2009-05-11  NeilBrownutil: fix test for text_version
2009-05-11  NeilBrownAssemble/Incr : minor tidy up of setting 'trustworthy'.
2009-05-11  NeilBrownconfig: allow Array line to contain array name without...
2009-05-11  NeilBrownFix tests on ->container and ->member
2009-05-11  NeilBrownMake --brief even briefer.
2009-05-11  NeilBrownmdadm.8 general updates
2009-05-11  NeilBrownconf/assemble: new config line "auto".
2009-05-11  NeilBrownconfig: support "ARRAY <ignore> ..." lines in mdadm...
2009-05-11  NeilBrownassemble: support arrays created with --homehost=any
2009-05-11  NeilBrowncreate_dev - allow array names like mdX and /dev/mdX...
2009-04-14  NeilBrownWait for POLLPRI on /proc or /sys files.
2009-04-14  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-04-14  NeilBrownudev rules fix for partitions.
2009-04-14  NeilBrownmapfile: optionally store map file in /dev
2009-04-14  NeilBrowntests: basic ddf tests
2009-04-14  NeilBrowntests: add some simple data integrity tests for raid5...
2009-04-14  NeilBrown.gitignore update
2009-04-14  NeilBrownincremental_container: preserve 'in_sync' flag when...
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsmdmon: fix resync completion detection
2009-04-12  Dan WilliamsGrow: fix hang when reshape completes too fast
2009-04-12  Dan WilliamsRebuildMap: handle missing disks
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: add the ddf field
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: round down array size at Create
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: set array size at Create/Assemble
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: turn off curr_migr_unit updates
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: defend against unsupported migrations (temporary)
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: add 'verify', 'verify with fixup', and 'general...
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: fix imsm_map.num_domains
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: ensure mpb buffer is zeroed
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: support --examine --export
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: make uuid separator consistent with ddf
2009-04-08  Dan Williamsimsm: extract right-most whitespace stripped serial...
2009-04-08  Doug Ledfordmdadm udev rules change
2009-04-08  Doug Ledfordsuper-ddf: fix compile warnings on ppc64
2009-04-07  NeilBrownIncremental - avoid NULL dereference.
2009-04-07  NeilBrowntest: minor fixes
2009-04-07  NeilBrownIncremental: be more relaxed about member arrays not...
2009-04-07  NeilBrownAssemble: call map_update even when not starting the...
2009-04-07  NeilBrownddf: fixed 'working_disks' reported by container_content.
2009-04-07  NeilBrownddf: improve print out of physical devices.
2009-04-07  NeilBrownddf: fix variable name overload
2009-04-07  NeilBrownwait_for improvement.
2009-04-06  NeilBrownconfig: treat "container=" and "member=" and providing...
2009-04-06  NeilBrownDetail: use meaningful names with --scan.
2009-04-06  NeilBrownCreate: round to chunk size
2009-04-06  NeilBrowntest: support testing DDF
2009-04-06  NeilBrownutil.c: use correct range for minor numbers when findin...
2009-04-02  NeilBrownddf: make sure Create fails if devices are too small.
2009-04-02  NeilBrownddf: fix bug with error returns.
2009-04-01  NeilBrownism-tests: fix the imsm-create-fail-rebuild test
2009-04-01  NeilBrowntest: return correct error status for mdadm
2009-04-01  NeilBrownMakefile: build 'mdmon' for 'test'
2009-04-01  NeilBrowngrow: don't wait forever for critical section to pass.
2009-03-10  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.0-devel3 mdadm-3.0-devel3
2009-03-10  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' in devel-3.0
2009-03-10  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-2.6.9 mdadm-2.6.9
2009-03-10  NeilBrownmdmon: allow incremental assembly of containers.
2009-03-10  NeilBrownDDF: fix up container_content
2009-03-10  NeilBrownAssemble/container: catch errors when starting a partia...
2009-03-10  NeilBrownIncremental/container: don't create when we should...
2009-03-10  NeilBrownmdopen: be more careful when adding digit to names.
2009-03-10  NeilBrownIncremental: fix some handling of trustworthy.
2009-03-10  NeilBrownddf: use better random number generation.
2009-03-09  NeilBrownExamine: add examine_export for ddf and avoid crashes.
2009-03-09  NeilBrownddf: fix memory corruption bug.
2009-03-09  NeilBrownDDF: minor formatting improvement
2009-03-09  NeilBrownSupport new raid6 layouts needed for DDF
2009-03-08  NeilBrownsuper1/examine: remove confusing information.
2009-03-08  NeilBrownsuper1 - do metadata IO in sector_size units.
2009-03-08  NeilBrownsuper0: Do all metadata IO with 4096byte alignment
2009-03-08  NeilBrownFix udev-rules for case where array isn't really there..
2009-03-08  NeilBrownsuper1: make sure max_dev grows enough when adding...
2009-02-27  Dan Williamsimsm: display supported chunk sizes in --detail-platform
2009-02-25  Dan WilliamsIncremental: honor --no-degraded to delay assembly
2009-02-25  Dan WilliamsIncremental: fix 'name_to_use' in the container case
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsmdmon: update cmdline when scanning
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsmdmon: man page
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsmdmon: fix missed 'clean' event
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: auto layout
2009-02-25  Dan WilliamsCreate: fixup 'insert_point', dependent on 'subdevs...
2009-02-25  Dan WilliamsCreate: wait_for container creation
2009-02-25  Dan WilliamsManage: permit '--remove detached' for containers
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsmdmon: record added disks
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsmdmon: fix removed disk handling
2009-02-25  Dan Williamssysfs: allow sysfs_read to detect and drop removed...
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: retry load_imsm_mpb if we suspect mdmon has made...
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: verify single sector mpb checksums
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: fix mark_failure / introduce mark_missing
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: introduce get_imsm_disk_slot
2009-02-24  Dan Williamsimsm: fix activate spare to ignore foreign disks
2009-02-24  Dan Williamsimsm: fixup container spare uuids by default
2009-02-24  Dan Williamsimsm: fix missing initializations of the per-disk exten...
2009-02-24  Dan Williamstest: fix a call to udevsettle
2009-02-23  Dan Williamsimsm: provide a simulated option-rom for regression...
2009-02-05  NeilBrownMonitor: send --test message for arrays in /proc/mdstat...
2009-02-02  Dan Williamsimsm: block creation of devices with identical names
2009-02-02  Dan Williamsimsm: don't check raid1 chunk size
2009-02-02  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2009-02-02  NeilBrownFix possible crash if bitmap metadata is bad.
2009-02-01  NeilBrownDocument 'max' option to --grow --size in --help output.