2008-11-03  NeilBrownutil: make env checking more generic
2008-11-03  NeilBrownassemble: combine the two create_mddev calls in to...
2008-11-03  NeilBrownintel: Avoid 'may be used before initialised' warning.
2008-11-03  NeilBrownDelay creation of array devices for assemble/build...
2008-11-03  NeilBrownAvoid opening md device twice in particular '--assemble...
2008-11-03  NeilBrownIntroduce new open_mddev which just does an open.
2008-11-03  NeilBrownRename open_mddev to create_mddev
2008-11-03  NeilBrownInitialise ->container and ->member properly.
2008-11-03  NeilBrownMove recently merged /sys/dev/ lookup into stat2devnum.
2008-11-03  Dan Williamscleanup an unused call to container2devname
2008-11-02  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into scratch-3.0
2008-11-02  NeilBrownmapfile: fix bug in testing for /var/run/mdadm/
2008-11-02  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into scratch-3.0
2008-11-02  NeilBrownIncremental: change precedence order for autof setting.
2008-10-30  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-30  NeilBrownAdjust major number testing to allow for extended minor...
2008-10-30  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-29  NeilBrownIncremental: allow assembly of foreign array.
2008-10-29  NeilBrownIncremental: fix setting of 'autof' flag.
2008-10-29  NeilBrownFix --incremental assembly of partitions arrays.
2008-10-29  Doug LedfordFix NULL pointer oops
2008-10-29  Doug LedfordFix bad metadata formatting
2008-10-28  Dan WilliamsPreliminary -As support for container member arrays
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: include members in ->brief_examine
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: copy raid device info when associating spares
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: return associated uuid for spares
2008-10-28  Dan WilliamsExamine: fix MD_DISK_SYNC is a bit not a flag
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: update metadata immediately on "add spare" events
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsupdate copyright headers
2008-10-26  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-26  NeilBrownddf: get endian-ness of CRC correct.
2008-10-26  NeilBrownMakefile: Include bitmap.o in mdmon
2008-10-25  NeilBrownAllow WRITEMOSTLY to be cleared on --readd using -...
2008-10-17  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-17  NeilBrownRemove .UR .UE macros from man page because the don...
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsmdmon: suicide prevention
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsquiet WaitClean()
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsmdmon: --switch-root
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsmdmon: wait after trying to kill
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsmdmon: terminate clean
2008-10-15  Dan WilliamsTreat all devices at the container level as spares
2008-10-15  Dan WilliamsAllow a uuid of all f's to always match
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: show uuid in ->examine_super()
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsfname_as_uuid: print uuids msb first
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsmdmon: periodically retry to create the socket
2008-10-15  Dan Williamssysfs_open leaks devnum2devname() result
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsnon-trivial warn_unused_result fix, prepare_update
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsnon-trivial warn_unused_result fixes, activate_spare
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsnon-trivial warn_unused_result fixes, write_init_super_ddf
2008-10-15  Dan Williamstrivial warn_unused_result squashing
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: determine failed indexes from the most up-to...
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: manage a list of missing disks
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: fix mpb_size calculation in write_super_imsm
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: enable checkpointing of migration (resync/rebuild)
2008-10-15  Dan WilliamsExtend --wait-clean to checkpoint resync
2008-10-15  Dan Williams--wait-clean: shorten timeout
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsmonitor: protect against CONFIG_LBD=n
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: trust sector reservation from metadata
2008-10-15  Dan Williamssysfs: dprintf when we fail to write a sysfs file
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: confirm raid10 layout, fix up handling raid10...
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: more serial handling fixups
2008-10-15  NeilBrownGrow: Fix linear-growth when devices are not all the...
2008-10-13  NeilBrownImprove reporting of layout for raid10.
2008-10-13  NeilBrownManage: allow adding device that is just large enough...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownUpdates version numbers for 3.0-devel1 release.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownDon't try to set_array_info when -I find new devices...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownRemove .sock file when removing .pid file for mdmon
2008-09-18  NeilBrownAdd support for assembling specific subarrays.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownUse common code to report MD_UUID for --detail --export
2008-09-18  NeilBrownReport uuid in --detail --brief for ddf and intel
2008-09-18  NeilBrownUse uuid as /dev name when assembling array of uncertai...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownAdd uuid support for super-intel.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownAllow metadata handler to report that it doesn't record...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownDon't allow spares when creating 'external' arrays.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownLots of fixes to make incremental assembly of container...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownHandle incremental assembly of containers.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownMove calls to SET_ARRAY_INFO to common helper.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownFactor out add-disk code
2008-09-18  NeilBrownIgnore leading zeros in version number information.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownAllow --config in --incremental mode.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownTeach --detail about containers and members there-of.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownCompile fixes, particularly moving more stuff under...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownDisable compilation with diet-libc
2008-09-18  NeilBrownFix compile warning/error.
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsmdmon: recreate socket/pid file on SIGHUP
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsping_manager() to prevent 'add' before 'remove' completes
2008-09-16  Dan Williamssysfs: detect disks that are in the process of being...
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsmonitor: clean up some debug messages
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsmdmon: resume rebuild
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: allow a failed disk to be readded
2008-09-16  Dan Williams'mdadm --wait-clean' wait for array to be marked clean
2008-09-16  Dan WilliamsAdd ping_monitor() to mdadm --wait
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsmonitor: don't mark dirty on resync complete
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsmonitor: mark clean on active-idle
2008-09-16  Dan WilliamsHonor safemode_delay at Create() and Incremental()...
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: use ->getinfo_super() in ->container_content()
2008-09-16  Dan WilliamsAllow metadata handlers to communicate desired safemode...
2008-09-16  Dan WilliamsMakefile: Add mdmon header dependencies
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: fix up serial handling
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: only use the device name as a fallback when IMSM_...