2006-03-28  Neil BrownCreate missing /dev files where needed.
2006-03-28  Neil BrownFix messy --detail output when there is a failed device.
2006-03-27  Neil BrownMake scanning of /dev work even if it is a symlink
2006-03-27  Neil BrownAllow resize to backup to a file.
2006-03-27  Neil BrownRemove ident arg from getinfo_super;
2006-03-27  Neil BrownPut a 'canary' block in front of the backup
2006-03-20  Neil BrownAdd ANNOUNCE-2.4-pre1 mdadm-2.4-pre1
2006-03-20  Neil BrownRelease 2.4-pre1
2006-03-20  Neil BrownFix a few issues with the reshape patches.
2006-03-20  Neil BrownSupport restarting of a reshape on --assemble
2006-03-13  Neil BrownInitial reshape support
2006-02-06  Neil BrownAdd ANNOUNCE-2.3.1 mdadm-2.3.1
2006-02-06  Neil BrownRelease some compile fixes.
2006-02-02  Neil BrownUpdate ChangeLog and release 2.3 mdadm-2.3
2006-02-02  Neil BrownSome little bits and pieces...
2006-01-31  Neil BrownFix printing of size of reiserfs filesystem.
2006-01-31  Neil BrownSort mdstat entries so that composites are well-ordered.
2006-01-31  Neil BrownPrefer version-1 superblocks for v.large devices.
2006-01-30  Neil BrownReport device size correctly in --detail for Large...
2006-01-30  Neil BrownStuff like..
2006-01-30  Neil BrownReport bitmap offset when examining v1 superblock.
2006-01-30  Neil BrownWork towards allowing larger internal bitmaps in versio...
2006-01-30  Neil BrownSupport --help --assemble etc.
2006-01-27  Neil BrownHave --examine report reshape details.
2006-01-27  Neil BrownProvide error message if --examine does find a valid...
2006-01-27  Neil BrownEnable support for v.large raid1.
2006-04-17  Neil BrownFurther improvements to online help
2006-01-27  Neil BrownMake some improvements to online help.
2006-01-27  Neil BrownMinor fixes
2006-01-27  Neil BrownAssorted fixes...
2005-12-16  Neil Brownuhm.. assort fixes, particularly for recovery offset...
2005-12-09  Neil BrownAllow /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf as an alternate to /etc...
2005-12-09  Neil BrownRelease 2.2 mdadm-2.2
2005-12-05  Neil BrownGuides on how to use mdadm with initramfs
2005-12-05  Neil BrownSupport updating of uuid during --assemble.
2005-12-05  Neil BrownAllow event counters to be off by one
2005-12-05  Neil Brownsyslog support for monitor mode
2005-12-05  Neil BrownReport which device failed in a Fail message.
2005-12-05  Neil BrownSupport --assume-clean for --create
2005-12-05  Neil BrownImprove option parsing
2005-12-05  Neil BrownAllow scanning of devices listed in /proc/partitions...
2005-11-22  Neil BrownRemvoe blank line from '--examine --brief' output.
2005-11-22  Neil BrownSupport bitmaps with raid10
2005-10-21  Neil BrownMake sure mdadm -S returns correct error code
2005-10-11  Neil BrownCreate version-4 bitmaps if kernel supports it.
2005-10-11  Neil BrownAdd 'setup' option to 'test'
2005-10-11  Neil BrownJust some minor stuff... mdadm-2.1
2005-09-12  Neil BrownRelease 2-0
2005-09-12  Neil BrownAdd tests/05r1-grow-internal-1
2005-09-12  Neil BrownRefine some tests.
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix byteordr covnerion ofr 'events' that was '32' inste...
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix remaining problems with hot-add bitmap to version...
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix assembling of array with spares when verion-1 super...
2005-09-12  Neil BrownFix assembling of raid10 in the face of missing devices.
2005-08-26  Neil BrownRelease!! mdadm-2.0
2005-08-25  Neil BrownAdd tests/05r1-internalbitmap-v1c
2005-08-25  Neil BrownAdd tests/05r1-internalbitmap-v1b
2005-08-26  Neil BrownAdd tests/05r1-internalbitmap-v1a
2005-08-26  Neil BrownPasses all tests, nearly ready for release.
2005-08-26  Neil BrownGetting ready for 2.0 release...
2005-08-25  Neil Brownremove ANNOUNCE-2.0-devel-?
2005-08-25  Neil Brownremove ANNOUNCE-1*
2005-08-25  Neil BrownAdd raid10 doco to mdadm.8
2005-08-25  Neil BrownLots of little manpage updates.
2005-08-25  Neil BrownAdd RAID10 and other stuff to md.4
2005-08-25  Neil BrownSupport internal bitmaps with format-1 superblocks.
2005-08-18  Neil BrownCheck-in swap_super.c
2005-08-18  Neil BrownSupport cross-compiling in Makefile
2005-08-18  Neil BrownPrint descriptive level when warning about pre-existing...
2005-08-16  Neil BrownFix bug on new --detail code
2005-08-16  Neil BrownAdd test for multipath and make it work.
2005-08-16  Neil BrownAssorted fixes
2005-08-15  Neil BrownFix --detail output for version 1 superblocks.
2005-08-15  Neil BrownFix but when assembling v1 arrays
2005-08-15  Neil BrownAdd 'quite' option and tidy up some tests.
2005-08-15  Neil BrownAdd a test.
2005-08-09  Neil BrownSupport nameing of version-1 arrays.
2005-08-09  Neil BrownAdd write-behind support
2005-08-09  Neil BrownSupport fixing of byte-swapped superblocks.
2005-08-04  Neil BrownAdd ANNOUNCE-2.0-devel-3 mdadm-2.0-devel-3
2005-08-09  Neil BrownAdd ANNOUNCE to inventory
2005-08-04  Neil BrownAdd test suite and release
2005-08-04  Neil BrownAssorted Fixes for multiple bugs.
2005-07-29  Neil BrownRedhat 6.2 seems to require sys/time.h as well as time.h
2005-07-29  Neil BrownDon't for a chunk-size when "build"ing a raid1
2005-07-29  Neil BrownMake hot-add work with v 1.0.1 superblocks
2005-07-18  Neil BrownDocument this...
2005-07-06  Neil BrownAdd ANNOUNCE-2.0-devel-2 mdadm-2.0-devel-2
2005-07-15  Neil BrownRelease devel-2
2005-07-06  Neil BrownMake sure we try hard enough to find a component device..
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix compiling of mdassemble
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix compilation with tinyc
2005-06-14  Neil BrownAdd man page for mdassemble
2005-06-14  Neil BrownReplace sprintf calls with snprintf
2005-06-14  Neil BrownAdd device files created with --auto to list of known...
2005-06-14  Neil BrownAllow --force flag with --grow
2005-06-14  Neil BrownDon't list device= in --examine --scan output.
2005-06-14  Neil BrownWhen finding a /dev name for a device, prefer shorter...
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix silly example
2005-06-14  Neil BrownFix some rounding errors in human_size and generally...