2010-11-29  Adam KwolekDisk removal support for Raid10->Raid0 takeover
2010-11-28  NeilBrownImprove comments for block_monitor.
2010-11-28  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: array that has disappeared doesn't need spares
2010-11-28  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: fix writing
2010-11-28  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: reset dev when size too small
2010-11-28  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: devid should be dev_t
2010-11-28  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: few bug fixes for spare migration
2010-11-28  Anna CzarnowskaSpare migration tests
2010-11-28  NeilBrownIncremental - avoid including wayward devices.
2010-11-25  NeilBrownImprove opt parsing, and distinguish long from short.
2010-11-25  NeilBrownIncr: reduce the number of times we load data from...
2010-11-25  NeilBrownMonitor: choose spare correctly for external metadata.
2010-11-25  NeilBrownMonitor: separate 'choose_spare' out from 'move_spare'
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsExternal reshape (step 2): Freeze container
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsExternal reshape (step 1): container reshape and -...
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsDocument the external reshape implementation
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsInitialize st->devnum and st->container_dev in super_by_fd
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsCreate: cleanup/unify default geometry handling
2010-11-23  Dan Williamsfix a get_linux_version() comparison typo
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsGrow: fix check for raid6 layout normalization
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsAssemble: fix assembly in the delta_disks > max_degrade...
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsGrow: mark some functions static
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsManage: allow manual control of external raid0 readonly...
2010-11-23  Dan Williamsblock monitor: freeze spare assignment for external...
2010-11-23  Dan WilliamsProvide a mdstat_ent to subarray helper
2010-11-23  NeilBrownAssemble: get content before testing it.
2010-11-23  NeilBrownMonitor: check spare group is non-NULL before adding...
2010-11-22  Marcin LabunPolicy is aware of metadata disk's controller domains.
2010-11-22  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: Allow metadata to set minimum size for spare...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: teach spare migration about containers
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: policy based spare migration.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: split out check_donor
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: split out move_spare in spare migration.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonior: create struct for holding alert info.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: use calloc rather than malloc
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: minor optimisation to spare migration.
2010-11-22  Anna Czarnowskaimsm: create mdinfo list of disks in a container from...
2010-11-22  Marcin LabunMonitor: link containers with subarrays in statelist
2010-11-22  NeilBrownBreak Monitor into smaller functions.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: track metadata type or parent/container of...
2010-11-22  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: include containers in scan mode
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMonitor: avoid skipping checks on external arrays
2010-11-22  Anna Czarnowskamdadm: added --no-sharing option for Monitor mode
2010-11-22  Anna CzarnowskaMonitor: set err on arrays not in mdstat
2010-11-22  Anna CzarnowskaUtil: get device size from id
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAdd action=spare-same-slot policy.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownincr/spare: recheck allowed action for each metadata.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownIncr/spare: make sure failure to identify metadata...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownIncr: fix up return value in try_spare
2010-11-22  NeilBrownFactor out is_bare test.
2010-11-22  Przemyslaw... extension of IncrementalRemove to store location (path...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownTeach IncrementalRemove about containers.
2010-11-22  Przemyslaw... Update of udev rules to support IMSM devices
2010-11-22  Przemyslaw... added --path <path_id> to give the information on the...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownRemove loaded_container
2010-11-22  NeilBrownimsm: always calculate container_enough in getinfo_supe...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownReplace various load_super calls with load_container
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: use load_container
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAdd must_be_container helper.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: turn next_member goto loop into a for loop.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: simplify the handling of is_member_busy.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: remove the skip variable.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: merge 'member' test into ident_matches.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: change 'skip' label to a variable.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownRemove content from mddev_dev
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: contract next_member loop.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: merge to large 'if' statements.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownImprove type names for mddev_dev
2010-11-22  NeilBrownImprove mddev_ident type definitions.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: factor out ident_matches
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: small cleanup of error checking.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownUse load_container in Incremental assembly.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownIncremental: Factor out search of mdstat
2010-11-22  NeilBrownMake Incremental_container static
2010-11-22  NeilBrownSwitch open_subarray to use the new load_container
2010-11-22  NeilBrownUse new load_container in Examine
2010-11-22  NeilBrownNew method: load_container
2010-11-22  NeilBrownRemove keep_fd arg from load_super_XXX_all
2010-11-22  NeilBrownRemove subarray field in supertype.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownCreate: user container_dev rather than subarray for...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownUse container_member rather than subarray info ddf...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownRemove subarray detection from load_super.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownPass subarray arg explicitly to ->update_subarray.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownUse new container_content rather than passing subarray...
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAdd subarray arg to container_content.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownmapinfo: simplify subarray handling.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownsuper_by_fd: return subarray info explicitly.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownopen_subarray: pass subarray name as explicit arg.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownddf: remove duplicate container_member setting.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownIncremental - fix small bug in count_active.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble - avoid including wayward devices.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownAssemble: handle devices array better.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownget_info_super: report which other devices are thought...
2010-11-22  NeilBrowndetail/wait: better handling of monitoring sync action.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownManage: be more careful about --add attempts.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownpolicy: don't try to get policy when path == NULL.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownFix error in pol_sort.
2010-11-22  NeilBrownReport error in --update string is not recognised.
2010-09-06  NeilBrownConvert 'auto' config line to policy statements
2010-09-06  NeilBrownAdd support for auto-partitioning base devices.