support the Array Creation Time field in metadata
2020-03-16  Lidong ZhongDetail: show correct bitmap info for cluster raid device
2020-03-12  Blazej Kucmanimsm: Correct minimal device size.
2020-02-24  Blazej Kucmanimsm: Remove --dump/--restore implementation
2020-02-24  Blazej Kucmanimsm: pass subarray id to kill_subarray function
2020-02-24  Xiao NiRemove the legacy whitespace
2020-02-24  Coly Limdadm.8: add note information for raid0 growing operation
2020-01-21  Blazej Kucmanimsm: fill working_disks according to metadata.
2020-01-21  Kinga TanskaAdd support for Tebibytes
2020-01-16  Blazej Kucmanimsm: Update grow manual.
2020-01-16  Xiao Nimdcheck service can't start succesfully because of...
2020-01-16  Kinga TanskaChange warning message
2020-01-16  dann frazierRespect $(CROSS_COMPILE) when $(CC) is the default
2019-12-02  NeilBrownAssemble: add support for RAID0 layouts.
2019-12-02  NeilBrownCreate: add support for RAID0 layouts.
2019-12-02  Blazej Kucmanimsm: Change the way of printing nvme drives in detail...
2019-12-02  Blazej Kucmanimsm: return correct uuid for volume in detail
2019-12-02  Xiao NiRemove unused code
2019-11-27  Jes SorensenFix up a few formatting issues
2019-11-27  Jes SorensenRemove last traces of HOT_ADD_DISK
2019-11-27  Xiao YangManage: Remove the legacy code for md driver prior...
2019-11-12  NeilBrownsuper-intel: don't mark structs 'packed' unnecessarily
2019-11-12 handle MDADM_CHECK_DURATION
2019-11-12  NeilBrownmdcheck: use ${} to pass variable to mdcheck
2019-11-12  NeilBrownmdcheck: when mdcheck_start is enabled, enable mdcheck_...
2019-11-12  Krzysztof Smolinskiimsm: allow to specify second volume size
2019-10-04  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: save current_vol number
2019-10-01  NeilBrownudev: allow for udev attribute reading bug.
2019-09-30  Xiao NiDon't need to check recovery after re-add when no I...
2019-09-30  Xiao NiInit devlist as an array
2019-09-30  Guoqing Jiangmdadm/md.4: add the descriptions for bitmap sysfs nodes
2019-09-30  Nigel Croxonmdadm: force a uuid swap on big endian
2019-09-30  Guilherme G... mdadm: Introduce new array state 'broken' for raid0...
2019-08-16  Krzysztof Smolinskimdadm: check value returned by snprintf against errors
2019-08-14  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: close removed drive fd.
2019-08-12  Coly Liudev: add --no-devices option for calling 'mdadm -...
2019-08-12  Coly Limdadm: add --no-devices to avoid component devices...
2019-08-12  Baruch Siachmdadm.h: include sysmacros.h unconditionally
2019-07-10  Mariusz Dabrowskimdadm: load default sysfs attributes after assemblation
2019-07-09  Jes Sorensensuper-intel: Use put_unaligned in split_ull
2019-07-09  Jes Sorensenmdadm.h: Introduced unaligned {get,put}_unaligned{16...
2019-07-09  Jes Sorensensuper-intel: Fix issue with abs() being irrelevant
2019-07-02  Roman SobanskiEnable probe_roms to scan more than 6 roms.
2019-05-20  Artur Paszkiewiczmdmon: fix wrong array state when disk fails during...
2019-04-15  Liwei Songudev: Add udev rules to create by-partuuid for md device
2019-04-10  Mariusz TkaczykCreate: Block rounding size to max
2019-04-10  Pawel Baldysiakimsm: fix spare activation for old matrix arrays
2019-02-28  Corey Hickeyadd missing units to --examine
2019-02-28  Pawel BaldysiakAssemble: Fix starting array with initial reshape check...
2019-02-28  Pawel Baldysiakmdmon: wait for previous mdmon to exit during takeover
2019-02-28  Artur Paszkiewiczmdmon: don't attempt to manage new arrays when terminating
2019-02-14  Gioh Kimmdadm/tests: add one test case for failfast of raid1
2019-02-13  Corey HickeyFix reshape for decreasing data offset
2019-02-13  Coly LiDetail.c: do not skip first character when calling...
2019-02-11  Dimitri John... Fix spelling typos.
2019-02-11  Pawel Baldysiakimsm: fix reshape for >2TB drives
2019-02-11  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: finish recovery when drive with rebuild fails
2018-12-11  Mariusz Tkaczykpolicy.c: Fix for compiler error
2018-12-11  Gioh Kimpolicy.c: prevent NULL pointer referencing
2018-12-06  NeilBrownGrow: report correct new chunk size.
2018-12-06  NeilBrownGrow: avoid overflow in compute_backup_blocks()
2018-12-06  Gioh KimAssemble: mask FAILFAST and WRITEMOSTLY flags when...